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上饶铅山县做狐臭手术多少钱弋阳县botox除皱多少钱一支A popular Chinese photo-editing app has suddenly burst into popularity in the West, covering social feeds in airbrushed photos with huge, sparkling eyes.一款在中国很受欢迎的图片编辑软件突然就在西方火了起来,用其修过的闪闪发光的大眼睛铺天盖地涌到了社交媒体上!Although Meitu has been around since 2008, it has become an overnight success.虽然美图秀秀在2008年就上线了,但是最近它可以说是“一夜成名”。Meitu is a lot like other photo-editing apps — it has Bitmoji-style stickers, Instagram-style filters, and Layout-style photo collages.美图秀秀和其他的图片编辑软件有许多相似之处--有Bitmoji风格的贴纸、Instagram风格的滤镜、以及Layout风格的拼图功能。But the app really shines in its ;hand-drawn; mode that is like a Snapchat filter on steroids.不过,美图秀秀的“手绘”模式真的很赞!就好像用Snapchat滤镜画画一样。The hand-drawn mode slims down jawlines, enlarges eyes, and adds a little bit of sparkle to the whole package.手绘模式可以削尖你的下巴、把你的眼睛变大,还可以在整张照片上加上一些璀璨流光!Basically, it makes you look like a cartoon — and it#39;s these images that are rapidly sping on social media.一般来说,这会让你看起来像是动漫里的人物--社交媒体上铺天盖地席卷而来的照片就是这样!The company behind the app IPOed in Hong Kong in December with a roughly .6 billion valuation — which may increase as investors learn that Western audiences like the app too.去年12月,美图秀秀公司香港IPOed粗略估值为46亿美元--而当投资者知道西方人也很喜欢这款APP后,这个数字可能还会继续增加。 /201702/490874广丰区妇幼保健人民中医院打溶脂针多少钱 I started jogging from 2014, not everyday, basically 3 times one week (around 20km each week), here is what I benefit from jogging:我从2014年开始慢跑,并非每天,基本是一周三次(大概一周跑20公里),以下是跑步带给我的益处:* Good sleep良好的睡眠。* More energy during daytime白天精力更充沛。* Good body shape and posture漂亮的身形和站姿。* More positive and confident更积极、自信。* Skin is better and better, even with less skin care即使对皮肤很少保养,皮肤还是越来越好* Pay more attention to the health, eat health, exercise health, work health etc.更加关注健康,饮食健康,运动健康,以及工作健康等。* Less anxiety and keep inner peace, and won#39;t lose my temper easily just like before.焦虑减,少内心平静,不再容易发脾气。* Won#39;t quit easily like before, can insist doing something longer than before.不再轻易放弃,可以比以往坚持更久。* Proud of myself that I can keep running over 2 years对于自己可以坚持慢跑两年感到自豪。 /201701/487927On the face of it, scentless cologne might seem pointless. If it’s not going to spritz you with enticing-smelling scent, what’s the point?乍看起来,无味香水可能毫无意义。如果洒上香水却不能让你拥有诱人的香味,意义何在?And yet one perfume company is selling just that - Escentric Molecules fragrances are practically scentless, but apparently mingle with the wearer’s natural pheromones to create a unique smell.而一家公司正在销售这种无味香水。Escentric Molecules香水几乎无味,但似乎可以与使用者的天然信息素混合,发出独特的气味。After all, no one wants to smell the same as everyone else, do they?毕竟,没人愿意和其他人的气味相同,是吧?It#39;s a scientific new approach to perfumes - there is just one aroma molecule in each fragrance, and the other (odourless) ingredients in the formula are selected to enhance this aroma-molecule and amplify its key qualities.这是一种崭新且科学的香水制作法,每瓶香水只有一个芳香分子,配方中加入的其他(无味)成分是为了加强芳香分子的效果,并放大其关键品质。The concept was created in 2006 by perfumer Geza Schoen, who has been heralded as a rising star in the fragrance industry. The range is now stocked in Selfridges, Liberty London and on Net-a-Porter.这一理念是2006年由香水商格扎-舍恩提出的,他已经被誉为香水界的新星。这一香水系列如今在塞尔福里奇百货、伦敦利伯提百货、以及电商Net-a-Porter有售。It’s a unique departure from traditional perfumes and colognes that are generally made up of top-, middle- and base-notes, and tend to smell the same on everyone.这和传统的香水有很大不同。传统香水一般有顶级、中等、基础集中风格,喷在每位使用者身上后味道都相同。Because of something called olfactory adaptation, you never know quite how strongly your fragrance smells either - after a few minutes of exposure to a smell, it becomes 80 percent less powerful.由于嗅觉适应,你永远都不知道自己喷的香水有多香,在闻过几分钟之后,香味对你来说就散掉了80%。Escentric Molecules are shaking things up though, and celebrities including Rihanna, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Kate Moss are rumoured to be fans. It likely won#39;t be long before other perfumers are experimenting with the technology too.Escentric Molecules香水让人们大开眼界。据说蕾哈娜、碧昂斯、杰斯、和凯特-斯等众多明星都是这款香水的粉丝。看起来很快其他香水商就也要尝试这种制作方法了。The colognes are unisex and smell different on every wearer, but much like the majority of designer perfumes, 100ml of eau de toilette will set you back nearly £70.这些香水男女皆宜,在每个使用者身上散发出不同的味道,但就像大多数品牌香水一样,每100毫升的淡香水售价大约要70英镑。New York-based GQ writer Adam Hurly recently tried the fragrances and revealed that he was pleasantly surprised by them, despite being sceptical beforehand: “I liked it. I liked it a lot,” he wrote.纽约GQ作家亚当-哈利最近尝试了无味香水,并透露说尽管之前对无味香水非常怀疑,但尝试后感到非常惊喜。他写道:“我喜欢它,非常喜欢。”Hurly tested two of the Escentric Molecules fragrances: the confusingly-named ‘Escentric 01’ and ‘Molecule 01.’ Of the two, he preferred the former.哈利尝试了两款Escentric Molecules无味香水:Escentric 01和Molecule 01,这两款的名字有些让人混淆。他更喜欢第一款。“Once applied, it reminded me of how my loved ones (and other people I get close enough to smell) have a unique, identifying scent to them - some original musk that permeates their apartment and clothes and car,” he explains.他解释说:“喷上香水后,它让我想起我所爱的人(和其他我很亲近,能够闻到体味的人)都有一种独特的、容易分辨的气味,一些原始的麝香味道弥漫在他们的公寓里、衣上和车里。”But there’s no way of knowing how you’ll smell until you spritz yourself with the perfume.但直到你喷上这种香水,才能知道到底会散发出什么气味。 /201702/490763弋阳县活细胞丰胸价格

上饶市第三人民医院做抽脂手术多少钱上饶县中医院做双眼皮手术多少钱 People smile for all kind of reasons - not all of them good. Smugness, embarrassment and fear can all cause smiles. Can you recognise which is which?人们因种种原因微笑,但并不是都是因为好事情。装模作样,尴尬和害怕都能使人微笑。你能分清楚哪个是哪个吗?The type of smile you have can reveal a lot about you.你的笑容类型能够说明有关你的很多东西。Find out below what your smile indicates about you according to top facial er Jean Haner.顶尖面部(表情)解读专家珍·哈纳为你解读!你的笑容是如何出卖你的?一起来看看吧~THE OPEN MOUTH SMILE露齿大笑An open mouthed smile, where the lips are stretched and the teeth are on display, exudes confidence, warmth and a positive energy. ‘This kind of smile goes beyond just showing friendliness, it could be to show real excitement about something or a laughing smile, showing that you find something really funny.’ says Jean. If this type of smile is also accompanied by crinkly lines around the eyes, called ‘Duchenne lines’.张开嘴的大笑,嘴唇向外扩张露出牙齿,这样的笑散发出自信,热情和积极的能量。珍说:“这种笑不仅仅是表达友好,也有可能是对某些事情很兴奋或者发现一些很有意思的事情。”如果笑的时候眼睛周围有皱纹,我们称之为“鱼尾纹”。This is one of the most common types of smiles and can portray a range of different emotions from shyness to fear.这是最常见的一种笑,可以表达从害羞到恐惧等一系列不同的情绪。#39;A genuine smile involves both the muscles around the mouth and the eyes,’ says Jean. ‘In this smile, only the muscles by the mouth are moving which means it is probably not authentic. This is a case of smiling because you have to.’珍说:#39;发自内心的微笑嘴部肌肉和眼睛都会运动,’ ‘然而只有嘴部的肌肉动的时候意味着这并不是真的笑,这种笑可能是因为你必须要笑’ 。THE LIGHT LIPPED SMILE抿嘴笑Hiding teeth can also equate to hiding what you are really thinking and not wanting to reveal too much of yourself. Conversely, this smile can be a reflection of inner confidence in that you don’t feel it necessary to reveal too much.不露出牙齿也等同于你想掩盖内心真正的想法,你不想透露太多有关于自己的东西。相反,这种笑可以反映你内在的信心,你觉得没有必要透露太多。Some people opt for this sort of grin because they aren’t confident about showing their teeth.有人这样笑是因为他对他们的牙齿不自信。THE TURN AWAY SMILE偏过头去的微笑This kind of smile is done with the head turned downward and facing away while the eyes look upward, often with part of the hand covering the mouth.有一种笑是低着头转过去但是眼睛看着上面,经常用一只手捂住嘴。When someone looks down as they smile, it can be a sign of shyness and self-consciousness and a lack of confidence, especially if they also cover their mouth with their hand. This type of smile can also signal embarrassment or can be done purposefully to appear alluring.当某些人在笑的时候低下头,这是一种害羞,下意识和缺乏自信的表现,特别是如果他们用手捂住嘴巴。这种微笑也可以表示尴尬或者故意诱惑别人。THE HALF SMILE似笑非笑A half smile where one side of the face is lifted and the other can be a confusing expression. This can reflect an uncertainty.若有若无的微笑是一半脸扬起另一半则呈现出令人迷惑的表情。这种微笑可以反映不确定性。SMUG SMIRK自鸣得意的笑With this smile the lips are pressed together or slightly separated, with one side of the mouth slightly raised. This grin can denote general dissatisfaction, arrogance and a feeling of superiority.有一种笑是嘴唇抿在一起或者稍微分开,嘴唇一头微微扬起。这种笑容可以表示一种不满,傲慢和优越感。THE UPPER SMILE上扬的微笑Here the upper lip is raised to expose only the top row of teeth and the lower teeth remain hidden which reveals feelings of insecurity.上嘴唇撅起露出上排牙齿,但是看不见下排牙齿,这种笑容是一种没有安全感的表现。 /201610/470566上饶弋阳县玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱

上饶玉山县唇部激光脱毛价格An emerging trend on Instagram and YouTube is shaking up conventional wisdom by de-gendering makeup and celebrating makeup for men.Instagram和YouTube上的一个新兴趋势正在通过使化妆不分性别、赞扬男性化妆术而撼动传统观念。The trend comes at a time when gender fluidity, particularly among millennials, is picking up steam.这一趋势兴起的时代背景是,性别流动性越来越为人们所接受,特别是在千禧一代中。A community of beauty boys sharing their makeup skills and stunning looks has gone viral on social media with millions of followers.一群分享自己化妆技巧、惊艳妆容的男性美妆达人已在社交媒体走红,收获了数百万粉丝。Many male beauty bloggers have been invited to join in beauty campaigns launched by household name fashion brands.不少男性美妆主已受邀加入家喻户晓的时尚品牌所发起的美妆运动。Last October, James Charles , a 17-year-old makeup artist, was listed by CoverGirl as the beauty brand#39;s first cover boy.去年10月,17岁的化妆达人詹姆斯·查尔斯被美妆品牌CoverGirl选为首位男性封面人物。But while most beauty boys acknowledge drag queens as trailblazers, many are keen to stress the differences.不过,虽然大多数男性美妆达人将易装皇后奉为鼻祖,但不少男性美妆达人却热衷于强调二者的区别。What you might think of as traditional ;drag makeup; belongs, for most, in a world more rarefied than that of the new-school boy beauty.相较于新派男性妆容,你可能想到的传统的“易装皇后妆容”大多较不接地气。One thing that#39;s different about this new makeup movement is the everydayness of it - it#39;s the same makeup that#39;s traditionally worn by women.这场新兴化妆运动的一个特别之处在于它的日常性——它与传统的女性妆容一样。 /201702/494280 信州区妇幼保健人民中医院脱毛手术多少钱横峰县妇幼保健人民中医院做双眼皮多少钱



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