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在超市里-- ::59     Amber goes to a department store to buy some empty tape cartridges. She has become enthralled by a TV program called 'Cops', and is recording every episode. She also wants to check out the cameras while she's at it. How does she get around the store? And what is so interesting about this show?  Amber:(to another shopper) Excuse me. where can I find the inmation desk?  Shopper:Just around the corner (points the way).  Amber:Thanks. (She gets to the inmation counter. He overhears an inquiry by the customer ahead of him).  Customer:Where's the 'Lost and Found' counter?  Officer:On the nd floor, near the elevator.  Customer:Where's the elevator?  Officer:To your right, near the middle of the store.  (Now it's John's turn. She steps up to the desk.) Hello. Can you tell me the closing time?  Officer: PM, miss.  Amber:Thank you. And can you point me to the cameras?  Officer:5th floor, to the left of the escalators.  Amber:Thank you. (He gets on the escalator and goes to the 5th floor. First he picks up a supply of tapes, and then he browses around the cameras a while. Then he overhears another customer).  Customer:Let's go to the food court and get something to eat.  (Sounds like a good idea to Amber, since she hasn't had dinner yet. She wanted to make sure she could tape the next episode of 'Cops', so she left the department store right after work. She finds out where the food court is and goes to eat).  Amber来到当地的一家商店,她想买一些空白的录像带她最近迷上了一个叫'Cops'的电视节目,每集必录同时她还想去看看录像机她怎样在超市里找到正确的路径呢?那个节目到底有什么吸引人的方呢?  Amber:(对另一个店员说)打扰一下,那可以找到咨询台?  Shopper:就在那个拐角处(指出了方向)  Amber:谢谢(她来到咨询台,恰好听到前面的顾客在咨询)  Customer:失物认领处在哪?  Officer:在二楼,靠近电梯  Customer:电梯呢?  Officer:在你的右边,在商店的中部  (现在该轮到John了她走到台前)你好,请问什么时候结束营业?  Officer:晚上十点,  Amber:谢谢你能给我指一下摄影机柜台在哪吗?  Officer:在五楼,就在自动扶梯的左边  Amber:谢谢(他踏上自动扶梯上了五楼他先选了一些空白带,然后又随便看了看录像机这时他又恰巧听见了一个顾客的话).  Customer:我们去食品柜台买点吃的  (Amber觉得是一个好主意,因为她还没吃饭呢她为了确保能录到下一集'Cops',一下班就跑到商店里来了她找到餐厅就去吃饭了)Spring is coming. -- :53: 来源: Spring is coming. the sun is shinning.the wind is blowing. the flowers are blooming.the grass and the trees are growing.the children are singing and dancing.the entire world is reviving.五年级英语作文:I like orts --1 :00:5 来源:   There are many kinds of orts that I enjoy, such as swimming, ruing, and dancing. However, the ort that I like most is basketball. When I was in junior high, I started to play basketball in school. At that time, I found I had loved deeply this ort. Now, I would like to watch basketball games as much as I can. The basketball games have given me the most wonderful time in my life.

忙碌的一天 A Busy Day -- :3: 来源: Todayit’s a busy day. I have a lot of things to do. In the morning, I get up earlyat 6:30. My mother prepares the breakfast me. I eat it and then go to theschool. I have four classes in the morning. There are two periods of Chinese. Teacherasks us write an essay during the two classes. I finish it on time. At noon, I don’tgo home because I go to the hospital. One of my classmates is sick so I visither. I return to school at :00. I am a little tired but I still focus on theclass. After class, I go home and have dinner. Now, I finish my homework and I willgo to sleep soon.今天真是忙碌的一天我有很多事情要做我早上6:30就早早的起床了我妈妈给我准备好早餐我吃了早餐就去学校我上午有四节课有两节语文课老师要求我们在这两节课内写一篇作文我时完成了中午,我不回家因为我要去医院我有一个同学病了所以我要去看她我回到学校已经:00我有点累了,但我仍然集中注意力上课下课后,我回家吃晚饭现在,我完成了我的家庭作业,我会很快入睡

一个不错的女孩(A Nice Girl) -- ::5 来源: 一个不错的女孩(A Nice Girl)  a nice girl  eva likes english very much. she works hard. she s english every morning. she likes speaking english.  she often listens to the radio. she watches tv only on saturday evening.  does she like dancing? no, she doesn’t. but she likes drawing and singing. her parents like her. and all the teachers and her friends like her, too.

小学英语作文:国庆节日记 -- :38: 来源: 国庆节日记National Day  (1) HAPPY SUNDAY  It was Sunday. My brother and I were at the zoo. We saw birds ,horses, bears and monkeys. The monkeys were very funny. We looked at them and they looked at us. Oh! my god! They looked at a big map. Do they know what were on the map? No? Yes? I don't know, but, they could study, really! We know, because we study .They study ,they can know?  () An Another HAPPY DAY  Today was a fine day. My sister and I went to the park. We saw many trees and flowers near the lake. Some were green ,Some were white , some were yellow .We played near the lake .We were sitting under a big tree, and we made some paper ships. We hade a good time .  (3) Last Day of Vacation  Today was a last vacation day. I should go to the class. I don't like this school’s classes. I don't like the chalk and monitor . I must write and , learn and . Was it very bad? In class ,We must understand and learn the knowledge. I don't like quiz and exercise, I like experiment. I think it was a bad day!

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