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襄阳市中医医院是什么意思襄阳襄城人民医院看妇科炎症怎么样Nobody likes being lonely.没人喜欢孤独。As it turns out, loneliness can be unhealthy as well. 事实明,孤独对身体健康也能造成危害。The study was done by psychologist John Cacioppo at the University of Chicago.这项研究是由芝加哥大学心理学家约翰·卡奇普完成。He had thirty three male college students and twenty one female students spend five nights in a lab where their sleep could be carefully monitored.33名男大学生及21名女大学生被测试者在一个实验室中度过5晚,而这些人的睡眠则被仔细监控。That was done by having them catch Zs while wearing a special skull-cap that had devices for measuring eye motions, head motions, and brain waves.这是通过熟睡时戴着一顶测量眼球动作,头部动作及脑电波的特殊帽子完成的结果。Why? Because different kinds of waves are generated by your brain as you sleep, and the motions of your body-especially your eyes-give information about how your sleep is going.为什么?因为大脑在你熟睡时会产生不同类型的波,而身体的运动,特别是你的眼睛,展现出你的睡眠如何的信息。Afterward, the students filled out a questionnaire describing themselves.测试之后,学生们填了一份描述自己的调查问卷。In particular Cacioppo wanted to know what their social lives were like, to see if there was any connection between your social life and how well you sleep.卡奇普想了解他们的社会生活状况,来看看社会生活与睡眠之间是否有什么联系。There was indeed a connection.确实是有联系。Everyone slept for about the same amount of time, but the volunteers who rated themselves as the loneliest were also the ones who were most likely to wake up during the night.每个人都睡了大约相同时间,但认为自己最孤独的志愿者同样也最有可能在夜晚醒来。Not only that, they stayed down in deep sleep less than other people did.不仅如此,他们的深度睡眠少于其他人。What do these findings mean?这些发现意味着什么?The researchers themselves note that it isnt clear yet which is the cart and which is the horse.研究者们自己注意到并不清楚本末。That is, does being lonely interfere with a healthful nights sleep?也就是说,孤独是否会影响健康的夜间睡眠?Or, on the other hand, do people who sleep poorly for one reason or another wind up irritable and difficult to deal with, making it harder to have friends?抑或是另一方面, 因为这样或那样原因人的睡眠很糟糕最终易怒,难以相处,最终交友困难?One way or the other, lonely feels bad-and sleep shows it, too.不管怎样,孤独的滋味不咋样,就连睡眠也表明了这点。201310/260802保康县人民医院处女膜修复手术多少钱 襄阳谷城县人民医院割包皮手术

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襄阳宜城市人民中心医院位址 This is the Virginia opossum, a tree dweller found throughout many of the southern states. Its the only North American marsupial. The young are born premature and matured in the mothers pouch. And its only close relatives today are found in Central and South America. The opossum is a rare survivor from a South America invasion. 这就是北美负鼠,在美国南部各州的树上到处可见其身影。这是北美唯一的一种有袋类动物。在未成熟之前,年幼的负鼠都会生活在妈妈的口袋里。在美国的中部以及南部可以发现这种动物在当今时代的近亲。负鼠是南美动物入侵中为数不多的幸存者。In the ice age, there were many other species that had travelled north to Florida, including a giant. This spectacular claw is 40cm long. And it belonged to a creature whose fossil remains have been found throughout Florida. Its the claw from a giant ground sloth and it really was a giant—6 metres long and weighing up to 40 tons. It rivalled the mammoth in size. 在冰河时代,有很多其他的物种从北部来到了佛罗里达,其中包括一只“大家伙”。这只惊人巨爪有40公分长。爪子主人保留下来的化石在佛罗里达到处可见——巨型地懒,这种地懒巨大无比,身长6米,体重40多吨。体型和猛犸象相似。Although the giant ground sloth is now extinct, like the opossum, it has family ties in South America. The family resemblance is easy to see. These menacing claws are used as grappling hooks, not weapons. They belong to the tree sloth, a peaceful vegetarian that spends its time eating leaves. It seems a far cry from our vision and an ice age beast.尽管巨型地懒已经灭绝,但是像负鼠一样,南美也能找到它的“家庭成员”。他们之间的“家族特征”显而易见。这些具有威慑力的爪子被用来当做钩子,而不是武器。他们就是树懒 ,树懒是喜爱和平的素食主义者,它大部分时间都呆在树上吃着树叶。这和我们想象中的冰河时代巨兽有着很大的不同。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载.201308/252457襄樊做唐氏筛查到哪家医院最好铁四局一处襄樊医院割包皮价格是多少



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