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There are many reasons to quit drinking soda, but a soda addiction can be hard to break. Try these methods to kick the can for good.要停止饮用苏打水有许多理由,但是要戒除对苏打水的嗜好也殊非易事。尝试以下方法,为了身体健康,放弃苏打水。You Will Need你需要Diet soda节食苏打水Citrus slices or fresh mint柑橘片或新鲜的薄荷Fruit juice果汁Tea茶Lemonade柠檬汽水Coffee咖啡Milk牛奶Small amounts of regular soda (optional)少量普通苏打水(可选)Club soda (optional)汽水(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Don#39;t go cold turkey1.不要突然放弃Don#39;t try to give up soda cold turkey. Instead, cut back a little bit every day until you#39;re down to almost no soda. If calories are your main concern, try switching to diet sodas.不要试图突然放弃苏打水。而是每天减少一点点,直到有一天完全不再喝苏打水。如果你担心的是热量问题,可以换成节食苏打水。If you can#39;t stand the taste of diet soda, add lemon or lime to it, or try adding small amounts to regular soda to get used to the taste.如果你忍受不了节食苏打水的味道,可以加一点柠檬或酸橙,或者将节食苏打水加入普通汽水中,逐渐习惯这种味道。Step 2 Spruce up water2.让清水更加美味Spruce up plain water with citrus slices or fresh mint. Be creative and try adding different things to your water until you find something you can drink all the time.向清水中点缀一点柑橘片或新鲜的薄荷。有创意一点,每次向水中添加不同的味道,直到找到自己的最爱。Step 3 Drink fruit juice3.喝果汁Drink 100 percent fruit juice. While fruit juices tend to contain a lot of sugar, they also contain nutrients that are good for you, unlike the empty calories of soda.喝一点纯果汁。果汁中含有大量的糖,也含有对身体有益的丰富的营养,不同于只含有热量的苏打水。Add club soda to fruit juice to replace the carbonation you#39;re missing.向果汁中加入少量苏打水,补充消耗掉的碳水化合物。Step 4 Drink unsweetened tea4.饮用未加糖的茶Drink unsweetened tea. Try herbal or green teas, or drink tea with milk or lemon and sweeten it with honey or artificial sweetener.饮用未加糖的茶。可以尝试花草茶或绿茶,或者饮用奶茶或柠檬茶,加一点蜂蜜或人造甜味剂,让茶水更甜。Step 5 Make lemonade5.制作柠檬汽水Make your own lemonade with fresh lemons, water, and a small amount of sugar or artificial sweetener.用新鲜的柠檬,水和少量糖或人工甜味剂自己制作柠檬汽水。Step 6 Drink milk6.喝牛奶Get into the habit of drinking nonfat milk instead of soda. Milk contains calcium, potassium, vitamin D, and protein, all of which are essential for the health and maintenance of your body. When you find a replacement for soda, you won#39;t remember why you ever drank it in the first place.养成喝脱脂牛奶的习惯,逐渐放弃苏打水。牛奶中含有钙,钾,维生素D和蛋白质,这些对于身体健康都是非常有益的。当你找到苏打水的替代品之后,你就会忘记当初为什么那么喜欢喝苏打水。During its first year of business, Coca-Cola sold an average of only 9 drinks per day.创建之初,可口可乐每天平均只能卖出9瓶。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/230963

猿类、海豚和大象都是善于沟通的动物。网络是否能进一步纳入这些具有高感官能力的物种呢?:海豚研究员黛安娜-瑞丝 (Diana Reiss)、音乐家彼得-格布瑞尔 (Peter Gabriel)、物联网构想者尼尔-格申菲尔德 (Neil Gershenfeld),以及网络鼻祖之一的文特-瑟夫 (Vint Cerf) ,这別出心裁的四人小组提出了这个正在成长中的构想。 Article/201406/304587Learn expert tricks to hide cellulite and you#39;ll take a newfound self-confidence along with you on your next visit to the beach or pool.学习掩盖大腿脂肪的专业技巧,你会带着新的自信去沙滩或泳池。You Will Need你需要Suitable clothes适合的衣物Loofah or exfoliating lotion scrub丝瓜或磨砂乳液Self-tanner or professional treatment防晒用品或专业治疗Anti-cellulite cream or lotion瘦身霜或乳液Exercise运动Water水Caffeinated beverages含咖啡因的饮料Coffee and coffee grounds咖啡和咖啡渣Plastic wrap保鲜膜Sun exposure reduction (optional)减少日照(可选)Bicycle (optional)自行车(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Check your closet1.查看衣柜Check your closet for dark tights to pair with short skirts, and calf-length or longer skirts and dresses.Reanonable clothes is your best friend when it comes to tricks to hide cellulite.查看你的衣柜,挑选深色紧身裤,搭配短裙,七分裙,长裙或连衣裙。当你想要隐藏大腿脂肪的时候,理性化的装是你最好的工具。Tip: Get rid of restrictive clothes which may contribute to cellulite issues.小贴士:淘汰那些显露你脂肪的衣物吧。Step 2 Wear a boy cut2.浴巾遮盖Wear bathing suit bottoms in a boy-short style, or wrap a sarong around your suit to hide cellulite when at the beach or pool.在海边或泳池时,穿着四角泳衣,或在泳衣上浴巾来遮盖大粗腿。Tip: Protect cellulite-prone areas of the body from the sun#39;s UV rays, which make the cellulite more visible and harder to hide.小贴士:防止紫外线照射脂肪含量比较高的部位,否则大腿脂肪会更加明显,更难以掩盖。Step 3 Head to the tub3.浴缸泡澡Head to the tub or shower and scrub cellulite areas with a loofah or exfoliating lotion scrub. This buffs your skin and minimizes cellulite#39;s appearance.盆浴或淋浴时使用丝瓜或是磨砂膏。这样你的皮肤会更亮泽,大腿脂肪也会减少。Step 4 Apply self-tanner4.晒后修复Apply a self-tanner to thighs, legs, and other trouble spots to camouflage cellulite. You can also visit a salon for professional tanning treatment.对大腿,小腿和其他脂肪堆积部位使用晒后修复产品。也可以去沙龙做专业护理。Step 5 Tighten skin5.紧致肌肤Tighten skin troubled by cellulite with the use of an anti-cellulite cream or lotion. These products can temporarily improve the look of problem areas.使用瘦身霜或乳液紧致肌肤。这些产品能短时间解决你皮肤松弛问题。Step 6 Exercise6.运动Exercise to tighten skin and minimize cellulite#39;s dimpled appearance. Focus on squats, lunges, leg lifts, and leg extensions。运动能紧致肌肤,使脂肪累积最小化。重点做马步,弓箭步,抬腿和腿部伸展等运动。Tip: Take up bicycling as a hobby to keep legs and thighs toned.小贴士:培养对自行车运动的喜爱,骑自行车可以调整腿部肌肉。Step 7 Drink7.饮水Drink water to plump your skin and give it a more uniform look. You can also enjoy the diuretic effect of caffeinated beverages to reduce swelling around your fat deposits. Just don#39;t drink too many diuretics — you want to stay hydrated!注意饮水以保持肌肤水嫩健康。含咖啡因饮料有利尿作用,还有消除脂肪累积部位肿胀的作用。只要别喝太多利尿饮品就好,你也需要保持身体水分!Step 8 Apply coffee grounds8.巧用咖啡渣Apply a paste made of coffee grounds and water to your trouble spots, keeping the area wrapped in plastic wrap for 15 minutes before removing the paste in the shower.将咖啡渣和水搅拌敷在脂肪堆积的地方,用保鲜膜敷15分钟,然后用水清洗。Fact: In 2008, Americans spent million on cellulite-reduction devices.2008年,美国人总共消费4700万专门购买大腿部脂肪的减肥产品。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/306948

Rumors, gossip, exclusion. Mean girls have a lot of weapons in their repertoire – here#39;s how to combat all that nastiness.谣言,八卦,排斥。刻薄的女孩有许多武器——下面是应对这些令人讨厌的行为的方法。You Will Need你需要Confidence信心Friends朋友Courage勇气Restraint克制Adult intervention成年人的干预Steps步骤STEP 1 No matter how intimidated you may feel on the inside, do your best to exude confidence on the outside. Standing up straight and maintaining eye contact will send the signal that you#39;re not a doormat. Mean girls single out targets they deem weak, but often stay away from confident girls.1.无论你内心多么害怕,外在一定要表现出信心。站直,直视对方可以向对方表明,你不是胆小鬼。刻薄的女孩通常以她们认为软弱的人为欺凌对象,而经常远离自信的女孩。STEP 2 When possible, travel in a group of friends. Mean girls tend to shy away from packs, instead focusing their attention on solo prey.2.任何可能的情况下,与一帮朋友同行。刻薄的女孩通常离群,把形单影只的人当作猎物。In need of friends? Sign up for extracurricular activities, or get a job after school where you can meet teens your age outside of school.需要朋友?报名参加学校课程以外的活动,或者做一些兼职工作,可以在校外结识同龄的青少年。STEP 3 Be nice and stay nice. If you#39;re in a class or after-school activity with a mean girl, compliment what she#39;s wearing or nonchalantly offer help with a math problem. If you can get one mean girl on your good side, the rest may fall in line.3.表现出友好。如果你和刻薄的女孩一起上课或者一起参加课外活动,赞美她的穿着,或满不在乎地帮她解答数学问题。如果你能让刻薄的女孩站到你这一边,剩下的问题就好解决了。Ask a parent or older sibling for advice. Almost everyone has had at least one experience with bullies.向家长或年长的堂表请教。几乎每个人都至少遭遇过一次欺凌。STEP 4 Mean girls thrive on reactions, so if you#39;re not making any headway, go into ;ignore mode; and pretend you#39;re immune to everything they say or do. This will probably only work a few times, though. If the mean girls are really determined, ignoring them is not a long-term solution.4.刻薄的女孩通常越挫越勇,所以如果你不是对手,那就进入“忽略”模式,或者假装你对她们的所说所做毫不在乎。然而,这种方法只有几次奏效。如果刻薄的女孩下定决心欺负你,忽略她们并不是长期的解决方法。STEP 5 Confront mean girls using the divide-and-conquer approach. Calmly talk to an influential girl one-on-one, and ask her an up-front question like, ;Did I do something that made you mad?; Use ;I; statements rather than ;you; ones. A mean girl can easily deny anything you say about her, but she#39;ll have a harder time arguing against your personal feelings.5.面对一群刻薄的女孩,采取分治策略。平静地与其中一个有影响力的女孩一对一谈话,直接问她一些问题,比如“我是不是做了什么让你发疯的事情?”首先使用“第一人称”,而不是“第二人称”。刻薄的女孩会反驳你说的关于她的任何事,但是她很难辩驳关于你的个人感受。Before your conversation, rehearse your replies, imagining how you#39;ll firmly, but politely, stand your ground and stay confident no matter what.进行对话之前,先预演一下自己的反应,想象自己如何坚定而礼貌地坚持自己的立场,无论如何都要保持自信。STEP 6 If the mean girls are relentless, causing you to become depressed or anxious, or threatening to get physical, involve your parents and the school faculty. Though it may not seem like it, popular kids don#39;t actually run the school. Those who do run it can help put any mean girls in their place.6.如果刻薄的女孩非常残酷无情,导致你抑郁或焦虑,或者威胁到你的人身安全,向家长或学校领导举报。尽管看上去并非如此,然而受欢迎的孩子并不一定能在学校横行无阻。真正能在学校如鱼得水的学生能够收任何刻薄的女孩。视频听力译文由。 Article/201409/327840UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s ;Shoutout; goes out to Mrs. Hofmann#39;s social studies classes at Rawlins High School in Rawlins, Wyoming.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了霍夫曼女士的社会学习大课堂。The nation of Sierra Leone is located on what continent? Here we go. Is it part of Europe, Asia, Africa or South America? You#39;ve got three seconds, go.塞拉利昂国位于哪个州?开始!它是欧洲、亚洲、非洲还是南美洲的一部分?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Sierra Leone is in the western Africa, and it#39;s home to around five and a half million people. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;塞拉利昂在西非,那里居住着550万人。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: In Sierra Leone and another places around the world, not everyone has the same access to education, especially girls. 在塞拉利昂以及世界上的其他地方,并不是所有人都有接受教育的机会,特别是女孩儿。During the school year, we#39;ve reported on Malala Yousfazai and her fight for equal education rights in her home country of Pakistan. 在本学期,我们报道了马拉拉在她的家乡巴基斯坦,为教育平等权力作斗争。She is not alone. 她并不是只有一个人。The student in our next report today is pushing for the very same thing in Sierra Leone.我们今天的下一个报道,讲的就是在塞拉利昂学生做同样的事的学生。 /201305/240018影片内容提要: 时间是食物的挚友,时间也是食物的死敌。为了保存食物,我们虽然已经拥有了多种多样的科技化方式,然而腌腊、风干、糟醉和烟熏等等古老的方法,在保鲜之余,也曾意外地让我们获得了与鲜食截然不同、有时甚至更加醇厚鲜美的味道。时至今日,这些被时间二次制造出来的食物,依然影响着中国人的日常饮食,并且蕴藏着中华民族对于滋味和世道人心的某种特殊的感触。    腌制食品,风干晾晒的干货,以及酱泡、冷冻等是中国历史最为久远的食物保存方式。时至今日,中国人依然对此类食品喜爱有加。贮藏食物从早先的保存食物方便携带发展到人们对食物滋味的不断追求,保鲜的技术中蕴涵了中国人的智慧,呈现着中国人的生活,同时“腌制发酵保鲜”也蕴含有中国人的情感与文化意象,如对故乡的思念,内心长时间蕴含的某种情感等等。 Article/201307/246233

The ocean. The largest habitat on Earth,海洋是世上最大的栖地and an inhospitable place for those of us who live on land.对陆地动物来说 却是无法居住之处Yet, for a billion years,但有十亿年之久this was the only place on the planet where life existed.海洋是地球唯一有生命的所在Today, descendants of those early life forms那些早期生物的后代continue to thrive.活跃至今They share the sea with fish, but outnumber them by ten to one.它们跟鱼类共享大海 但数量超出十倍They have no backbones,它们没有脊椎and have evolved into countless different forms.而且演化出无数型态Some are huge, large-brained and intelligent.有些体型惊人 拥有巨大脑部和高度智慧Others are minuscule,有些极为细小yet build the largest natural structures on the planet.但建造出世上最大的自然结构 Article/201310/259002concern v.涉及;关系到electronics n.电子器件storm n.风暴solar flare n.耀斑magnetic a.有磁性的knock out击倒 /201409/329514

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