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泉州流产手术哪里做比较好泉州中医院门诊部怎么样Financial happiness doesn#39;t come easy when your money isn#39;t right. Debt, overdrawn accounts, and too little income can drain you emotionally.财务状况不好时不太会有经济上的幸福感。债务、账户透以及收入太少会让你很泄气。This situation is all too common. But some people have discovered how to be financially happy. What#39;s their secret?In most cases, it#39;s all about adopting smarter financial habits — something anyone can learn.这种情况太常见了。但是有些人已经知道如何在经济上找到幸福感。他们有什么秘诀?大多数情况下与更聪明的理财习惯有关——任何人都可以学习它们。 /201403/279817泉州市市北区妇科医院 Scientists studying why pets appear to protect kids against asthma and allergies say the answer might lie in the world of bacteria that live in the gut.科学家们研究了养宠物为何似乎能保护孩子不会患上哮喘与过敏,他们说,可能在于肠道内生活的菌群。A new study published Monday found that exposing mice to dust from households where dogs were allowed outdoors significantly changed the composition of gut microbes in the mice.周一公布的新研究发现,将老鼠暴露于准许外出的家庭产生的灰尘中,极大地改变了老鼠肠道菌群的成分。When the mice were then challenged with some well-known allergy triggers, they had significantly reduced allergic responses compared with mice that had been exposed to dust from homes without dogs or that weren#39;t exposed to any dust.随后这些老鼠被注射了一些有名的过敏触发物,相比那些暴露于无家庭灰尘或是未暴露于灰尘中的老鼠,这些老鼠的过敏反应大大减小。Having dogs in the house #39;might inoculate the GI tract#39; of babies and lead to a more mature immune response that is less sensitive to many allergens, said Susan Lynch, an associate professor in the division of gastroenterology at University of California, San Francisco and senior author of the study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.加州大学旧金山分校(University of California, San Francisco)肠胃病学副教授、上述研究的资深作者林奇(Susan Lynch)说,在家中养可能对婴儿胃肠道起到接种作用,导致更为成熟的免疫反应,对许多过敏原较不敏感。上述研究发表在《美国国家科学院院刊》(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)。#39;We develop this great diversity of organisms [in the gut] over the first couple of years of life,#39; Dr. Lynch said. The gastrointestinal microbiome is the subject of a growing body of research showing the bacteria play key roles in metabolism, immunity and a variety of other biological processes.林奇说,我们在一生中最初的几年就在肠道中建立了这种极为多样化的生物群落。胃肠道微生物群正成为越来越多的研究机构的研究对象,这些研究显示出,细菌在新陈代谢、免疫和多种生物过程中都扮演着关键角色。While the study looked at mice, Dr. Lynch said the findings are consistent with previous research based on human observations and are likely to apply to people.虽然上述研究考察的是老鼠的情况,但林奇说,相关结果与此前基于人类观察的研究一致,并有可能适用于人类。The new study identified one specific species of bacteria, Lactobacillus johnsonii, that was strongly linked to protection against allergic responses. When isolated from the gut of one group of mice and put into the intestinal tract of other mice, #39;those mice were protected,#39; Dr. Lynch said. #39;The immune response was significantly reduced in those animals and they looked healthier.#39;新的研究识别出了一种名为约氏乳酸杆菌(Lactobacillus johnsonii)的细菌,其与防止过敏反应存在很强的关联。林奇说,从一组老鼠的肠道中分离出这种细菌并植入另外的老鼠肠道后,被植入细菌的老鼠就获得了过敏保护。这些动物身上的免疫反应极大地降低了,它们看起来更为健康。But they weren#39;t as well-protected as mice with a more-diversified microbiome, suggesting other such organisms in the microbiome affect immune response.但它们受到保护的程度不如有着更多样化菌群的老鼠,这表明菌群中还有其他类似生物影响着免疫反应。Dr. Lynch and her colleagues, including researchers at the University of Michigan; the Henry Ford Health System, Detroit; and the Georgia Regents University, Augusta, are shifting the research to people. The aim is to develop probiotics or #39;microbial based therapies#39; that might be used to prevent or treat asthma and allergies, Dr. Lynch said.林奇与密歇根大学(University of Michigan)、底特律亨利#12539;福特卫生系统(Henry Ford Health System)以及奥古斯塔Georgia Regents University的研究人员正将这项研究转向人体。林奇说,研究的目标是开发出基于益生菌或微生物的疗法,可能用于防止或治疗哮喘和过敏。The study was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health.这项研究由美国国家健康研究院(National Institutes of Health)下属的美国国家过敏症和传染病研究所(National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)资助。 /201312/269479泉州新阳光医院

泉州新阳光女子医院Single women should ditch Facebook because the #39;perfect lives#39; of their friends are bad for their health, a relationship expert has warned.由于在社交网络上看到朋友的“完美生活”对单身女性的健康无益,恋爱心理专家建议单身女性远离社交网络。Author Zoe Strimpel says the social media site bombards singletons with pictures of #39;perfect#39; weddings and babies which causes envy and voyeurism.女作家佐伊说,社交媒体上“完美”的婚礼和宝宝照片对单身女性来说是一种信息轰炸,会引起单身女性产生嫉妒心理和偷窥癖。She said: #39;What [Facebook] does is it enhances the sense that your life is lacking and specifically, when you are single, you focus in on all those pictures of perfect weddings, perfect babies, perfect couples.她称,“Facebook这样的社交网络会使人感到自己的生活有所空缺,特别是对单身人士而言,社交网络会使单身人士过多关注那些完美的结婚照片、宝宝照片、情侣照片等等。”She urged single women to cut down or get rid of Facebook completely during a lecture at Cambridge’s Festival of Ideas.在剑桥大学的构想节期间佐伊进行了一场讲座,她建议单身女性减少登陆社交网络的次数,或者彻底摈弃掉此类网站。She said getting rid of your profile will help #39;limit that delicious but yucky feeling of voyeurism, slight envy, maybe even narcissism.#39;她说,对单身女性而言,摆脱掉她们在社交网络上的账号有助于她们“克制偷窥癖、轻度嫉妒、甚至自恋等等不良情绪。”Ms Strimpel, who wrote ‘Man Diet: One Woman’s Quest to End Bad Romance’, said the fairer sex also spends too much time monitoring potential suitors online.佐伊写过一本名为《爱情节食:如何中止孽缘》的书,她说,女性还往往在社交网络上花费大量的时间,去寻找潜在的恋爱对象。She said the y availability of biographical information on Facebook encourages women to over-analyse potential dates.脸书网上公开的个人资料信息会导致女性对有好感的男士产生过高的期待心理。#39;Thanks to Facebook you may know his mother’s name, the details of his last holiday, the names of his exes, who he is hanging around with.This is not healthy or helpful information, plus it gives the impression that these men are more in your life than they actually are, which is quite corrosive.There’s plenty of psychology that supports taking a break from social media.#39;“多亏了脸书网,你可以知道他母亲的名字,他上一个假期是怎么度过的,他前女友的名字,经常跟他聚在一起的朋友。但这些都是无益的信息,反而有害。许多心理学理论都明,单身女性应该避免社交网络。”Explaining the inspiration for her book, Ms Strimpel added: #39;I was 28 and I just had broken up with a boyfriend - Oh my God I’m single, I’d better act single.There was fun goodness and yucky badness. For some reason the badness was getting the upper hand.#39;佐伊谈到写这本书受到的启发时说,“我今年28岁,刚刚和男友分手——哦天呐,我现在单身了,我最好像一个单身女性那样生活。这种生活既有乐趣和益处,又有苦涩和害处。由于某种原因似乎害处更多一些。” /201311/264935泉州市新阳光妇产医院正规 晋江市中医院医生介绍

泉州慢性宫颈炎手术费用Jewelry designer Jamie Wolf doesn#39;t let pregnancy stop her from doing plies and ronds de jambe in her ballet class.珠宝设计师杰米#12539;沃尔夫(Jamie Wolf)没有让怀阻碍她在芭蕾课上继续练习下蹲和划圈等动作。As a former New York City Ballet corps member, Ms. Wolf knew the best prenatal exercise is the one she#39;s been doing most of her life.相反,作为纽约市芭蕾舞团(New York City Ballet)昔日的一名舞蹈队员,沃尔夫认为最好的期锻炼就是她迄今生活中投入时间最多的运动。With her doctor#39;s consent, Ms. Wolf went back to ballet class after eight weeks into her pregnancy. She says the endorphins from exercising helped her deal with first-trimester nausea. #39;I found that what makes me feel best while being pregnant are the things that feel familiar because everything else is changing,#39; says Ms. Wolf, who is due this month.经得医生允许后,怀八周的沃尔夫重新回到芭蕾课堂。她表示,运动促进体内的内啡?分泌,帮她克了吐这种怀初期的妊娠反应。如今,很快将迎来预产期的沃尔夫说:“我发现怀期间让我感觉最好的就是接触熟悉的事物,因为其他一切都在发生改变。”The 35-year-old New Yorker began dancing at age 8 at the School of American Ballet. Her first role on stage was the #39;Bunny#39; in New York City Ballet#39;s #39;The Nutcracker,#39; which became her nickname when she joined the company in 1996.沃尔夫现年35岁,纽约人,从8岁就在美国芭蕾舞学校(School of American Ballet)学跳芭蕾舞。她的舞台处女作是在纽约市芭蕾舞团的《胡桃夹子》(The Nutcracker)中扮演“兔子”(Bunny)。1996年她加入这个芭蕾舞团后,“兔子”便成了她的昵称。Ms. Wolf retired in 2006 to focus on her jewelry line. She stepped back into the studio three years later when choreographer and former City Ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied approached her to audition for a dancer role in the 2010 film #39;Black Swan.#39; To get back in shape, she began taking ballet classes with master teacher Wilhelm Burmann and continued to do so after working on the film.2006年,沃尔夫从纽约市芭蕾舞团退役,开始专注于珠宝设计工作。三年后她重回芭蕾舞房,因缘在于电影《黑天鹅》(Black Swan,2010年)需要一位舞者,担任编舞的前纽约市芭蕾舞团舞者本杰明?米派德(Benjamin Millepied)邀请她去试镜。为了重塑身形,她开始跟随名师威廉?布尔曼(Wilhelm Burmann)重新修习芭蕾,并且在电影拍完后坚持了下来。She is the only pregnant woman in a class geared for professional dancers, but that doesn#39;t deter her from enjoying the workout.沃尔夫参加的是面向专业舞者的培训班,而她是这个班上唯一的妇学员,但这一点儿也不影响她享受训练的过程。#39;I used to be able to do those moves and now I can#39;t,#39; she says. #39;Who cares? It#39;s about feeling good and I really enjoy it.#39;她说:“以前能做的动作,现在我都做不了了,可那又怎样?只要感觉好就行,我真的感觉很享受。”The Workout跟随“”律Ms. Wolf attends Mr. Burmann#39;s advanced professional class at Steps on Broadway one to three times a week. Class begins at the barre with leg exercises such as plies, tendus and ronds de jambe for 45 minutes. Then the class practices adagios, a sequence of sustained movements.沃尔夫每周去Steps on Broadway参加1-3次布尔曼的高阶专业芭蕾舞课程。该课程一开始有45分钟供学员进行下蹲、拉伸、划圈等基本的腿部练习,然后是一些动作连续的慢板练习。She modifies the exercises to fit her changing body, eliminating moves such as the arabesque, a pose in which a dancer stands on one leg with the other leg extended behind her. She is always on alert for signs of discomfort. #39;As a dancer, you#39;re comfortable with your body and you know yourself so well,#39; she says. #39;It#39;s very easy to differentiate fatigue from pain and discomfort.#39;因为怀带来的身体变化,沃尔夫在练习时对一些姿势进行了变通,例如略过像迎风展翅(arabesque)这样单腿站立、另一条腿往后高抬的动作。沃尔夫会对不适风险时刻保持警惕。她说:“一名舞者会让自己的身体处在舒适的状态,会对自己非常了解。我们很容易就能区分出哪种感觉只是累了,哪种感觉是疼痛和不舒。”At home, she follows online streaming s of Ballet Baby, a prenatal workout created by Mary Helen Bowers, a former dancer and founder of Ballet Beautiful, a ballet-inspired fitness program. Ms. Wolf sometimes takes Ms. Bowers#39;s studio classes.在家里,沃尔夫会跟着《芭蕾宝贝》(Ballet Baby)的在线流式视频进行锻炼。《芭蕾宝贝》是退役舞者玛丽?海伦?鲍尔斯(Mary Helen Bowers)为准妈妈们设计的一套锻炼动作。鲍尔斯也是基于芭蕾舞设计的健身项目Ballet Beautiful的创始人。有时候,沃尔夫也会去鲍尔斯的舞蹈房上课。The series includes mat work, toning exercises and cardio workouts broken into around 15-minute sessions. Her favorites include the Inner Thigh and the Classic Bridge exercises, which help sculpt the butt, the inner thighs and the back of the legs.《芭蕾宝贝》系列课程包括垫上练习、伸展动作和有氧运动,大约15分钟一小节。沃尔夫最喜欢的练习包括“大腿内侧运动”(Inner Thigh)和“经典搭桥”(Classic Bridge)练习,这些动作有助于锻炼臀部、大腿内侧和腿肚部位。The Diet期饮食For breakfast, she often has multigrain toast with fresh avocado sprinkled with salt or multigrain waffles with a banana. For lunch, she#39;ll have either a Moroccan chickpea salad or a salad with grilled chicken.沃尔夫早餐常吃的是撒上少许盐的鲜鳄梨杂粮吐司,或者香蕉杂粮华夫饼。午餐的话,要么洛哥鹰嘴豆色拉,要么鸡肉色拉。For dinner, she enjoys date nights and often eats out with her husband, Mike. At home, they cook grilled fish with wild rice and fish tacos with fresh guacamole in the summer. She eats whatever her body is craving but within moderation.对于晚餐,沃尔夫喜欢约会的感觉,所以常常和老公迈克(Mike)外出就餐。如果在家就餐,夏天他们会做烤鱼,并用野生稻米做饭,还会做鱼肉玉米饼卷,配以鳄梨色拉。总的来说,沃尔夫在饮食方面完全听从自己身体的需要,同时注意适量原则。She has Epic Seed#39;s Greek Yogurt + Chia every day for calcium, and bananas for potassium, which she learned prevents muscle cramps during pregnancy.此外,沃尔夫每天还会食用Epic Seed的Greek Yogurt + Chia以补充钙元素,并通过吃香蕉补钾,她听说这样可以预防期肌肉痉挛症状的发生。The Gear行头装备In ballet class, Ms. Wolf wears Yumiko#39;s Yuki leggings in black microfiber () and Alex or Heather microfiber leotards ( and , respectively). The brand doesn#39;t provide maternity wear so she buys up a size. She dances in Bloch split-sole ballet slippers, which cost around . Her other workout clothes includes Jungmaven T-shirts () and zip-hooded sweatshirts ().上芭蕾课时,沃尔夫穿的是Yumiko品牌的Yuki黑色超纤弹力裤(售价67美元),以及Alex或Heather系列的超纤面料练功(分别售价75美元和68美元)。因为这个品牌没有专门的妇,沃尔夫就选了大一号的尺码。练功时,沃尔夫会穿Bloch品牌的分割式软底舞鞋(售价在33美元上下)。她还备有其他一些练功,包括Jungmaven 品牌的T恤衫(售价29美元)和带拉链的套头衫(售价60美元)。A single class at Steps on Broadway costs , though she buys a series of 10 classes for 0. The Ballet Baby online streaming s cost about for the series. A monthly subscription to in-studio and online Ballet Beautiful classes costs 0.在Steps on Broadway单上一节芭蕾课的花费是18美元,沃尔夫报了一套共10节的课程,总计160美元。一套《芭蕾宝贝》在线视频课程的售价约为50美元,而Ballet Beautiful练功房和在线课堂的月收费是280美元。The Playlist美妙音乐#39;One thing I love about ballet is the incredible music, especially getting to perform with a live orchestra,#39; she says, who counts Stravinsky as one of her favorite composers. At Steps on Broadway, there is a pianist who accompanies the class.沃尔夫说:“我爱芭蕾表演时那美妙的音乐,特别是在乐队现场伴奏下跳芭蕾的感觉。”她表示,斯特拉温斯基(Stravinsky)是她喜欢的作曲家之一。在Steps on Broadway上课时,旁边就有钢琴师伴奏。 /201408/320040 泉州人流医院哪家做的好泉州最好的人流多少钱



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