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Diamond ring to track spouse用来追踪另一半的钻石戒指British jeweler, Steve Bennett, has built the first engagement ring that also doubles as a tracking device.英国珠宝商史蒂夫·贝内特首创一款订婚戒指追踪器。The ring may look like any other diamond ring, but has the discreet addition of a bluetooth chip.这种戒指看起来跟其他的钻石戒指没什么两样,但是里边添加了不起眼的蓝牙芯片。It means jealous spouses will now be able to keep tabs on their significant other.所以,爱吃醋的人现在可以监视另一半的行踪。Smaller than a thumbnail, the sophisticated GPS tracking technology is slotted behind the jewel of the ring, which has currently been designed in two different prototypes.精密的GPS追踪器比拇指指甲还要小,被安装在戒指的珠宝饰物后面,目前有两种设计样品。The latest development in the wearable technology trend, one design boasts a sizable square-cut diamond with an eight-prong silver setting, while the other is composed of a violet marquise-cut diamond with an unusual square setting.顺应了可穿戴技术的最新发展潮流,一种设计采用大块方形切割钻石,配有八角形的银底座,而另外一种设计采用不规则方形底座托着紫罗兰色卵形钻石。But what both prototypes have in common is that they will report the location of the ring at all times.但是这两种样品有一个共同点,都能随时暴露戒指的所在地。 /201506/381127

People with a diagnosis of attention deficit disorder are at higher risk of dying young than those without the disorder, usually in automobile crashes and other accidents, suggests research reported on Wednesday, from the largest study of A.D.H.D. and mortality to date.周三,《柳叶刀》杂志(The Lancet)上发表了迄今关于A.D.H.D.(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,注意缺陷多动障碍)与死亡率的规模最大的研究,该研究报告:与无注意缺陷障碍者相比,确诊此疾病的患者的早逝风险较大,他们常在交通事故或其他意外中丧生。The study, an analysis of nearly two million Danish medical records, found that the odds that any individual with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder died young were still very low, about three in 1,000. But those with the disorder often had companion problems — drug abuse, for example, or antisocial behavior — that increased those odds.研究分析了近200万名丹麦人的病历,然后发现:注意缺陷多动障碍患者的早逝几率依旧很低,约为千分之三。但该疾病的患者往往并发有其他问题,例如药物滥用、反社会行为等,这些都会增加他们的早逝几率。Previous research had provided reason to suspect a link between attention deficits and mortality. But the new paper gives a clearer picture of the risks, and the possible reasons behind them, experts said. The study was published in The Lancet.既往已有研究怀疑注意缺陷与死亡率之间存在关联,并提出了一些理由。然而,专家指出,这篇新论文对死亡风险及其背后可能的原因都做出了更清楚的阐述。Stephen Faraone, a professor of psychiatry at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, said the findings should not panic parents of children with attention problems. “But this is a large, well-done study, and I see it as a red flag planted in the terrain, a reason to identify and treat A.D.H.D.” earlier rather later, said Dr. Faraone, who was not involved in the research.美国纽约州立大学上州医科大学(SUNY Upstate Medical University,位于锡拉丘兹市,又译雪城)的精神病学教授史蒂芬·法劳内(Stephen Faraone)表示,存在注意问题的患儿的家长无需因该研究结果而感到恐慌。“但是,我认为,这项大型、高质量的研究为我们敲响了警钟,并为及早识别并治疗A.D.H.D.提供了依据,”法劳内士补充道,他本人并没有参与这项研究。In the study, a research team led by Dr. Soren Dalsgaard of Aarhus University analyzed the medical histories of all children born in Denmark between 1981 and 2011. The team found that of 32,061 who had been given a diagnosis of A.D.H.D., 107 had died before age 33. That was roughly twice the rate of premature death among those without the disorder, after factors like age, psychiatric history and employment were taken into account.在这项研究中,丹麦奥胡斯大学(Aarhus University)的苏林·达尔斯高(Soren Dalsgaard)士领导研究团队分析了在1981年至2011年之间出生于丹麦的所有儿童的病史。他们发现,在32061名确诊为A.D.H.D.的患儿中,有107人在33岁之前死亡。在将年龄、精神病史和就业情况等因素纳入考虑后,患者的过早死亡率几乎是非患者的两倍。The risk was even higher in people who received a diagnosis at age 18 or later, the study found — possibly because of the severity of such cases, the authors wrote. They included researchers from the Lundbeck Foundation in Denmark, which funded the research, and the Child Study Center at Yale.研究发现,在年满18岁后确诊的患者中,上述风险还要更高——这可能是因为这类病例通常较为严重,作者写道。研究团队还包括来自丹麦伦德贝克基金会(Lundbeck Foundation,研究的资助方)和耶鲁大学(Yale)儿童研究中心(Child Study Center)的研究人员。But that heightened risk could also reflect a late diagnosis, Dr. Faraone said. Children with undiagnosed attention deficits often go off track, academically and socially, and by 18 may be living more recklessly than their peers.法劳内还说:这种高风险也反映出该疾病的诊断往往偏晚。患有注意缺陷却漏诊的儿童在学术和社交领域都更容易脱离正轨,他们在18岁前也很可能比同龄人更加冒失鲁莽。“If you look at the groups of problems that tend to go with A.D.H.D — conduct disorders, antisocial behaviors, substance use,” he said, “only one of these is easily treatable. And that’s A.D.H.D.”“看看这些经常伴随A.D.H.D.出现的问题吧:品行障碍、反社会行为、物质使用障碍,”他说,“其中唯一容易治疗的就是A.D.H.D.。” /201504/369446

With frightful December weather approaching, your date ideas will have to get a bit more creative. You may not be able to grab drinks on a patio or have a picnic at the park anymore, but we’ve come up with fun, inexpensive options to keep your social life humming along no matter how low the temperature dips. Take a break from the classic dinner and a movie routine with one of these original ideas.十二月的严寒已慢慢逼近,你的约会点子也需要更富有创意一些!在天台上喝饮料或者去公园野餐似乎都不大现实了,不过,这里我们列出了一些有趣而实惠的选择,不管外面的温度有多低,都能让你的社交生活活跃起来。是时候换换传统的共进晚餐或是平淡乏味的电影约会了,试试这些新颖的点子吧!Fun activities to share分享有趣的活动Visit the deep sea参观海底世界You don’t have to completely forget about summer in cold winter days. Embark on an exotic adventure with a visit to the aquarium. Aquariums are romantic because of the dim lighting and dreamy seascapes.即使在寒冷的冬天,也不要把夏天统统抛在脑后。参观水族馆就像开启了一场颇具异域风情的冒险之旅。昏暗的灯光与梦幻般的海景都让海洋馆成为浪漫之地。Go to improve看一场即兴表演Watching comedy is a fun way to get away from the cold and bond over cheap laughs. In small improv troupes, comedians are given ridiculous scenarios to act out on the spot.看场喜剧表演也是个摆脱寒冷的不错选择:两个人一起因为一些没深度的笑话而捧腹,彼此间的距离也因此变得亲密。在一些小型即兴表演剧团里,喜剧演员们经常会带来现场的滑稽情景表演。See a local band neither of you know看一场你闻所未闻的当地乐队的表演It’s common knowledge that including anything rock ’n’ roll on your date makes you look cooler. And if the performance fits your taste, great. If not, research shows people develop feelings for each other more quickly when they have a mutual dislike in common. So it’s a win-win.众所周知,一旦约会中加入了摇滚元素,就会让你看起来更酷;如果表演恰好正合你们的口味,那就更棒了。而研究表明,即使演出不合口味,两个人的感情也会因为共同的不喜欢而迅速升温。所以这是个双赢的好点子。Be bookworms做个书虫Hit up the library or a bookstore. Show each other your favorite books from your childhood. Read some of your all-time favorite passages. It’s the best way to learn about your partner’s interests.逛逛图书馆或者书店。两个人互相给对方介绍从儿时起自己最喜欢的书籍;读读那些一直以来你最爱的段落。这是了解你另一半兴趣的最好方式。Cozy indoor dates舒适的室内约会Stage your own film festival办一场自己的“电影节”It’s cliché to watch a film at a cinema, and who hasn’t aly had a movie marathon at home? Why not make a standard movie night a little more interesting by adding a theme to the mix: favorite movie couple, favorite movie that’s so bad it’s good, scariest movie ever made ... you get the idea. Each of you picks your top contender, and then you can flip for who goes first.去电影院看电影早就没创意了,而且谁还没在家里“跑”过电影马拉松呢?你还可以给千篇一律的电影之夜加一个主题,让它变得更有趣:比如“最喜爱银幕情侣的电影”,“权把坏片当好片的最喜爱电影”,以及“史上最吓人电影”等等,不管怎样,主题都由你们自己定。两个人都挑出自己的“最佳私藏”,然后一决高下看看谁的更胜一筹。Comfort cooking舒地做顿佳肴Cold weather calls for comfort food and, luckily, making soup can be a great date idea that doesn’t require much culinary skill. Make the soup from scratch or buy a bunch of frozen beans, corn and carrots and other veggies, and dump them in the pot. Either way, you’ll have something to do together that’s not too challenging, and a lovely soup dinner to look forward to.寒冷的天气需要美食的慰藉,幸运的是,煲汤这个极佳的约会点子对烹饪技巧的要求并不高。你们可以从洗菜开始,也可以买一堆速冻的豆子、玉米、胡萝卜以及其他蔬菜,然后将其一股脑倒进锅里。不管怎么样,你们总算有了一件可以一起做的事,而且难度系数不高,还有一顿甜蜜的热汤晚餐可以期待。 /201412/348036

;We need to draw the line on unethicalbehavior.But let#39;s draw it with an Etch-a-Sketch and don#39;t be afraid to shake it a little.;我们需要在不道德的行为上划一道线(我们需要区分不道德的行为),让我们用神奇画板来画吧,别担心有所摇晃。 /201507/384345

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