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How To Argue With Your Partner on Howcast【视频文本】Channel those inevitable couples spats into constructive, conflict-resolution sessions.You Will NeedA fair fight A time-out A schedule Communication skills amp;amp;;Iamp;amp;; or amp;amp;;Weamp;amp;; statements Positive affirmation Listening skills Follow up (optional) Step 1: Take a time out(生气的时候,都先冷静一下)If you feel yourself getting angry, gauge your emotion level on a scale from one to 10. Take a time-out if you or your spouse feels your emotions running too high.Step 2: Have a schedule(腾出一定的时间来讨论争执的问题)Schedule a time to discuss the conflict, so you can be civil. Avoid bringing up hot-button topics while one or both of you are running out the door.Pick your battles wisely. The things you argue about should be things that really matter – try not to sweat the small stuff.Step 3: Communicate(好好交流)When the scheduled time arrives, start by communicating your desired outcome, as well as your feelings and needs. Invite your spouse to brainstorm ways to fix the problem. Cooperating to find solutions will avoid urges to place blame and help satisfy a mutual goal.Follow up at a later date on any resolutions made to avoid broken agreements.Step 4: Use "I" or "We" statements(不要说“你”怎么怎么,说“我”“我们”)Use I" or “We” statements and avoid using “You” messages. “We need to find a way to save more money,” is more positive and constructive than saying, “You spend too much money.”Step 5: Affirm(承认对方正确的观点)Acknowledge something positive about your spouse before segueing to the issue. Knowing they are appreciated may help balance any perceived criticism.Step 6: Listen(仔细聆听)Listen to your spouse and make sure they feel heard. Acknowledge their point of view and validate their position before stating your own.Step 7: Fight fair(不要大吵大闹,就事论事)Fight fair. Stick to the argument at hand, and don’t make generalizations or bring up past conflicts. Avoid yelling, dominating the discussion, and unconstructive criticism and insults.A University of Michigan study found that earlier death is twice as likely in couples who suppress anger when unfairly attacked. Article/201006/105421。

【视频欣赏】How To Look Like You Got a Full Night's Sleep on Howcast 【背景介绍】失眠,指无法入睡或无法保持睡眠状态,导致睡眠不足。又称入睡和维持睡眠障碍(DlMS),祖国医学又称其为“不寐”、“不得眠”、“不得卧”、“目不瞑”,是以经常不能获得正常睡眠为特征的一种病,为各种原因引起入睡困难、睡眠深度或频度过短(浅睡性失眠)、早醒及睡眠时间不足或质量差等。适当用催眠药是解决失眠问题的成功方法。避免失眠还应少喝妨碍睡眠的咖啡和茶,同时也要少喝酒。【Transcript】Trick people into thinking you’re well-rested, no matter how little sleep you got, with these tips.You Will NeedMoisturizer Water Tea bags, cucumbers, or potatoes A washcloth Bronzer or tinted moisturizer Yellow-based concealer Yellow eye shadow An eyelash curler Brow gel or mascara A white eye pencil Pink lip gloss White eye shadow or highlighter Step 1: Begin the night beforeNo matter when you roll in, take off your makeup, apply a good moisturizer, and drink a tall glass of water so you don’t wake up with a dry, flaky face.Step 2: De-puff your faceWhen you get up, steep two caffeinated tea bags. Once they’ve cooled, lie down for 15 minutes with them resting on your closed eyes to reduce puffiness. Chilled cucumber or potato slices work, too. If your entire face is puffy, dip a washcloth in ice water and pat that against your skin.Keep a clean washcloth in your freezer for future beauty emergencies.Step 3: Add some colorIf you’re pale, put on a little bronzer or tinted makeup to bring some color to your face.Step 4: Get mellow with yellowLighten under-eye circles with a yellow-based concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone. Then, brush a little pale yellow eye shadow on your lids and under your brow bones.Dab some white eye shadow or highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes, near the bridge of your nose.Step 5: Curl your eyelashesCurl your eyelashes. It’s an easy way to make your eyes look more open, giving you a more awake look. Make your eyes look even more commanding by emphasizing your brow arch with a little brow gel or mascara. Use white eyeliner under your eyes to make the whites look brighter.Step 6: Go pinkDab on some pink lip gloss. The blue tones in it will make your teeth look whiter, brightening up your whole face.In 1900, Americans averaged almost 9 hours of sleep per night, two to three hours more than they get today. Article/201007/109476。

More than any other season in the poles,在两极 与其他季节相比winter was to pose the greatest challenge to the Frozen Planet crew.冬季给来到极地的人 带来最大的挑战The team endured winds of over 100 miles an hour摄制组忍受着时速超过160公里的狂风and temperatures as low as -50 degrees centigrade.还有摄氏零下五十度的低温Their boats were trapped in sea ice for days,他们的船陷入海冰中好几天while bears trapped others indoors.熊让他们不敢外出Some of the coldest conditions experienced一次最冷的经历were near the Arctic Circle in Northern Canada.发生在加拿大北部的北极圈附近In winter, temperatures drop to -40 degrees, and stayed there.冬天 气温长期保持在零下四十度On the edge of the vast Taiga forest,在广袤的针叶森林边缘the team hoped to film one of the most remarkable摄制组想拍摄这个星球上predator-prey relationships on the planet.最神奇的捕食和被捕情况What they experienced was the struggle against the elements.他们要与恶劣的天气作斗争What they witnessed was a more profound struggle而他们看到的是 一场生死攸关for life and death.意义深远的竞争 /201211/211495。

But all is not as it seems.但是事情并不总是这样Mr Jin, like many of the best conservationists,像其他许多最好的自然保护者一样is poacher turned gamekeeper,金先生现在由偷猎者变为了看护者using his hunting skills to benefit his old quarry.使用他捕猎技艺来保护他原先的猎物The staff here at Dongtan Bird Reserve在东潭鸟类保护基地里will measure, ring and weigh the trapped birds人们将给这些捕获的鸟测量 带环 称重before releasing them unharmed.然后把它们释放The information gathered by Mr Jin and his colleagues由金先生和他的同事们收集的这些信息helps to protect over 200 different species of birds帮助保护了200多个不同的鸟类which visit the island each year.这些鸟类每年都要来到这个岛屿Just south of Chongming Island在崇明岛正南端lies China#39;s largest coastal city,Shanghai.是中国最大的海边城市——上海Situated on a major migration route for birds as well as river life,上海处于一条河流生物和鸟类迁徙的路径上Shanghai is now preparing for an even bigger invasion.现在它正进行一个更大的侵袭动作Barges loaded with building materials constantly arrive in the city#39;s docks,满载着建筑材料的驳船不停的到达这个城市的码头feeding one of the greatest construction booms in the world.来满足这个世界最繁忙建设之一的需要Last year, half the world#39;s concrete was poured into China#39;s cities,去年 全世界一半的水泥都运往中国的各个城市all in preparation for the biggest mass migration of people这些都是为了人类历史上最大规模的in the history of the world.人口迁移做准备 /201210/202465。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s first ;Shoutout; goes out to Mrs. Johnson#39;s class at Woodworth Middle School in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.今天的第一个“大声喊出来”来到了约翰逊女士的课堂。The first televised U.S. presidential debate featured which two candidates?美国总统辩论第一次登上电视的时候是哪两位总统?Here we go. Was it Lincoln and Douglas, Reagan and Carter, Kennedy and Nixon or Bush and Clinton? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!开始吧!它是林肯和道格拉斯,里根和卡特,肯尼迪和尼克松还是布什和克林顿?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!In 1960, John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon faced off in the first presidential debate shown on TV.在1960年时,约翰#8226;F#8226;肯尼迪和理查德#8226;尼克松第一次在电视上播的总统辩论中对峙。That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: President Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney got different reactions after their first presidential debate.奥巴马总统和马塞诸塞州前州长米特#8226;罗姆尼在他们的第一场总统辩论后得到了不同的反应。A Republican strategist said Governor Romney rose to the moment, a Democratic strategist said President Obama didn#39;t bring his A game.共和党策略者说罗姆尼州长做的恰倒好处,民主党策略者说奥巴马总统没有发挥好。CNN/ORC international poll showed viewers thought the same way.CNN国际民意调查显示,观众也这么认为。67 percent thought that Governor Romney won on Wednesday night.67%的人认为罗姆尼州长在当天的辩论中获胜。The latest polls heading into the debate showed President Obama leading in the race for the White House.最新显民意调查示,奥巴马总统在总统竞选中领先。 /201210/202912。

When my daughter was 3, we decided that it was time to teach her how to swim. Every Saturday, my husband took her to a nearby underheated pool to play water.女儿三岁的时候,我们决定是时候教她游泳了。每周六,我的丈夫都带女儿去附近加热不足的泳池玩水。One Saturday morning, as my husband and daughter were in their swimsuits waiting patiently on a bench for class to start, they watched as a 5-year-old in a SpongeBob rash guard and swim trunks climbed the ladder down into a quiet area of the pool and started to swim around.一个周六的早晨,当时我的丈夫和女儿正穿着泳装,耐心地坐在长椅上等着上课。他们看到一个5岁的孩子穿着海绵宝宝泳衣和泳裤沿着泳池的梯子爬到了泳池内一片安静的区域,然后开始游泳。Suddenly, there was an odd sort of splashing, and he started to go under. The kid#39;s mom, fully clothed and clutching her purse and phone ran over to the edge of the pool to grab her son but he was just out of reach and sank before their eyes. My husband told my daughter not to move and jumped into the water to fish the kid out.突然,他开始拍打着水,慢慢下沉。孩子的母亲穿得整整齐齐,抓着她的钱包和手机就跑到了泳池边,然后伸手抓她的儿子,但却怎么够都够不着,眼睁睁的看着孩子慢慢沉下去。我的丈夫让女儿不要动,然后就跳到泳池里,将孩子从水中救出。Luckily, everything ended well. The kid was fine, the mother eternally grateful, and the lifeguard . . . well, the lifeguard eventually showed up when the kid was coughing and crying.幸运的是,最后一切都好。孩子没什么事,母亲也特别感激,而救生员……当孩子咳嗽、哭喊着的时候,救生员终于现身了。Don#39;t rely on the lifeguard. Yes, making sure a lifeguard is on duty is the first step toward water safety, and there are plenty of fully capable, expertly trained lifeguards out there. But all you need is one moment of distraction, one teenage newbie too absorbed with the girl in the florescent bikini to notice your kid spluttering in the water before it#39;s too late. Always have another set of adult eyes on your kid, preferably yours.别指望救生员。是的,确保救生员在执勤是水上安全的第一步,而且有能力、经过专业训练的救生员也很多。但只要一分神,一旦这个青少年救生员被穿着比基尼的漂亮女孩儿吸引,注意不到你的孩子溺水,那一切就太晚了。总该再让一位成年人看着自己的孩子,最好还是自己看着。Teach your kids to swim. Despite the fact that she spent most of the semester blowing bubbles to the tune of nursery rhymes, my daughter did manage to overcome her fear of the water. Next item on the to-do list is to get her to do more than just hold her breath to the count of 10. I#39;ll feel a lot better when she can at least doggy paddle without a floaty.教孩子游泳。尽管这一学期女儿大多数的时间都是吹泡泡、哼着童谣,但她真的克了她对水的恐惧。待办清单上的下一个事项就是让她憋气不止10秒。至少当她能不穿泳圈就能爬式游泳时,我会感觉好很多。译文属 /201706/515452。