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8 Mr Craven comes home8 克莱文先生回家了While the secret garden was returning to life,当秘密花园恢复着生机的时候,a man with high,crooked shoulders was wandering round the most beautiful places in Europe.一个高大、驼背的男人正在欧洲最美的地方游荡。For ten years he had lived this lonely life,10年来他就是过着这种孤独的生活,his heart full of sadness and his head full of dark dreams.他的心中充满了悲凉,脑海也为黑暗的恶梦所占据。Everywhere he.went,he carried his unhappiness with him like a black cloud.他每到一处,情绪总是忧郁的,像被一团黑色的云笼罩着。Other travellers thought he was half mad or a man who could not forget some terrible crime.别的游客觉得他是半个疯子,或是个无法忘掉某种恐怖罪行的人。His name was Archibald Craven.他的名字就是阿奇伯德·克莱文。But one day,as he sat by a mountain stream,但是有一天,当他坐在山谷中的一条小溪旁时,he actually looked at a flower,他注视着一朵花,and for the first time in ten years he realized how beautiful something living could be.10年来他第一次意识到生命可以是这么美丽。The valley seemed very quiet as he sat there,staring at the flower.山谷非常幽静,他坐在那儿,凝视着那朵花,He felt strangely calm.心中异常的平静。‘What is happening to me?’he whispered.“我怎么了?”他低声说,‘I feel different —I almost feel I#39;m alive again!’“我感觉不一样了——我几乎觉得自己又活了!”At that moment,hundreds of miles away in Yorkshire,也就在那一刻,在几百英里外的约克郡,Colin was seeing the secret garden for the first time,and saying,柯林第一次见到了秘密花园,正在说着,‘I#39;m going to live for ever and ever and ever!’“我会永远永远活下去!”But Mr Craven did not know this.但克莱文先生并不知道这些。That night,in his hotel room,he slept better than usual.那天夜里,在旅店的房间里,他睡得比平时香。As the weeks passed,he even began to think a little about his home and his son.几周过去了,他甚至开始有点想家,有点想他的儿子。One evening in late summer,as he was sitting quietly beside a lake,he felt the strange calmness again.一个夏末的晚上,他静静地坐在湖边,再次感到那种奇异的平静。He fell asleep,and had a dream that seemed very real.他睡着了,做了一个非常真切的梦。He heard a voice calling him.他听见一个声音在叫他,It was sweet and clear and happy,the voice of his young wife.声音甜美、清晰而欢快,那是他年轻的妻子的声音。‘Archie!Archie!Archie!’“阿奇!阿奇!阿奇!”‘My dear!’He jumped up.‘Where are you?’“亲爱的!”他跳起来,“你在哪儿?”‘In the garden!’called the beautiful voice.“在花园里!”那美丽的声音说。And then the dream ended.然后梦就醒了。In the morning,when he woke,he remembered the dream.他早晨醒来时,还记得那个梦。‘She says she#39;s in the garden!’he thought.“她说她在花园里!”他思索着,‘But the door#39;s locked and the key#39;s buried.’“可是门是锁着的,钥匙也埋起来了。”That morning he received a letter from Susan Sowerby.那天上午他收到了苏珊·索尔比的信。In it she asked him to come home,but she did not give a reason.信上她请他回去,却没说明为什么。Mr Craven thought of his dream,and decided to return to England immediately.克莱文先生想起他的梦,决定立刻动身回英国。On the long journey back to Yorkshire,he was thinking about Colin.在回约克郡的漫长路途中,他想起了柯林。‘I wonder how he is!“不知道他怎么样了!I wanted to forget him,because he makes me think of his mother.我想忘记他,因为他总是让我想起他的妈妈。He lived,and she died!他活着,可她却死了!But perhaps I#39;ve been wrong.也许是我错了。Susan Sowerby says I should go home,so perhaps she thinks I can help him.’苏珊·索尔比说我应该回家,也许她是想让我帮助柯林。”When he arrived home,he found the housekeeper very confused about Colin#39;s health.他回到家里,发现管家对柯林的身体状况大为不解。‘He#39;s very strange,sir,’said Mrs Medlock.“他很怪,先生,”梅洛太太说,‘ He looks better,it#39;s true,“他看上去好些了。真的,but some days he eats nothing at all,and other days he eats just like a healthy boy.可有时他什么都不吃,有时又吃得像健康的孩子一样。He used to scream even at the idea of fresh air,以前只要提到新鲜空气他就要尖叫,but now he spends all his time outside in his wheelchair,with Miss Mary and Dickon Sowerby.可现在他每天都坐着轮椅去外面,跟玛丽和狄肯·索尔比一起。He#39;s in the garden at the moment.’这会儿他在花园里呢。”‘In the garden!’repeated Mr Craven.“在花园里!”克莱文先生重复着。Those were the words of the dream!那正是梦中听到的话!He hurried out of the house and towards the place which he had not visited for so long.他冲出房子,奔向他很久都没再去过的地方。He found the door with the climbing plant over it,and stood outside,listening,for a moment.他找到被藤蔓遮蔽的门,站在外面,听了一会儿。‘Surely I can hear voices inside the garden?’he thought.“我真的听到里面有声音吗?”他想,‘Aren#39;t there children whispering,laughing,running in there?“难道那不是孩子们在里面低语、嬉笑、奔跑吗?Or am I going mad?’还是我快要发疯了?”And then the moment came,when the children could not stay quiet.当孩子们难以保持安静时,这一刻终于到来了。There was wild laughing and shouting,and the door was thrown open.开心的笑声和欢叫声中,门被撞开了,A boy ran out,a tall,healthy,handsome boy,straight into the man#39;s arms.一个高高的、健康漂亮的男孩跑了出来,正好撞进他的怀里。Mr Craven stared into the boy#39;s laughing eyes.克莱文先生直愣愣地看着孩子欢笑的眼睛。‘Who—What?Who?’he cried.“谁呀——什么?这是谁呀?”他叫起来。Colin had not planned to meet his father like this.柯林没想到会这样见到他的父亲。But perhaps this was the best way,to come running out with his cousin and his friend.但是同他的表和朋友一起跑出来,也许这才是最好的方式。‘Father,’he said,‘I#39;m Colin.“爸爸。”他说,“我是柯林。You can#39;t believe it!您不会相信的!I can#39;t believe it myself.连我自己都不能相信。It was the garden,and Mary and Dickon and the magic,that made me well.是花园、玛丽、狄肯和魔法使我康复的。We#39;ve kept it a secret up to now.我们一直保守着这个秘密。Aren#39;t you happy,Father?爸爸,你不高兴吗?I#39;m going to live for ever and ever and ever!’我要永远永远地活下去!”Mr Craven put his hands on the boy#39;s shoulders.克莱文先生把手放在孩子肩上,For a moment he could not speak.好一会儿说不出话来。‘Take me into the garden,my boy,’he said at last,最后他说:“带我到花园里去,‘and tell me all about it.’告诉我这一切是怎么回事。”And in the secret garden,where the roses were at their best,在秘密花园中,玫瑰花盛开着,and the butterflies were flying from flower to flower in the summer sunshine,蝴蝶在夏日的阳光下、在花丛中飞舞,they told Colin#39;s father their story.他们向柯林的父亲讲述着他们的故事。Sometimes he laughed and sometimes he cried,他时而开怀大笑,时而落泪,but most of the time he just looked,更多的时间只是注视着他儿子那英俊的脸庞,unbelieving,into the handsome face of the son that he had almost forgotten.不相信这就是他几乎遗忘的那个孩子。‘Now,’said Colin at the end,‘it isn#39;t a secret any more.“现在,”柯林最后说道,“这不再是秘密了。I#39;ll never use the wheelchair again.我再也用不着轮椅了。I#39;m going to walk back with you,Fatherto the house.’爸爸,我要和你一起走——走回家去。”And so,that afternoon,Mrs Medlock,Martha,and the other servants had the greatest shock of their lives.于是那天下午,梅洛太太、玛莎,还有其他的用人都感受到有生以来从未有过的惊奇,Through the gardens towards the house came Mr Craven,looking happier than they had ever seen him.克莱文先生从花园走向房子,脸上露出他们从未见到过的幸福神态。And by his side,with his shoulders straight,his head held high and a smile on his lips,walked young Colin!而走在他身边,昂首挺胸、面带微笑的正是年轻的柯林! /201205/181635He raced back to the forest to tell the hermit what had happened. "And now my aunt is staying in bed, but do you know what my aunt said? She told him she hurt her foot while sleepwalking!"  "Either she will fear you now," said the old man. "Or she will try to get rid of you. Listen carefully. If you think you are in danger, you must search her bedroom for her snakeskin, and when you find it, burn it."  The young man thanked the hermit, but he was concerned. What would happen if he burned the snakeskin? He decided to give his aunt one last chance.  While she was recovering, she caused no trouble, but as soon as her wound healed, she resumed her nightly slithering about the house.  Sometimes, when the young man was lying in bed, he saw the snake slip in and out of his empty boots or up the sleeve of a coat he had worn. One dful night, he felt the snake wiggling under his pillow, and he jumped out of bed in a cold sweat.  His dreams grew worse. He had a terrifying nightmare in which his aunt was trying to choke him. He awoke gasping for breath and realized that something was coiled tightly around his neck.  It was the snake.  He pulled it off and threw it across the room. And after he caught his breath, he knew he had to follow the hermit's advice.  他赶忙跑回森林与老隐士讲了事情的经过,“婶婶正在床上休息,但是您知道她是怎么和我叔叔说的吗?她说自己是在梦游的时候把脚弄伤的。”  “要么她会怕了你,”老人说道,“要么她就会想办法彻底除掉你。仔细听着,如果你觉得自己有危险了,那就必须去她的房间找到蛇皮然后烧掉。”  年轻人谢过了老隐士,但是他也在琢磨着,烧了蛇皮以后会怎么样呢?他决定还是再给婶婶最后一个机会。  婶婶养伤期间什么异常情况都没有了,但是伤口刚刚痊愈以后她就继续和以前一样每晚在房子里面到处游走。  有的时候,年轻人正躺在床上,就看见蛇爬进他的靴子里面然后又爬出来,或者爬到他的大衣袖子上。在一个可怕的夜晚, 他感觉到蛇在枕头下面蠕动着,吓得他出了一身冷汗,马上跳下床。  他的噩梦越来越吓人。有一天晚上,他甚至梦见婶婶想要勒死他,真是太可怕了。他马上就惊醒了,大口喘着气,这时意识到有东西紧紧地绕在脖子上。  正是那条蛇。  他把蛇拽下来扔到了对面的墙上。喘过气来以后,他知道自己必须要按照老隐士的建议做了。 Article/200809/50174可是,要说夏绿蒂会怂恿他,那未免太不可能,正如她自己不可能怂恿他一样,因此她现在听到这件事,不禁大为惊讶,连礼貌也不顾了,竟大声叫了起来: “跟柯林斯先生订婚!亲爱的夏绿蒂,那怎么行!”;My dear madam, ; he replied, ;this invitation is particularly gratifying, because it is what I have been hoping to receive; and you may be very certain that I shall avail myself of it as soon as possible. ;They were all astonished; and Mr. Bennet, who could by no means wish for so speedy a return, immediately said:;But is there not danger of Lady Catherine#39;s disapprobation here, my good sir? You had better neglect your relations than run the risk of offending your patroness. ;;My dear sir, ; replied Mr. Collins, ; I am particularly obliged to you for this friendly caution, and you may depend upon my not taking so material a step without her ladyship#39;s concurrence. ;;You cannot be too much upon your guard. Risk anything rather than her displeasure; and if you find it likely to be raised by your coming to us again, which I should think exceedingly probable, stay quietly at home, and be satisfied that WE shall take no offence. ;;Believe me, my dear sir, my gratitude is warmly excited by such affectionate attention; and depend upon it, you will speedily receive from me a letter of thanks for this, and for every other mark of your regard during my stay in Hertfordshire. As for my fair cousins, though my absence may not be long enough to render it necessary, I shall now take the liberty of wishing them health and happiness, not excepting my cousin Elizabeth. ;With proper civilities the ladies then withdrew; all of them equally surprised that he meditated a quick return. Mrs. Bennet wished to understand by it that he thought of paying his addresses to one of her younger girls, and Mary might have been prevailed on to accept him.She rated his abilities much higher than any of the others; there was a solidity in his reflections which often struck her, and though by no means so clever as herself, she thought that if encouraged to and improve himself by such an example as hers, he might become a very agreeable companion. But on the following morning, every hope of this kind was done away. Miss Lucas called soon after breakfast, and in a private conference with Elizabeth related the event of the day before.The possibility of Mr. Collins#39;s fancying herself in love with her friend had once occurred to Elizabeth within the last day or two; but that Charlotte could encourage him seemed almost as far from possibility as she could encourage him herself, and her astonishment was consequently so great as to overcome at first the bounds of decorum, and she could not help crying out:;Engaged to Mr. Collins! My dear Charlotte--impossible!; Article/201109/153197When I woke up in darkness,my head was hurting badly,and I was unable to move my hands or feet.I could hear the sailorsrsquo; shouts and the sound of the wind and the waves.The whole world seemed to go up,up,up,and then down again.I felt very ill,and at first could not under stand what was happening.After a while I realized that I must be somewhere inside the ship,which was moving very fast through the water.lsquo;I#39;ve been kidnapped!rsquo;I thought angrily.It was clear that my uncle and the captain had planned it together.I began to feel frightened and hopeless,as I lay there in the dark.我在黑暗中醒过来时,我的头疼得很厉害,手脚也动不了。我能听到水手们的叫声、风声和涛声。整个世界似乎在上升、上升,然后又下降了。我感到病得很厉害,最初稿不清在发生什么事。过了一会儿我意识到一定是在船里某处,那船又在水中快速行驶着。;我被诱拐了!;我气愤地想。显然我叔叔和船长合伙预谋了这一切。我黑暗中躺在那儿时,开始感到害怕和无望。Some hours later,a light shone in my face.Mr Riach,one of the ship#39;s officers,stood looking down at me.He washed the cut on my head,gave me some water,and told me kindly to go to sleep.The next time he came,I was feeling very hot and ill.He had brought Captain Hoseason with him.几个小时之后,有一束光照到我脸上。船上的一名叫里亚奇先生的高级船员站在那儿俯视着我。他擦洗了我头上的伤口,给我一些水,并和蔼地让我睡觉。下一次他来时,我感到很热,病了。他把霍齐亚森船长也带来了。lsquo;Now,sir,see for yourself,rsquo; said Mr Riach.lsquo;The lad#39;s seriously ill.We must take him out of this unhealthy hole at once.;好,船长,你自己看看,;里亚奇先生说道,;这个小伙子病得很厉害。我们得立刻把他带出这个不卫生的牢房。;lsquo;That#39;s none of your business,rsquo;answered the captain.lsquo;Ye#39;re paid to do your job,not to worry about the by.He#39;s staying down here.rsquo;;那与你无关。;船长回答道,;给你付钱是让你干你的工作,不要为这男孩操心。他得待在下面这儿。;lsquo;I#39;m only paid to be an officer on this ship,rsquo; replied Mr Riach sharply.He looked hard at the captain.lsquo;I#39;m not paid,like you,to kidnap and murder;rsquo;;我只是受雇来当船上的高级船员。;里亚奇先生厉声答道。他盯着船长。;我不是收了钱,像你一样来诱拐和谋杀;;;Hoseason turned on him angrily.lsquo;What did ye say?rsquo;be cried.lsquo;What do ye mean?rsquo;霍齐亚森恼怒地攻击里亚奇。;你说什么?;他叫道,;你是什么意思?;lsquo;You understand,rsquo; said Mr Riach,looking calmly at him.;你明白,;里亚奇先生说道,平静地看着他。lsquo;You should know me by now,Mr Riach.I#39;m a hard man.But if ye say the lad will die;rsquo;;到现在你也应该了解我了,里亚奇先生。我可不是一个软弱的人。但如果你说这个小伙子将要死掉的话;;;lsquo;Aye,he will!rsquo; said Mr Riach.;对,他要死了!;里亚奇先生说道。lsquo;Well,sir,put him where ye like!rsquo;;好吧,先生,把他放在你想要放的地方!;So I was carried up into the sunlight a few minutes later,and put in a cabin where some of the sailors were sleeping.It was a wonderful feeling to see the daylight and to be able to talk to people again.I lay in the cabin for several days,and after a while began to feel better.The sailors were kind to me in their way.They brought me food and drink, and told me about their families at home.I discovered from them that the ship was sailing to the Carolinas,in North America.There the captain was planning to sell me as a slave,to work in a rich man#39;s house or on a farm.于是几分钟后,我被人抬到上面阳光能照到之处,并被安置在一个里面有一些水手正在睡觉的机舱里。又能看见阳光、又能和人交谈是一种很好的感觉。我在机舱里躺了几天,不久之后开始感到好些了。水手们以自己的方式善待我。他们给我带来吃的、喝的,并给我讲他们家的事。从他们那儿我发现船正驶往北美洲的卡罗来纳。船长打算在那儿把我当奴隶卖掉,卖到一个有钱人家或一家农场。I also learnt that both the ship#39;s officers,Mr Riach and Mr Shuan,enjoyed drinking far too much.The sailors liked Mr Shuan,but said that he was sometimes violent when he had drunk a lot.One of the sailors was a young boy, called Ransome.His job was to bring meals to the captain and officers in the round-house,a big cabin on the top of the ship,where the officers slept and ate.When Ransome dropped something or did something wrong,Mr Shuan used to hit him,and I often saw the poor boy crying.我也了解到船上的高级船员里亚奇先生和舒安先生都酗酒。船员们喜欢舒安先生,但说舒安先生有时喝得太多时很凶。有一个水手是一个年轻的小男孩,名叫兰塞姆。他的工作是给后甲板室(即船顶上的一个大机舱)里的船长和高级船员送饭。高级船员吃住都在后甲板室里。当兰塞姆掉了东西或做错了事时,舒安先生时常揍他,我也经常看见这个可怜的小男孩在哭泣。 Article/201203/174725After taking a lot of complicated notes, they were each given a match and started trying to turn it into a needle.记了一大难复杂的笔记之后,每个人都分到了一根火柴,大家开始使足劲儿要把这根火柴变成一针。By the end of the lesson, only Hermione Granger had made any difference to her match;然而,一节课结束时,只有荷米恩;格林佐使她的火柴有一点点变化。Professor McGonagall showed the class how it had gone all silver and pointy and gave Hermione a rare smile.麦康娜教授让全班人都看了如何让这火柴变得银白和变尖,还给了荷米恩一个非常少见的微笑。The class everyone had really been looking forward to was Defense Against the Dark Arts, but Quirrell#39;s lessons turned out to be a bit of a joke.大家都盼望着上的课程是黑巫术防御法,因此这门课程的老师屈拉,他上的课实在太搞笑了。His classroom smelled strongly of garlic, which everyone said was to ward off a vampire he#39;d met in Romania,屈拉上课时,教室里总是弥漫着一股浓烈的大蒜味。人们传说这是屈拉教授为了避开以前在罗马尼亚遇到过的一个吸血鬼。and was afraid would be coming back to get him one of these days.屈拉一直担心那个吸血鬼会有一天跑回来找他。His turban, he told them, had been given to him by an African prince as a thank-you for getting rid of a troublesome zombie,他那顶缠头巾状的帽子,据他自己讲是某个非洲王子为了感谢他帮忙赶走一个难缠的还魂僵尸而送给他的。but they weren#39;t sure they believed this story.不过,大家都不怎么相信这个故事。For one thing, when Seamus Finnigan asked eagerly to hear how Quirrell had fought off the zombie,因为有一次谢默斯;范尼更好奇地问他是怎么大战还魂僵尸时,Quirrell went pink and started talking about the weather;屈拉的脸马上就红了,还借故谈起天气以转移话题。for another, they had noticed that a funny smell hung around the turban,而且大家发现屈拉的头巾帽子总是散发着一种奇特的味儿,and the Weasley twins insisted that it was stuffed full of garlic as well, so that Quirrell was protected wherever he went.威斯里家的双胞胎坚持说那也是大蒜的味道。如此说来,屈拉对吸血鬼的防卫真是从头到脚,武装到了牙齿呢。Harry was very relieved to find out that he wasn#39;t miles behind everyone else.哈利发现他与班上其他同学的差距并不大,这使他悄悄松了一口气。Lots of people had come from Muggle families and, like him, hadn#39;t had any idea that they were witches and wizards.大部分同学都是来自一般家庭,而且都跟他一样,一点儿也不觉得自己是个女巫或男巫。There was so much to learn that even people like Ron didn#39;t have much of a head start.这儿实在有太多东西要学了,即使像罗恩那样的人也没有超前太多。

;And you saw him frequently?; ;你常常和他见面吗?; ;Yes, almost every day. ; ;常常见面,差不多每天见面。; ;His manners are very different from his cousin#39;s. ; ;他的风度和他表兄大不相同。; ;Yes, very different. But I think Mr. Darcy improves upon acquaintance. ; ;的确大不相同;可是我想,达西先生跟人家处熟了也就好了。; ;Indeed!; cried Mr. Wickham with a look which did not escape her. ;And pray, may I ask?; But checking himself, he added, in a gayer tone, ;Is it in address that he improves? Has he deigned to add aught of civility to his ordinary style?--for I dare not hope, ; he continued in a lower and more serious tone, ;that he is improved in essentials. ; 只见韦翰顿时显出吃惊的神气,大声嚷道:;那可怪啦,对不起,我是否可以请问你一下;;;说到这里,他又控制住了自己,把说话的声调变得愉快些,然而接下去说:;他跟人家说话时,语气是否好了些?他待人接物是否比以前有礼貌些?因为我实在不敢指望他──;他的声调低下去了,变得更严肃了,;指望他从本质上变好过。; ;Oh, no!; said Elizabeth. ;In essentials, I believe, he is very much what he ever was. ; ;没那回事!;伊丽莎白说。;我相信他的本质还是和过去一样。;1.be different from 和;;不同May your destiny be different from her. 希望你的命运和她不同。 2.improve upon 改进Your complexion is wonderful; don#39;t try to improve upon nature你的肤色好得很,不要去设法改良天生的肤色。3. add A to B 将A添加到BHe added some wood to increase the fire. 他加了一些木柴,使火旺些。4.in essential 本质上,实质上In essential, it#39;s a real book.实质上,这是本非常好的书。 Article/201201/168502

I had just moved to San Antonio, Texas. I had gotten a job working for the tour bus service that would take tourists on a short tour of the city's historic places and would end up at the Alamo.   It was near closing time and I was driving back from my last tour of the day. It was a cool February day, and there wasn't anyone on my bus, I was on my way back from the San Fernando Catholic church. I was about to keep driving by when I saw a man dressed up in an old buckskin jacket and a large worn out hat. I was thinking to myself, that this person must be a re-enactor or something walking around. I stopped and opened the door and asked the man, "Need a ride?" He looked up at me and I finally saw how young he was. He was a teenager if not a teen or he had to be in his early twenties. Without saying anything he just walked on board and sat down in a seat behind me. I made sure that there wasn't any other people needing a ride somewhere and closed the door.   "Where you heading?" I asked him he looked up into the mirror at me and replied.  "I've got to get to the fort and report to Col. Travis that the Mexicans are here!" I laughed to myself thinking that this man was a serious re-enactor.   "I'm guessing you mean the Alamo?" I said back to him. I looked up at him in the mirror and saw that he wasn't smiling nor laughing. I just put my foot on the gas and started to drive away.   不久前我搬家去了德克萨斯州的圣安东尼奥,我在那找了份观光旅游车司机的工作,职责是开车载着游客去城里的名胜古迹参观,全程的终点在阿拉莫。  那天已经是快下班的时间了,我正跑着最后一趟车,因为那是在二月的一天,很冷,所以车上一个人都没有,我们刚刚离开了圣费尔南多大教堂返回阿拉莫。我正打算一路开下去,这时见到路边有个人穿着件旧鹿皮夹克,头上戴着顶破帽子。我心想,这肯定是个喜剧演员或者类似的什么人。我停下车,开了门问他,“要搭车吗?”他抬头看看我,这时我才发现原来他是个年轻的小伙子,也就是十几岁,或者顶多二十岁出头。他没说话,上了车坐在我后面的一个座位上。我看不会再有别人要搭车了,就关门开走了。  “你要去哪?”我问他。  他抬起头,从后视镜里看着我,回答道,“我要去堡垒向特拉维斯上校报告,墨西哥人冲过来了。”  我暗暗发笑,这还真是个认真的演员。  “你是要去阿拉莫吧?”我一边说一边也通过后视镜看看他,不过他可没笑,甚至是一脸的严肃。我把油门一踩到底,车子飞驰下去。 Article/200809/48704

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