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“电子菜单”进餐馆 节约成本刺激消费Restaurants in Europe, the ed States and Japan are testing technology to let diners order their food direct from a screen at their table instead of depending on a fellow human being to note their choice -- sometimes grumpily or erroneously.Besides cutting costs, companies that sell the "e-" argue the bytes-for-bites approach has a novelty value that can lure younger customers, and boost revenues as tantalizing photographs of succulent steaks and gooey desserts tempt diners to order more.In Israel, privately owned start-up Conceptic has aly installed e-Menu technology in sushi bars, pubs and family restaurants. The system is based on touch-screens aly used in self-service canteens or for ticketing in airports and cinemas."It's about impulse-buying," said Adi Chitayat, Conceptic's chief executive. "If a person starts looking at pictures of chocolate cake, the chances are he'll order it."The firm has also supplied its systems to restaurants in France, South Africa and Belgium.Frame, a trendy sushi restaurant in Tel Aviv which has installed the system, said sales on tables with the e-Menu have increased by about 11 percent. Customers often call ahead to reserve spots equipped with the screens, manager Natalie Edry told reporters.At one of the e-Menu tables, information technology worker Gil Uriel and his young family were enthusiastic as they checked out pictures of the dishes on offer and squabbled over desserts."It's more visual," said Uriel. "We can still choose, we can still argue -- but it's much easier when you can all see it." 欧洲、美国和日本的一些餐馆目前正在试用一种可让顾客直接通过餐桌上的屏幕点餐的技术,这项新技术取代了务员点餐——务态度不好或忙中出错的情况也可以避免了。推广这项“电子菜单”技术的公司称,这种新潮的电子点餐法除了可以节约成本外,还能吸引年轻顾客,而且牛排和甜点等各种美味佳肴的图片能“引诱”顾客消费,从而增加餐馆的收益。新成立的以色列“新概念”私人公司推出的这套“电子菜单”系统目前已在寿司店、酒吧和家庭餐馆中使用。该系统使用的是触摸屏,这种屏幕在自助餐厅和机场、影院的自动售票机上可以见到。新概念公司的执行总裁阿迪#8226;齐塔亚特说:“这会引起顾客‘冲动消费’。如果顾客看到了巧克力蛋糕的图片,很有可能会点它。”目前,该公司已将这一系统推广到了法国、南美和比利时的餐馆。以色列特拉维夫的一家名叫Frame的流行寿司店安装了这一系统。据其介绍,安装了电子菜单的餐桌收益增长了约11%。餐厅老板娜塔莉#8226;艾德里在接受记者采访时说,顾客们常打电话提前预定安装有电子点餐屏的桌子。在其中一张电子点餐桌上,年轻的IT工程师吉尔#8226;乌力尔正与家人一起兴致勃勃地浏览菜肴的图片、讨论点哪些甜品。乌力尔说:“这种点餐方式更加直观。我们仍然可以挑选、讨论——但同时可以看见所有菜肴的图片,这就好办多了。” /200803/31198The way you hold your glass can reveal much more than you might realise, a psychologist has warned.一位心理学家提醒,拿酒杯的姿势所透露出的个性特征会比你自己意识到的还要多。Dr Glenn Wilson observed the body language of 500 drinkers and divided them into eight personality types.格兰·威尔森士研究了500名饮酒者的肢体语言,并将他们归结为八类人。These were the flirt, the gossip, fun lover, wallflower, the ice-queen, the playboy, Jack-the-lad and browbeater.他们分别是:调情女、闲聊女、享乐人、壁花、冰美人、、酷哥和吹胡子瞪眼男。He said the most open to being chatted up were "the flirt, the playboy, and the funlover". Harder to crack are the jack the lad, the ice queen, the wallflower and the gossip. The browbeater should be avoided.威尔森表示,调情女、和享乐人这三类人最平易近人;酷哥、冰美人、壁花与闲聊女则不容易对付;而吹胡子瞪眼男最好敬而远之。 Dr. Wilson said: "The simple act of holding a drink displays a lot more about us than we realise. "威尔森士说:“拿酒杯这样简单的动作实际上透露的信息比人们意识到的要多得多。”But he warned: "The next time you're in a bar, it might be worth thinking about what you're saying to the people around you, just by the way you're holding your glass."他提醒:“下次你在酒吧的时候,除了该想想自己对身边的人说些什么话,还要看看自己是怎么握酒杯的。”flirt 调情;打情骂俏She flirts with every man she meets.她同她遇到的每个男人调情。【词组讲解】chat up 闲谈I wouldn't try chatting her up if I were you.我要是你,就不会设法跟她搭讪。 /200906/72777It's my please to write this column about international students at an American business school, from the perspective of an American. Though Yale, and all other top schools, focus on granting a 'global' MBA experience, the style of instruction, the classroom environment, and the nuances of school culture are very much American. In speaking to my classmates who come from other countries, particularly China, it seems that three key pillars of the U.S. education experience actually come as a major culture shock: loud and often boisterous in-class discussion; the reliance on teamwork to complete tasks; and the unofficial importance of socializing to build a network within the class. For someone who has grown up in the American school system, conforming to these three attributes happens almost subconsciously, and thinking that others may find them surprising or difficult to tackle reveals the unintended limits of my own world view. Let's take each one in turn.我很荣幸能有机会从一个美国人的角度来谈谈我们身边的国际同学。与其他众多顶级商学院一样,耶鲁管院一直强调打造“全球化”MBA项目,但是我不得不承认,其教学风格、课堂氛围到校园文化的诸多细节却非常“美国化”。在平日里与国际学生尤其是中国同学的交流中,我发现他们面临的文化冲击主要来自三个方面:“过分热闹”的课堂教学风格、团队合作的学习方式以及极为重要又略显微妙的同学间社交关系网络。对于我们这些在美国土生土长的学生,校园文化一脉相承,商学院无非是强度略有加大而已,所以这种过渡在不经意间就自然完成了。坦白地说,我从不曾想到这些在我们看来再平常不过的事情,对远道而来的国际同学会是此等挑战。下面我们就来一一讨论。 /201005/103978

白羊座 3.21-4.19Personal alterations will be in your best interest. Your goals will be in reach if you direct your energy wisely. Nothing can be resolved if you don't want to talk about it. Your anger may be impossible to contain if you get into debates with family members.个人的改变是对你有益的。如果能够合理的投入精力,你的目标是可以实现的。如果你连谈都不想谈的话,任何问题都是无法解决的。如果和家人发生争吵,你将无法抑制怒火。Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.本周幸运日:周日。金牛座 4.20-5.20You are best not to retaliate if members of your household are trying to pick a fight. It is best not to upset the apple cart if you learn information that may damage a colleague's reputation. Do not invest in joint ventures. You may not want to spend time around family or your home.如果你的家人想引发争端,你最好不要报复。如果获得了可以损坏同事名誉的信息,最好不要泄露出去。不要进行合资。你可能不想和家人呆在一起,或是呆在家里。Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.本周幸运日:周四。双子座 5.21-6.21Your mate is going to want and need some attention. Authority figures may be less than accommodating if you have done something deceitful. Keep a lookout for any individuals eager to confront you with unsavory situations. You should avoid getting involved in the personal problems of colleagues.你的伴侣会希望得到别人的关注。如果你做了具有欺诈性的事情,政府官员那可能不好通融。对于任何想让你陷入困境的人,要保持警惕。要避免卷入同事的私事中。Your lucky day this week will be Monday.本周幸运日:周一。巨蟹座 6.22-7.22Concentrate on getting ahead financially and let your personal life settle down for a while. You should avoid getting involved in the personal problems of colleagues. Children may be less than honest with you. Lack of cash might be partly to blame for the problems at home.把精力投入财务发展上,让你的私生活暂时先稳定下来。要避免卷入同事的私事中。孩子可能对比并不诚实。现金紧缺的原因之一可能是家里的问题。Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday.本周幸运日:周三。 /201011/117297

如果你觉得开车时打电话 发短信已经够危险了 那你看看下面这些事吧Wardrobe changes.“One time on the 405 in L.A., I saw a woman switch from a very nice business outfit into a leotard. At one point, she was just sitting there in her undergarments.”换行头“一次在洛杉矶405街道上,我看到一位女士,将身上一套很合宜的商务便换下,穿上了另一套紧身。在某个时刻,她仅仅穿着她那内衣坐在驾驶座上。” /201006/106393

In older people with mild cognitive impairment, having a drink now and then -- up to an average of one drink of alcohol each day -- may delay progression to dementia , new research suggests.In older people with mild cognitive impairment, having a drink now and then -- up to an average of one drink of alcohol each day -- may delay progression to dementia , new research suggests. "While many studies have assessed alcohol consumption and cognitive function in the elderly, this is the first study to look at how alcohol consumption affects the rate of progression of mild cognitive impairment to dementia," study authors Dr. Vincenzo Solfrizzi and Dr. Francesco Panza, from the University of Bari in Italy, said in a statement. In the study, reported in the medical journal Neurology, the researchers assessed the occurrence of mild cognitive impairment in 1445 subjects and the progression to dementia in 121 patients with mild cognitive impairment. The participants were between 65 and 84 years of age at the start of the study, and they were followed for 3.5 years. Alcohol use was assessed before the survey. Drinking was not associated the development of mild cognitive impairment, according to the report. However, once mild impairment occurred, subjects who had up to one drink per day of alcohol had an 85 percent reduced risk of dementia compared with those who abstained. The benefit was seen with both alcohol in general and with wine in particular. Having more than one drink a day, however, offered no protection against dementia compared with abstaining, the report indicates. "The mechanism responsible for why low alcohol consumption appears to protect against the progression to dementia isn't known. However, it is possible that the arrangement of blood vessels in the brain may play a role," Solfrizzi and Panza conclude.有轻度认知损害的老年人可以喝点酒,一项最新研究发现,每天喝点酒可以延缓病情向痴呆症的发展。 研究报告撰写者、意大利巴里大学的温森佐·索尔弗里兹士和弗朗西斯科·潘萨士在一份声明中说:“此前有很多研究对老年人饮酒与认知功能间的关系进行过探讨,而此项研究则首次对饮酒会如何影响轻度认知损害向痴呆症的发展速度进行了探究。” 此项研究结果在《神经学》医学期刊上发表。研究人员对1445名研究对象中轻度认知损害的发生及121名有轻度认知损害的病人向痴呆症的发展进行了研究。 研究对象的年龄在研究开始之时在65岁至84岁之间,他们被跟踪调查了三年半。研究对象的饮酒情况在调查之前已被确定。 据研究报告显示,轻度认知损害的发生与饮酒无关。但这种情况一旦发生,每天喝一杯酒的研究对象与那些不喝酒的相比,患痴呆症的几率降低了85%。 从总体来看,酒精饮品都可以实现这种功效,其中葡萄酒的功效最强。 报告指出,每天饮酒超过一杯和不喝酒一样,对预防痴呆症起不到作用。 索尔弗里兹和潘萨士总结说:“为何少量饮酒可以预防痴呆症还没有。这可能与脑部血管的分布有关。”Vocabulary: dementia: 痴呆症 alcohol consumption :饮酒 /200809/48441

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