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红腿象乌龟能活多少年多少钱一只2019十堰市印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养8. The Age of Internet8. 互联网时代Over 70% of the companys representatives in this room will tell you perhaps the most critical factor that is limiting the growth of their ability to get quality-employees. And you might think its only high-tech phenomena. That is not true. The exact same thing is true of manufacturing operations world-wide.70%以上在座的公司代表会告诉你:限制能力增长最重要的因素可能是在员质量。你也许会认为这仅仅是高科技产业的现象。其实不然,全世界制造业也是如此。The lesson learned is very simple: either we got to learn how to train our employees and prepared our employees better, or the high technology, productivity and production will go to other economics around the world. It is a matter of survival. In short, we got to do a better job around the world preparing our students of where the jobs are.道理很简单:我们或者学会怎样培训我们的员工使他们更好,或者让高科技、高生产率和产品流入世界其他国家。这是生死存亡的问题。一句话,我们必须在所需工作岗位之处更好地培养能胜任的员工。And as you begin to look about the global economy. Companies are gonna move the employees because they have to either those states with the best education and the employees are or to those countries. And the US will not be competitive even though we might have the best productivity tools because over time all the other companies around the world who are growing are about to love them.但是如果你开始关注全球经济,你就会发现公司会解雇自己的员工,因为他们相比于其他洲甚至其他国家的员工来说没有高学历。于是尽管美国有世界上最好的生产工具,美国也不能成为世界上最有竞争力的国家,因为世界上其他的公司也会在发展中拥有此技术。A generation of people who really learn how to use this technology and countries will just like Industrial Revolutions in some ways would determine which countries had the high standard of living and best workforce that it is empowered and rewarded in achieving that which countries get left behind. In short, the Internet will change everything. We started off by saying the Industrial Revolution brought together the change and the people and the factories. Internet revolution brings us together people, information and virtual companies around the world. And our role is the company if we execute properly is to enable the Internet generation.实际上,这一代人谁真正会用这种技术,那么他们的国家也许会和工业革命时期一样,决定哪个国家拥有更好的生活条件和最优的劳动力,决定国家的优胜劣负。总之,网络会改变一切。我们开始说工业革命让人民、工厂等发生改变,互联网革命也会把全世界的人们、信息以及虚拟公司集合在一起,而我们在公司里扮演的恰当的角色就是使互联网一代变得强大。201705/505692密西西比红耳乌龟精品幼犬鬼多少钱一只 President Obama: Hi, everybody. Ive got a special guest with me this week – Macklemore. For those of you who dont share the same love for hip-hop that I do, hes a Grammy-winning artist, but hes also an advocate whos giving voice to a disease that we too often just whisper about: the disease of addiction. Macklemore: Hey, everybody. Im here with President Obama because I take this personally. I abused prescription drugs and I battled addiction. If I hadnt gotten the help that I needed when I needed it, I definitely would not be here today. And I want to help others facing the same challenges that I did. President Obama: And drug overdoses now take more lives every year than traffic accidents. Deaths from opioid overdoses have tripled since 2000. A lot of time, theyre from legal drugs prescribed by a doctor. So, addiction doesnt always start in some dark alley – it often starts in a medicine cabinet. In fact, a new study released this month found that 44 percent of Americans know someone who has been addicted to prescription pain killers. Macklemore: I didnt just know someone – I lost someone. My friend Kevin overdosed on painkillers when he was just 21 years old. Addiction is like any other disease – it doesnt discriminate. It doesnt care what color you are, whether youre a guy or a girl, rich or poor, whether you live in the inner-city, a suburb, or rural America. This doesnt just happen to other peoples kids or in some other neighborhood. It can happen to any of us. President Obama: Thats why just talking about this crisis isnt enough – we need to get treatment to more people who need it. My administration is working with communities to reduce overdose deaths, including with medication. Were working with law enforcement to help people get into treatment instead of jail. And under Obamacare, health plans in the marketplace have to include coverage for treatment. Macklemore: I know recovery isnt easy or quick, but along with the 12-step program, treatment has saved my life. And recovery works – we need our leaders in Washington to fund it and for people to know how to find it. President Obama: We all need to do more to make that happen. Ive asked Congress to expand access to recovery services, and to give first responders the tools they need to treat overdoses before its too late. This week, the House passed several bills about opioids, which is great, but unless they also make investments in more treatment, it wont get Americans the help that they need. On top of funding, doctors also need more training about the power of pain medication they prescribe, and the risks that those pain medication carry. Another way our country can help those suffering in private is to make this conversation public. Macklemore: When youre going through it, its hard to imagine there could be anything worse than addiction. But shame and the stigma associated with the disease keeps too many people from seeking the help they actually need. Addiction isnt a personal choice or a personal failing. And sometimes it takes more than a strong will to get better – it takes a strong community and accessible resources. President Obama: The good news is, theres hope. When we talk about opioid abuse as the public health problem that it is, more people will seek the help they need. More people will find the strength to recover, just like Macklemore and millions of Americans have. Well see fewer preventable deaths and fewer broken families. Macklemore: We have to tell people who need help that its OK to ask for it. Weve got to make sure they know where to get it. President Obama: We all have a role to play. Even if we havent fought this battle in our own lives, theres a good chance we know someone who has or who is. Macklemore: President Obama and I just had a powerful conversation here at the White House about opioid abuse, and what we can do about it. You can catch it this summer on MTV. And to find treatment in your area, call 1-800-662-HELP. President Obama: Thanks, everybody; thanks, Macklemore. And have a great weekend.201605/445802VOA流行美语 115: Bling / BoozeLarry和李华在书店里看书。李华在看一本流行时装杂志。今天李华会学到两个常用语:bling和booze.(Ambience sound in bookstore)LL: I just found an interesting book on World War II. What are you ing, Li Hua?LH: 我啊,我在看一本时装杂志,他们在批评茱莉亚罗勃兹,说她在奥斯卡颁奖典礼上,戴了太多的bling。Larry,什么是bling啊?LL: Oh, that's a new word for really big, shiny jewelry. Usually, a bling or a bling-bling is a piece of jewelry that has big diamonds.LH: 噢!我懂了,bling就是指又大又亮的珠宝首饰,通常还镶有钻石的首饰。Larry, 你看,在这张照片里,茱莉亚罗勃兹戴了长长的钻石耳环,还有钻石项链,再加上大手镯。真的,太多bling-bling!LL: Yeah, that is a lot of shiny jewelry, but I thought girls liked that sort of thing. Don't you wish you had a lot of bling?LH: 我想是吧。哪个女人不喜欢亮晶晶的珠宝呢!不过我觉得,一次戴太多的珠宝好像有点过份。Larry,你说呢?LL: I'm not the best person to ask for fashion advice. To me, all that bling is really just a bunch of expensive rocks that don't do anything.LH: 你说的没错啦。这些亮晶晶的珠宝,说穿了,还不就是些昂贵的石头。对了,Larry,bling除了用来形容首饰以外,我能不能把一件亮晶晶的礼也说是bling呢?LL: I haven't heard the word used that way. I think that bling only refers to jewelry.LH: 原来,bling只能用来形容珠宝首饰。Larry 你看,这张照片里妮可基曼戴的戒指真漂亮。杂志说,这个戒指至少价值一百万美元呢!LL: That has to be the biggest ring I have ever seen. I can't imagine spending a million dollars on a rock!LH: 你们男人啊!永远也不会理解为什么女人要花这么多钱买珠宝首饰。这种事只有女人才懂啦!******LH: Larry, 这篇文章说"Booze on College Campuses." 大学校园里的booze!Booze是一种毒品吗?LL: Booze is another word for alcohol, like beer or whiskey.LH: 噢,原来booze在这里指的是酒啊!这篇文章说很多美国大学里都有学生酗酒的问题,不只危害学生的身体健康,有的时候还会导致意外。这是真的吗?LL: Sadly, many college students drink a lot of booze. They study during the week and then they go to parties on the weekends. Booze is a major part of most college parties.LH: 是呀!我也注意到了,很多美国大学生喜欢在周末开party,那总是少不了酒。对了,Larry,是不是所有的酒都可以称为booze?葡萄酒是不是也算booze?LL: Yes, wine can be called booze, and so can rum and vodka.LH: 噢,这么说,booze可以指葡萄酒,也可以指烈酒。Larry,你是不是也经常参加派对,喝酒狂欢啊?LL: Very funny, Li Hua. You know I don't have enough time to go to many parties. I do drink booze once in a while, but not all the time.LH: 嗯,偶尔喝一点酒其实还可以。我比较喜欢喝葡萄酒,其他的酒我就不感兴趣了。你呢?你喜欢什么样的酒?LL: Well, I prefer to drink beer. Stronger booze will give me a headache the next day.LH: 我也不爱喝烈酒,除了像你说的,喝多了会头疼,我觉得烈酒喝起来有汽油的味道。LL:You might as well not to drink it!今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是bling,或者可以说bling-bling。这是指又大又亮的珠宝首饰。李华学到的另一个常用语是booze。这是指喝的酒,包括各式各样的酒。 /200602/3335南宫市苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养

咸水泥彩龟精品幼犬鬼多少钱一只第18课Get to the point. 言归正传。18.妙语珠玑((如何选用一些合适的表达方式) 62、Get to the point. 言归正传。(别再顾左右而言它了,让我们言归正传。不要绕圈子,直接到达重点吧,直接讲重点的东西。) Let''s get to the point!(寒喧几句之后,就要切入正题了,你会说,“让我们言归正传。”) 63、as a matter of fact 事实上 (意思是说“实际上我的意思是说”) 当女友老是反复追问你:“你爱我吗?Do you love me?”你要回答:As a matter of fact ,I do love you. You''re everything to me.你是我的一切! 64、to get cold feet 吓的毛发直竖。(冷了的脚,意思是害怕什么事情。表示紧张,Don''t get cold feet !别紧张,其实没有什么关系的。夜晚你一个人在家看鬼片,吓得你毛发直竖,一个成语就是) 65、to give someone the cold shoulder 冷落某人,给某人以冷遇 (冷肩膀,用背对着别人,热脸贴上冷屁股,爱达不理) 你很讨厌某人,即使和他面对面碰上时,你也会不理他 give him the cold shoulder 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2925柳江县靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养 041 track and field events Words Athletics high jump triple jump long jump shot-put hurdle sprint starting blocks pole vault train overtake javelin discus lane metres(event) Phrases Win an event Take part in Break a record Beat a personal best Throw the javelin Jump…metres Win a title Cross the finish line Beginner A; when I was at school, I was quite good at track and field events. I was on the school team for the long jump, 100 and 200 meter sprints and the javelin. B: really? I was quite good at the hurdles and the discus. A; I wish that I were good at the discus, but I could rarely throw it in the right direction! I was awful. With the hurdles, I could never jump over them! B; I thought you were good at the high jump! A; no, I was good at the long jump. I liked the sprints best. B: did you ever win any competitions? A; I was regional champion for the 100 and 200 meters. I usually did well in the dong jump competitions, but I couldn’t compete with kids from other schools in the javelin. How about you? B; I came second and third a few times in the regional championships, but I never won. Did you ever take part in the national championship for the sprinting events? A; yes, I did, but I didn’t do very well. I made the final in both events, but came last. At least I made the final. I was very pleased with that. Intermediate A: do you have a copy of today’s paper? I want to check the results from the world athletics championship. B; yes, I ‘m just ing them myself. It’s been a great competition. We got gold medals in three events. A; yes, we won the men’s 110 metres hurdles. I watched that on TV. What other events did we win? B; we won the men’s high jump and the women’s 1500 meters. A; that’s great. Those athletes must train for years to get into peak physical condition. They must be terribly disappointed if they don’t win. B; the woman who won the 1500 meters also broke the world record by 2 seconds. A; that’s amazing! Were any other records broken? B; a Russian man broke the discus record by a centimeters. Out best athlete broke his personal best in the long jump, but it only got him third place. A: did you see the final of the men’s 100 metres? It was very exciting. One competitor made two false starts. B: was he disqualified? A yes, he was. I imagine he must be very angry with himself for that. /200705/13580金头闭壳乌龟批发采购价格报价

黄缘盒乌龟繁殖养殖注意事项 VOA流行美语 27: buck; whateverMichael和李华都为今天的考试苦苦准备了整整一个星期。他们俩刚考完,都觉得自己考得不错。俩人决定去看一场电影,轻松轻松。李华会学到两个常用语,一个是:buck; 另一个是:whatever。M: Li Hua, are you going to get any snacks before the movie begins?L: 你说什么?噢,电影还没有开场,你问我要不要买点吃的?嗯, 我本想买一杯可乐,可是买了票,没钱了,算了吧!M: Don't worry about it! I'll buy you one. It's only a few bucks.L: 你说什么?一杯可乐不是.75吗?你说 "only a few bucks"? M: Yes. "Buck" is an informal way to say "dollar".L: 哟,"buck" 就是"dollar"!是非正式的名称。 嗨,昨天我要买一块 糖,你给我一美元,那我就可以说:"You gave me a buck",对不 对?M: That's right. And the other day, I lent you a few bucks for lunch. And last week, you borrowed ten bucks so you could buy a chemistry textbook, and...L: 得啦, 你用不着提醒我,我知道,那天借了你几块钱吃午饭, 上星期借你十块钱买化学书,不就是借了两回吗!你怎么啦,怕 我不还?M: No, I'm not reminding you, I just wanted to give you some examples.L: 得了吧!要给我举例子,跟钱有关的事多着呢,为什么非要举我 问你借钱的例子!M: Ok, don't be mad at me. Hey, since you now know what "buck" means, why don't you give me an example.L: 要我给你举个例子,行,那还不容易呀! 你看我这件毛衣,款 式很新型,纯毛的,还是名牌,你猜多钱?Five bucks!M: Five bucks! I can't believe it!L: 清仓大减价嘛! 可是,Michael,我去商店的时候,停车停错了地 方,吃了一张罚票, it costs me 50 bucks!M: Oh! So your sweater actually costs you 55 bucks! That's expensive!L: 真倒霉!得了,别说了。去买可乐吧!电影都快开场了。(Michael和李华看完电影以后) L: Michael,这电影可真棒!M: What? Are you kidding? That was the stupidest movie I've ever seen. I would have rather spent the seven bucks on a good meal.L: 你从来没看过这么傻的电影?你宁可花这七块钱去好好吃顿饭! Michael, 你真怪!我非常喜欢 Piers Brosnan,他长得多帅呀!M: Handsome? Whatever! He's got to be over 50 years old now!L: Michael, 你说 "whatever",在这里是什么意思呀?比如说:"You can buy whatever you want." 意思是:你想买什么都行。可是,你刚才说一个字"whatever",口气不同,好象意思也不一样。M: The word "whatever" I said is the same as in your example,But when someone says "whatever" like this: "whatever," he is being sarcastic. He thinks what you just said is nonsense.L: 噢,原来是这么回事。你说的whatever和我举的例子里的 whatever 是一个字, 可是,说的语调不一样就表示说话的人在讽 刺对方,认为对方说的是废话。好,又学会一个词。不过, Michael,你不喜欢这部电影是不是你认为Piers Brosnan不够帅? 你 是妒忌他吧?M: Whatever! Piers Brosnan is an old man and he's getting fat. I couldn't possibly be jealous of him.L: 得了吧!对,Piers Brosnan年级不小了,也比以前胖了。可是我 认为他还是很帅。你自己不也比以前胖了嘛。M: I'm fat? Whatever! This movie was a waste of seven bucks!L: 唉,非要说看这部电影是浪费七块美元。 得了,Michael, 你还是 省点钱吧,没准我下回还要问你借呢!M: Whatever! 李华今天学到了两个常用语,一个是:buck,这是指美元;另一个常用语就是:whatever,这是表示说话的人对对方说的话很不以为然,就象中文里说的"得了吧"。这次[流行美语]就学习到这里,我们下次节目再见。 /200601/3098靖远县佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养柳江县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养



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