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2019年08月18日 17:41:31 | 作者:家庭医生社区 | 来源:新华社
原味人文风情:How to Know When Its Time to Quit Your Job如何知道是时候辞掉你的工作了Are you y for a job change? Or should you stick it out in your current position? Asking yourself these questions will help you decide. You will need time to reflect and the ability to be honest with yourself.你做好转职的准备了吗?还是你应该在目前的职位继续苦撑下去?问问自己这些问题将能帮助你做决定。你会需要时间好好思考,还要能诚实面对自己。Step one: Note how you feel on Monday morning. Are you sick to your stomach at the thought that there are five days between you and another weekend? Not good. If anxiety starts to set in on Sunday, thats a bad sign.第一步:留意你星期一早上的心情。你是否想到自己和另一个周末中间隔五天就觉得很烦呢?那不太妙。如果焦虑感在星期天就开始变得明显,那是个坏征兆。Step two: Think about your workload. Has it recently doubled or halved? Either scenario is a valid reason to be unhappy.第二步:思考你的工作量。那最近有加倍还是减半吗?任一种情况都是感到不满意的好理由。Step three: Draw up a list of the jobs pros and cons. Do the cons outnumber the pros? Are the cons more troubling than the pros are enticing? Note: Free coffee doesnt count as a pro.第三步:拟定一张列出这份工作优缺点的清单。缺点是否多过优点呢?那些缺点带来的麻烦是否大过优点的迷人处?注意:免费咖啡并不算一项优点。Step four: Assess your value to the company. Do you feel youre being paid what youre worth? Is your boss appreciative of your efforts? If the answer is ;no; to both, its time to go. Unless theres a company-wide salary freeze at your firm, not getting a raise at your last performance review is a sign that youre not valued.第四步:评估你对公司的价值。你觉得你的薪水和你的价值有相符吗?你的老板赏识你的付出吗?如果两者的都是「不」,是时候离开了。除非你的公司有全公司性的薪水冻涨,不然在上个绩效评估中没有加薪就是一个你不受重视的迹象。Step five: Weigh your options. If you quit, could you afford to live without a salary for a while? The average job hunt takes six months—more if youre earning over 60,000 dollars. Employment experts say job seekers must figure on one month of searching for every 10,000 dollars they earn.第五步:权衡你的选择。如果辞职,你可以负担有一阵子没有薪水生活吗?一般找工作需要花六个月--如果你赚超过六万美金就要更久。就业专家表示,求职者必须预估每一万美金的薪水要花一个月寻找。Step six: Be honest. Could a trained seal do your job? Then youre y for a challenge.第六步:诚实。一只训练有素的海豹是不是能做你的工作?那你就准备好接受挑战了。Step seven: Measure your threshold for taking crap. Is it lowering? Are you on the verge of telling your boss at the morning meeting, ;By the way, nobody really wants to hear about your weekend potty training the puppy—lets get this show on the road;? ;Ta-ta, and good luck.;第七步:评估你对鸟事的容忍度。那是不是在下降?你是不是濒临在晨间会议时回你的老板:「顺带一提,没人真的想听你周末训练小大小便的事--我们进入正题」?「谢谢,祝你好运。」Did you know? More than three-quarters of survey respondents said theyre suffering from burnout at work, and more than half claim theyre under a lot of on-the-job stress.你知道吗?超过四分之三的调查对象说自己正受职业倦怠所困扰,而且有超过一半声称自己承受很多工作压力。201703/493188栏目简介:Chinas biggest 3D Printing Technology Industry Expo opened in Shanghai today, the first time the four-year old event has been held in town. Reporter Yuan Chenyue says many companies are showing off printers that can be used in the home.201706/51099021 activists were arrested on Saturday for blocking freight trains in Washington that transport oil and coal in the Northwest. 周六,华盛顿的21名活动分子因阻碍货运火车在西北地区运输石油和煤炭而被捕。The Fossil Fuel Resistance Network blocked the tracks for about three hours before police arrested 21 people who refused to leave. 化石燃料阻碍网络封锁轨道约3个小时,直至警方逮捕21名拒绝离开者。This was the groups first protest. 这是该组织的第一次抗议。About 100 demonstrators participated in the event altogether, some holding signs that said, ;I stand against oil trains.; 大约100名示威者参加了这一事件,一些人拿着标语说:“我抵抗石油列车。”Five freight trains were delayed due to the protest, but they were able to move eventually.由于抗议,五列货运火车晚点了,但最终恢复了运行。译文属。 /201606/450163On his return, four months later,adversity now made him a great general,四个月后 他重返苏格兰 逆境将他锻造成一位伟大的将军attacking his Scots and English foes alike.勇敢地向苏格兰和英格兰敌军宣战In the end, Robert the Bruce simply outlived the old king,最后 老国王还是比罗伯特·布鲁斯先走一步who breathed his last fearing the worst should ever his son,他死前还忧心忡忡 担心自己的儿子Edward of Caernarfon,have to meet Robert the Bruce on the field of battle.爱德华二世 将在战场上与罗伯特·布鲁斯刀相见Eventually, Edward died,here near Carlisle in 1307,on route to deal with Bruce himself.最终 爱德华魂归西天 1307年 他御驾亲征布鲁斯 行近卡莱尔时 撒手人寰Ironically, at the end of his life,Edward turned thoughtful.讽刺的是 在生命的最后时刻 爱德华变得仁慈体恤Even writing that he wanted to promote ;Pleasantness, ease and quiet for our subjects.;他甚至写下了这样的主张 为国民营造愉悦 轻松 宁静的环境If he really believed this,he must have died a truly disappointed man.如果这真是他的信仰 那他一定死不瞑目One story says the king left orders for his bones to be boiled away from his flesh有传说称 他留下遗嘱 死后将他的骨头从身体中取出and carried before his sons army,believing that as long as his bones marched north,the Scots would never be victorious.送至前线他儿子的部队 他相信只要自己的遗骨继续向北行进 苏格兰人就没有胜利的机会But Edward Junior was going to need more than his fathers shinbone If he was to have any chance of success.但小爱德华如果仅仅依靠先父的遗骨 是毫无胜算的He was certainly not the incarnation of the community of the realm.他显然不是王国的真龙天子Neither was he the true heir of the caesar of britain,The monarch of all he surveyed.He was just a loser.也不是不列颠王位的合法继承人 命运将他推上了王位 他只是个无能昏君 /201610/475234

A new day and a new opportunity.新的一天,新的机遇The flock stay in close contact by calling to one another.鹤群通过互相鸣叫保持密切联系Weak from lack of food and water, they use thermals, rising columns of warm air, to gain height.尽管它们缺食少水,日渐衰弱,可它们会利用热空气--呈圆柱形上升的热气流来获取高度For many, this is their first journey across the Himalayas.许多蓑羽鹤都是第一次踏上穿越喜马拉雅的旅程For some, it will be their last.而有些却是最后一次The golden eagles have been expecting them.金雕早已企待它们的到来The eagles work in pairs to separate a young crane from the flock.两只金雕合作将一只小鹤从队伍中分离出来It escapes the clutches of one and is caught by another.它躲过了其中一只的追捕,却没能逃过另一只的利爪But even a young crane is a heavy prize and the eagle has to struggle to control it.一只小鹤的份量也是挺重的,金雕不得不努力控制飞行The mother can wait no longer. This is a desperate race against worsening weather.母鹤可不能等得太久。这是一场与恶劣气候的死亡赛跑The rest of the flock battle on.鹤群其它成员开始背水一战In the final ascent, every wing-beat becomes an exhausting struggle.上升过程中每扇一下翅膀都得用尽全身气力At last, they are over the highest barrier that lies in their way.最后它们终于翻越了旅途中最高的障碍But like all who visit the world of the high mountains, they dare not linger.不过,与所有高山世界的拜访者一样,它们也不敢逗留。201704/506212

Good luck down there. Youre gonna need it.祝你好运 你会需要的Over the years, Ive done hundreds of jumps,but it still gets my heart going every time.这几年来 我跳了几百回 但每次我还是会心跳加快Whats going through my mind when Bear jumps out the aircraft?Parachute opens.贝尔跳下去的时候我在想什么 打开降落伞He always does the sign of the cross,then he just falls away like that.And he doesnt pull the parachute.他总会划十字 然后就这样松手了 他不急着拉开降落伞And hell pretty much stay looking at me for as long as he can,even when hes a little speck.而且还尽量一直 盯着我看 即便他已如尘埃般大小And as he gets smaller and smaller and smaller,it always goes through my mind随着他越来越小 我总是会想pull, pull the parachute, pull pull pull the cord, pull the cord.拉呀 快拉降落伞 快拉绳索Its terrifying.You kind of think, ;Oh, no, this is the malfunction.This is the time. Hes not gonna do it.Hes gonna go wrong.吓死人了 你总会想 不 会不会出故障了 这一次 他真的插翅难逃了 他快挂了Hopefully, hell be all right.Hes gonna go splack.不过 他总能化险为夷 他总会噗地拉开降落伞He never has, so far,but I always have that feeling, always.迄今为止 他还没有出过差错 不过我每次都会产生那种可怕的想法On the ground!But straight into one of these cactus.成功着陆 不过我落在仙人掌堆里了However uncomfortable the landing,we always hit the ground running.尽管着陆让人很不舒 我们还是一落地就开始了跋涉And that means my crew has a lot of keeping up to do.这意味着我的团队需要一直跟上我201610/473065

The agreement is one of the most satisfying of Rockefellers career.该协议是洛克菲勒职业生涯中最得意的一笔Hes forced his biggest rival to hand over a fortune in exchange for an iron ore mine he never had much interest in owning.他逼迫他的最大对手吐出一笔财富 以换取本来就没有多大兴趣拥有的铁矿石Rockefeller may have gotten the better of Carnegie but their deal has drawn the attention of another rival who envisions something even bigger.洛克菲勒诚然是打败了卡内基 但他们的交易已经引起了另一个对手的关注 这位对手的野心更大America has expanded more in the last three decades than any country on Earth.美国在过去三十年里的发展是地球上任何其他国家都无法比拟的Covering the bth of the continent, its prosperity is built on oil, steel and electricity.横跨美洲大陆 其繁荣是建立在石油 钢铁及电力上John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan amassed mind-boggling fortunes and became targets.约翰·D·洛克菲勒 安德鲁·卡内基和J·P·根积累了令人难以置信的财富 也成为人们打击的目标But after teaming up to put their man in the White House,theyre now free to do whatever they want.但是他们联手找人入住白宫之后 就可以自由地为所欲为了201607/452005

Judy Parish has devoted her career to studying the climates of the past.Judy Parish一辈子都在研究古气候Its sort of like mystery novels, so this is a little bit like a detective story,这就像是悬疑小说,有点类似于侦探小说的情节putting together bits and pieces of information to figure out what the world was really like in the past.将各种各样的线索放在一起,然后推理出古代世界的情形Its really fascinating the idea of this super-continent关于超大陆的观点确实很吸引人and just the fact that it would have to have, have to have a major effect on climate,事实上它很有可能对气候有很大的影响so I got really interested in how this might develop.所以我很有兴趣想看看这如何发生These spectacular cliffs by the Colorado River in the ed States are from just before the super-continent split apart.耸立在美国科罗拉多河两岸的壮丽悬崖,刚好形成于超大陆分裂之前This makes them just the right age to unravel this climatological mystery.因此它们有合适的年份以解开气候之谜Geologists have known for a long time that there was something really odd about the climate of this time period.长期以来,地质学家都对这段时期的气候状况感到奇怪Its in these rocks that we can really figure out what the climate was like.但在这些岩石中,我们能找出气候的真实情况Judys spent years trying to decipher the clues locked inside these 200 million year old rocks,Judy数年来都在破解这些埋在2亿年古老岩石中的线索but what she found was something very puzzling.但是她的发现却令人困惑不解。201705/509485

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