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泉州市中心医院介绍泉州私立妇科医院You can credit Apple Pay with dramatically raising the visibility of mobile payments technology over the past four months. Even the U.S. government now accepts it, for admission to national parks and such.过去四个月里,移动付技术获得的关注度显著提升,这笔功劳很大程度要记在苹果公司的Apple Pay上。就连美国政府现在也接受了它,允许人们用它购买国家公园的门票什么的。Google isn’t just watching: it just signed some formidable partners to build its own share more quickly. ATamp;T, T-Mobile and Verizon will all preload Google’s app on certain mobile handsets. They’ve also decided to let Google take control of Softcard, the alliance they created to control their mobile payment destiny.谷歌不仅仅是在观望:该公司刚刚和几个强大的合作伙伴签约,企图迅速构筑自己的市场份额。ATamp;T、T-Mobile和Verizon等运营商都将在特定机型上预装谷歌的付应用。他们还决定让谷歌控制他们为掌控移动付命运而创建的Softcard联盟。Plus, you shouldn’t discount the potential influence of the world’s biggest smartphone maker, Samsung. Last week, it bought LoopPay, a technology that doesn’t require massive upgrades of point-of-sale technology.另外,我们也不应忽视全球最大手机制造商三星公司的潜在影响力。就在上周,三星刚刚收购了LoopPay公司,后者的技术并不需要POS机技术的重大升级。Nor should you overlook PayPal, which processedapproximately billion in mobile payments during 2014. That was 20% of its total.PayPal也不容忽视。2014年,PayPal通过移动付处理了将近460亿美元的交易额,占其总交易额的20%。Why all this fuss? The answer lies in the success of the Starbuck mobile app, which supports at least 7 million mobile transactions per week.各大公司为何纷纷涌向移动付?与星巴克移动应用的成功有关,该应用每周至少要处理700万次移动交易。An impressive digital payment vehicle? Certainly. But that understates the app’s powerful influence as a marketing tool. It’s aly used liberally to distribute third-party software, digital music, and promotional offers. A valuable marketing channel that is mostly underexploited today.移动付是一个优秀的数字付载体吗?当然。但这种说法低估了它作为一种营销工具的强大影响力。它已经被广泛用于推广第三方软件、数字音乐和促销活动。这是一个极具价值,但目前还没有得到充分开发的营销渠道。“Access to loyalty rewards from brands is the most wanted features from consumers, and it’s the one least integrated in mobile payments today,” notes Forrester Research analyst Thomas Husson, in a recent blog about this topic.福雷斯特研究公司分析师托马斯o哈森最近在一篇讨论这个话题的客中写道:“获得各大品牌的忠诚度奖励,是消费者最想要的功能,它也是这些移动付最大的缺陷之一。”Indeed, approximately 57% of U.S. adult smartphone users want access to loyalty programs and rewards through mobile wallets, according to his firm’s ongoing Consumer Technographics surveys.实际上,根据福雷斯特公司正在进行的消费科技调查,大约57%的美国成年人智能手机用户想通过智能钱包参加某个品牌的忠诚度奖励计划。Three other tidbits to consider:另外还有三点需要注意:o Don’t forget price comparison information. It was only slightly behind loyalty programs as a desired feature for mobile wallets.o 不要忘了价格比较功能。在消费者看来,比价信息的重要性只是略低于忠诚度计划,也是消费者非常需要的移动钱包功能之一。o Consumers may be slow to trust. They’re more likely to consider mobile wallets from banks and credit card processors than from technology companies or retailers. PayPal stands out as an exception.o 要让消费者信任移动钱包可能需要比较长的时间。他们可能更容易相信或信用卡处理商推出的移动钱包软件,而不是科技公司或零售企业提供的移动付功能。PayPal是个例外。o Dramatic three-year increase anticipated. According to Forrester’s report in early February, just 3% of consumers have used a mobile wallet in the past three months. By 2018, however, adoption should reach 15-20% of smartphone users. That’s an impressive upside.o 在未来三年内,移动钱包有望实现快速增长。根据福雷斯特公司二月初发布的报告,在过去三个月里,只有3%的消费者使用了移动钱包功能。不过到2018年,移动钱包的使用率将达到全部智能手机用户的15%到20%。这种增长速度将是非常惊人的。 /201503/362737南安人民医院打胎流产好吗 When an earthquake strikes literally every second counts. That was the case five years ago when a magnitude 9 quake unleashed a massive tsunami that devastated Japan. A seismological network kicked into action issuing early warnings, but the massive waves still killed nearly 16,000 people and caused an estimated 0 billion in damage.当地震发生时,每一秒钟都极其重要,正如5年前一场9级大地震引发的巨大海啸曾重创日本一样。虽然地震监测网迅速发布海啸来临警告,但巨大的海啸仍然吞噬了一万六千条生命并造成约为三千亿美元的经济损失。Since then scientists have been working to improve detection systems in the hopes of generating more accurate earthquake data and ultimately buying people a bit more time to flee a soon to be disaster zone.从那以后,地震学家致力于改善地震检测系统,希望以此来计算出更加准确的地震监测数据,并最终为人们在灾难来临前的撤离多争取一点时间。Now researchers are hoping to tap into new pool data. It turns out the technology in conventional seismological instrumentation exists in every smartphone on the planet.如今地震学家正在尝试开发新的数据库,希望能将常规的地震监测工具;安装;到这个星球上的每一部智能手机里面。;The idea is if we can harness the accelerometers in those smart phones then we can collect massive amounts of data. It could really revolutionise how we understand earthquakes and earthquake effects,; said Richard Allen, the director of the Seismological Laboratory at the University California, Berkeley.加州大学伯克利分校的地震学实验室负责人理查德·阿伦表示:;如果我们能够在智能手机上安装测震仪,那么我们就能够收集大量的数据。那样将彻底重塑我们对地震及其影响的理解。;Allen and his team have developed a smartphone app called #39;MyShake#39; designed to monitor a phones accelerometer data and send alerts to a central server when seismic activity registers.阿伦及其团队已经设计出一款名为;MyShake;的手机应用,可以通过手机监测地震数据并上传到务器,一旦有地震活动出现可以立即发出警报。He says accelerometers in phones are nowhere near as sensitive as conventional instrumentation, but what they lack in sensitivity they make up for in numbers. Real time data from phones could equate to more warning time. ;So the amount of warning time we might be talking about depends of course on where you are relative to the earthquake. We are talking about seconds, tens of seconds, best case scenario is a few minutes before and earthquake, tens of minutes potentially for tsunamis,; said Allen.阿伦表示,虽然手机上的测震仪在精度上远逊于传统的测震设备,但是这可以通过数量来弥补的,大量的手机实时数据就相当于更多的预警时间。他说:;我们谈论的预警时间的长短取决于你与震源地带的距离,我们说的几秒、几十秒,最好就是在地震前几分钟,以及可能引发海啸前的几十分钟。;The smartphone data is meant to complement existing earthquake monitoring networks, according to Allen, but he adds that many of the regions most prone to deadly earthquakes and tsunami don#39;t have reliable early warning systems. In those places, he says, this new source of data could prove to be a game changer.据阿伦表示,采集手机数据是为了完善现存的地震预警网络,但他同时表示,由于在一些剧烈地震海啸高发区域缺少可靠的灾前预警系统,新的数据来源将扮演更加重要的角色。The app can be downloaded the Labs website at myshake.berkeley.edu目前,这款应用已经可以在地震实验室的官网上(myshake.berkeley.edu)下载了。 /201603/432230永春县儿童医院收费合理吗

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洛江区中心医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗译文仅供参考 译文在上,对照英文在下。据官方消息显示:苹果计划把最华丽的那款智能手表的起步价定在1万美元。Well, it is official: Apple plans to charge at least,000 for the fanciest version of its upcoming smartwatch.尽管这个新推出的腕上电脑系列也有349美元的普通款,但《财富》不禁注意到,苹果正举步迈入由柏利、路易o威登和劳力士等老牌奢侈品牌主导的高价手表圈。实际上,价格动辄超过1万美元的手表相当普遍。在内曼o马库斯等高端商店的玻璃陈列柜里,许多奢侈品牌手表都在相互竞争。Although the base price for the new wrist computer are 9, Fortune couldn’t help but notice that Apple is also tossing its hat into a ring of high-priced watches dominated by established luxury brands like Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Rolex.之前就有人猜测,苹果会试图利用高价手表参与奢侈品市场的争夺,而本周一旧金山的苹果发布会则坐实了这一推断。苹果在周一展示的高端手表共有8款,价位从1万美元至1.7万美元不等。其中有一款售价1.7万美元,拥有18K玫瑰金表壳和玫瑰灰表带。你想找一款更实惠的?那试试售价1万美元的白色运动款。There had been speculation that Apple could try to tackle the luxury market with exorbitantly pricy watches, and Monday’s event in San Francisco confirmed those rumors. The high-end line of watches Apple debuted Monday includes eight models ranging in cost between ,000 to ,000. One example is a ,000 18-karat version with a rose gold case and a rose gray buckle. Looking for a more affordable option? Try the white sport band for ,000.在苹果进军智能手表市场之前,已有很多公司抢先推出此类产品,但多数消费者并不买账。根据研究公司NPD Group的调查,美国有十分之一的成年人拥有健身追踪器,但只有2%的成年人拥有智能手表。而高昂的价格会让苹果手表的受众面更加狭窄。Apple’s move into the smartwatch market comes as a number of companies try to make inroads despite reticence by most consumers. While one in ten U.S. adults own a fitness tracker, only 2% of adults have smartwatches according to research firm NPD Group. The high-priced Apple watches will reach far fewer consumers.以下是四款其他品牌的手表,售价也都在1万美元以上,而且并不具备无线上网功能。Here are four other brands selling watches that cost at least ,000 — and they don’t have WiFi.1)柏利“英伦风尚”限量版18K金自动腕表——14,995美元1) Burberry’s 18K Gold Watch — ,995这款柏利限量版手表男女通用,每一只手表上面都有独立编号,总共只有50只。手表为瑞士制造,拥有防反光、防划痕和抗震的蓝宝石水晶表镜。苹果大可从挖来的零售和在线商店高级副总裁安吉拉o阿伦德茨那里,学一点奢侈品的相关经验,她之前曾担任过柏利的首席执行官。This limited edition Burberry is a line of individually numbered watches for men and women, each one created in a series of 50. The watch is Swiss made, and features anti-reflective, scratch and shock-resistant sapphire crystal. Apple could learn a thing or two about luxury from one of its own top leaders: Angela Ahrendts, senior vice president of retail and online stores, had previously served as CEO at Burberry.2)路易o威登Tambour——10,200美元2) Louis Vuitton Tambour — ,200这家奢侈品牌的Tambour系列瑞士手表专为男士打造。它拥有不锈钢表壳和“黑色金属基复合材料的表圈”,以及不锈钢的表带。This Swiss-made watch from the luxury brand’s Tambour collection is meant for men. It features a stainless steel case with “Black Metal Matrix Compositebezel,” as well as a stainless steel strap.3)Dolce amp; Gabbana DS5——37,500美元3) Dolce amp; Gabbana DS5 — ,500Dolce amp; Gabbana在官网上列出了许多手表,却并未给出价格,上面只写着“按需定价”。但DS5金表倒是明码标价了,却相当惊人——34,500欧元,约合37,000美元。掏这么一大笔钱,你就能获得一款拥有“指示小时、分钟、秒、星期、日期,以及计时”功能的手表了。绝不是吹毛求疵,但这些听起来和很多便宜的手表没太多不同——最多是计时准确度上有些微差异。但它的确有一些东西是便宜手表没有的:25颗红宝石,和炭黑鳄鱼皮的表带。Dolce amp; Gabbana lists a number of watches on its website without a price tag. Rather, all it says is “prices upon request.” But the DS5 Gold’s price is listed: it is a whooping 34,500 euros, or around ,000. For that you’ll get a watch that includes “indication of hours, minutes, seconds, day and date, and chronograph.” Not to be argumentative, but that sounds a lot like a most cheap watches – give or take a few seconds in accuracy. But here’s something cheap watches don’t have: 25 rubies and a carbon black alligator strap.4)劳力士Lady-Datejust——18,750美元(可能更高)4) Rolex Lady-Datejust — ,750 (or possibly more)这款手表的零售价据说是23,850美元(劳力士并未在官网标注价格),但如果你想看看有没有打折的机会,那么在bernardwatch.com上能够以18,750美元的价格买到它。Lady-Datejust诞生于1957年,据劳力士介绍,该表由于非凡的精度,成为了最先一批获得精密计时表认的女装腕表。This watch retails for a purported ,850 (Rolex doesn’t list prices on its website), but if you want to take your chances on a discount, a website called bernardwatch.com sells it for ,750. The Lady-Datejust has been telling time since 1957 and according to Rolex, was one of the first ladies’ watches certified as a chronometer for its remarkable precision. /201503/364321 永春人工流产费用永春县妇女医院官网



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