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CNN's Eunice Yoon reports on the developing world's position in the debate over who is to blame for rising food prices.In India, Food Courts, packed with middle class families, these days eating bigger meals more frequently with greater choice. To Anshul Singhal, it's a sign of the good economic times. “So it's people who are poor, and the poor are getting rich and they can afford food for two times a day.” But some point to this prosperity, as one key cause of record high food prices. New economic power houses, like China and India are often blamed, at least in part for the current food crisis. US president George. W. Bush had pointed to growing consumer demand in India as one reason prices are going up. But many in this part of the world say the real gluttons are: Certainly the rich countries, they not only consume much more, the amount of food that you waste is just huge. He might have a point. According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization, the average American eats 3,770 calories of food a day, compared to 2,940 calories in China or 2,440 calories in India. Americans are also some of the biggest consumers of beef, a food that takes a lot of energy to produce. Chinese agriculturalist Zhouli goes as far as to call the ed States a e "food imperialist ". Li says American food aid and farm subsidies discourage farmers in poorer countries from raising their own crops. Some also blame high food prices on the international push to use grain as fuel for cars instead of food for people. American Agro-economist Lester Brown agrees and says he's not surprised / the debate over food is turning ugly. "What we are now seeing is the emergence of a politics of food scarcity, unlike anything we've seen before." And many food experts say that the blame game is set to get even uglier as nations battle it out in this global food fight/. Eunice Yoon,CNN, Beijing.200812/59268Better busy than doing nothing, scientist provesThe secret to happiness is keeping busy, research has found.Keeping the mind occupied with tasks - no matter how meaningless - staves off negative emotions, the study found.However, the bad news is that humans seem hard-wired to be lazy in order to save energy, according to Professor Christopher Hsee, a behavioural scientist at Chicago University.In a study 98 students were asked to complete two surveys. After they had completed the first they were made to wait 15 minutes to receive the next one.They were given a choice of either handing in the first survey nearby or at a more distant location they had to walk to. Whichever option they chose, they received a chocolate bar.Two-thirds (68 per cent) chose the lazy option.Those who had taken the walk reported feeling happier than those who had stayed put.Prof Hsee concluded keeping busy helped keep people happy.He said the findings, reported in the journal Psychological Science, had policy implications."Governments may increase the happiness of idle citizens by having them build bridges that are actually useless", he proposed.At the individidual level, he advised: "Get up and do something. Anything. Even if there really is no point to what you are doing, you will feel better for it."He added: "Incidentally, thinking deeply or engaging in self-reflection counts as keeping busy, too."You do not need to be running around, – you just need to be engaged, either physically or mentally."Vocabulary:stave off: succeed in stopping sth. bad happening for a while(暂时挡住,避开)hard-wired: 深植于脑中的incidentally: 顺便提一句背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110549你是不是有留着没用的东西而不扔掉的习惯呢?你是不是觉得,有一天这些东西还会派上用场呢?哈哈,在今天的西部落,我们来看看,如果你的周围都是放杂物的盒子,你的生活会变的怎么样。07/77931

A new study finds that men who drink a lot of coffee are less likely to develop potentially fatal prostate cancer. It's the latest study to show a beneficial effect from one of the world's favorite beverages.新的研究发现大量饮用咖啡的男子不太容易罹患致命的前列腺癌。这项最新研究显示,咖啡这种世界上广受欢迎的饮料能够产生对人体有益的效果。The study included about 50,000 men who reported their coffee consumption in questionnaires every four years. Over more than two decades, the moderate coffee drinkers were somewhat less likely to develop any form of prostate cancer. But lead author Kathryn Wilson of the Harvard School of Public Health says the real difference showed up when the researchers looked at the most serious prostate cancers.这项研究有5万名男子参加,他们每四年在答卷上报告一次有关咖啡饮用量的问题。经过20多年的追踪调查,咖啡饮用中等的人群不太容易出现任何种类的前列腺癌。但是调查报告的主要撰写人、哈佛大学公共健康学院的凯瑟琳.威尔逊说, 在研究人员观察一些最严重的前列腺患者时,真正的差异显现了出来。"Men who drink six or more cups of coffee per day had a 60 percent lower risk of lethal prostate cancer than men who drank no coffee," she says. "And we saw this reduction in risk for both regular and decaffeinated coffee."她说:“每天喝6杯以上咖啡的男人比不喝咖啡的人患前列腺癌症的机会少了60%。我们看到不仅是普通咖啡,去咖啡因的咖啡也有同样功效。”Coffee is a chemically complex brew, full of antioxidants and other compounds that may affect the development of prostate cancer. 咖啡是一种含复杂化学成分的饮料,具有丰富的抗氧化物质和其他化合物质,这些都能影响前列腺癌的发展。201105/137364

Each year in the ed States, hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of unclaimed property - especially stock certificates, jewelry left in safe-deposit boxes, and seemingly forgotten money in checking accounts - are turned over to state governments by banks and companies that cannot locate the owners. The states, in turn, try to find these people.在美国,每年都有价值数千万美元的私人财产无人认领,其中包括股票券、保险箱里的珠宝首饰,以及在活期存款帐号上显然已经被遗忘的钱。由于找不到主人,或者公司不得不把这些东西和钱上交给州政府,由州政府负责去寻找主人。The mid-South state of Arkansas even makes a game of it. It calls it "The Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt."美国中南部的阿肯色州甚至把这种“失物招领”变成一个游戏,叫做“大阿肯色州寻宝行动”。Each October, every newspaper in the state publishes a special section. There are no stories in it. No photographs. No advertisements. Nothing but page after boring page of names and people’s last known addresses. State auditor Charlie Daniels and his staff hope that people identified in that list will contact them and claim their cash and personal property.每年10月,州里的每份报纸都会推出一个专版,上面没有报导,没有照片,没有广告,有的只是非常单调的人名名单以及这些人最后为人所知的地址。阿肯色州审计员查利·丹尼尔斯和他的同事们希望相关人士看到那个名单后,能够和他们联系,找回属于自己的个人财产。Last year, that unclaimed treasure trove of everything from cash to diamonds and guns was valued at million. 去年,包括现金、钻石和在内的无人认领物品总价值达到2千200万美元。Charlie Daniels’ office puts the cash in the bank and the valuables in two big safes in the capital of Little Rock. It even holds onto some items that have only sentimental value, like World War Two medals, that are starting to turn up regularly, now that so many veterans of that war are dying. The state has even been known to hold onto false teeth and urns of cremated human remains.审计员丹尼尔斯和同事们把无人认领的现金存在,把其它贵重物品放在首府小石城的两个大保险箱里。他们保存了一些只有情感价值的东西,比如二战勋章。这种无人认领的勋章现在慢慢多起来了,因为越来越多二战退伍军人离开人世。阿肯色州政府甚至会保存假牙,以及骨灰盒。The right of the owner - or that person’s lawful heir - to claim this property or money never expires. Each year in Arkansas alone, about 15,000 families who join in the treasure hunt discover that they have inherited valuables they never knew existed. No lottery ticket anywhere can match the Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt’s decent odds of paying off - sometimes quite handsomely.不管是物品的主人还是法定继承人,他们认领这些物品的时间没有期限。每年,仅仅在阿肯色州一个州,大约就有1万5千个参加寻宝行动的家庭会发现,他们居然能够继承到一些价值不菲而且他们以前从来不知晓其存在的物品。没有哪个州的票可以和大阿肯色州寻宝行动相比,因为寻宝行动常常会给人带来有时是相当可观的一笔财富呢。201104/132584

总结奥巴马在峰会期间的表现,美国媒体热衷于用"握手外交"、"魅力攻势"等字眼形容。奥巴马本人也对峰会成果感到满意,称从古巴、委内瑞拉等美国在拉美的传统对手处看到"积极信号"。After days of handshakes with unlikely leaders, President Obama is ending his four-day trip to Latin-America today. He's attempted to warm up relationships between the US, Cuba and Venezuela and he is set to give closing remarks in Trinidad and Tobago just before noon Eastern.Have you seen this story out of Erie, Pennsylvania? It is sparking a whole lot of outrage and basically this is the premise. An off-duty police officer is caught on camera at a bar, mocking a man he watched die. Yeah, now we are gonna show you a piece of this now we are gonna show you more of it later, but I wanna warn you, pretty graphic stuff here, some graphic language are also just serving the hideous thing talked about. Again, this is the police officer in the bar joking as he discussed this murder investigation.Ok, he’s talking about the mother of that murdered victim there and her reaction on the scene, he goes on. This is like an eight-minute clip here, but er, the is provoking a lot of outrage and protests as well. Look at some of these s here. This is from Oklahoma lines of storms with strong winds hit Oklahoma overnight. This is in the northeastern port of the State, the National Weather Service confirming that a tornado did in fact touched down in Linston, Oklahoma .That’s not too far outside of Oklahoma City. Four homes we know of leveled; also a horse trailer was turned upside down. No reports of injuries from this tornado, but you can see the damage that it did right behind. We have a heartbreaking story out of Texas to tell you about. Five children are dead after the car they were in veered off the road and it was swept into a flooded creek. The children were ages one, three, four, six and seven. Now the driver and another person did escape and police say that driver lost control when he tried to answer a cellphone, but they say alcohol and the weather may have also played a role. Before the September 11th attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing was the deadliest terror attack on the American soil. That was 14 years ago today. That Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols bombed the borough federal building, killing 168 people. Hundreds of others were injured. A live picture we wanna show you now from Oklahoma City where the residents there, government officials and also many, many others will be taking part in ceremonies marking the 14th anniversary of that attack.04/67729

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