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Celebrities reposted Ning's apology online and expressed their support.

古诗词汉译英:《论语中英文版 第十二章 子路篇() -- :55:00 来源:   樊遲問仁子曰:“愛人”問知子曰:“知人”樊遲未達子曰:“舉直錯諸枉,能使枉者直”樊遲退,見子夏曰:“鄉也吾見於夫子而問知,子曰,‘舉直錯諸枉,能使枉者直’,何謂也?”子夏曰:“富哉言乎!舜有天下,選於眾,舉皋陶,不仁者遠矣湯有天下,選於眾,舉伊尹,不仁者遠矣”  Fan Chi asked about benevolence. The Master said, "It is to love all men." He asked about knowledge. The Master said, "It is to know all men."  Fan Chi did not immediately understand these answers. The Master said, "Employ the upright and put aside all the crooked; in this way the crooked can be made to be upright."  Fan Chi retired, and seeing Zi Xia, he said to him, "A Little while ago, I had an interview with our Master, and asked him about knowledge. He said, 'Employ the upright, and put aside all the crooked; in this way, the crooked will be made to be upright.' What did he mean?"  Zi Xia said, "Truly rich is his saying! Shun, being in possession of the kingdom, selected from among all the people, and employed Gao Yao, on which all who were devoid of virtue disappeared. Tang, being in possession of the kingdom, selected from among all the people, and employed Yi Yin, and an who were devoid of virtue disappeared."    樊迟问仁子曰:“爱人”问知①子曰:“知人②”樊迟未达③子曰:“举直错诸枉④,能使枉者直”樊迟退,见子夏曰:“乡也⑤,吾见于夫子而问知,子曰:‘举直错诸枉,能使枉者直’何谓也?”子夏曰;“富者言乎⑥!舜有天下⑦,选于众,举皋陶⑥,不仁者远矣⑨汤有天下⑩,选于众,举伊尹,不仁者远矣”      樊迟问什么是仁孔子说:“爱人就是仁”又问什么是智孔子说:“能识别人就是智”樊迟还是不明白”孔子说:“推举选拔正直的人,安排的位置在邪恶的人之上,这样就能使邪恶的人转化为正直”樊迟从孔子哪里退了出来,见到子夏,说:“刚才我见到老师,问什么是智,老师说:‘选拔推举正直的人,安排的位置在邪恶的人之上,这样就能使邪恶的人转化为正直’这话是什么意思”子夏说:“这话的含意是多么丰富啊!舜有了天下,在众人中选拔人才,推举了皋陶,不仁的人就疏远了汤有了天下,在众人中选拔人才,推举了伊尹,不仁的人就疏远了”    ①知(zhī):名词,同“智”  ②知(zhī):动词,知道,识别  ③达:通达,明白  ④错:安置,安放枉:不正直  ⑤乡:同“向”,刚才  ⑥富:丰富  ⑦舜:即虞舜  ⑧皋陶(gāo yáo):舜的贤臣  ⑨远:疏远,远离此处有“转化”的意思  ⑩汤:商代的开国之君伊尹:商汤的大臣    仁者爱人体现了孔子及其创立的儒家思想的人道原则,即肯定人的价值和尊严这个原则主要有两方面的内涵:  在人与物的关系上,人比物重要牛马作为自然之物,本身具有一定的使用价值,这种价值是工具性的,而人的价值则具有目的性孔子指出,具有人格尊严的人,不能将自己混同于自然界的任何器物这里有两层意思:人作为类的存在,较之其他的物类,是更重要和更可贵;人作为有人格尊严的个体,不是像自然物一样器具这两层含义结合在一起,把人和物区别开来,说明人的价值高于物,就在于人不是工具而目的  就人与人之间的关系而言,应当互相尊重、互相亲爱人之间如何实行友爱,孔子提出了忠恕之道孔子说:“己欲立而立人,已欲达而达人”又说:“己所不欲,勿施于人”这两句话的共同出发点,都是把他人当成跟自己一样的人看,把他人看做是自己的同类  孔子的仁者爱人的思想也有局限性即它与“爱有等差”联系在一起孔子把所有社会关系都看成是父子这一等级关系的延伸和扩展,都真有等级性这样就使仁爱原则受到了“爱有等差”的限制,从而使仁爱原则空虚化、抽象化  樊迟问孔子:“什么是知?”孔子的回答是:“知人”知人即认识人本身并进一步把握人与人之间的伦常关系,而知的作用则具体体现于“忠”、“敬”、“义”等道德行为之中换言之,知主要被理解为在人际关系中屡行道德规范的手段孔子在这里所说的知,主要是一种伦理理性孔子认识论的这一趋向,使后来儒家的认识问题一直和伦理问题纠缠在一起,影响了认识问题的深化尽管如此,孔子在认识论上主张学而知之,主张诚实的认识态度,主张学与思的结合,这在今天仍然是有价值的

亚洲最有名的大腕悉数出席了这场有上千位宾客的婚礼——据称这场婚礼耗资比美国名流卡戴珊和坎耶·欧马立·韦斯特去年在弗罗里达举行的婚礼多了一倍-- ::59 来源:

7. Cecilia Cheung 1. million yuan (,390)几招为办公室恋情保密 -01- :55: 来源:  Step 1 Don’t tell anyone. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Three people can keep a secret if two are dead.” There is no surer way to release the cat from the bag than to tell a trusted friend. It’s a law of nature: office gossip like this cannot be contained and will sp like a stomach flu.  1. 不要告诉任何人你们的恋情   Step Avoid any hanky-panky at the office. No ifs, ands or butts. This means no stolen kisses in the copy room; no flirty taps on the behind in the hallway; no cutesy nick-names; and most definitely no using the office desk in ways it was never designed .  . 别在办公室眉来眼去  Step 3 Avoid each other at work. This includes all work functions, especially the holiday office party and picnics. Maybe this is impossible, but do your best to keep your time together at a minimum. You may think you’re keeping things secret, but have a little more respect your office mates: the energy between you and your lover is palpable.  3. 工作时间彼此回避  Step Practice denial. If confronted by a nosy colleague, admit you have an attraction, (I mean, your co-workers aren’t stupid), but you are certainly not going to figuratively poo where you eat.  . 学会否认  Step 5 Think like a mobster in Witness Protection: you have raised suspicions and your movements are being tracked. At night, leave the office separately. In the morning, don’t arrive from your bedded bliss together. Work-time lunches together are verboten, as well.  5. 不要共同进出  Step 6 Beware of the places you meet in public. Your colleagues are people, too, and may be surprised to find you in a dimly lit restaurant discussing more than the quarterly report. You know exactly what they are going to report come Monday morning.  6. 公共场所谨慎约会  Step 7 Watch what you email. Email in the workplace can be legally monitored. Don't get caught in an embarrassing email sex th with your lover. You know you've been busted when the IT guy gives you a creepy wink.  7. 留心你的电邮  Step 8 In this day and age of technical wizardry, watch what you post about on your Facebook or MySpace . Even if you don’t upload an incriminating photo, if both you and your lover post about a weekend hot spot, inquiring minds will surmise you spent it together.  8. 个人主页要注意保密  Step 9 Keep up your work. An office tryst can be a thrilling adventure, but keep your eyes on the prize: your paycheck. Don’t allow the romance to waylay your career. Sure, the relationship may be no one else's business but yours, but the fact is perception is reality. You are doing your career no help by being seen as a home-wrecker or the office player.  9. 工作不能丢  Step Never, ever, ever, date your boss. But now that you’ve broken that rule, don’t be surprised when she transfers you to another office after your breakup. If you play with fire, be prepared to get burned. The opposite holds true; if you are a boss and date your subordinate, then look ward to a lawsuit that may sully your reputation ever. Happy times!  . 永远不要和老板约会  Step Decide if it's love or lust. If it's love, go broke and let nothing stop you. If lust, put your hormones on ice and move onto greener pastures outside the office.  . 自行判断:是爱还是诱惑?-01- ::56 来源:

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