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赣州医院整形哪家好信丰县人民医院脱毛手术多少钱South Korean lawmakers have voted to impeach President Park Geun-hye, the countrys first female leader, who has been embroiled in a political scandal.韩国国会议员投票,赞成对卷入政治丑闻的第一位女总统朴槿惠进行弹劾。With Parks powers now suspended, Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn is the interim head of government following Fridays vote.星期五国会宣布朴槿惠被停职后,韩国总理黄教安将担任代总统。The timeline for impeachment could take six to nine months. First, the Constitutional Court must review the impeachment motion; a process that could take up to 180 days. If approved, lawmakers would then have 60 days to schedule a new election.弹劾过程可能需要六到九个月。首先,宪法法院将审阅弹劾动议,这一程序最长要花费180天,如果弹劾动议被宪法法院通过的话,立法人员就要在60天内安排新的选举。This is the first time in South Korean history prosecutors had named the sitting president as a subject in a criminal investigation.朴槿惠是韩国有史以来第一个在任期间被检方指称为犯罪嫌疑人的总统。来 /201612/483045全南县opt嫩肤多少钱 赣州做玻尿酸丰额头要多少钱

赣州祛痘哪家医院好南康市双眼皮多少钱 Paris and Berlin are pressing industrialised nations to pull together a common blacklist of territories that breach transparency standards, in the toughest government responses yet to the Panama Papers affair. 法国和德国政府敦促工业化国家共同拟定一份关于违反透明度标准的地区的黑名单,这是迄今政府层面对巴拿马文Panama Papers)事件作出的最严厉回应Wolfgang Sch#228;uble, Germany’s finance minister, and Michel Sapin, his French counterpart, also emphasised the need for sharing and publishing the names of the ultimate beneficiaries of all corporate structures, including shell companies, trusts and foundations that can offer anonymity to their users. 德国财长沃尔夫冈#8226;朔伊布勒(Wolfgang Sch#228;uble,上图右)和法国财长米歇#8226;萨潘(Michel Sapin,上图左)还强调,有必要共享和公布包括壳公司、信托和基金会在内的、所有能够帮助用户隐匿身份的公司结构的最终受益者名单The German and French governments launched their plans in separate initiatives yesterday as Brussels prepares to announce proposals this week to force large EU-based companies to disclose their annual financial results on a country-by-country basis, including for offshore jurisdictions. 德法政府昨日分别推出了自己的计划,欧盟准备本周公布提案,强制总部位于欧盟的大公司按国别披露(包括单列出不同离岸司法管辖地的)年度财报“We need full transparency worldwide,Mr Sch#228;uble said as he released a plan entitled “Fighting effectively against tax cheating, tax evasion and money laundering.在公布名为“有效打击税务欺诈、逃税和洗钱”的计划的同时,朔伊布勒表示:“我们需要全球范围内的完全透明。Both Mr Sch#228;uble and Mr Sapin, who have led the way on previous global financial transparency projects, such as the automatic exchange of information between banks, want to seize the opportunity created by the Panama Papers leak to force through further reforms. Paris put Panama back on its own blacklist last week after removing it in 2012 and plans in the coming weeks to publish a list of ultimate beneficiaries of trusts and foundations with assets or beneficiaries in France. 朔伊布勒和萨潘是此前一些提高全球金融透明度的计划的牵头者,这些计划包括间自动信息交换计划等。这两人都希望抓住“巴拿马文件”泄露创造的机会,推行进一步的改革。上周,法国重新将巴拿马列入本国的黑名单012年它曾将巴拿马移出黑名单),并计划在未来几周公布一份有资产或受益人在法国的信托和基金会的最终受益人名单The moves come in the wake of the embarrassing revelations last week showing the broad use of offshore entities by the world’s rich and powerful. 上周令人难堪的文件曝光事件显示,全球富豪和权势阶层大量利用离岸实体Offshore jurisdictions are expected to rank high on the agenda of the twice-yearly meeting of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Washington later this week. 国际货币基金组织(IMF)和世界银World Bank)本周晚些时候将在华盛顿召开一年两次的会议,预计离岸司法管辖地问题将被列为重要议程Martin J#228;ger, Mr Sch#228;uble’s spokesman, said that while individual countries including Germany and France aly had the right to blacklist countries, the approach would succeed only with international co-operation. “It will only work if we find an international and if possible a global solution,he said. Countries that condoned “serious criminalitycould be “cut off from cash flowsthrough the Swift international banking network, he said. 朔伊布勒的发言人马#8226;雅格(Martin J#228;ger)表示,尽管单个国家(包括德国和法国)已经拥有把一些国家列入黑名单的权利,但这种做法只有借助全球合作才能成功。他表示:“这种做法只有在我们找到国家间以及(有可能的话)全球性解决方案的情况下,才行得通。”他说,可以“切断”纵容“严重犯罪行为”的国家流经环球金融电信协会(SWIFT)这个国际业网络的“现金流”The ministry’s blunt language signals Germany’s determination in building on two earlier EU initiatives the 2014 international agreement on banks automatically exchanging information, which has been accepted by nearly 100 countries and comes into force next year; and the G20 pact on curtailing base erosion profit sharing (BEPS), which are methods used by multinational companies to cut their tax bills by switching profits to low-tax jurisdictions. 德国财政部的直白言辞表明,德国决心依托欧盟早先的两个举措,一个是2014年关于间自动信息交换的国际协议,该协议已获得00个国家接受,将于明年生效;另一个是20国集G20)就限制“侵蚀税基和转移利润BEPS)而签署的协议,“侵蚀税基和转移利润”是跨国公司将利润转移到低税收司法管辖地从而实现避税的方式In Germany, banks have given strong backing to Mr Sch#228;uble’s plans. Hans-Walter Peters, the incoming chairman of the Association of German Banks and head of Hamburg-based Berenberg Bank, said misconduct must lead to sanctions. “Money laundering and tax evasion are absolutely unacceptable,he said. 在德国,业坚决持朔伊布勒的计划。总部位于汉堡的贝伦贝格银Berenberg Bank)行长、即将出任德国协Association of German Banks)主席的汉瓦尔#8226;彼得Hans-Walter Peters)表示,不当行为必须受到惩罚。他说:“洗钱和避税绝对是不可接受的。Jürgen Fitschen, the outgoing chairman and co-chief of Deutsche Bank, welcomed the finance minister’s plans for an international blacklist of tax havens, saying this would not only be good for the authorities but also for banks. 德意志银Deutsche Bank)即将离任的董事长兼联席首席执行官于尔#8226;菲辰(Jürgen Fitschen)欢迎朔伊布勒拟定一份避税地国际黑名单的计划。他表示,这不仅有利于德国政府,还有利于Mr Fitschen added that the Panama revelations were no surprise and that Panama was not alone. In Europe too, there was “homework to be done he said, citing the example of the Isle of Man as a European tax haven. 菲辰补充称,关于巴拿马的爆料内容并不令人意外,巴拿马也并非个例。他说,在欧洲,我们同样有“事情要做”,比如马恩Isle of Man)就是欧洲的避税地。来 /201604/437344赣州去唇毛要多少钱

赣州哪家割双眼皮比较好Four Chinese volunteers who have been living inside a sealed capsule in Shenzhen completed their 180-day survival experiment last Wednesday.4名中国志愿者于上周三结束了在深圳一个密封舱内的180天生存试验。The experiment is designed to determine how well food, water and oxygen can be used and recycled under controlled conditions.该试验旨在弄清楚在受控条件下食物、水、氧气的利用和循环情况。The test of the ;controlled ecological life support system; is inspired by technology currently used in Chinas Shenzhou spacecraft.;受控生态生保系;试验的灵感源自我国神舟飞船目前采用的技术。The 1,049-cubic-meter sealed capsule has floor space of 370 square meters and is divided into eight compartments, including living quarters, space for storage and the greenhouse.密封舱总容积为1049立方米,面积70平方米,分为乘员舱、资源舱、植物舱个舱段。Volunteers have cultivated 25 different kinds of plants inside the capsule, including wheat, potatoes, soybeans and lettuce, among others.志愿者在舱内种植了小麦、马铃薯、大豆、生菜等25种植物,这些植物是一个更大的生态系统的一部分。The plants are part of a larger ecological system that helps recycle and regenerate oxygen and water, and will reduce the dependency on outside supplies.这个生态系统有助于氧气和水的循环再生,并降低对外界供给物的依赖。Outside of the sealed capsule, scientists monitor and observe how a hermetic environment affects peoples physiological changes, biological rhythms, sleep patterns and psychological health.在密封舱之外,科学家监测观察密闭隔离环境如何影响人的生理变化、生物节律、睡眠模式和心理健康。Tang Yongkang, one of the volunteers, says they look forward to seeing the results of their tests.其中一名名叫汤永康的志愿者表示,他们很希望看到他们的测试结果。The results of the experiment are crucial to determining the viability of long-term space travel.据悉,此次的试验结果对确认长期太空旅行的可行性至关重要。来 /201612/484694 于都县妇幼保健院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱赣州胸部溶脂哪家医院好



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