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saving grace ———— 可取之处(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) A quality that compensates for other faults.例句 My sister is not very intelligent, but her enthusiastic sincerity is her saving grace, and people always like and respect her.我不是很聪明,但情真义切是她的可取之处,人们一直很喜欢和尊重。 /201607/455756

creepy ———— 毛骨悚然的(形容词,非正式)英文释义 (adjective, INFORMAL) Describing something unpleasant and annoying that makes you feel like insects are crawling on your skin.例句 I saw a creepy movie yesterday and I had terrible nightmares last night.我昨天看了一部毛骨悚然的电影,晚上做了一个可怕的梦。 /201606/448956



  And it isn't the easiest job in the world, of course, particularly when millions of people across the globe are watching your every move and decision. The football referee expects to be scrutinized, especially during a World Cup. But in Germany, he's become the center of attention. First there was England's Graham Poll who forgot to send off a player despite yellow-carding him 3 times, then there was Valentin Ivanov, responsible for a record-breaking 4 red cards and 16 yellows. Sue Turton reports from Germany.The enemy camp where they are plotting England's downfall and finding any possible excuse to have playmaker Deco reinstated. Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari's best effort's that Holland were guilty of unsportsmanlike behavior on Sunday, claiming the Dutch failed to return the ball after stoppage for an injury. Deco had merely been righting that wrong, as he had downed defender Johnny Heitinga. No extenuating circumstances have yet been put forward for the second yellow he picked up 5 minutes later. But FIFA today were clearly having none of it."No, there was a phone call and they were clearly told forget it."There is growing discontent over the standard of refereeing at the tournament. Trigger-happy Russian referee Valentin Ivanov handed out 16 in the Portugal match but missed Luis Figo's headbutt on Mark van Bommel, giving him just a yellow for a red-card offense when filled in by his assistant"Ivanov couldn't calm the game down. He gave too many cards away, 4 yellow-red cards and 8 yellow that shows that the referee is not the master of the situation"But the man who controversially disallowed England's last minute goal in the quarters of Euro 2004 thinks discipline must come from the coaches. "No one ever mentions the coaches. They did nothing to try to calm down the play. They just looked on and did nothing. And they, too, have a responsibility. It's cheap and very easy now to only blame the referee."The Aussies have the most cause for referee rage after Graham Poll's matcher rebliss. Poll's inability to count yellows left Croatian Josip Simunic on the pitch when he should have been sent off. …The third time, this never seen before at a World Cup, Graham Poll has lost control, it finished…But things went from bad to worse last night as a fairly innocuous challenge by Lucas Neil on Fabio Grosso won the Italians a penalty in the last seconds of injury time. Totti was on target, and the Australians were on the plane home. "Devastated, devastated, so we played too good to end in that way. Not fair, not fair. They’ve come too far. We got robbed. I know it, you know it, every, (we all know it) everybody that watched the game knows it. We got robbed. We should have won that game, (we are still proud) but we are still proud. The Aussies are not as proud. "FIFA have tightened up the game, instructing referees to book players for diving, for feigning injury, for time wasting, even for wearing jewelry. This clampdown has resulted in the highest card tally ever at a World Cup tournament. At Mexico 86, only 133 yellow cards were brandished, that nearly doubled by France 98. Four years later, it was up to 272. But in Germany they are aly on 298 with eight more matches to play. It's a similar story with the reds, just 8 in Mexico, and 22 at France 98. The figure then dipped in Japan, but in Germany, they are aly on 24.I think the referees are gonna take some more responsibility in jumping into decisions. And it worries me greatly that we are gonna end up in this competition, you know, with some of the best players around not being able to function in the biggest match of all.Every one of these World Cup referees will be hoping to make the cut to officiate in the final knockout matches. Graham Poll knows, he won't be among them when the decision is made in Frankfurt tomorrow.Sue Turton Channel 4 News, Baden-Baden.1.stoppage:n. act of stopping, halt; something which causes a secession of movement, obstruction, blockage停止, 中止; 堵塞; 阻塞; 阻碍 2.extenuating:adj.If you say that there are extenuating circumstances for a bad situation or wrong action, you mean that there are reasons or factors which partly excuse it. (FORMAL)3.referee:n. arbitrator, unbiased person who makes decisions and settles disputes; umpire, official who enforces game rules during sports competitions 裁判4.headbutt:v. hit a person using a strong thrust with the head 5.innocuous:adj. harmless, not causing injury or damage; not offensive; uninteresting, insipid 无害的, 无伤大雅的6.penalty:n.In sports such as soccer, rugby, and hockey, a penalty is an opportunity to score a goal, which is given to the attacking team if the defending team breaks a rule near their own goal.罚球7.feign:v. fake, pretend; make up, fabricate; imitate 装作, 假装; 捏造; 做假, 假装 8.tally:n. reckoning, score, total; something on which an account or score is kept; mark made to keep record of a number of items 符木, 得分, 记帐 9.brandish:v. If you brandish something, especially a weapon, you hold it in a threatening way.10:officiate:v. perform ceremony; perform duty; serve as officiator; referee (Sports) 当体育比赛裁判11.knockout:n. competition is one in which the players or teams that win continue playing until there is only one winner left. (mainly BRIT; in AM use elimination)淘汰赛 200805/39355

  US Senate Approves Financial Rescue Plan美参院通过金融法案焦点转向众院 Revised legislation to rescue America's financial institutions has cleared its first hurdle, winning approval in the U.S. Senate. The bill could face a tougher test Friday in the House of Representatives.经过修改的拯救美国金融机构的立法通过了第一道关卡,在美国国会参议院得以通过。这项法案星期五在众议院可能面临更艰难的考验。Senators overwhelmingly passed the enhanced version of the bailout, 74-25 Wednesday night, sending it to the House, which rejected the first incarnation of the bill earlier in the week. 星期三晚间,参议员们以74票比25票的压倒多数通过了修改后的救市计划。该计划将送往众议院表决。 本星期早些时候众议院拒绝了这项计划的最初版本。Under the controversial plan, the U.S. government would spend 0 billion to take over bad debts from U.S.-based financial institutions.根据这项具有争议的计划,美国政府将使用7千亿美元来收购美国金融机构的坏账。The easy Senate approval raised hopes among the Bush administration and congressional leaders that many of the Representatives who voted against the bill on Monday might change their minds by Friday.参议院顺利通过救市计划,重新燃起了布什政府和国会领袖们对星期五众议院通过这一计划的希望,他们估计很多在星期一投反对票的众议员可能改变立场。The revised legislation is said to be gaining support in the House, thanks in part to amendments including 0 billion in tax breaks for businesses and middle-income families, as well as an increased limit on federal deposit insurance.这项经过修改的救市立法据说会在众议院得到更多持度,因为该立法作了部分修正,包括对企业和中产阶级家庭减免高达1千亿美元的税收,同时提高了联邦政府给存款的保险金的最高限额。The proposal is not popular with many taxpayers. Mail, e-mail and telephone calls to congressional offices have been overwhelmingly against it. With the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate up for re-election about one month from now, many lawmakers have been hesitant to support the bailout.这项提案对很多纳税人来说是非常不受欢迎的,反对提案的信件、电邮、电话像潮水一样涌向国会议员办公室。还有一个月左右的时间,国会全体众议员和三分之一参议员将面临重新选举的考验,很多议员在是否持这项法案问题上犹豫不决。Even some Senators who voted for the plan, such as Republican Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, say they did so reluctantly.甚至一些投了赞成票的参议员,例如来自南卡罗来纳的共和党人格雷厄姆就表示,他们这样做并不是心甘情愿的。"We have two choices as far as I am concerned: a bad choice we all recognize, and a catastrophic choice if we do nothing," he said.“我们认为我们有两种选择,一个是我们都承认的不好的选项,而假如我们不采取行动,另一个选项则会是灾难性的。”Many lawmakers who voted yes warned of a financial catastrophe if the bailout goes down again. Democrat Chuck Schumer of New York said failure to pass the bill would result in the financial equivalent of a heart attack.很多投了赞成票的国会议员都警告说,如果救市计划再次失败,金融灾难就将来临。来自纽约州的民主党参议员舒默说, 假如救市议案不能通过,金融界发生的情况就像是人的心脏病发作。"Our economy's body is in terrible shape because its arteries, the financial system, is clogged, and it will cause a heart attack, maybe in a day, maybe in six months, but we will get a heart attack for sure if we do not act," he said.“我们的经济体系情况很糟糕,因为供血的动脉系统,也就是金融系统被堵塞了,这会引发心脏病卒发,也许再过一天,也许再过半年,总之,如果我们不采取行动,心脏病终将发作。”Both presidential candidates left their campaigns to return to the Senate and vote in favor of the bill. Illinois Democrat Barack Obama spoke on the Senate floor, saying a second defeat for the legislation would affect Americans everywhere.美国两党总统候选人中断了竞选,回到参议院,为救市方案投了赞成票。来自伊利诺伊州的民主党参议员奥巴马在参议院说,如果再次否决这项立法,全国各地的美国人都将受到影响。"What it means is that businesses will not be able to get the loans they need to open a new factory or make payroll for their workers. And if they cannot make payroll on Friday, then workers are laid off on Monday. And if workers are laid off on Monday, then they cannot pay their bills or pay back their loans to somebody else. And it will go on and on and on, rippling through the entire economy," he said.“这意味着企业在开设新工厂或者给员工发放工资时不能得到它们所需的贷款,如果星期五他们开不出工资来,工人下星期一就被裁员。如果工人星期一失业的话,他们就无法交付账单,无法偿还拖欠别人的贷款。”Earlier in the day, Republican John McCain of Arizona warned of dire consequences if the enhanced bailout plan went down.星期三稍早,来自亚利桑纳的共和党参议员麦凯恩警告说,如果修改后的救市方案再次受挫,后果不堪设想。"If the financial rescue bill fails in Congress yet again, the present crisis will turn into a disaster," McCain said.“如果金融救援议案在国会再次失败,那么,目前的危机就将变成灾难。”Wednesday's vote crossed party lines. Many Republicans voted for the plan, and some Democrats voted against it. Some liberals oppose using taxpayers' money to rescue the financial markets, and some conservatives believe the government should not interfere in private business. 星期三的表决超越了政党的界限,很多共和党人赞成这一方案,一些民主党人则投了反对票。一些自由派的议员反对利用纳税人的钱去挽救金融市场,一些保守派人士认为,政府不应该干预私有经济。Alabama Republican Richard Shelby voted against the proposal because he thought there should be a better alternative.来自阿拉巴马州的共和党参议员谢尔比投票反对这一立法,因为他认为应该有一个更好的选择。"Many around here are finding comfort in the notion that something is better than nothing. I believe that is a false choice. The choice we faced was between pursuing an informed response or panic. And I think we chose panic," he said.他说:“这里很多人认为,做点事情总比什么都不做更让人感到安心。而我认为那是错误的选择。我们面临的抉择是,或者在得到足够的信息后做出反应,或者惊恐万状不知所措。我认为我们选择了惊慌失措。”If the House passes the bailout plan, it will go to President Bush for his signature.如果众议院通过了救市立法,该立法将送交总统签字生效。After the House rejected the previous version on Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost almost 780 points, a record for a one-day point loss. The Dow recovered more than half of that lost value on Tuesday.众议院星期一否决前一个救市方案之后,道琼斯指数下降了近780点,创下单日跌幅历史纪录。星期二这一指数回升,收复前一天跌幅的一半以上。200810/51521

  Now more than half a million teenagers received their GCSE exam results this morning and for many it was very good news. Nearly one in five grades awarded were either "A"s or A-stars. That s a rise of 0.7% on last year. Ever-increasing performance has sparked the now-familiar debate on whether the standards are falling and turned the spotlight on coursework, upon which so much of GCSE assessment is based. Alexandry reports. Great news for these students in Oxford this morning opening their results. To earn their GCSEs, as well as exams, they had to produce a large amount of coursework over two years, projects, essays, and group work. It's supposed to give a more accurate result of a pupil s ability, rather than simply judging their performance on how they do on a few exam days. But does coursework lend itself to plagiarism and cheating? Is it all too tempting for some pupils to simply copy work from the Internet or to get help from friends, parents, even teachers? I think the argument that people should be able to do coursework because they don't cope under exam conditions is a weaker argument. And you know when, when we are in this competitive environment for university selection and so on. The QCA has recommended a number of tighter controls which the government is now considering. It wants to make coursework much more heavily supervised and in some cases cut it out altogether, especially in subjects like maths, but that s not a view shared by the exam boards, which say plagiarism may be a problem, but that's no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water. All this is perhaps a contradiction in terms for the examination board, but in many cases we do overly examine students. They spent a huge amount of time preparing for and executing examinations. I think that adding to the bottom of examinations is not necessarily a good thing. I think that we should be looking as far as we can for better ways to stretch more able students and better ways to give (ur) less able students a chance to really demonstrate what they can do. Some teaching unions are also worried that the proposals would place an extra burden on their members. The last thing we want is a general expectation of the headteacher to do a lot more monitoring of individual teachers or indeed, teachers to do a lot more monitoring. I think what has to happen is that the question about coursework has to be tailored such that it is the child who has to do the job. But the Department of Education has said it is likely to accept the QCA recommendations, using coursework only when it's the most valid way of assessing skills, meaning these students may be among the last of the coursework generation. But for all the GCSE success, there was also bad news on school standards today, with the revelation that more than one in five primary school children in England are still failing to reach the basic minimum level for English and maths by the age of eleven. Figures released this morning show the government missed its target to have 85% of the expected standard by this year by a considerable margin. The figure for those reaching level four in English tests stalling at 79% of pupils, the same level as last year. In maths, the figures rose by just 1% on 2005 to 76%. I think it's very interesting the government have tried to bury this result today with the GCSE results rather than announcing them separately. And at the same time they are saying that: we need to make GCSEs much harder because too, too many young people are coming out of school unable to and write. And what these results tell us is that this isn't about GCSEs, it's about much earlier in the education system and tackling issues there. plagiarismThe act of plagiarizing. 剽窃的行为throw the baby out with the bath waterget rid of the good parts as well as the bad parts of something when you are trying to improve itheadteacher中小学的校长 200805/39450Script:am Jim Ledbetter with CNN Money, I am here with Fortune’s David Kirkpatrick. Today, we are gonna talk about the phenomenal rise in Chinese Internet Stocks. David, welcome.Okay, let’s go.Just in a matter of a week, ten days' time, some of the big players in China like Sohu and Baidu have seen their stocks go up 9%, 15%. What’s behind these phenomenal rises?There are just, there is just huge innovation in China, there is unbelievable hunger for success by some very creative entrepreneurs. The government is 100 percent behind it which makes all the difference in China. And the audience is there, I mean, I am not, I am not sure what the exact number in China is, but estimates are 120 to 140 million PCs in China, a very large percentage of the Chinese population doesn’t even use their own PC, they use Internet cafes to go on the Internet. I am sure that you are in the 2 to 3 hundred million minimum population on the Chinese internet, and albeit their reven(ue), their, their, their income is not what, what we would consider high by American Standards. But their purchasing power is growing very rapidly. The advertising market in China for the internet is exploding. So, it’s, it’s, it's really a kind of like the next bubble in a way or it’s, it’s, the enthusiasm for the Chinese internet is kind of at the place where the American internet was in 1998, 99. I would say.You mentioned that the government is behind this 100 percent, which is really interesting because for so many years, we’ve heard that the Chinese government perceive the internet as a threat, that they censor people who were looking at Falungong, or looking at, (they do) you know issues about Taiwan or issues about the Dalai Lama. Um, well, how can they, how can they square that circle, how can they be in favor of the internet growth as a business but, but still be afraid of it as, as a political device?I think the way they are managing it is that the companies don’t want to alienate the government and they are basically telling a line. In fact, there is extensive communication, pretty much at all times, between all the major Chinese internet companies and the government, and they don’t even have to really take orders from the government. They have internalized this sufficiently that they know where the lines are. And I will tell you something else; the ordinary Chinese person doesn’t really care to about the Falungong or the Dalai Lama. I am sorry to say that, but I really don’t think they, they do. The average Chinese internet surfer takes the view that their information access is so much greater than it ever was without the internet that even if they can’t see everything, they are way better than they were when all they had were government-sponsored newspapers that were much more censored frankly than the internet could ever be. Right, you used the comparison of America in 98, 99, which suggests that it could be in a situation with a bubble. Their, their stocks are at huge multiples right now. Um, but that’s also a function of the Chinese stock market in general. The Chinese stock market is in a bubble by many opinions, and you know, had a pickup a couple of weeks ago, and dropped like 5% in a day as I recall. And the internet companies are leading a lot of the markets there. So in that way, it is kind of like the late 90s. I think though when you have an economy that is growing 11% year over year which I don’t believe any country in the world has ever done before. And it’s an economy of that scale, you know, maybe you can sustain some pretty high PEs for quite a while because there is just so damn much economic activity.OK, great. Thanks.Notes:PE:The P/E ratio (price-to-earnings ratio) of a stock (also called its "earnings multiple", or simply "multiple", "P/E", or "PE") is a measure of the price paid for a share relative to the income or profit earned by the firm per share. A higher P/E ratio means that investors are paying more for each unit of income.200807/44406

  Concern over the subprime mess is not just isolated to the US markets of course. Shaking news out of the US on housing and jobs, also had Europe's major indices falling sharply. The London FT100 down nearly 3% just in the last week. The next big question of course will the subprime blowup in the ed States rein in the strong growth we’ve been seeing overseas as the ripple effects continue. This weekend, I had a chance to sit down with the president of the European Central Bank Jean Claude, Trichet, in an exclusive interview. I got his thoughts on that as well as the health of the overall European economy. ...you have Europe today?I would say our present analysis is that our baseline scenario continues to call for a European economy growing around potential. But I also said on behalf of the governing council that uncertainties had augmented because of the effects that we have observed over the last weeks and days. And so we have this combination of the baseline scenario, growth around potential and uncertainties augmenting significantly. And final question is many people are wondering if the housing issue in the US will rein in the European economy because the European economy has been growing so strongly. Well, we will see what happens again, as I said, uncertainties have augmented whether or not the global economy itself which is as you know very dynamic with emerging countries continuing to be very dynamic, emerging in Asia, in particular, but not only emerging in Asia. So how would the combination of what happens in the US and the rest of the world being in a dynamic state presently, how would this three combine, we would see again, baseline scenario, growth around potential, uncertainties are widening.And Mr. Trichet also spoke to me about his former counterpart, former federal reserve chairman Alan Greenspan. We will have more of that interview with Jean Claude, Trichet about Alan Greenspan. Later on in the week and then on Monday...Notes:FT100: The Financial Times Index of 100 industrialsBaseline scenario: The Baseline Scenario is a projection of future community, economic and physical development trends.200807/43996

  Maybe she will, with the do's and don'ts of lending money to family, we are joined by Mility Hopson, GMA financial contributor and president of Aerial Capital Management. Welcome.Welcome, thank you.So it, it, can we narrow it down.Is there a yes-no answer to the question: Should you lend family money?I wouldn't call it a yes-no answer; I would start with a very basic idea. Before you think about this familial obligation issue, let's start with can you afford it? And if you can't afford it that answers the question right away. Also can you afford it if they don't pay you back? A bank thinks about the same thing. They assess the risk of the loan that they are going to make. And they don't make loans that are going to make them insolvent. You shouldn't either, but if you go down this path, the one thing that I suggest you that helps mute some of the resentment or problems that can occur. Document it. Documentation helps a lot. So those are the guidelines basically, you're saying: write it down on paper, sign it, date it, interest rates, someone said, the interest rates are low, so this is a good deal. We do look at family as a good deal, even for paying an interest that's usually lower than the market rate, right /? Well, I would start with, you know, you want your names, you want the date, you want the amount, you want the purpose and yes you have a right to know. A bank would ask you what the loan is for. You may not wanna lend a family member money for a vacation versus a medical bill.And you should tell them that. Hey, I don't want to pay for your trip to Disney World.(Perfect dictation ) Absolutely did in / terms, the terms may or may not include interest. They may include a payment plan; they may include it all back at a, over a lump-sum period. And then last, last but not least, sign it, copy it, make sure you both have a copy and when you get into issues, you pull out that piece of paper. And you should have the hurt, supposed to be able to say to the person: I don't think I wanna loan your money for this purpose.Absolutely, it's worse if you feel tremendous guilt and do something that you don't wanna do. You do it and it doesn't go well. That's a really bad situation. So on the front-end, maybe you can go to someone else, maybe I can cosign for a loan for you at the bank, really to create that kind of distance...that might be meeting them halfway. This, this is so loaded, because it is not just the stranger, right? This is all the family history, all the arguments, all the little things you did your bother or sister, you did your parents, whatever you is loaded from the back-end with emotions. There is no question about it, and there are certain people that think the family bank should always be open, that is not the case, there are also in most families there is a go-to person, that person gets called again and again and again, often, because there is a sense that they are good with money, they're button-down, they have the money and can loan it. And so those things just create just tremendous stress around these issues in families.But it is hard to say no, you love this person, right? you wanna help them out. But this maybe not be the best thing for the person. Well, it's hard to say no, but sometimes you have to say no. I had the situation just this week. I had a family member repeatedly needs money and at some point I had to say. And this, the moment of truth was this week. (Yah!) We are done, this is the last check that I would write, because I'm enabling you, to live a life style that you can not afford. And how does he or she react?Not well, I can tell you that.And so that will affect your relationship. You gotta deal with this person at holidays and family reunion? you know? But you know what, it's better than dealing with them when they are facing bankruptcy, facing serious, serious financial problems, because I didn't force them to look themselves in the mirror and try to take accountability for the life style that they were trying to maintain, that they quite frankly could not afford. It was just a fact, there were no two ways about it. Let, now we've been talking about you as the bank in the family, what about if you need to borrow money, what, what do you do? How do you approach your family member?Well, if you need to borrow money, I will go to them in the most professional way possible and I would be the one saying this is what I need the money for, I'd like to document this and write this down, this is when you can be expected to receive the payment. If I don't pay you back, I would be here before the money is due to renegotiate these terms, so they get a sense that you are very serious, very credible and you wanna make sure that this goes really, really well. It's also good for your own self-esteem. You know, hey, we get terms here, we get interest payments, I am gonna pay you back. There is no question about it. One interesting other idea, let's just say for some reason a family member doesn't pay you back, try having them work off the money. That's been something that I've tried lately and that goes extraordinarily well, they may do the baby-sitting that you need done or mowing the lawn or things like that.I don't know any of my relatives would like to clean windows. Mellody Hobson, Thanks a lot for the good advice. Tit touch waters to navigate here. 200810/51397。

  Help, help!救命,救命!Help us! Were locked in.救救我们!我们被锁住了。Oh dear. Do you remember that Tom and Anna are locked in the stationery cupboard?天啊。你记得汤姆和安娜被锁在文具柜里了吗?What are they going to do?他们要怎么办?And what will people say when they are discovered in there?要是有人发现了,他们会说什么?I have a feeling were about to find out…我觉得我们马上就会发现了……Goodness, whats that?上帝,出什么事了?Anna is that you? And is that you Tom?安娜,是你吗?还有你,汤姆?Yes, help! Were locked in.是的,帮帮忙!我们被锁住了。Dont panic, Ive got the key.别慌,我有钥匙。There. How on earth…好了。到底是………its not how it looks Denise. We were just… erm…丹尼斯,不是你想的那样。我们只是………just looking for envelopes.只是找信封。Really?真的吗?Yes, yes, really.是的,是的,真的。The door slammed shut and locked from the inside when Tom walked in.汤姆进来时门砰地关上了并且从里面锁住了。Yeah, shes right.是的,她说得没错。Just walked in, and shut the door and bang.走进来后,门突然砰的关上了。Lets just keep it our little secret shall we.那就让我们保守住这个秘密吧,好吗。I thought you had better taste Anna!安娜,你的眼光不错哦!Ah there you are Anna, I need a word with you…你在这里,安娜,我要和你谈谈。Oh, you look like youve been caught doing something you shouldnt! Ha ha.你看起来像是被抓现形了!…but I havent.……但是我没有。Just joking Anna.安娜,开玩笑的。Now could you step in to my office, we need to touch base about the European marketing strategy.你能到我的办公室来吗,我们需要就欧洲市场战略谈一谈。 /201703/498754

  India Grapples With Huge Power Shortfalls印度面临能源严重短缺危机   India is coping with huge energy shortfalls as a growing economy raises demand for power. The government has pledged to cover the gap in five years.  由于国内不断增长的能源需求,印度正在面对一场严重的能源短缺。印度政府希望在五年内解决能源不足的问题。Temperatures frequently soar above 40 degrees Celsius across the vast plains of India as the summer heat peaks. But for most people, like 54-year-old Renuka Taimni in New Delhi, the sweltering heat is worsened by the frequent power outages.  随着酷暑的到来,印度平原上的气温不时升到摄氏40度以上。对于大多数人来说,夏季的酷热又因为频繁停电而更加难耐。54岁的新德里市民勒努卡.塔姆尼说:"The frig did not work, the AC does not work, brings life to a standstill, you can't do anything, you just sit waiting for the power to come back," said Taimni.  “冰箱不工作,空调也不工作。生活好像停顿下来。什么也做不了。只能等着来电。”The situation is equally bad across other big cities such as Kolkata or Mumbai.  在加尔各答和孟买等其他大城市,停电问题同样严重。And it is much worse in smaller towns and rural areas, where power blackouts can last for more than 12 hours a day. Last month, violent protests erupted across India's most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, as long outages left people without fans and even drinking water.  在小一点的城镇和乡村地区,情况就更加糟糕。那里的停电常常持续12个小时以上。上个月,由于长期断电让人们没法使用电风扇和获得饮用水,印度人口最多的北方邦爆发了暴力抗议事件。Power blackouts have been a regular feature of life in India for many years. But a five-year-long economic boom has intensified these shortages as expanding industries guzzle more power, and a growing middle class can afford more air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines.  多年来,停电是印度人司空见惯的事情。但是过去五年的经济增长过程中,由于工业扩张对能源需求的增加,以及日益扩大的中产阶级购买了大量的空调、冰箱、洗衣机等家用电器,能源紧张格外严重。An energy advisor to the Confederation of Indian Industry, V. Raghuraman, says the current power capacity generation is about 14 percent short of demand.  印度工业联盟的能源顾问拉格拉曼说,目前印度的发电量短缺程度高达14%。"For the last 15-16 years we have not been able to add capacities required. The power-demand supply gap has been actually increasing year after year," said Raghuraman. 他说:“过去的15到16年期间,我们没能增加必要的发电能力。供需差距实际上扩大了。”The government has promised to change that, and provide power to all by 2012.  印度政府誓言改变这种局面,承诺在2012年为所有人提供充足的用电。Industry experts like Raghuraman say the situation will improve in the coming years because massive investments are in the pipeline.  像拉格拉曼这样的业内人士指出,由于大量投资已经进入筹备阶段,能源紧张有望在近年内缓解。"The investments are more than 0 billion say in the next five years … we believe a good amount of capacity will come in the next five to six years," said Raghuraman. 他说:“未来5年的投资超过两千亿美元。我们相信未来五到六年内,发电能力将大大增加。”The power plants being built by the government are expected to add 70,000 megawatts of power generation. They include thermal and hydroelectric plants.  印度政府修建的发电站预计将把发电量提高七万兆瓦,其中包括水力和热力发电。The private sector is also making large investments in power projects.  印度的私营企业也对电站工程进行了大笔投资。However, skeptics fear that many of these projects will face delays, and the gap between demand and supply will continue to grow in the coming years.  但是,持怀疑态度的人士指出,这些工程可能会遭到延误。印度能源供求差距在未来的几年可能会扩大。But optimists hope the power sector might replicate the success of the telecommunication industry. A decade ago, it could take years to obtain a phone line, but now the privatized industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world.  但是,乐观人士希望印度的电力产业能够重复电信业的成功。10年前,在印度装电话是个旷日持久的过程,但是现在,实行了私有化的印度电信行业是世界上增长最快的行业之一。200806/41481

  Applying procedures申请程序A: Im going to apply for a patent but Im not sure how to prepare the application. Would you please help me?A: 我想申请专利,但不知道如何准备,你能帮我吗?B: Sure, glad to help. First you need submit a request, a description and a claim. The description is particularly important. If necessary, it should be supported by drawings.B: 当然,很高兴能帮忙。首先,你需要提交一份申请书,一份说明书和一份要求书。说明书尤其重要,必要的话,说明书应配有插图。A: How long shall I have to wait for the approval?A: 获得专利我要等多长时间?B: Well, examination takes time. The Patent Office will announce the result and notify the application within 18 months. Even then you still dont get the patent certificate.B: 哦,专利审查需要时间。专利局会在18个月内公布结果,公告专利。即使到那时,您也拿不到专利书。A: Why?A: 为什么?B: The Patent Office needs 90 days to wait for any possible opposition. Only when everything is OK will the patent be registered.B: 专利局还需要90天时间看看是否有异议。只有一切都没有问题时,专利方可注册。A: I see. But I have another question. I dont know the reason why the duration of protection is only 15 years?A: 我明白了,我还有一个问题。我不知道专利的保护期为什么只有15年?B: This is only for one of the patent rights. For invention the duration of protection is even shorter, only for 5 years protection.B: 只有一种专利权保护期限是15年,发明专利保护期限是15年。至于实用新型和外观设计专利,保护期更短,只有5年。A: Does every country specify the same duration of protection?A: 每个国家规定的保护期限时候都一致?B: No, 15-year protection is the minimum protection any country will grant its patentees. In some countries, the patent right duration for invention is 20 years.B: 不是,各国都对专利人给予了最低15年的专利保护。在一些国家,发明专利的保护期是20年。A: What are the criteria for granting patent rights?A: 授予专利的标准是什么?B: They are similar to those in other countries: novelty, inventiveness and praticability.B: 标准和别国相似,都要求具备新颖性,创造性和实用性。 /201601/421861

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