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An artist has sparked a debate about what women#39;s skirt lengths say about the wearer.一名艺术家最近引发了一场争论,争论的内容是:女人裙子的长度能否说明这个女人是什么样的人。Rosea Lake, 18, who is studying graphic design and illustration at Capilano University in Vancouver, posted a photograph titled Judgements to her Tumblr account.18岁的罗茜·莱克目前正在温哥华的卡普兰大学学习平面设计及插画,她在Tumblr上发布了一张照片,照片题为“评判”。The image shows a woman from behind with ten words written up her left leg indicating various hemlines, with #39;matronly#39; scrawled at the bottom of her calf and #39;whore#39; seen just below her buttocks.图片的内容是一名女子的背影,左腿上写有十个词,表示不同的裙边长度。小腿的最下方涂写的文字是“主妇”,而臀部下方的部位写的是“”。Resting under her knee is the label #39;proper#39; while #39;flirty#39; sits above.在她膝盖下方的标注是“得体”,在此之上则是“轻浮”。In just two weeks Miss Lake#39;s photo has attracted more than 270,000 comments as it has been shared on various social networking sites.短短的两周之内,莱克的照片下已有27万余条,这张照片也被分享到了各个社交网站上。One commentator wrote on Facebook: #39;It doesn#39;t go down to the ankle, would that be graceful or elegant? I think so.#39;一个者在Facebook上写道:“还没有拍到脚踝的地方。到脚踝的裙子会不会用优雅来形容?我觉得会的。”While another showed their distaste adding: #39;Sure, let#39;s judge women like we did in the 1600#39;s. Disgusting!#39;另外却有人表达了对此的反感:“对,我们就像17世纪时那样评价女性吧。真恶心!”However Laura Beck of Jezebel said: #39;This picture really resonates with me. Like many women, I#39;ve been subjected to confirm my skirt was long enough at school and been asked, while wearing a maxidress, why I was so covered up. There#39;s some days a lady just can#39;t win.#39;然而Jezebel网站的罗拉·贝克说:“这张照片真的引发了我的共鸣。和其他很多女生一样,我在学校里必须确保自己的裙子足够长。而我穿长裙时,却又会有人问我为什么要把自己包得这么严实。有时候女人无论怎么做别人都有意见。”Miss Lake, who shot the picture when she was 17 as part of a high school project, said she wanted the piece to stop people jumping to conclusions when it comes to women and the way they dress.莱克在17岁的时候拍摄了这张照片,这是她在高中的一个课题。她说她希望人们不要一看到女人裙子的长度就直接对她下定论。She told The Province: #39;I realized that when I looked at a woman in a short skirt I automatically thought ‘slut’ - I felt bad about that.、她告诉The Province网站的记者:“我意识到,当我看到一个穿短裙的女人时,我自然而然就会想到‘’,我觉得这样很不好。”#39;And I thought all women who wore hijabs were being oppressed. I thought about slut shaming and thought we need to get to a place where we are not judgmental.#39;“另外,我觉得带头巾的女性也一直受到压迫。会想到‘’我觉得很羞愧,我认为我们不应该轻易对别人做出评价。”Due to demand she is now planning on selling prints of Judgements, however she says one minor tweak must be made first as the word #39;prudish#39; is spelled incorrectly, #39;I didn’t catch that when I first did it. But for prints or other stuff I will fix it,#39; she explained.鉴于大家的需求,她正打算出售“评判”的印刷品,不过她说还需要做一个小改动,因为“prudish”(拘谨)这个词拼错了。“我一开始拍照片的时候没有发现。不过如果是要印出来的话我会把这个改掉,” 她说道。 /201301/221205Kangxi (1654——1722) was the second emperor of the Qing Dynasty. His personal name was Xuanye. One of China#39;s most capable rulers, Kangxi(1661——1722) laid the foundation for a long period of political stability and prosperity.康熙(1654——1722),名玄烨,清朝的第二个皇帝 (1661——1722),中国最有能力的统治者之一,为中国长期的政治稳定和繁荣奠定了基础。Under his reign, the Treaty of Nerchinsk was signed with Russia, parts of Outer Mongolia were added to China#39;s territory, and control was extended over Tibet.在康熙统治期间,中国与俄国签订了《尼布楚条约》,外蒙古的部分地区成了中国的领土,西藏也被纳人管辖范围。Domestically, Kangxi#39;s reign was a time of large-scale public works,such as repairing the Grand Canal to permit transportation of rice to feed the northern population, and dredging and banking the Huang He (Yellow River) to prevent destructive flooding.在国内,康熙修建了大规模的公共工程,例如:修理大运河,以将南方的大米运到北方; 为防洪水,疏通黄河河道,修建大堤。Kangxi reduced taxes many times and opened four ports to foreign ships for trade.康熙多次减税,为外商开放了四个港口。Though an ardent proponent of Neo-Confucianism, he also welcomed Jesuit missionaries, whose accomplishments led him to permit the propagation of Roman Catholicism in China.尽管康熙是新儒学的热心持者,但也欢迎耶稣会传教士。他们的造诣使得康熙允许罗马天主教在中国传播。He commissioned many books, including The Kangxi Dictionary and A History of The Ming Dynasty.康熙命人编纂了许多书,其中有《康熙字典》和《明史》。 /201508/391606

But the teacher cried老师哭了The six-year-old John was terribly spoiled.六岁的约翰娇生惯养。His father knew it, but his grandma doted on him. He hardly left her side. And when he wanted anything, he either cried or threw a temper tantrum. Then came his first day of school, his first day away from his grandmother#39;s loving arms.他的父亲知道这一点,可他的祖父母仍然宠着他。这孩子几乎寸步不离他的祖母。他想要什么不是哭,就是闹。他第一天上学才离开祖母的怀抱。When he came home from school his grandma met him at the door.约翰放学了,他奶奶在门口接他并问道:;Was school all right?; she asked, ;Did you get along all right? did you cry?;“学校怎么样?你过的好吗?哭了没有?”;Cry?; John asked. ;No, I didn#39;t cry, but the teacher did!;“哭?”约翰问,“不,我没哭,可老师哭了。” /201209/200874

Why do gorillas have big nostrils?Because they have big fingers.为什么大猩猩的鼻孔那么大?因为它们的手指比较粗。内容来自: /201203/175359

Lewis Pugh Swims Antarctica#39;s Icy Ross Sea To Save Pristine Ecosystem为环保在南极游泳Environmentalists use different tactics to raise public awareness. Some organize rallies, others set up petitions, and then there is Lewis Gordon Pugh. This activist and adventurer highlights the planet#39;s woes by swimming in the vulnerable ecosystems of some of the world#39;s coldest waters. 环保主义者会用不同策略引起公众对环境的关注:有些人组织集会,有些人发起请愿,然而Lewis Gordon Pugh却另辟蹊径。他不仅是行动主义者,还是冒险家。他以在全球最冷、生态环境最脆弱的水域中游泳的方式来表达地球遭遇的不幸。His past endeavors include being the first human to swim in the Arctic - a feat that earned him the nickname of #39;human polar bear#39;.他过去对环保还做过很多努力,包括成为在北极游泳的第一人,并因此获得了“人类北极熊”的称号。From February 13 to March 7, Pugh conducted a series of five swims in Antarctica#39;s Ross Sea. During each of the swims that were sp over three weeks, Pugh spent about 20 minutes in water temperatures as low as minus 1.7°C (28.94°F), just 0.3°C shy of the freezing point of salt water. While that may not seem like much, Pugh says that any additional time spent in water this cold would kill him. If that wasn#39;t bad enough, he also had to watch out for the aggressive Leopard seals and killer sharks, that inhabit the freezing waters.2月13日到3月7日,Pugh在南极罗斯海先后下了五次水。这三周中,他每次在近1.7°C (28.94°F)温度的水中游大概20分钟,再少0.3°C就是海水的冰点。也许这听起来没什么,但是Pugh说,如果再在水中停留多一点时间,就会致命。更糟的是,他还要注意在这些寒冷水域生活的海豹和鲨鱼的攻击。The 45-year-old hopes that his swims will persuade the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) to set aside a marine protection area the size of UK, Germany and France in the Ross Sea. Home to the Antarctic Toothfish, the Colossal Squid, and the Emperor Penguin, it is currently one of the most pristine areas in the world. While there has been some commercial fishing in the region since the 1990#39;s, the ecosystem has yet to be affected. Pugh hopes that he can convince the officials to put a protection order in place, before that changes.45岁的Pugh希望他的行为能劝说CCAMLR委员会能在罗斯海围绕英国、德国和法国设立海洋生物保护区。这块水域是南极鳕鱼、霸王乌贼和帝企鹅的家,也是目前全世界最古老的区域之一。虽然20世纪90年代后这里进行过一些商业行为,生态系统尚没有惨遭破坏。他希望自己能劝说负责人在这之前及时把环保落实在此地。As for the Speedo? The adventurer says, “Swimming in Speedos shows commitment, courage, and integrity, and it opens doors and gives me access to world leaders!; We sure hope all his hard work to save the Ross Sea pays off.至于他穿的Speedo泳装,这位冒险家如是说,“身穿Speedo游泳不仅能表现出奉献,还代表了勇气、正直,它让我找到了世界领袖的感觉!”我们热切希望他为罗斯海所做的一切能得到回报。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/385690

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