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  David Beckham has been trying out a series of new plays since retiring from soccer last year, including a line of fragrances and plans to buy a major league soccer club. Now, he#39;s found another: Scotch whisky. 大卫#12539;贝克汉姆(David Beckham)自去年挂靴退役以来尝试了一系列新玩意,包括一个香水系列,以及购买一大联盟足球队的计划。现在他又找到了新目标:苏格兰威士忌。Diageo PLC said Tuesday it has teamed up with Mr. Beckham to launch Haig Club--a newly created Scotch that #39;showcases butterscotch and toffee.#39; It is the British drinks giant#39;s latest attempt to attract new drinkers into the fast-growing whiskey category. Terms of the partnership--including any equity interest held by Mr. Beckham--weren#39;t disclosed but Diageo said the former soccer star would help developing the brand, its strategy and positioning. 帝亚吉欧(Diageo PLC)周二说,其已经与贝克汉姆联手推出Haig Club,这是一款“呈现出奶油糖果和太妃糖风味”的新品威士忌。此举是这家英国饮料巨头吸引新饮酒者尝试增长迅速的威士忌酒类的最新尝试。这项合作的具体条款(包括贝克汉姆持有的任何股权)未予披露,但帝亚吉欧说,贝克汉姆将帮助开发该品牌以及其战略和定位。Diageo said it is planning a global launch for Haig Club later this year, with prices starting at around a bottle, according to a company spokeswoman. The brand will be part of Diageo#39;s House of Haig, Scotland#39;s oldest grain whiskey distiller. 帝亚吉欧发言人说,该公司计划今年晚些时候在全球推出Haig Club,起价在每瓶65美元左右。这个品牌将成为帝亚吉欧旗下House of Haig的产品之一,House of Haig是苏格兰最古老的谷物威士忌蒸馏厂。#39;I#39;m proud to be working at the heart of a homegrown brand which has built an incredible heritage over 400 years,#39; Mr. Beckham said. 贝克汉姆说,能够为一个在400多年的时间里积累了极高声誉的本土品牌效力,他觉得很荣幸。Mr. Beckham retired from soccer last year. While the former Manchester ed and Real Madrid midfielder has held a number of sponsorship deals for many years, he has also more recently built a portfolio of business interests, including a line of Beckham-branded cologne. He has also exercised a right to buy a major league soccer franchise in Miami. A deal could take shape once he secures financing and agrees on a location for a new stadium. 贝克汉姆去年退役。这位前曼彻斯特联队(Manchester ed)和皇家马德里队(Real Madrid)中场球员多年来曾经有过众多赞助交易,但他最近发展了一系列的商业兴趣,包括一个贝克汉姆品牌的男士古龙水系列。他还行使了一项买下迈阿密一大联盟足球队的选择权。一旦他获得融资并就新场馆的选址达成一致,该交易就将成型。Mr. Beckham and Diageo are joined in the Haig Club partnership by Simon Fuller, creator of the American Idol franchise and former manager of pop group the Spice Girls. 西蒙#12539;福勒(Simon Fuller)也加入了贝克汉姆和帝亚吉欧就Haig Club的合作。福勒一手打造了《美国偶像》(American Idol)真人选秀节目,并曾经是流行音乐组合“辣”(Spice Girls)的经纪人。Diageo didn#39;t disclose commercial details of the deal, or whether Messrs. Beckham and Fuller had invested in the launch. A spokeswoman for Diageo said they would be #39;fully involved in the development and strategy of the brand,#39; but declined to elaborate further. 帝亚吉欧没有披露交易的商业细节,也未披露贝克汉姆和福勒是否投资了该品牌。帝亚吉欧发言人说,他们将充分参与这个品牌的开发和策略,但拒绝进一步详细说明。Haig Club is the glitziest in a series of celebrity tie-ups in the liquor industry this year. Diageo has aly teamed up with Sean #39;Diddy#39; Combs to buy upmarket tequila DeLeón, while George Clooney and Justin Timberlake have also put their names on tequila brands. 今年酒类行业出现一系列与名人的合作,Haig Club是其中最抢眼的一桩。帝亚吉欧已经与说唱巨星肖恩#12539;康姆斯(Sean ;P Diddy; Combs)联手收购高档龙舌兰酒品牌DeLeon,而乔治#12539;克鲁尼(George Clooney)和贾斯汀#12539;汀布莱克(Justin Timberlake)也有了自己冠名的龙舌兰酒品牌。By associating with celebrities, drinks companies hope to widen the appeal of spirits categories, which traditionally have had a relatively narrow customer base. 饮料公司寄希望于通过与名人合作扩大烈酒产品的吸引力,这类产品传统上的客户群相对较窄。Whisky in particular is often seen as a drink for older men with little appeal for women or younger drinkers, but that perception is shifting as companies release new variants--such as Brown-Forman Corp.#39;s Jack Daniel#39;s Tennessee Honey--which are aimed at attracting new customers. American-made bourbon whiskey has enjoyed a recent renaissance among younger drinkers, both in the U.S. and Europe. Scotch, too, is enjoying rapid growth in popularity, including in developing world markets like China. Scotch distillers have invested heavily to expand their consumer base. In 2012, Diageo said it would spend .54 billion to increase Scotch production over five years to meet rising demand. 威士忌尤其经常被视为老年男性的饮品,对女性或年轻的饮酒者没什么吸引力,但随着各家公司推出旨在吸引新客户的新型威士忌种类,这种印象正在改变,Brown-Forman Corp.旗下杰克丹尼(Jack Daniel)的田纳西蜂蜜酒就是一例。美国生产的波本威士忌最近在美国和欧洲的年轻饮酒者中再度流行。苏格兰威士忌的人气也迅速增加,包括在中国等发展中国家也是如此。苏格兰威士忌酒厂花费重金扩大客户群体。2012年,帝亚吉欧说其将在五年时间里斥资15.4亿美元增加苏格兰威士忌的生产,以满足增长的需求。Grain whiskey--a variant of Scotch--is made from maize, wheat or rye, rather than malted barley, and is considered more palatable for first-time whiskey drinkers because of its milder taste. 谷物威士忌(苏格兰威士忌的一种)是由玉米、小麦或黑麦酿制,而不是用麦芽酿制,其口味温和,被认为更适合初尝威士忌的饮酒者。Diageo said Haig Club would appeal to current Scotch drinkers, but also #39;those who have always wanted to try whisky.#39; 帝亚吉欧说,Haig Club将会吸引现在爱喝苏格兰威士忌的人,同时还会吸引一直以来想要尝试威士忌风味的人。 /201404/286427


  Joe Ariel is a New York City transplant who opened up shop in San Francisco with his startup Goldbely. The idea is simple: a food delivery service.乔·埃里尔属于纽约市外来人口,他的初创型公司Goldbely在旧金山设有门店。业务思路很简单:递送食品。That#39;s not new, of course. But the company distinguishes itself by finding locally sourced gourmet foods from around the country and delivering them to a person#39;s doorstep. And not just so-called gourmet food, either: Think cannolis from Carlo#39;s Bake Shop -- of ;Cake Boss; fame -- in New Jersey, sourdough b from Boudin in the Bay Area, Blue Bell ice cream from Texas, or a pastrami and corned beef sandwich from Katz#39;s Delicatessen in New York City.这当然不是什么新事物。但Goldbely的与众不同之处在于,它在美国各地寻找当地生产的精美食品,然后把它们送到人们的家门口。而且并不仅仅是一般所谓的精美食品,想想看:新泽西州Carlo#39;s Bake Shop制作、因为电视真人秀节目蛋糕大王(Cake Boss)而名声大噪的奶油甜馅煎饼卷;旧金山湾区的Boudin酵母面包;来自得克萨斯州的Blue Bell冰激凌;还有纽约市Katz#39;s Delicatessen的五香熏牛肉和腌咸牛肉三明治。Ariel, 37, wants to help local purveyors gain a national audience. He calls it ;democratizing the food industry.; And lest you think he is just one more in a long line of trendy food entrepreneurs, Ariel insists that he dislikes the pretension of the word ;foodie; (preferring to call himself a ;food explorer;) and simply wants to share the best that America has to offer.37岁的埃里尔希望帮助当地食品供应商获得全美国消费者的关注。他把这称为“食品行业民主化”。为了避免人们只是把它看成流行食品创业者大军中的普通一员,埃里尔坚持说他不喜欢“美食家”这个词带来的自负感(他更愿意把自己称为“食品探索者”),而且他只是希望和别人分享美国最好的东西。Ariel is a serial entrepreneur -- he was once the CEO of Delivery.com and Eats.com -- and holds a bachelor#39;s degree in economics from Vanderbilt University. He spoke with us.埃里尔已经连续多次创业,他曾是食品快递网站Delivery.com和美食网站Eats.com的首席执行官。他在范德堡大学(Vanderbilt University)获得了经济学学士学位。他和我们的谈话如下:1. Who in technology do you admire most? Why?1. 你在技术领域最欣赏的人谁?为什么?Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos. They#39;re all entrepreneurs who play by their own rules. For Jobs, it#39;s his vision and true emphasis on design. For Branson, creativity and wildness. For Bezos, it#39;s building for the long term and being unapologetic about it; that idea is very freeing for entrepreneurs who are trying to build their own business. As a marketer, I also admire Hugh Hefner. He#39;s created his own reality. He saw something that he wanted to build and marketed it like no one else could. I feel the same way about Goldbely.史蒂夫?乔布斯、理查德?布兰森和杰夫?贝佐斯。他们都是按自己的规则行事的企业家。对于乔布斯,我欣赏的是他的眼光和对设计的真正重视。至于布兰森则是因为他的创造性和无拘无束。对于贝佐斯,则是他的长期投入和无怨无悔。对于正在设法构建自身事业的创业者来说,这个想法非常自由。作为推广者,我还欣赏休?海夫纳。他创造了自己的现实。他发现了自己想要的东西,而且用唯我独尊的方式进行推广。我对Goldbely有同样的感觉。2. Which companies do you admire? Why?2. 你欣赏哪些公司?为什么?One company that I admire is Y Combinator for realizing that there#39;s a new economy coming. It#39;s one thing for investors to make investments for financial gain, but it#39;s another to actively help thousands of entrepreneurs build out their dreams and give them a better chance to succeed. We#39;re fortunate to have been a part of the program, and I admire a lot of what they do. In the e-commerce space, I admire Amazon and Zappos for pretty obvious reasons. With Zappos, the ;customer service first; focus is something we instill deeply in our team, and Amazon#39;s ambitiousness is inspiring.我欣赏的公司是Y Combinator,原因是它意识到了一种新经济的到来。投资者为了金融收益而投资是一件事,但去积极地帮助数千名创业者实现自己的梦想、帮助他们提高获得成功的几率则是另外一件事。我们很幸运能参与这项活动,对他们所做的许多工作我都很赞赏。在电子商务领域,我欣赏的是亚马逊(Amazon)和鞋类网站Zappos,原因很明显。Zappos以“客户务至上”为重点,这一点深植在我们的梦想里。亚马逊的远大抱负让人很受启发。3. What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?3. 你对那些希望从事你这样工作的人有什么建议?Travel, eat, repeat! When I was planning this venture, I knew it had to be something that I was super-passionate about. But at the same time, you can have ideas that you#39;re really passionate about that at the end of the day don#39;t align with your skill set. So, find the intersection of what you love and what you#39;re good at and identify any and every potential opportunities in the market. Once you find the sweet spot, dig in like you never have before.旅行、品尝,反复这样做!筹划这家公司时,我知道它必须能引起我极大的热情。但同时,你可以有这样的想法,那就是你真正热衷的东西最终并不和你的技能相匹配。所以,要在你所热爱的东西和你所擅长的东西之间找到交叉点,同时发现市场中所有的潜在机遇。只要找到了最佳结合点,就用前所未有的力量进行发掘。4. What is the best advice you ever received?4. 别人给你的最佳建议是什么?As an entrepreneur, Paul Buchheit -- who is one of the partners at Y Combinator and the creator of Gmail -- always said build something that a few people absolutely love rather than build something that a lot of people just kind of like. For any startup entrepreneur those are some of the wisest words because it#39;s easy to push out something that#39;s kind of good, but it#39;s really, really hard to push out something that#39;s amazing. That#39;s what you should strive for.身为创业者,Y Combinator合伙人之一、Gmail之父保罗?布赫海特总是说,要做出有些人绝对热爱的东西,而不是许多人仅仅有些喜欢的东西。这对任何一位创业者来说都是最高明的建议,因为拿出较好的东西很容易,但要拿出令人叫绝的东西真的、真的很难。那就是我应该为之奋斗的目标。5. What#39;s the next big project you want to tackle?5. 你打算着手的下一个大项目是什么?I think we#39;ve really hit on something with the convergence of content and commerce in food, specifically in the way we tell the stories of the products and artisans we showcase. We view ourselves equally as an e-commerce company as we do storytellers. Video has always been a fascinating medium for me, and we#39;ve just started delving further into -based content. Photography has always been core to our user experience, but I think there#39;s an exciting opportunity for us to use to take our content far deeper.我想,我们真的已经在食品领域找到了把内容和商业结合在一起的东西,特别是通过我们讲述产品的故事以及对那些制作者的介绍。我们觉得自己既是电子商务公司,又是讲故事的人。我一直觉得视频是一种奇妙的媒介。摄影一直是我们用户体验的核心,但我想我们可以借助视频把我们的内容深入到远远超过现在的深度,这是一个令人兴奋的机遇。6. What challenges are facing your business right now?6. 你的公司目前面临着哪些挑战?We#39;re fortunate in that we#39;re growing pretty quickly. The challenge with that is continuing to grow at a fast pace, and at the same time maintain focus on culture and quality of hiring, while at the same time building for speed. If there#39;s one thing that keeps me up at night, it#39;s that. Making sure we find the right spot.很幸运,我们增长得相当迅速。由此带来的挑战是继续高速增长,同时保持对文化和招聘质量的关注,而且还要为增长速度搞好积累。如果说有什么让我夜不能寐,那就是这件事——确保我们找到了正确的位置。7. What is one goal -- either personal or professional -- that you would like to accomplish during your lifetime?7. 无论是个人方面,还是职业方面,你希望自己能够实现的终身目标是什么?Building an industry-changing business. To create something that not only serves millions of consumers, but also empowers an entire industry of producers would be something really special. I think Etsy has done this for the crafts industry, and that is something I admire. There#39;s a lot of symmetry with what we#39;re doing for gourmet and specialty food. It#39;s exciting to create a platform that uplifts an entire industry.打造一家能改变整个行业的公司。一个人创造的东西不仅能务于数百万消费者,还能赋予整个行业的生产者一些能力,确实是件很特别的事。我认为手工艺品交易网站Etsy已经为手工产品制造者做到了这一点,对此我很欣赏。我们正在为精美食品和招牌食品所做的工作和Etsy极为相似。创建一个能提升整个行业的平台让人很振奋。8. What do you do to live a balanced life?8. 你怎样平衡自己的生活?Since I was a kid, if I don#39;t run around or play a sport and work up a sweat, I get antsy. If I go a few days without exercise, I have a hard time focusing. It can be anything from playing tennis or basketball to going for a run or a hike. The gym is super-important for me.从小时候起,如果不到处跑,如果不参加体育活动,出一身汗,我就会坐立不安。如果有几天不运动,我就难以集中精力。可以是任何运动,网球、篮球、跑步或者骑自行车都行。体育馆对我来说超级重要。9. What was the last book you ?9. 你最近读了哪本书?David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. I love his books in general with the intersection of psychology and business and history. This one in particular talks about the advantages of being an underdog. In my world, that means a startup, and it#39;s very inspiring to hear historical takes about little upstarts that can do amazing things.马尔科姆?格拉德韦尔的《大卫与歌利亚》(David and Goliath)。他的书把心理、商业和历史交织在一起,我都很喜欢。这本书特别谈到了处于下风时的优势。在我的世界里,处于下风就意味着建立一家初创型企业,听听历史上初出茅庐的小人物所成就的了不起的大事非常让人受启发。10. What is one unique or quirky habit that you have?10. 你有什么独特或者奇怪的习惯吗?I feed people constantly and love to see their reaction to trying something new. I think I get it from my father, who has always loved cooking and feeding people. Especially when there#39;s a new product that I#39;ve sampled that I know is just amazing -- I just need to share it. So much of what we do is sp happiness through food. A dish can be so nostalgic and bring back such great memories. Getting to facilitate these moments and share these experiences with people is really special.我经常请人吃饭,而且喜欢看他们在尝试新食品时的反应。我觉得这个习惯来自我父亲,他总喜欢做饭,请人吃饭。特别是在我尝试了新产品,发现它让人赞不绝口的时候——我就是需要和别人分享。我们很大一部分工作就是通过食品来传播幸福。一道菜也能很怀旧,让人重温美好的回忆。帮助人们更容易地找到这样的时刻,同时和别人分享这样的经历,这确实是件很特别的事情。 /201403/282527


  Thanksgiving break is here, which means it#39;s time for the “Turkey Drop”.感恩节假期来临,这也意味着“放弃火鸡”的时候到了。Many college freshmen are home this week for the first time since August. They’ll retreat to what is comfortable – spending time with family, old friends, and for some, a high-school sweetheart. Thanksgiving will also be a time for big questions, particularly for those freshmen still in high-school relationships. Did they take advantage of their first three months in college, or did they lose out by spending too much time on Skype? During their first trip home, freshmen have to decide whether they stick it out with their first love, or succumb to what is known as the “Turkey Drop”— the phenomenon of high-school couples breaking up when they come home for their first Thanksgiving.本周很多大学新生都会回到家中,这也是自八月以来的首次。他们将重返舒适的生活——与家人、老朋友、对一些人来说,还有高中时的男女朋友呆在一起。感恩节也是解决一些大问题的日子,尤其是那些还保持着高中时期情侣关系的大学新生们。他们是否充分利用了大学的前三个月呢?或者他们是否因为花费太多时间在网络电话上而过于松懈了呢?在他们第一个归家假期里,大一新生们必须要作出决定——是要继续他的初恋,还是向著名的“放弃火鸡”理论屈。(“放弃火鸡”理论是指高中情侣们纷纷在第一个感恩节放假回家时提出分手的现象。)Much of my own freshman year in college was determined by one recurring scene. A friend knocks on my door. She tells me her plans for the night – maybe a sorority party or a pregame in a friend’s room – and asks me if I want to come along. I look at her, all dolled up in heels and a cute crop top, and then I look back at my bed, soft and warm, offering a Saturday night of TV, calls with high-school friends, and microwavable macaroni and cheese. Do I push myself to meet new people (and risk spending the next four hours smiling and saying “hey, where are you from?” so many times that my face starts to hurt), or do I fall back on the familiar?我大一那年总是反复出现这样一个场景。一个朋友敲响了我的房门。她告诉我她今晚的计划——可能要去一个朋友的房间参加一个女生联谊会或者一个赛前准备活动——问我要不要加入。我看着她,穿着高跟鞋,装扮可爱,然后目光又定格在自己的床上,温暖舒适,似乎过一个周六电视夜,叫上高中时的朋友,再准备一些微波通心粉和奶酪才是我想要的。我是应该让自己去认识一些新的人(并且冒着花费接下来的四个小时不停地微笑、寒暄“嗨,你家是哪的?”直到面部僵硬为止的风险),还是继续过我熟悉的那种生活?One Princeton junior told me that, during her first three months in college, she stayed in her room every Friday and Saturday night. She didn’t go out because her high-school boyfriend didn’t want her to. The first time she drank alcohol, he “fell apart.” When she signed up to join a sorority, he started a screaming match. She knew she was missing out on important college experiences, but there was still something that made her stay with him for the first few months.一个普林斯顿的大三生告诉我,在大学的前三个月里,她每个周五周六都呆在自己的房间。她不出去是因为她高中的男朋友不希望她出去。她第一次喝酒,他“崩溃”了。她报名参加一个女生联谊会,他开始大呼小叫。她知道她错过了很多重要的大学经历,但是在这几个月里总有些什么让她觉得不能和他分手。“First semester of freshman year, you don’t have that many real friends, so when my high-school boyfriend would show up, I would be like, ‘Yes, here is someone I trust, that I can actually tell things to,’” another junior said. “He was someone who would just instantly understand what was happening with me emotionally. I would want to just hole up in my room for the rest of the weekend, talking to him.”“大一的上学期,没有什么真心朋友,所以当我高中的男朋友出现时,我就会觉得‘对,他就是我信任的人,我可以倾诉的人’”,另一个大三生说道。“他就是会立刻懂得我在想什么的人。我愿意整个周末都把自己关在房间里,跟他聊天。”So when does this affinity for the familiar start to change? In the first few months of college, there are those long, lonely freshman nights – times when you wonder whether you’ve actually made any real friends. By November, however, most freshmen have gotten over the worst of their homesickness. The “Turkey Drop” happens in part because freshmen realize they no longer need the safety blanket of their high school significant other.那么这种亲密的关系是从什么时候开始改变的呢?在大学里的前几个月,总会有一些漫长又孤寂的新生夜——那些夜晚你会不住地想自己是否有真正的朋友。然而到了十一月,大多数新生都从想家最折磨的阶段恢复了出来。“火鸡”现象的发生部分是因为新生们意识到他们已经不再需要高中那个至关重要的另一半带来的安全感。According to Dr. Christopher Thurber, a psychologist at Phillips Exeter Academy, going home for Thanksgiving – being surrounded by people they love – can actually help freshmen to get over their homesickness. “When you’re homesick, your actions – being tearful, staying in your room a lot – will cue in the people around you, and prompt an appropriate social response,” said Thurber. “People will reach out to you, and that often will boost the student’s confidence. This in turn will help them overcome feelings of homesickness.”Christopher Thurber士,一个菲利普斯埃克塞特学院的心理学家表示,回家过感恩节——周围都是自己爱的人——会让新生们的恋家情绪不治而愈。“在你想家的时候,你的行为——眼泪汪汪,经常闷在自己的房间——会给你周围的人发出一个信号,带来一个适当的社会反应,”Thurber说道。“人们会去接近你,这也会提高学生的自信。反过来,这也会帮助他们克恋家情绪。”When I came home for Thanksgiving my freshman year, I was also shocked by how much I’d changed. I went to a high school where the majority of students had been living in the same town since kindergarten. Most people had similar views on political issues and didn’t have experience with cultures different from our own. Then I moved into my freshman dorm, and met a roommate who had just flown in from South Korea. At Thanksgiving, it felt strange to reunite with my group of high school girlfriends, who all grew up within a 20-mile radius.在我大一那年回家过感恩节的时候,我完全被自己的改变震惊了。我就读的高中大多数学生都从幼儿园起就住在一个镇上。大多数人对于政治问题都保持着相似的见解,也没经历过和我们小镇不同的文化氛围。之后我搬进了新生寝室,室友刚刚从韩国来。感恩节的时候,再和我高中的朋友们重聚显得些许怪异,她们都在二十英里以外的地方长大了。;A freshman will think, ‘When I was with this girl in high school, I thought we were going to be together forever. Then I got to college and saw that there was so much going on – different people and places and things.’ The committed match that you had in your mind might not look the same when you go home for Thanksgiving,” said Thurber.“新生可能会觉得‘高中时我们俩在一起的时候,我以为我们一辈子都会在一起。之后我上了大学,发现未来的路还很长——不同的人,不同的地方和不同的事。’你脑海中曾经坚定的想法可能在你回家过感恩节的时候又不一样了,”Thurber说道。Almost everyone I interviewed said there was no way to casually be in a long-distance relationship in college. If you were weren#39;t together everyday on campus, then you had to make sacrifices, and you didn#39;t make sacrifices if things weren#39;t serious. One junior told me that, freshman year, her high-school boyfriend revealed his plans to propose the day after graduation. She broke up with him a few weeks later.几乎所有受访者都表示在大学里维持长距离的关系可能性不大。如果你们不能在大学里每天在一起,就必须得做出一些牺牲,而如果不够认真你就不会做出牺牲。一个大三生称,大一时,她高中时的男朋友透露说毕业的第二天就会向她求婚,而几周后,她就提出分手了。;The nice thing about the college atmosphere in terms of relationships is that you can ease in to them – you don’t have to know where you stand, you don’t have to be really certain,” said a current college junior. “But with long distance, there’s the implication that you’re in it for the long haul. Having a long-distance relationship in college doesn’t just mean long distance. It means long distance, long term.”“对于关系,大学氛围最好的一件事就是你可以轻松地享受这段关系——你不需要知道你在哪,也不需要十分确定,”一个现在就读大学三年级的人说道。“但是长距离的关系就意味着你要长期维持。大学里的异地恋不仅仅意味着距离远,也是在说双方的感情要维持很久。”By late November, you realize that the long-distance, marriage-proposal kind of commitment is fundamentally opposed to the ideals we’re taught to associate with college. A lot of women told me they felt guilty about having a high-school boyfriend because it just wasn’t what you were “supposed” to do as a freshman. When I asked them exactly what they were supposed to be doing instead, no one had a concrete answer. A few vaguely mentioned drinking more heavily, or being free to consent to a dance floor make-out, but there was clearly something else.到十一月下旬,你就会意识到长距离,以婚姻为目标的承诺和我们与大学联系在一起的想法是完全相悖的。很多女性都告诉我有一个高中男朋友让她们感到很内疚,因为这并不是一个大学新生应做的事。我反问她们那个时候到底应该做些什么时,没人给我一个具体的答复。有几个人含糊地回答说应该多喝些酒,作为“自由人”去赴舞池约会,但当然不止这些。From movies like Animal House, Van Wilder, and 21 and Over, we get this idea that college is the only time in our lives when we can do stupid, drunken things and not get in too much trouble. The bridge of Asher Roth’s legendary rap anthem, “I Love College,” offers freshmen just one piece of advice: “Do something crazy!” In college, you’re supposed to make mistakes because those mistakes become cool stories – the kind that build character and street cred. But it’s hard to feel free to make bad decisions when you’ve got someone from home sending you a constant stream of text messages on Saturday night.从《动物爱回家》,《留级之王》,《21玩过界》等电影中,大学是我们生命中唯一一段可以做愚蠢的事却惹不上大麻烦的时光。罗斯(Asher Roth)的传奇饶舌颂歌的桥梁,“我爱大学,”给大学新生们提出了一条意见:“做点儿疯狂的事!”在大学里,你应该犯错,因为这些错误日后都会变成很酷的故事——能塑造性格和名声的那种。但是如果家那边有个人总在周六的晚上给你发一条又一条的信息,你可没办法去自由地做这些事。There’s more to this cultural idea of college than wild parties. Leaving home, we’re told that the next four years will be a time to experiment and figure out what we want to contribute to the world. Most juniors and seniors I know chose to major in a department different from the one they listed on their college application. That’s because we’ve all taken risks, learning about topics we didn’t expect to love. The whole process is trial and error: Try a lot of different things, and see what works. The biggest pressure for freshmen to “turkey drop” comes from knowing that we may never again be this free to explore.而大学的文化层面甚至比聚会狂欢还包含更多。一离开家,我们被告知接下来的四年试验并搞清楚我们想为世界贡献些什么的时间。我认识的大多数大三生和大四生都选择了和他们大学申报表上填写的不同专业,这是因为我们都冒了险,学习一些我们没预料到会喜欢的内容。整个过程就是反复试验:尝试很多不同的东西,看哪个好用。大学新生“火鸡放弃”最大的压力就是明白我们可能再也没法这样自由地去探索了。 /201312/267168


  TAKE a look at your mobile device. Do you see oily fingerprints and lint on the touch screen? Dust and crumbs forming particulate frost in the corners? Is that a hair stuck at the screen#39;s edge?看看你的移动设备。看到触摸屏上油油的指印和细小的纤维了吗?还有灰尘与细屑在边边角角结成的霜状物?在屏幕的边缘是不是卡着一根头发?Because our electronics are constantly within our grubby grasp, they can get pretty gross. They are taken into public restrooms, handed to runny-nosed toddlers, passed around to share photos and pressed against sweaty skin in gyms. Repeated studies show what accumulates is germy nastiness worse than what is on the bottom of your shoe.因为我们的电子设备一直都被握在不怎么干净的手中,它们可能会变得非常脏。它们被带进公共厕所,被交给流着鼻涕的幼儿,被四处传看照片,被按在健身房中汗涔涔的肌肤上。许多研究表明,它们上聚积的细菌与秽物要比你鞋底上粘的还要多。;That devices can be a source of disease transmission is not a subject of debate anymore,; said Dr. Dubert Guerrero, an infectious disease specialist at Sanford Health in Fargo, N.D., and co-author of a study about the persistence of bacteria on iPads published in November in The American Journal of Infection Control.“那些移动设备可能成为疾病传播的源头,这已经不需要争论了,”杜伯特·古雷罗(Dobert Guerrero)是位于北达科他州法戈的桑福德医疗系统(Sanford Health)的一位传染病专家,去年11月他在《美国传染病控制》(American Journal of Infection Control)上联名发表了一篇关于iPad上细菌残留的研究。So it is a good idea to keep your devices clean, not only to keep from getting sick but also to maintain resale value when it#39;s time to upgrade. Companies like Best Buy, Target, Gazelle, Amazon, Verizon and ATamp;T all offer trade-in or cash-back programs, said Derek Meister, a technician for the Geek Squad, Best Buy#39;s repair and online support service.所以,保持你电子设备的清洁是一个好主意,这不仅会让你远离疾病,在更新换代时也能保住转卖的价值。百思买(Best Buy)提供维修与在线持务的技客小分队(Geek Squad)技师德里克·梅斯特(Derek Meister)指出,像百思买、塔吉特(Target)、Gazelle(美国移动设备回收公司——译注)、亚马逊(Amazon)、威瑞森(Verizon) 和美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)都提供以旧换新或者返现务。;People don#39;t want any marks or grime on their devices,; Mr. Meister said, because like trading in a used car at a dealership, ;the better the condition, the more like new it is, the more money you get on your trade-in.;“人们不希望自己的电子设备上满是印子或污垢,”梅斯特说,因为就像交易二手汽车一样,“状态保持得越好,东西越像新的,你在以旧换新时收回的钱就越多。”A word of warning: Cleaning your device can be tricky, since you don#39;t want to damage it and manufacturers don#39;t give you much guidance. It can be done, however, if you#39;re careful and conscientious.但是有一点需要警惕:清理你的电子设备可能是件麻烦事,因为你并不想弄坏它,而制造商在这方面并没有给你太多的指导。但是,如果你小心谨慎的话,这是可以办到的。Dr. Guerrero and his colleagues found that regularly wiping down your device with a moist microfiber cloth was sufficient to eliminate many kinds of common bacteria. More enduring and dangerous bacteria like clostridium difficile (which can cause diarrhea or even inflammation of the colon) and flu viruses may require a sterilizing agent like bleach or alcohol, he said.古雷罗士与他的同事们发现,经常用一块湿润的超细纤维布擦拭电子设备,就足以擦掉很多种常见细菌。他表示,像艰难梭菌(它可以导致腹泻甚至是结肠炎)以及流感病毒这种存活更久、更危险的细菌,就可能需要像漂白剂或者酒精这样的消毒剂。This is a problem, since Apple on its website officially warns against using ;window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia or abrasives; to clean its products and advises instead to ;simply wipe the screen with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove oil left by your hands.; Other manufacturers offer similar advice or none at all.自从苹果公司(Apple)在网站上发出官方警告,请用户不要使用“窗户清洁剂、家具清洁剂、喷雾驱虫剂、溶剂、酒精、氨或者磨具”来清洁该公司的产品,而是建议“简单地用一块柔软的无纺布擦拭屏幕,来擦除你双手留下的油渍”,这就成了一个问题。其他的制造商提供类似的建议,或者根本对此没有任何建议。And yet, in the Apple Store, you#39;ll find the 32-percent isopropyl alcohol Clens wipes by Bausch amp; Lomb. Apple declined to explain the contradiction. Nevertheless, the wipes work great at cleaning grime, muck and marks off your device and they also disinfect. A Clens kit that includes three Clens wipes, a 3-ounce bottle of Clens cleaning spray and a cleaning cloth costs about .不过,在苹果商店里,你可以找到含32%酒精的士伦清洁擦拭巾(Clens wipes by Bausch amp; Lomb)。苹果并没有解释这种自相矛盾的说法。尽管如此,这种擦拭巾在清洁电子设备上的污垢、灰尘和印迹方面非常有用,而且同时能够消毒。一包清洁套装中包括三张清洁擦拭巾,一瓶3盎司的清洁喷剂以及一块清洁布,要价20美元左右。But it#39;s far cheaper to make your own alcohol and water solution. To clean his own mobile devices, Mr. Meister at the Geek Squad said he used a 1:1 ratio of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and distilled water, which together cost less than at most grocery and drugstores. ;You want distilled water and purer alcohol so there are fewer chemicals or minerals left behind when the solution evaporates,; he said.但如果你自己用酒精和水调制清洁剂的话,就要便宜得多了。奇客小分队的梅斯特说他为了清洁自己的移动设备,会用1比1的比例把纯度70%的酒精与蒸馏水混合,在绝大多数杂货店和药店,这些东西加起来不会超过4美元。“使用蒸馏水和更纯的酒精,这样在清洁剂蒸发之后,残留的化学物质或者矿物质就会更少,”他说。Fill a spray bottle with the diluted alcohol, lightly moisten a lint-free, preferably microfiber, cloth (no paper towels) and gently wipe down the screen and case. Never spray directly onto the device. To clean corners and around ports, use lint-free foam rather than cotton Q-tips.把稀释过的酒精放到喷雾瓶中,轻柔地喷湿一块无纺布,超细纤维布的话更好(不要用纸巾),然后轻轻擦拭屏幕与机身。不要直接对着手机喷清洁剂。要想清洁角落与插口,不要用棉签,要用无纺泡沫材料。If you#39;re supergermophobic, you might consider purchasing an ultraviolet sanitizer. Violife makes a cellphone sanitizer about the size of a coffee can. Just pop your phone into the dock and replace the lid for ultraviolet light to zap pathogens. Verilux sells a sanitizing wand, which the company claims kills up to 99 percent of germs when waved over your electronics. This won#39;t improve the look of your device or maximize value at trade-in but it might spare you the sniffles or worse during cold and flu season.如果你有严重的洁癖,可以考虑购买一个紫外线消毒器。Violife制造的手机消毒器有一个咖啡罐大小,售价50美元。只要把你的手机放进机器中,再盖上盖子,让紫外线杀灭病原体即可。Verilux则以40美元的价钱出售一种消毒棒,该公司声称拿消毒棒扫过你的电子设备,就可以消灭99%的细菌。这并不会改善你手机的外观或者在以旧换新时将价值最大化,但这可以让你在寒冷的流感时节不会出现流鼻涕或者更糟糕的症状。Using a can of compressed air to blow around ports and between keys, on the other hand, will help maintain the look, performance and value of your device. This gets rid of dust and particles that can infiltrate and damage electronics. Another option is to buy a specialized air compressor like the DataVac Electric Duster, which lists for 0 and comes with all sorts of little attachments for cleaning out your devices#39; crevices and seams.另一方面,用一罐压缩空气来吹一吹插口四周与键盘空隙中的,将有助于保持你的电子设备的外观以及价值。这能吹走那些能渗进电子元件并造成损坏的灰尘与细屑。另一个选择是买一种特殊的空气压缩机,比如说DataVac电动除尘器,它售价100美元,附带各种小配件,可以用来清除电子设备上的缝隙与接口。;An air compressor gets things really clean and it#39;s environmentally good because you don#39;t have a little can to throw away after blowing air,; said Miroslav Djuric, chief information architect at ifixit.com, an online do-it-yourself community. He uses an all-purpose compressor he bought at Home Depot and fitted with an inflating needle (the kind used to inflate a basketball or a bike tire) to precisely direct the air flow.“一个空气压缩机能把东西清理得相当干净,而且它也很环保,因为在喷完空气之后,你不需要再扔掉一个小瓶子,”米罗斯拉夫·迪乌里克(Miroslav Djuric)说,他是ifixit.com的首席信息架构师,该网站是一个在线DIY社区。他所使用的是一个从家得宝(Home Depot)买来的通用压缩机,再装上一个气针(就是用来给篮球或者自行车轮胎打气的那种)来精确地控制空气的喷射。To repel germs, grease and pet hair from your laptop, there are antimicrobial and protective keyboard, trackpad and palm rest covers that are nearly invisible and washable. Moshi, NewerTech, iSkin and Protect Computer Products all make these covers for less than .要想摆脱你笔记本电脑上的细菌、油脂以及宠物毛发,可以考虑一种抗菌保护型保护罩,可将键盘、触控板和掌托覆盖住,它几乎是透明的,而且可以水洗。仕(Moshi), NewerTech, iSkin 以及Protect Computer Products 所出售的此类保护罩都不超过30美元。;We get so many computers damaged from kids spilling things on them,; said David Bensinger, owner of The Little Laptop Shop in Manhattan. ;At least people say it was their kids when they drop the computers off.;“我们收到过无数台电脑,都是因为孩子把东西洒上去而坏掉的,”大卫·本辛格(David Bensinger)说,他是位于曼哈顿的笔记本电脑小店(The Little Laptop Shop)的老板。“至少在电脑摔在地上的时候,他们会说这是他们的孩子干的。”Washable screen protectors for laptops, tablets and smartphones are available from manufacturers such as Boxwave, BodyGuardz, iSmooth and Moshi at a cost of to , depending on the size. They are easy to apply and reapply without unsightly bubbles or impaired visibility or functionality of touch screens.笔记本电脑、平板电脑和智能手机的可清洗屏幕保护膜在各家制造商都有出售,像是Boxwave、BodyGuardz、iSmooth以及仕,价格从5美元到40美元不等,视乎尺寸而定。它很易于安装及拆卸,不会产生阻碍视线的气泡,也不会影响触摸屏的可视度与灵敏度。Similarly, Ultra-Sleeves and Chef Sleeves are clear, hygienic and protective iPad and tablet covers. They enclose the entire device and are disposable. They are intended for people working in health care, construction, industrial or restaurant settings. These covers are also ideal for those who might have to share their devices with multiple people during the course of the day, like teachers or salespeople. A pack of 10 costs about .同样,Ultra-Sleeves和Chef Sleeves都提供干净、健康以及保护型的iPad以及其他平板电脑保护罩。它可以包裹住整个设备,而且是一次性的,适合那些在健康医疗、建筑、工业或者餐饮务行业工作的人。这些保护罩对于那些想要和很多人在工作时间共同使用电子设备的人来说也很理想,比如说教师与销售人员。一份含10个保护罩的套装价格大约是12美元。It#39;s up to you how obsessively you want to clean your mobile devices, but health and electronics experts advise wiping down your mobile device with a moist microfiber cloth at least daily for basic sanitation and upkeep.想要把你的电子设备清洁到什么程度,这完全取决于你自己,但是健康与电子器件专家建议,为了基本的卫生与保养,至少每天一次地使用湿润的超细纤维布来擦拭你的移动设备。Like your toothbrush, ;your mobile device is something you want to clean regularly,; said Dr. Guerrero, the infectious disease specialist. And it is probably not something you want to pass around the table.就像牙刷一样,“你的移动设备也是应当经常清洁的东西,”传染疾病专家古雷罗士说。而且,你也不应该在桌边让人四处传看你的手机。 /201410/331695。




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