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China#39;s newest space laboratory, Tiangong II, will provide more comfortable digs to astronauts living aboard than its predecessor, Tiangong I, the spacecraft#39;s designers said.据飞船设计者们表示,中国最新发射的空间实验室天宫二号相比于第一代飞船天宫一号,将会给居住在太空的航天员们提供更为舒适的环境。Zhu Zongpeng, chief designer of Tiangong II at China Academy of Space Technology, said designers aimed to create an astronaut-friendly environment in every regard when they refitted the space lab that was developed based on Tiangong I.中国空间技术研究院天宫二号总设计师朱枞鹏表示,设计师们在天宫一号基础上改装建造天宫二号的时候,目标是要创造一个在每一方面都对航天员友好的环境。;We considered many factors including the sound, lighting, inner decorations as well as support facilities. For instance, we installed a foldable, multifunctional table that can be used for dining and experiments. We also equipped the astronauts with Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth speakers,; he said.朱枞鹏说道:“我们考虑了许多因素,包括声音、灯光、内部装饰以及持设施。比方说,我们安装了一个可折叠的多功能桌子,可以用于用餐和做实验。我们还给宇航员们装备了蓝牙耳机和蓝牙音箱。”;A number of particulars were taken into account-the carpet in Tiangong I was replaced with floorboards. The light is softer and its brightness can be adjusted. Each astronaut has a bed lamp,; Zhu added.朱枞鹏指出:“我们还考虑到了一些细节--天宫一号里的地毯被换成了地板。灯光变得更加柔和,并且亮度可以调节。每个宇航员都配有一个床头灯。”The Tiangong II consists of two cabins with separate functions-the experiment cabin will be hermetically sealed and will act as the astronauts#39; living quarters, while the resource cabin will contain solar panels, storage batteries, propellant and engines.天宫二号由两个舱体组成,分别具有不同的功能--实验舱是密封的,将会作为宇航员们的生活区;而资源舱内有太阳能电池板、蓄电电池、推进剂和发动机。Liao Jianlin, a senior engineer at the academy who took part in Tiangong II#39;s development, said the lab has about 15 square meters for astronauts to live and work, including a separate sleep section and waste storage area.中国空间技术研究院高级工程师廖建林参加了天宫二号的研发工作,他表示,天宫二号内有大约15平米的面积可供宇航员居住和工作,其中包括一个独立的睡眠区和废物储存区。He said engineers installed muffler devices in the spacecraft to ensure its inner sound is kept under 50 decibels.他表示,工程师们在飞船上安装了消音装置,从而确保舱内声音保持在50分贝以下。Environmental controls will keep the temperature within the experiment cabin between 22 C and 24 C and the humidity between 45 and 55 percent.空调将会使得实验舱内的温度保持在22-24摄氏度之间、湿度控制在45%-55%之间。In addition, Tiangong II has an air detector capable of checking for and dealing with more than 20 hazardous gases and microbes.另外,天宫二号上还安装了一个空气探测器,可以用来检测和处理超过20种有害气体和微生物。Furthermore, designers placed exercise equipment in the space lab such as a tmill, exercise bike and acupuncture point massager to help astronauts keep healthy, according to Liao.廖建林表示,工程师们还在天宫二号上安装了一些运动器材,例如跑步机、室内健身自行车以及穴位器,从而帮助宇航员们保持健康。He said its communications systems also allow astronauts to receive and reply to emails and make calls to family and friends.他还指出,天宫二号的通信系统使得航天员们也可以接收和回复邮件,并且和家人朋友通话。 /201609/468192。

Bad habits are among the worst enemies of living life to the fullest. Why? Because habit is something we do over and over again. While we do other kinds of mistakes occasionally, bad habit is something we do consistently over time. If even one mistake can drag your life down, you can imagine what kind of damage bad habits can do.To make matters worse, often we don’t realize that we have bad habits. We think that we just live our life as usual while we are actually making mistakes again and again. It’s like having leaks in our ship without realizing it.So breaking bad habits should be among your top priorities to get the most out of your life. If you do it right, and you are on your way to make significant improvements in your life.The first step to breaking the bad habits is to identify them. Only after identifying them can you decide to do something about them. Here are two tips for identifying the bad habits you might have:1. Compare your life with your value systemDo you live according to your value system? Or do you deviate from it here and there? Your value system acts like a compass that guides your life. When you do things that are not according to your life compass, you know that you have a problem. So look for things you consistently do that deviate from your value system. Those are your bad habits.2. Compare your life with a role modelSometimes it’s easier to compare your life with someone else’s life than to compare it with an abstract value system. So find people whose life you want to emulate and find the details of how they live their life. Is there anything they don’t do that you consistently do? For instance, perhaps they are never late. You, on the other hand, are perpetually late. That’s a bad habit you should stop.The next step after identifying the bad habits is to break them. I’m glad I found some good tips for it in the book Become a Better You by Joel Osteen. While the book is based on Christian principles, many lessons in it are universally applicable including its suggestions on breaking bad habits. Here are four tips to stop bad habits based on the book:1. Quit feeding the bad habitThere are two “wolves” inside us that fight each other. One wolf represents good habits while the other represents bad habits. Which wolf will win the fight? The answer is the one you feed. So breaking bad habit is actually simple: just stop feeding it. Leave the bad habit starve and you are on your way to get it away from your life.2. Replace it with a good habitQuit feeding the bad habit is essential but it’s not enough. You must also replace it with a good habit. Otherwise there is an empty space in your life where the bad habit could go back to anytime.So develop a good habit to replace the bad habit. For instance, if you have the habit of thinking negative thoughts, you should replace it with the habit of thinking positive thoughts. Whenever negative thoughts come, use it as a trigger to start thinking positive thoughts. Or if you have the habit of eating unhealthy food, you can start developing the habit of eating healthy food. Just don’t leave the space empty.3. Press past the initial pain and discomfortWhen breaking a bad habit, the beginning of the process is the most difficult. Just like getting a space shuttle lifted off the Earth takes enormous amount of power, it also takes enormous amount of willpower to break a bad habit. And just like moving a space shuttle that has escaped the Earth’s gravitational pull takes little energy, it also takes only little amount of willpower to continue doing your new habit.The initial phase is the most difficult, but it will become easier and easier over time. So whenever you think that it’s too difficult to stay on course, just remember that it won’t be so for long. You just have to keep moving forward.4. Make “no exceptions” policyOnce you decide to break a bad habit, stick with your decision. Make no exceptions to come back to it for whatever reason. I know it’s not easy (at least for me), but this step is essential if you want the process to get easier over time. Making exceptions is like taking a space shuttle back to Earth; you need another enormous amount of power to lift it off again. So be careful not to make exceptions when you are dealing with bad habits.These four tips are simple but powerful. Using the feeding analogy, the tips to break a bad habit boil down to this:Quit feeding the bad habit. Feed a good one instead.What do you think? 坏习惯是阻碍生活变得充实完美的最大杀手。为什么呢?因为习惯是一件我们不断重复的事情。一些错误我们偶尔会犯,然而我们的坏习惯是不间断的。即使是一个错误都可以拖累你的生活,你可以想象一下坏习惯能带来多大的危害。更糟糕的是。我们通常不会意识到我们的坏习惯。我们认为我们只不过和平常一样地生活,然而我们的的确确,一次又一次地在犯错。这就好像我们没有意识到我们的船有漏洞一样。因此改变你的坏习惯必须成为你生活的重中之重。一旦你纠正了坏习惯,那么你就为改善你的生活走出了极其重要的一步。改掉坏习惯的第一步是发现它们。只有意识到坏习惯,你才能针对它们有所行动。以下两个小窍门就是教你如何发现你可能有的坏习惯。对比一下你的生活和你的价值观你是否按照你的价值观来生活呢?又或者你的生活方式常常与价值观有所出入?你的价值观其作用如同导航你生活的罗盘。当你的行动与你生活的罗盘方向不同时,你可以知道你出了点问题。因此寻找一下那些与你价值观不符却又常常发生的行为。那些就是你的坏习惯。对比一下你的生活和模范的生活比起拿你的生活和抽象的价值观对比,有时候和其他人的生活作比较更容易。因此找一下你理想生活的典范,并分析他们生活的细节。看看有什么事是你常干他们却不做的。比如,也许他们从来不迟到。而你,正相反,一直会迟到。那就是你必须改正的坏习惯。意识到坏习惯后,第二步就是改掉它们。很开心我在Joel Osteen的《完善自我》一书中找到了几个对付坏习惯的方法。这本书基于基督教的教义,其中许多是经验教训示广为适用,包括如何改变坏习惯的建议。基于这本书,以下给出四则贴士,教你如何改掉坏习惯。1.停止“饲养”坏习惯我们体内有两匹“狼”,它们争斗不休。一匹狼代表了好习惯而另外一匹代表坏习惯。哪匹狼会在争斗中胜出呢?由你决定。所以停止坏习惯其实很简单:只要停止“饲养”坏习惯。让坏习惯自生自灭,这样你就可以让它从你的生活里出局。2.用好习惯替代坏习惯不再养成坏习惯很重要但这样还不够。你必须用好习惯来替代坏习惯。否则你的生活中会多出一个空档,坏习惯随时又会回到那里。因此要养成一个好习惯来替代坏习惯。比如,如果你有思考事情消极面的习惯,你必须通过思考事情积极面的习惯来替代。每当消极的思想出现时,就以此为契机开始思考积极的事情。又或者你有吃垃圾食品的习惯,那么你就要开始养成吃健康食品德习惯。千万不要留出任何空档。3.坚持度过最初的痛苦和不适但你要纠正一个坏习惯,最初的过程是最难的。就像太空飞船离开地球时需要巨大的推动力,改正坏习惯也需要强大的意志力。就像太空飞船一旦脱离了地球的引力,移动起来只需要花一点点的能量,继续养成好习惯也只需要不多的毅力。最初的阶段是最难的,但随着时间的推移将变得越来越容易。所以一旦你觉得继续改变太难的话,只要想想这样的阶段不会太久的。而你只有继续前进才行。4.立下“没有例外”的规矩一旦你决心要改变坏习惯,就要坚持你的决定。不论有什么理由都不能例外。我知道这不是件容易的事情(至少对我而言),但这个步骤很关键,如果你希望随着时间的推移能让这个过程变得容易的话。搞特殊情况就如同把太空飞船拉回地面;你需要又一次花同样大的精力让它再度升空。因此在对付坏习惯时千万小心,不要有所例外。这四则贴士说来容易但却十分有效。通过“饲养”坏习惯这个类比,纠正坏习惯的这些贴士可归结为:停止“饲养”坏习惯,相反培养一个好习惯。你认为怎么样呢? /200806/42277。

High school students have defeated an artificial intelligence device designed to pass the national college entrance exam, in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.最近,四川省成都市某高中的学生们战胜了专门为通过高考而设计的人工智能机器人。Forty-three students from liberal arts classes at Chengdu Shishitianfu High School joined the two-hour contest to finish a math test in the standard national entrance exam, or gaokao, against the robot, the brainchild of four years of research by Zhun Xing Yun Xue Technology Co., Ltd.成都市石室天府中学文科班的四十三名同学参加了这场历时两小时的高考水准级别的数学考试,对手是由成都准星云学科技有限公司开发研制四年之久的智能机器人。Students scored 106 points on average, outperforming the computer program that had 93 points.考试过后,班中同学的平均分为106分,机器人的得分则是93分。But this was the first match in four years for the AI test taker to compete. Its score was also higher than the average among liberal arts students who took the gaokao in Sichuan last year.但此次是该人工智能机器人首次与人类进行比拼,而且它的得分高于去年四川省文科生高考的平均分数。She Yujia, a student in the contest, said she felt like fighting the program on behalf of humans, especially after Google#39;s AlphaGo beat professional Go player Lee Sedol of South Korea last year.参加此次考试的一名名叫佘雨佳的学生表示,自己仿佛是代表全人类与电脑程序进行PK,尤其是在去年谷歌的阿尔法打败专业棋手李世石之后。Researchers who developed the AI test taker, which is also part of a project by the Ministry of Science and Technology, said the failure was due to a poor understanding of concepts in application-centered math problems such as the meaning of investment and financing.开发该机器人的研究人员称,这个“高考机器人”隶属于国家科学技术部研究项目,此次竞赛的失败可能是因为它无法理解诸如投资和理财等这类应用数学问题的概念。Lin Hui, CEO of the developing company, said the program can understand more than 7,000 concepts ranging from those in elementary to high school education. With a huge knowledge database, the program can now finishes about 10 math tests a day.成都准星云学科技有限公司的CEO林辉表示,这个机器人可以学习小学到高中的7000多个考点,并且拥有庞大的知识储备库,可以每日完成十套数学试卷。Lin said more efforts will be made to fix bugs and improve performance of the program, with a focus on math application.林辉称将会进一步修复一些bug,同时也会提高系统性能,并在今后着重于应用题方面的训练。Chinese students are usually separated into science and liberal arts classes at high school, a practice that allows them to stay competitive in the college entrance exam by choosing preferred subjects. Math tests for liberal arts students are usually easier than those given to science students.中国学生在高中一般会分文理科,使其选择自己优势学科来增强高考竞争力。一般来说,文科生的数学考试会比理科生的相对简单一些。 /201703/500097。

Swearong at work "boosting team spririt,morale"Regularly swearing at work can help boost team spirit among staff, allowing them to express better their feelings as well as develop social relationships, according to a study by researchers.一项研究表明,员工在工作中常说说粗话有助于促进团队精神,因为这可以使他们更真实地表达情绪及建立社会关系。Yehuda Baruch, a professor of management at the University of East Anglia, and graduate Stuart Jenkins studied the use of profanity in the workplace and assessed its implications for managers.东安格利亚大学的管理学教授耶胡达#8226;巴鲁克和研究生斯图亚特#8226;詹金斯共同研究了工作场合的“爆粗”现象,并就管理者应如何处理这一问题提出了建议。They assessed that swearing would become more common as traditional taboos are broken down, but the key appeared to be knowing when such language was appropriate and when to turn to blind eye.研究人员发现,随着一些传统禁忌被打破,员工在工作中说粗话会越来越普遍。(而对于管理者来说,)关键是要分清员工何时讲这样的话是恰当的,以及在什么情况下可以“充耳不闻”。The pair said swearing in front of senior staff or customers should be seriously discouraged, but in other circumstances it helped foster solidarity among employees and express frustration, stress or other feelings.两位研究人员称,应禁止员工在高级职员及客户面前说粗话,但在其它情况下,说说粗话有利于促进员工之间的团结与合作,并有助于减轻压力、发泄不满或其它情绪。Banning swear words and reprimanding staff might represent strong leadership, but could remove key links between staff and impact on morale and motivation, Baruch said.巴鲁克说,一些上司禁止员工说粗话或谴责员工说粗话,这可能会显得他的领导能力很“强”,但这样做可能会切断员工之间的重要联系,而且会打击员工的士气及工作积极性。"We hope that this study will serve not only to acknowledge the part that swearing plays in our work and our lives, but also to indicate that leaders sometimes need to 'think differently'.“我们希望这一研究不仅能让人们认识到讲粗话是我们工作及生活中的一部分,同时也要让领导们意识到有时候需要‘换个角度看问题’。”"Managers need to understand how their staff feel about swearing. The challenge is to master the 'art' of knowing when to turn a blind eye to communication that does not meet their own standards."“管理者应该了解员工说粗话时的感受。领导们面临的挑战是知道何时对‘不符合标准’的话语充耳不闻,这也是他们需要掌握的一门‘艺术’。”The study, "Swearing at work and permissive leadership culture: when anti-social becomes social and incivility is acceptable", is published in the latest issue of the Leadership and Organisational Development Journal.该项名为“员工爆粗及领导艺术:当爆粗被接受及能带来社会效应时”的研究在《领导艺术及组织发展期刊》最新一期上公布。 /200803/30008。

Chinese patenting applications surged 45 per cent in 2016, according to the World Intellectual Property Organisation, putting the country on track to overtake Japan and the US to become the largest user of the international patent system within two years.据世界知识产权组织(WIPO)统计,2016年中国专利申请数量激增45%,使其有望在两年内成为国际专利制度的最大用户,超越日本和美国。ZTE and Huawei, two of China’s largest telecoms and electronics companies, topped the 2016 rankings for corporate patenting compiled by the Geneva-based UN agency.中兴通讯(ZTE)和华为(Huawei)——中国最大的两家电信电子设备制造商——在总部位于日内瓦的这家联合国机构编制的2016年企业专利申请排行榜上名列榜首。“China-based filers are behind much of the growth in international patent and trademark filings?.?.?.?as the country continues its journey from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China’,” said Francis Gurry, Wipo director-general.“中国申请人是国际专利和商标申请很大一部分增长背后的推手……目前中国继续从‘中国制造’转向‘中国创造’,”世界知识产权组织总干事弗朗西斯?高锐(Francis Gurry)表示。Wipo’s analysis covers international applications through the patent co-operation treaty, which tend to be of higher quality than purely domestic filings. If trends continue, China will move ahead of Japan this year and the US within two years to become the leader in the international patent system.世界知识产权组织的分析覆盖通过专利合作条约提交的国际申请,这些申请往往比单纯的国内申请具有更高质量。如果当前趋势延续下去,中国将在今年超越日本,在两年内超越美国,成为国际专利制度中的领先者。Chinese inventors made 43,000 international applications in 2016, while domestic filings make China’s patent office much the busiest in the world, handling more than 1m applications a year.中国发明家在2016年提交了4.3万件国际申请,同时国内申请使中国专利机构成为世界上遥遥领先的最繁忙专利主管机构,每年受理100多万件申请。Since Huawei and ZTE started filing international patents in 2000 and 2002 respectively, their applications have risen quickly to take them comfortably to the top two positions in the global patenting table.自华为和中兴分别在2000年和2002年开始申请国际专利以来,他们的申请数量迅速上升,使他们轻松地在全球专利申请榜单上占据前两位。“The two Chinese companies are still in a big catch-up race with competitors elsewhere in the world,” said Frank Tietze of Cambridge university’s Centre for Technology Management. “They are filing, filing, filing to build up a big patent portfolio that they can use as a bargaining chip when negotiating with other companies.”“这两家中国公司仍在与世界其他地方的竞争对手进行一场大规模追赶比赛,”剑桥大学(Cambridge University)技术管理中心(Centre for Technology Management)的弗兰克?蒂策(Frank Tietze)表示。“他们正在申请、申请、申请,以便打造一个庞大专利组合,在与其他公司谈判时用作议价筹码。”Japan and South Korea have also increased their international patent applications more rapidly than most European and North American companies, though not at the same pace as China. As a result, Asia accounted for 47.4 per cent of all applications last year, just short of the combined share of Europe (25.6 per cent) and North America (25.3 per cent).日本和韩国也比多数欧洲和北美公司更快地增加了他们的国际专利申请,尽管不像中国那样快。其结果是,去年亚洲占所有申请的47.4%,仅略低于欧洲(25.6%)和北美(25.3%)的份额之和。“Japanese domestic filings have been declining for eight or nine years while international filings continue to grow strongly,” said Mr Gurry. “There is a clear strategy in Japan to concentrate on patenting and exploiting the best inventions as widely as possible.”“日本的国内申请已经连续8、9年下降,而国际申请继续强劲增长,”高锐表示。“日本有一套明确的战略,专注于专利申请,并且尽可能广泛地利用最好的发明。”The US share of global patent activity has been falling since 2000, when it was 34 per cent of the total. Mr Gurry does not expect Donald Trump’s election to affect American intellectual property policy or practice.美国在全球专利活动中的份额自2000年以来一直在下降;那年它占总量的34%。高锐不认为唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)的当选会影响美国的知识产权政策或实践。“You might say that President Trump represents the old economy of real estate, manufacturing and energy but the US remains very science and technology oriented,” he said. “I would be surprised to see big changes, even with increasing protectionism.”“你可能会说特朗普总统代表着房地产、制造业和能源这些旧经济产业,但美国在很大程度上仍是以科学技术为导向的,”他说。“即使有越来越多的保护主义,我也会对大的变化感到意外。”Among large industrialised countries Canada has experienced the largest declines in patenting in recent years. Wipo linked this to the woes of two of the largest Canadian technology companies, with Nortel in liquidation following bankruptcy in 2009 and Research In Motion / BlackBerry making big cuts in research and development.在大型工业化国家中,加拿大近年来经历了最大的专利申请下降。世界知识产权组织将其与两家最大的加拿大科技公司的困境联系起来:北电(Nortel)在2009年破产后已被清盘,而黑莓(BlackBerry)背后的Research In Motion大幅削减了研发。 /201703/498404。

《音乐之声》当选“史上最伟大音乐剧”1960's classic The Sound of Music has been named the 'Greatest Musical of All Time' in a new poll.The 1965 film, starring Julie Andrews, got 15 per cent of the vote in the Twentieth Century Fox poll.In the film, Andrews plays nun Maria who leaves an Austrian convent to take up a job of a governess to a Navy captain and his seven kids.Speaking at the launch of the Sound Of Music DVD at London's Palladium, Charmian Carr, who played Liesl von Trapp said: "It's such a good feeling to be a part of something that changed so many lives for the better."To love each other and to stay together is such a wonderful message and I think probably nowadays more than ever people need to hear that message again."Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta starred, 1978 musical Grease, bagged the second place, reports The Sun.Musical comedy The Rocky Horror Show landed the third, while Mary Poppins, a Disney musical starring Julie Andrews stood fourth.Nicole Kidman starred Moulin Rouge came fifth, while Phantom of the Opera and The Wizard of Oz stood sixth and seventh respectively.Oliver, West Side Story and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang rounded off the top ten 'Greatest Musicals of All Time.'The top ten 'Greatest Musicals of All Time' are:1.The Sound of Music2.Grease3.The Rocky Horror Show4.Mary Poppins5.Moulin Rouge6.Phantom of the Opera7.The Wizard of Oz8.Oliver9.West Side Story10.Chitty Chitty Bang Banguniversal prosperity 上世纪60年代名噪一时的经典音乐剧《音乐之声》在近日的一项调查中被评为“历史上最伟大的音乐剧”。在“20世纪福克斯”电影公司开展的调查中,《音乐之声》以15%的得票率名列榜首。这部音乐剧于1965年上映、由茱丽叶#8226;安德鲁斯主演。安德鲁斯在剧中饰演修女玛莉娅,她离开了奥地利的修道院,到一位海军上校家给他的七个孩子当家庭教师。在伦敦帕里蒂亚剧院举行的《音乐之声》原声大碟发布仪式上,在剧中饰演(大女儿) 丽莎#8226;冯#8226;崔普的查尔米恩#8226;卡尔说:“这部音乐剧让很多人的生活变得更加美好。能够参演这部伟大的作品,我感到非常自豪。”“互相关爱、相依相伴是人世间最美好的东西,我想如今的人们可能比以往更需要它。”据《太阳报》报道,由奥立瓦#8226;牛顿-约翰和约翰#8226;特拉沃尔塔主演的音乐剧《油脂》位居第二。该剧于1978年上映。音乐喜剧《洛基恐怖秀》名列第三,茱丽叶#8226;安德鲁斯主演的另一部迪斯尼音乐剧《玛丽#8226;波平斯阿姨》排在第四。妮可#8226;基德曼主演的歌舞剧《红磨坊》名列第五;《歌剧魅影》和《绿野仙踪》分别位列第六和第七。《奥立弗》、《西区故事》和《飞天万能车》也跻身“史上最伟大的十大音乐剧”排行榜。“史上最伟大的十大音乐剧”如下:1、《音乐之声》2、《油脂》3、《洛基恐怖秀》4、《玛丽#8226;波平斯阿姨》5、《红磨坊》6、《歌剧魅影》7、《绿野仙踪》8、《奥立弗》9、《西区故事》10、《飞天万能车》 /200803/32066。

A gap of at least bn in financing commitments is hampering efforts to combat climate change, signatories to the Paris agreement have warned, as they try to keep the agreement going in the face of doubts over US support under President Donald Trump.巴黎协定签约方警告称,融资承诺方面至少达400亿美元的缺口正在破坏应对气候变化的努力。在外界对唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)治下的美国是否持巴黎协定感到疑虑的背景下,各签约方继续努力推进该协定。Disputes over who will foot the bill comes as the Trump administration’s energy secretary, Rick Perry, scuppered a joint statement about climate change at a G7 energy meeting in Rome this week.在出现围绕谁将埋单的争议之际,特朗普政府的能源部长里克?佩里(Rick Perry)本周在七国集团(G7)罗马能源会议上让关于气候变化的联合声明流产。The Paris agreement to limit global temperature rises to under 2 degrees Celsius includes financial commitments from developed countries to help developing nations deal with climate change. Before its adoption it was agreed this amount should reach 0bn a year. However, it has been estimated that only bn has been committed so far.力争将全球升温幅度限制在2摄氏度以下的巴黎协定中包括发达国家帮助发展中国家应对气候变化的财务承诺。在协定通过前,各方一致同意这一援助金额应达到每年1000亿美元。然而,据估计迄今援助承诺只达到了600亿美元。Climate ministers from Europe, India, Brazil and South Africa have gone to Beijing in recent weeks, hoping to sustain momentum from the Paris talks despite the Trump administration’s dismantling of US regulations meant to limit American emissions. But discussions have quickly run up against the issue of financing.欧洲、印度、巴西和南非的气候部长们最近几周前往北京,希望维持巴黎谈判的势头,尽管特朗普政府废除了旨在限制美国排放的法规。但谈判很快遇到资金问题。“Developed countries have not met their commitments. In their reports a lot of their commitment is in the form of development aid. That doesn’t meet the commitment to contribute to new funds,” China’s top climate change negotiator, Xie Zhenhua, told a briefing on Tuesday. “A lot of countries don’t want to chip in. I said to the European minister: that’s your problem as developed countries. It’s your responsibility to work together and sort it out.”中国首席气候谈判代表解振华周二在记者招待会上表示:“发达国家没有兑现承诺。在他们所报告的资金总量中有很多是发展援助资金,不符合《(联合国气候变化框架)公约》新的额外资金的原则要求。有些国家可能不愿意出这个钱了。这件事我和欧盟气候专员交换意见时讲了,这件任务是发达国家的。发达国家内部要很好地协调,要兑现这个承诺。”Mr Xie’s meeting with Miguel Arias Ca?ete, the European commissioner for climate action and energy, in Beijing two weeks ago involved “uncharted waters” regarding “differences in approaches to climate financing”, Mr Ca?ete told the FT in an interview after their meeting.两周前,欧盟气候行动与能源专员米格尔?阿里亚斯?卡涅特(Miguel Arias Ca?ete)在北京与解振华举行了会晤。卡涅特会后在接受英国《金融时报》采访时表示,会晤谈到了关于“气候融资方式差异”的“未知水域”。“We are seeing there is a country, the largest in the world, that has announced policies that means they will never reach their targets,” he said, referring to the US. “Now that the US will not play the role [of a major partner] we are obliged to intensify our efforts to develop the Paris agreement.”他说:“我们看到,世界上最大的国家宣布了意味着他们将永远不会实现目标的政策。”他这里指的是美国。“既然美国不扮演(主要合作伙伴的)角色,那我们不得不加大努力落实巴黎协定。”Beijing has aligned itself with developing countries and does not count among contributors to the intended 0bn, although it has established a separate, .1bn “south-south co-operation fund”.中国自认属于发展中国家,因此不用为1000亿美元援助承诺出资,尽管它另外设立了31亿美元的“南南合作基金”。It views spending on infrastructure in developing countries as benefiting its own prowess in dam construction or wind turbine and solar panel manufacturing. Mr Xie said the scale of investment in equipment and infrastructure investment needed by 2030 would translate into “job opportunities”.中国认为,投资发展中国家的基础设施会让中国在大坝建设或风力涡轮机和太阳能面板制造方面的技能受益。解振华表示,到2030年所需的设备投资规模和基础设施投资将带来“就业机会”。Meanwhile, red tape prevents funds that have been committed from flowing to developing counties, said Ravi Prasad, India’s minister for environment, forest and climate change, calling the bn in commitments “highly suspicious” since the sum included previously allocated funds including aid. “When we go behind the numbers we find there has been a reclassification of the bilateral flows,” Mr Prasad said.与此同时,印度环境、森林和气候变化部长拉维?普拉萨德(Ravi Prasad)表示,手续繁琐让承诺的资金很难流向发展中国家,他认为已承诺的600亿美元“极为可疑”,因为该数字包括早先已拨的资金,包括援助资金。普拉萨德表示:“当我们研究这些数字时,我们发现其中包括被重新分类的双边流动资金。”Mr Xie said: “Enthusiasm isn’t the problem but there are some doubts. I believe other countries feel the same.”解振华表示:“大家现在对气候变化进程的热情并没有减,但是都有一些疑虑。” /201704/503841。

Peking-Duck Chain's IPO Starts Wave中国餐饮业上市潮一“鸭”当先The owner of China's oldest Peking-duck restaurant brand, Quanjude (Group) Co., is set to be the first in a wave of Chinese food-services chains that plan to go public.历史最悠久的北京烤鸭连锁店──中国全聚德(集团)股份有限公司(China Quanjude Group Co., 简称:全聚德)即将在中国饮食务连锁业的上市热潮中打响第一。The state-owned company was approved late last month for its third attempt at an initial public offering. It plans to issue as many as 36 million yuan-denominated Class A shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which increasingly lists small and midsize companies.这家国有企业的第三次首次公开募股(IPO)申请于上月晚些时候获得了批准。该公司计划在深圳交所发行至多3,600万股以人民币计价的A股。现在有越来越多的中小企业选择在深圳交所上市。The move could mark the beginning of a significant change in China's fragmented food-services sector.中国的饮食务业历来犹如一盘散沙,不过全聚德的上市标致着这种情况将出现明显改变。Analysts say other food-services companies will be watching closely to see what the IPO does for Quanjude's business. But they caution that it will still be difficult for the restaurant chain to overcome inherent difficulties that come with operating in China, where dining profit margins tend to be low and it remains difficult to build a brand with nationwide appeal.分析师表示,其它餐饮类企业将会密切关注IPO对全聚德业务的影响。但上述分析师也警告称,那些具有“中国特色”的固有难题将不会迎刃而解。在中国,饮食行业利润率较低,而且全国知名品牌的建立依旧颇有难度。Quanjude, a relatively higher-end traditional Chinese restaurant frequented by tourists, is famous for its Peking duck, or roasted duck that is sliced and eaten in a tortilla-like wrap. The dish, which was originated in Nanjing and later named for the former transliteration of the capital city of Beijing, is known throughout the world and considered one of China's most traditional specialties.全聚德在传统中餐饭店中处于相对高端的位置,其极富盛名的招牌菜北京烤鸭──荷叶饼卷烤鸭薄片──倍受游客青睐。这款菜肴起源于南京,后得名为北京烤鸭,并在全球范围内打响了知名度,被视为最具传统特色的中国美食之一。Touting a 143-year-old legacy dating to the Qing dynasty, the restaurant says it sells three million ducks a year, and posted a 56.66 million yuan (.5 million) net profit last year on sales of 665.64 million yuan. Sales and profit grew an average of 22% over the past three years.全聚德的开店时间可追溯至清朝年间,至今已拥有143年的历史,它表示自己每年出售的烤鸭多达300万只,去年的净利润和销售收入分别达到了人民币5,666万元(合750万美元)和人民币6.656亿元。过去三年中,全聚德的销售及利润增幅平均达到了22%。Quanjude has 10 restaurants, including outlets in Beijing and Shanghai, and 61 franchise restaurants, five of which are outside the mainland in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Myanmar. Sales for the first quarter this year totaled 188.4 million yuan, with a net profit of 25.62 million yuan. Year-earlier figures weren't available.全聚德在北京和上海拥有十家自营店,以及61家特许经营店,其中有五家开在了香港、东京及缅甸等中国大陆以外的市场。公司今年第一季度销售收入达到了人民币1.884亿元,净利润为2,562万元。公司并未披露上年同期的数据。When Quanjude completes its IPO, it will be one of the first mainland-based restaurant chains to have done so. Most restaurant chains in China are either independent family-run operations or completely state-owned.当全聚德完成IPO之后,它将成为中国大陆第一家上市的饭店连锁企业。在中国,绝大多数的饭店连锁企业要么是独立的家族式经营,要么完全属于国有。The company is hoping that the exposure and capital raised from its IPO will help it expand its empire by funding increases in food-processing capacity and investing more in its franchised restaurants, as well as renovations in two of its Beijing stores in time for the Olympics next year, according to its prospectus. The company declined to comment.全聚德在募股说明书中表示,公司希望通过上市来帮助自己扩展业务,运用所筹集资金提升食品加工能力、扩大在特许经营店中的投资,并在明年奥运会举行前整修两家位于北京的连锁店。该公司拒绝就此发表。Several other chains are planning to follow Quanjude's lead, including Inner Mongolia Little Sheep Catering Chain Co., which expects to list in Hong Kong early next year, and Donglaishun Group Co., which may plan its listing later this year or next year. Details of their offerings haven't been confirmed.还有几家连锁餐饮企业计划追随全聚德的上市脚步。它们当中包括,预计明年在香港上市的内蒙古小肥羊餐饮连锁有限公司(Inner Mongolia Little Sheep Catering Chain Ltd.),以及计划今年晚些时候或明年上市的东来顺集团(Donglaishun Group Co.)等。这些企业的上市相关细节信息都未获实。 /200803/30010。