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Well, as if we needed one more reason to get our environmental act together, arecent U.N. report warns that the number and size of dead zones in the ocean isincreasing.如果我们需要一个理由一起进行环保行动,那么这个理由就是联合国最近的发布的一个报告警告说海洋死区的数量在不断增多,面积在不断增大。Dead zones are regions of oxygen-deprived water, where nothing can live.海洋死区是指海水中的氧气被消耗减少,以致没有东西能够生存。Theyrecaused by an excess of nutrients-usually nitrogen-released into the water.它们是由排入水中的过剩的营养物质引起的-这种物质常常是氮。When sewage, farm fertilizers, and emissions from vehicles and factories get washedinto the ocean, you get what experts call a “nitrogen cascade”.当污水,农田肥料,以及车辆和工厂的排放物被冲刷入海中时,就形成了专家所谓的“氮容器”。Tiny free-floating organisms known as plankton feed on all that untreated nitrogen, and multiply to such an extent that they deplete the oxygen supply inthe water.像浮游生物这些自由浮动的微小生物就是以未经处理的氮为食。它们繁殖到了如此的程度,以致于耗尽了水中供应的氧气。While fish may be able to swim away and avoid suffocation, slower-moving and bottom-dwelling creatures like lobsters, clams, and oysters often cant.尽管鱼可以游走避免窒息,但是那些缓慢移动和底栖的生物,列如:龙虾,蛤蚌,和牡蛎却不行。Also, the ocean might be a large place, but right now there are 146known dead zones, some of which span tens of thousands of square miles.或许海洋是一个广阔的地方,但是目前已知的海洋死区已有146个,其中一些跨度数万平方英里。One ofthe worst is where the Mississippi River drains into the Gulf of Mexico, anddumps fertilizer runoff from the Midwest.最严重的地方之一是密西西比河流入墨西哥湾的地方,这里倾倒着从中西部流失过来的肥料。Oh,no.Is there anything we can do?噢,不。有没有什么我们可以做的呢?We can reduce nitrogen emissions from cars andfactories, and implement better sewage treatment.我们可以减少汽车和工厂氮的排放量,并且实施更好的污水治理方法,We can plant new forest andgrasslands to soak up extra nitrogen and keep it out of the water.种植新的森林和草地来吸收多余的氮,并使氮远离水源。And we candevelop alternative energy sources that arent based on burning fossil fuels.我们还可以开发不以化石燃料燃烧为基础的替代能源。 201412/347903。

Black cabs黑的士Rank protectionism阶级保护主义A distorted market is becoming even more intolerable畸形的市场越发难以忍受Licensed to bill授权开账单ALONG with red letterboxes and telephone booths, Londons black taxis are touted as symbolic of the city. Fully 25,600 drivers trundle around the capitals streets. They are privileged: unlike minicabs, they can pick up passengers hailing in the street and run on a pricey meter system rather than a fixed fee. Nationally the average fare is £5.77 (.56) for two miles; in London it is £7.20. All cabbies are required to pass the “knowledge”, a test of all the roads within a six-mile radius of central London. If they take a daft route to their destination it is usually deliberate.和红信箱、电话亭一样,伦敦的黑出租也被当成城市的标志。25600位司机在首都大街上开车四处游荡。他们拥有优先权:不像那些迷你的士,他们可以接到街边打的的乘客,提供较为贵的以公里数计程的收费方式,而非付固定数量的钱。全国打的平均费用是每两公里5.77英镑(9.56美元);伦敦市是7.20英镑。所有的出租车司机都要通过一场设立在以伦敦市中心为中心、半径为六公里的所有街道的考试,以防他们选了一条绕远的路到达目的地,虽然他们往往是故意这么做。But becoming a taxi driver is ever harder. In the 1970s the knowledge took around 23 months to complete. Last year it took 50 months. “You can get a PhD in the same time,” complains Malcolm Paice of CityFleet, a radio-taxi firm. Between and 2012 the number of taxi drivers increased by only 4% in London. Faced with such a high barrier to entry, more people are taking a shorter course that only allows them to drive black cabs in suburban areas, says Tom Moody of Transport for London (TfL).但是要成为一名出租车司机越来越难。20世纪70年代,人们需要花费23个月完成等级考试。去年则需要50个月。计程车广播公司CityFleet的Malcolm Paice抱怨:“用同样长的一段时间,你都可以拿到士学位了”。伦敦交通(TfL)的Tom Moody说,从年到2012年,伦敦出租车司机的人数增加了4%。面对考的巨大障碍,越来越多的人都参加了只允许他们在市郊开黑的士的短期课程。But in the same period the number of minicab drivers in London jumped by 19%, to 67,000. The scorn they receive from black-taxi drivers is little deserved. Liam Griffin, the boss of Addison Lee, a large minicab firm, says minicabs have become more comparable to black cabs since 2004, when regulations and criminal-record checks were introduced. All of the companys drivers take a six-week course and rely on satellite navigation systems—as do some black-taxi drivers. Their fares are around a third cheaper, Mr Griffin says.同期相比,伦敦迷你出租车司机人数上升了19%,达到了67000人。他们并不该受到黑的士司机的蔑视。迷你出租车公司Addison Lee的老板说,自2004年规章制度、犯罪记录审查制度引入之后,迷你出租车已经和黑的士有可比性了。各公司所有的出租车司机都要完成卫星导航系统上一次为期六周的课程—一些黑的士司机也要如此。Griffin先生说,这样费用要便宜约三分之一。Technology is further bulldozing the distinction between black taxis and minicabs. Fully 14,000 London taxis have signed up with Hailo, an app for ordering cabs that was introduced to London in 2011. Ron Zeghibe, Hailos chairman, says that some drivers shun taxi ranks or “street work” in favour of punters who order through his service. Minicab companies have their own, similar, apps. One, from Greentomatocars, helped the firm nearly double in revenue in a year.科技迫使黑的士和迷你出租车之间的区别更加明显。至少有14000辆伦敦出租车和Hailo签约合作,这个app于2011年被引入了伦敦,用以提供电招务。Hailo的董事长Ron Zeghibe说,一些司机避免出租车等级化或者“街道工作”,用来持那些通过该项务预约的士的顾客。迷你出租车公司也有他们自己类似的app。一个名叫Greentomatocars的app使公司在一年之内的盈利翻了一番。Yet the separation between the two kinds of taxis looks likely to stay. In April the Law Commission, an independent body, will release a report on the taxi trade. Many of its recommendations will boost minicabs outside London. Larger firms such as Addison Lee will find it easier to expand as licensing rules are simplified. But Londons black cabs look likely to be protected. They will still be regulated by TfL; barriers to entry will remain high. Instead of nurturing a dwindling trade, this could have the opposite effect. Black cabs might soon become as quaintly archaic as telephone booths.两种出租车之间的差距还有可能持续下去。4月,一个独立机构——立法委员会将会发布一项关于出租车贸易的报告。其中很多的建议都会有助于伦敦以外迷你出租车的发展。大一些的如Addison Lee公司将会发现,随着驾照规则的简易化,公司扩张也会相应变得容易。但是伦敦的黑的士也可能会受到保护。他们仍将归TfL管理;取得驾照的难度仍然很高。比起培养一个萎缩的贸易,这更可能会产生反作用。黑的士可能很快就会变的和电话亭一样古怪过时。译者:张丹 校对:周雨晴 译文属译生译世 /201510/406823。

Do you take your vitamins everyday? Be careful.你每天都补充维他命么?小心点。Just as vitamin deficiency can make you sick, so can vitamin toxicity.就如缺乏维他命会使你生病一样,维他命中毒也会令你生病。Indeed, vitamins can be very dangerous if you take them in high quantities.事实上,如果摄入剂量太大,维他命会变得非常危险。Though vitamins A and D are the most likely to make you sick if you take too much of them, they arent the only vitamins that can be dangerous.尽管维他命A和维他命D是最有可能因为用过量导致生病的,但是它们不是仅有的两种会造成危险的维他命。All vitamins have the potential to be toxic if youingest too much of them.如果你用剂量过高,所有的维他命都有成为毒药的可能。Part of the reason why A and D put you at higher risk than Vitamin C and others has to do with the way vitamins are dissolved.用维他命A和维他命D比维他命C以及其他维他命存在更高风险的部分原因在于维他命的分解方式。Vitamin C dissolves in water.维他命C溶于水。Thus, if you take excess Vitamin C,your body can flush it out through urine.因此,如果你用了过量的维他命C,你的身体可以通过尿液将其排出体外。Vitamins A and D, however, dissolve in oils and meltedfat.而维他命A和维他命D却是溶于油和脂肪的。So, when you take too much of one of these vitamins, rather than flushing the excess out, the body stores the surplus in fat or in fatty tissues such as the liver and the brain.因此,如果你过量摄入这几种维生素的话,身体会将剩余部分存入脂肪或脂肪组织,比如肝脏和大脑,而不会排出体外。Accumulation of water in the brain, severe headaches, and birth defects are just three of the problems toxic levels of Vitamin A can cause.脑积水、严重的头痛和先天畸形仅仅是维他命A中毒会造成的众多疾病中的几种。If you keep a relatively well-balanced diet, youll most likely get the vitamins your body needs without the use of supplements.如果你保持饮食均衡,那么你也许已经摄取了身体所需的维他命,不需要补充。201412/351060。

So, what did you do with that money?I donated it back to my school.那你是怎么处理这笔钱的 我把它捐给了我的学校You gave all the money back to you school. -Yeah.你把钱全部捐给了学校 -是的So,My, youre, I mean, youre struggling to pay your own bills.那 天呐 你 你自己都入不敷出And you gave all of that money, you didnt keep a little bit of it.你却把所有的钱都捐了 你一点儿都没留You gave it all to the school. -No.My kids are just amazing.你全部捐给了学校 -对 我的学生们都很棒I, they are hardworking and loving,and everyday they come to school,他们勤奋 有爱 每天他们来上学they give me hundred percent of themselves.都百分百投入You know 90% of our kids are low-income,Um, some of them are homeless,我们九成的孩子都来自低收入家庭 甚至有一些孩子无家可归They just have such challenge and adversities.and they deserve so much.他们有太多的艰辛和不幸 他们理应获得更多And this is just like a little bit what I could give them.这只是我所能给他们的一点点帮助But you, you, you are not even, en.thats not where you stop但是 你 你并不仅仅 你做的远远不止这些So there is a little boy who was acting out in class, right?有个小男孩在班上捣乱 对吧And, you say, um, tell everyone what you did.然后 你说 告诉大家你做了什么So I have a little who was little misbehaving,我班上有个小男孩有点淘气So I kind of bribed him, um,and said, you know, if you have a couple good weeks,所以我就贿赂他说 如果你连续几周表现良好and of your good behavior and Ill take you out to dinner.我就请你吃晚饭奖励你 /201512/418822。

Strictly speaking, air is mostly nitrogen–about seventy-eightpercent, and about twenty-one percent oxygen, which leavesabout one percent of other stuff, like water vapor and carbondioxide.严格地说,空气主要由大约78%的氮气和21%的氧气组成,另外还有1%的其他气体,像水蒸气和二氧化碳。So air is mostly empty space?所以,空气大部分都是真空吗?Yep, in fact, if you ever condensed a gallon of air into a solid,youd end up with a little over one tenth of one percent of the airs original volume.是的。实际上,如果你将一加仑的空气凝结成固体,这个固体的体积只比空气原本体积的千分之一多一点。And the reasonwe dont notice all this emptiness is because air molecules are constantly moving around at thespeed of sound, and bouncing against any surface that happens to fall in their path.我们没有注意到这一点的原因是空气分子以音速在不停地移动,而当它们碰到任何表面时都会反弹回去。So were constantly bombarded by air molecules.那么,我们一直被空气分子撞击着,So how come we dont feel that?可是为什么我们感觉不到呢?Well, actually we do.其实我们能感觉到的。The force these air molecules exert is what we measure when we measureair pressure.空气分子施加的压力就是我们平时测量的气压。 201411/340599。

Christmas you get presents and birthday you get a present and a cake圣诞节你会收到礼物 生日有礼物跟蛋糕and these kids dont get that.its huge its huge self-esteem,its who you are这些孩子没有那些 这很重要 这关乎自尊 这让你肯定自己so I decided to do it I decided to get them those things所以我下定决心要让他们拥有这些I made a deal with families,I ask them that if you give me your child我跟这些家庭订下协议 我请求他们 如果给我们的孩子I will give you whatever you need,Ill pay your electrical bill your utilities我会提供你们所需要的 我会付你们的电费 水费 生活杂费Ill give you food or clothes whatever you need,as long as you give me your child and then help raise that child as a person of character我会提供所有你们需要的食物和衣 只要给我你们的孩子 我会将孩子养育成拥有健全人格的人Its started out with me actually going to every person I knew一开始我给每个我认识的人打电话and calling them up and saying hey I have this school and I need help,thats how I started the donations告诉他们我的学校需要帮助 那是我最初接受捐赠的方式almost everyone who donates to Whitney is an individual or small business几乎所有给惠特尼捐赠的都是个人或个体户we take everything,we take everything because when youre in poverty,you need everything我们什么都收 我们什么都收 因为如果你陷入贫困 你会需要一切Ms.Gahn got me a new bed and my new apartment,that she got me and family tooGahn女士使我拥有了自己的房间 新床子 我的家人同样也得到了这些when my daughter came to school she mentioned our water and electricity were off当我女儿在学校提到我们的水电被停的时候and they got a hold of us and they can help us and they paid off our electricity and water complete twice他们联系到我们 说可以帮我们 他们帮我们付了两次水电费when were about to lose our house we didnt know she paid almost everything go bill当我们差点失去房子的时候 我们都不知道她帮我们付了几乎所有费用Whitney elementary gave me jeans and shoes and some food,I knew he needed glasses she took care of that,came back and a big old smile in his face惠特尼小学给了我裤子鞋子还有吃的 我知道他需要眼镜 校长帮我解决了 他从学校回来 脸上带着灿烂的微笑my kids wouldnt have had Christmas idea if it wasnt for this school thank God我的孩子从来没有过圣诞节这个概念 如果不是因为这个学校 感谢上帝 /201605/445529。