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在福清妇幼保健院新院检查白带多少钱福清中山做无痛人流多少钱So we said, well, lets look at new cities, and were involved所以我们说,看看这些新城市in a couple of new city projects in China.我们也要在中国弄几个新城市出来So we said, lets start with that neighborhood cell.那我们就从社区单元开始着手吧We think of it as a compact urban cell.我们觉得这是一种紧凑的城市单元So provide most of what most people want这样大部分人就能在20分钟步程内within that 20-minute walk.满足生活所需This can also be a resilient electrical microgrid,这也能成为一种有弹性的微电网community heating, power, communication networks,社区供热网,电力网,通讯网etc., can be concentrated there.等等,都能集中在那儿Stewart Brand would put a micro-nuclear reactorStewart Brand很可能会在正中心right in the center, probably.建一个原子核反应堆。And he might be right.他或许是对的And then we can form, in effect, a mesh network.事实上,我们就能形成一个网状网络了Its something of an Internet typology pattern,这是一种类型学的互联网模式so you can have a series of these neighborhoods.所以我们有了这一系列的社区You can dial up the density -- about 20,000 people per cell你可以了解到人口密度,如果在剑桥if its Cambridge. Go up to 50,000大概就是每个社区2万人。如果是在曼哈顿if its Manhattan density. You connect everything这个数字就是5万。我们把那些with mass transit and you provide most of what most people大的中转点连接起来,这样单在社区里need within that neighborhood.就能满足很多人的需求了You can begin to develop a whole typology of streetscapes我们也能开创一个新的类型学and the vehicles that can go on them. I wont go through包含了街景和交通工具all of them. Ill just show one.我就不详讲,我就说一个方面This is Boulder. Its a great example of kind of a mobility这里是尔德,它的驾车专用道路parkway, a superhighway for joggers and bicyclists还有跑步者和自行车者的高速公路,是很有代表性的where you can go from one end of the city to the other你可以顺着它横穿整个城市without crossing the street, and they also have bike-sharing,不用过马路,而且他们也有公共自行车which Ill get into in a minute.能让我很快就适应进去This is even a more interesting solution in Seoul, Korea.在韩国首尔,还有个更有趣的解决方案They took the elevated highway, they got rid of it,他们放弃了高架公路they reclaimed the street, the river down below,重新回到街道上,还有街道下面的小河流below the street, and you can go from one end of Seoul这样不用穿过马路to the other without crossing a pathway for cars.就能从首尔的一端到达另外一端The Highline in Manhattan is very similar.曼哈顿的高压线也是类似的情况You have these rapidly emerging bike lanes在全世界,我们拥有这种迅速面世的单车道all over the world. I lived in Manhattan for 15 years.我在曼哈顿住了15年I went back a couple of weekends ago, took this photograph上几个周末我回去了一趟of these fabulous new bike lanes that they have installed.给这些新建的漂亮的单车道拍了些照Theyre still not to where Copenhagen is, where something比起哥本哈根,仍有些差距like 42 percent of the trips within the city在哥本哈根,42%的路程都是在单车上的are by bicycle. Its mostly just because they have很有可能是他们那里fantastic infrastructure there.有更好的基础设施We actually did exactly the wrong thing in Boston.在波士顿我们完全做了错误的事We -- the Big Dig -- (Laughter)我们——那个大隧道——(笑声)So we got rid of the highway but we created a traffic island我们是摆脱了高速公路,但我们也制造了交通岛and its certainly not a mobility pathway for anything显然除了汽车,它还真的不适用于other than cars.其他的交通工具Mobility on demand is something weve been thinking我们一直在思考迫在眉睫的流动性问题about, so we think we need an ecosystem我们觉得我们需要一个公交生态系统of these shared-use vehicles connected to mass transit.他们可以将那些大的中转站给连接起来These are some of the vehicles that weve been working on.这些是我们目前着手的一些交通工具But shared use is really key. If you share a vehicle,公共使用是关键,如果我们共用一辆车you can have at least four people use one vehicle,那么相对一个人使用一辆车来说as opposed to one.这辆车的使用人数至少可以是四人We have Hubway here in Boston, the Vlib system in Paris.在波士顿我们有Hubway自行车共享系統,在巴黎有Vélib系统Weve been developing at the Media Lab this little我们在媒体实验室研发这种city car that is optimized for shared use in cities.城市小车,可以在城市充分共享使用We got rid of all the useless things like engines我们摒弃了那些没什么用处的东西,像引擎and transmissions. We moved everything to the wheels,还有传动装置,我们把一切都搬到轮子上so you have the drive motor, the steering motor,所以车上的轮子就集成有驱动马达,转向电机the breaking all in the wheel.和刹车系统That left the chassis unencumbered, so you can do things这使得底盘灵活不收阻碍,所以你可以like fold, so you can fold this little vehicle up进行底盘折叠,你可以把这辆小车折叠起来to occupy a tiny little footprint.使得占据的空间变得更小This was a that was on European television last week这是上周在欧洲电视台上播放的一个视频showing the Spanish Minister of Industry driving讲了西班牙的工业部长开着this little vehicle, and when its folded, it can spin.这辆小车,而且当它折叠起来时,它还可以旋转You dont need reverse. You dont need parallel parking.无需退车,也无需平行泊车You just spin and go directly in.你只要旋转一下,直接开进去就行了。So weve been working with a company to所以我们已经在和一家公司合作commercialize this. My PhD student Ryan Chin presented将它商业化。我的士生Ryan Chinthese early ideas two years ago at a TEDx conference.两年前在TEDx的一个大会上提出了这个想法So whats interesting is, then if you begin to add更有趣的是,你会开始不断为它增加new things to it, like autonomy, you get out of the car,新的东西,像自动化,你走出这部车you park at your destination, you pat it on the butt,想要停在指定位置,你就拍下它的屁屁it goes and it parks itself, it charges itself,它就自动进去停车,自己控制自己and you can get something like seven times而且一个传统的汽车的车位as many vehicles in a given area as conventional cars,你可以停放七辆这样的小车and we think this is the future. Actually we could do this today.我们觉得这就是未来,其实我们今天已经可以做到了Its not really a problem.没什么大问题的We can combine shared use and folding and autonomy我们能把共享使用和折叠还有自动化结合起来and we get something like 28 times the land utilization而且我们的土地使用率可以提高28倍with that kind of strategy.只要按照这种方式(就会有可能)201504/370754江镜镇治疗阴道炎哪家医院最好的 Now I know this might sound odd 这听起来可能有些奇怪but its really a genetic flaw that makes us go into show business 但让我们进入脱口秀行当的确实是一种遗传缺陷I mean, what normal people want to stand on the stage, have vegetables thrown on them 哪会有正常人想要站在台上 等别人朝他脸上扔蔬菜They dont 没人想这样I somewhere that most peoples greatest fear is having to speak in public 我听说 很多人最害怕的就是在公众面前讲话They frighten to death of it 他们害怕得要死We are fortunate to live in an age when it obviously paid huge dividends 我们很幸运 能够活在一个讲笑话能发财的时代If this was ancient Rome 如果是在古罗马and Caesar said why are all those soldiers laughing 凯撒说 那些士兵在笑什么Well, that guy is entertaining them 有个人在讲笑话Really? Kill him 真的吗 杀了他Number 12, you can never make it too late, you can only make it too soon 第12点 成功永远没有太晚 只有太早You know, show business is like golf. If you play it right you can do it to your 80s 脱口秀行当就像打高尔夫球 80岁都能打When you start out in show business, I know 开始进入脱口秀行当后hours are days, days are weeks, weeks are years 我开始觉得有些度日如年I thought I was the oldest guy 我觉得我很老了I thought I was the last guy ever do this night show 我觉得我是搞夜间秀的最后一个人I was only 27 years old 其实我只有27岁But then we get to the age the whole things turn us around 之后一切都反过来了and years are weeks, and weeks are days, and days are hours我开始觉得度年如日So it kind of changed这会发生变化Number 13 第13点If you cant get in front door, go through back door 如果前门进不来 那就进后门You know, for years, I couldnt get to Tonight Show我有很多年都没能进入今夜秀I auditioned, I auditioned, I just couldnt get it 我试演过很多次 但就是不行You know why? I wasnt good enough 知道为什么吗 因为我不够好Nothing personal, I wasnt good enough 没什么别的问题 就是不够好So I did every second-rate cable bad talk show I could get my hands on 于是我接了很多能够接手的二线有线电视脱口秀until I was good enough 直到我变得足够好Dont pout and be a hole like I was when I couldnt pass a drama audition在通不过喜剧试演时不要自暴自弃Keep trying 继续努力Number 14, you can only live in the time you live in 第14点 你只能生活在你所生活的时代I had a young comedian come up one time and he said 曾经有个年轻喜剧演员跑来跟我说you guys all came up during the golden age of comedy when it was easier你们这些人都生活在喜剧的黄金年代 这让你们很容易成功So what are you advocating? Time travel? Shut up your mouth 你想说什么 时间旅行吗 闭上你的嘴201601/420082福清市人民医院可以刷社保卡吗

福清做人流一般花多少钱And let me ask you,让我来问问你,when was the last time that you kissed a mirror?你上一次对着镜子亲吻是什么时候?Ultimately, we need to work together as communities, as governments and as businesses to really change this culture of ours so that our kids grow up valuing their whole selves,最终,我们需要跟社区、政府和企业一起努力去改变我们的这些文化,这样我们的孩子才能在成长中获得完整的自我,valuing individuality, diversity, inclusion.重视个性、多元和包容。We need to put the people that are making a real difference on our pedestals, making a difference in the real world.我们要让那些正在改变我们的现状的人去改变真实的世界。Giving them the airtime, because only then will we create a different world.给他们时间,因为只有这样我们才能创造一个不同的世界,A world where our kids are free to become the best versions of themselves,一个我们的孩子可以自由地成为最好的自己的世界,where the way they think they look never holds them back from being who they are or achieving what they want in life.一个他们不会因自己的长相而阻碍他们成为自己想要成为的人或者获得想要的东西的世界。Think about what this might mean for someone in your life.想一下这对你生命中的某个人可能意味着什么。Who have you got in mind?你脑海中出现了谁?Is it your wife?你的妻子?Your sister?你?Your daughter?你女儿?Your niece?你侄女?Your friend? It could just be the woman a couple of seats away from you today.还是你的某个朋友?也可能只是今天跟你隔着几个座位的某个女性。What would it mean for her if she were freed from that voice of her inner critic, nagging her to have longer legs, thinner thighs, smaller stomach,这将对她意味着什么呢?如果她能摆脱内心挑剔的声音唠叨她要有更长更细的大腿,更瘦的肚子shorter feet?和更短的脚。What could it mean for her if we overcame this and unlocked her potential in that way?如果我们能克这些并打开她在那方面的潜力,那对她来说又将意味着什么?Right now, our cultures obsession with image is holding us all back.现在,我们的文化中对形象的痴迷阻碍了我们所有人。But lets show our kids the truth.但是让我们向孩子们展示真相。201507/387580福清渔溪镇医院痔疮需要多少钱 And I remember that by the time I was done putting together the site, I know I had no idea how successful it could be. And I was actually thinking that after day in and day out. I had a different idea that I wanted to do, and I was going to scrap it after that. So Im happy that I didnt do that. So I think that its more like how you spend your time doing stuff — to have question there, to have an answer — than like something that Ive learned specifically from college.我记得当我建好网站后,我并不知道它可能会多成功。我真的是每天都在思考。等我有了新点子想去实践,我就把这网站丢弃不管了。现在我很庆幸当初没那么干。所以我觉得这个问题的关键更像是你如何配自己的时间去做各种事情——有了问题,然后想出解决的办法,而不是我在大学里学到什么具体的技能。I made a ton of random things when I was at Harvard and most of them no one ever saw. A lot of them just werent meant for other people to see. And there are things that I made for myself because I thought theyll be cool. I used to make stuff like the natural language interface to play my MP3s. Or a thing I made before, this was a Hot or Not program out of everyones IDs at Harvard, that almost got me kicked out.我在哈佛的时候编了很多各式各样的程序,大多数都没有人见过,因为那都是为我自己做的,我为自己编程序,因为我觉得那很有意思。我为我的MP3做了一个自然的语言界面,之前在哈佛还用每个人的ID做过一个类似Hot or Not程序的网站,因为这个,我差点被哈佛开除。So I dont know, I actually spent a long time making random stuff. I think that that definitely made it. So by the time it came, more like, by the time I came to meet this random project, I was pretty well tuned toward making that, you know in terms of managing this whole process, nothing. Like I have no idea what Im doing, you know.我不知道我实际上花了很多时间编各种程序。这对我后来做的事很有帮助。当这个奇怪的点子冒出来的时候,我已经准备得比较充分,可以实现它了。但说到怎么规划整个过程时,我没想过,我都是想到什么干什么。The two things that you focus on are maintaining what you have now, thats good and growing, all right? What we have now is a pretty good utility. And then, going back to the first question that you ask me, whats the thing that I measure the most? Its that 70% of the people come back to site every day and making sure that that remains, not just because Were doing some gimmicky things.有两件事你需要关注,一是保持你现有的,二是发展,对吧,我们现有的就是很好的实用功能。回到你问的第一个问题,我最看重的衡量指标是什么?就是有70%的人每天都来登录,并且要保持这一水平, 不靠噱头和花招。201407/314908福清港头镇治疗前列腺囊肿的费用

福清看哪个妇科医院好And yet, I know you know the truth. We all know that we are better than the cynicism and the pessimism that is regurgitated throughout Washington and the 24-hour cable news cycle.然而,我知道你们明白真相。我们的真实情况都知道我们比电视上24小时滚动播出的新闻更好,比充斥着华盛顿的那些愤世嫉俗和悲观主义情绪更好。Not my channel, by the way. We understand that the vast majority of people in this country believe in stronger background checks because they realize that we can uphold the Second Amendment and also reduce the violence that is robbing us of our children.顺便说一句,那不是我的电视频道。我们理解,在这个国家绝大多数人相信并持背景调查,因为他们明白我们可以持宪法第二次修正案,同时减少残杀我们孩子的暴力。They dont have to be incompatible.而这两者并不必水火不相容。And we understand that most Americans believe in a clear path to citizenship for the 12,000,000 undocumented immigrants who reside in this country because its possible to both enforce our laws and at the same time embrace the words on the Statue of Liberty that have welcomed generations of huddled masses to our shores. We can do both.我们知道大多数美国人相信让1200万没有合法身份的移民居住在这个国家成为公民会有一条清晰的路径。因为在捍卫法律的同时,我们还要拥抱自由女神像上的辞藻,而这些话语欢迎了一代代人到达美国的海岸。我们都能做得到。And we understand. I know you do because you went to Harvard.正如我们了解的那样,你们能理解,因为你们上了哈佛。There are people from both parties and no party believe that indigent mothers and families should have access to healthy food and a roof over their heads and a strong public education, because here in the richest nation on earth we can afford a basic level of security and opportunity.来自两党派和无党派的人同样坚信:贫困的母亲和家庭都理应获得使其健康的食物、住所以及强有力的教育持。因为我们现在正生活在全世界最为富有的国家中,我们有能力去提供安全与机遇最基础的社会保障。So the question is what are we going to do about it? Really what are you going to do about it?于是问题便随之而来:我们将对此有何打算呢?说真的,我们将要对此做些什么呢?Maybe you agree with these beliefs. Maybe you dont. Maybe you care about these issues and maybe there are other challenges that you, class of 2013, are passionate about.也许你是赞同这些理念的,也有可能你会持反对意见。或许你作为2013届哈佛的毕业生,对这些问题很上心,抑或是你把关注点放在了其他极具挑战性的事情上。Maybe you want to make a difference by serving in government. Maybe you want to launch your own television show.你可能想要通过行政工作改变我们的社会,你可能想要做自己的电视节目。Or maybe you simply want to collect some change. Your parents would appreciate that about now.你也可能仅仅是想收集一些零钱,你的父母暂时会赞扬你这样的作为。The point is your generation is charged with this task of breaking through what the body politic has thus far made impervious to change.关键是你们这一代人肩负着突破国家积年累月无法突破的重重围嶂的使命。Each of you has been blessed with this enormous opportunity of attending this prestigious school.你们每一位上了哈佛这所名校的人都拥有千万机会。You now have a chance to better your life, the lives of your neighbors and also the life of our country.现在你有机会来改善你的生活,改变你周围人的生活,以及整个国家的命运。When you do that let me tell you what I know for sure. Thats when your story gets really good.当你这样做的时候,我可以坚定地告诉你:这个时候,你的故事开始渐甄完美。201508/390583 In such circumstances, we have to work with others because collective action in these circumstances is more likely to succeed这些情况下 我们需要同他人合作原因在于 这些情况下 联合行动更有可能取得成功more likely to be sustained less likely to lead to costly mistakes更有可能持久更不容易出现代价沉重的错误This leads to my second point:这就引出了我的第二点For the foreseeable future the most direct threat to America at home and abroad remains terrorism在可以预见的未来对美国内外最大的直接威胁将仍然是恐怖主义But a strategy that involves invading every country that harbors terrorist networks is naive and unsustainable但是 攻入每一个包庇恐怖分子的国家不仅天真 而且无法持续I believe we must shift our counterterrorism strategy drawing on the successes and shortcomings of our experience in Iraq and Afghanistan我认为 我们必须转变自己的反恐战略从伊拉克和阿富汗的战争中吸取经验教训to more effectively partner with countries where terrorist networks seek a foothold在恐怖分子试图立足的国家寻求有效的合作伙伴And the need for a new strategy reflects the fact that todays principal threat no longer comes from a centralized al Qaeda leadership我们的新战略必须意识到如今的主要威胁不再来自于基地组织这样的集中领导Instead, it comes from decentralized al Qaeda affiliates and extremists many with agendas focused in countries where they operate而是来自于分散式的基地组织残党和极端主义者他们很多都将目标集中在自己国内And this lessens the possibility of large-scale 9/11-style attacks against the homeland这就减弱了美国本土遭受大规模 911式袭击的可能性but it heightens the danger of U.S. personnel overseas being attacked as we saw in Benghazi但美国人员在海外受到攻击的威胁却因此增大班加西的情况就是明It heightens the danger to less defensible targets as we saw in a shopping mall in Nairobi防御薄弱的目标比以往更加危险内罗毕商场的情况就是明So we have to develop a strategy that matches this diffuse threat one that expands our reach without sending forces我们的新战略需要考虑到这些分散式威胁在不派遣部队的前提下扩大作用范围that stretch our military too thin or stir up local resentments这样既能保持军队的集中作战能力又能避免激起当地不满情绪201505/376013福建福清市中山妇科地址镜洋镇中心医院治疗效果如何



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