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亚洲巨乌龟饲养方法技术技巧类乌齐县马来食螺龟云南闭壳龟马来西亚巨龟豹斑象龟黄额盒龟价格怎么养And finally, the dumbest generation. And if you are watching this webcast, that apparently means you. At least that's a theory of a professor of English at Emory University who's written a book which basically argues that the Internet is making people stupid.I'm Mark Bauerlein, professor of English at Emory University. The book has a provocative title, it's the Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future.Recent years though, I have begun to look at youth culture, youth knowledge, youth academic achievements, and what has come up, more and more, is that things don't look good. Young people today enjoy more and more digital connections, more screen time than ever before and one of the effects of that is that they are steadily disengaging from the traditional contents ,eh, the liberal arts.One of the things we measured was how much people literature, and how much they books in general. And the first time we did the study was in 1982, and at that time, young people formed the most active ing group. When we did it again in 2002, they were the least active. Only about half of them ever a book on their own. If it's not assigned for school, if it's not assigned in the workplace, they simply don't care. The Internet is extraordinary, it is a miraculous tool for knowledge and information, but the fact is that is not what the Internet means to the average sixteen-year-old. What the Internet does is provide a more intense form of contact with other sixteen-year-olds.You know, I do often tell my students more books. Please, more books in your leisure time, unplug for just an hour or two per day. I urge them, and they, they generally just laugh at me. Some of them may feel that I come down on them too hard, but they know deep down that this is right.200812/59344讷河市靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养 'Porn mode' threatens Web ads 浏览器威胁网络广告模式 InPrivate, a new privacy feature dubbed 'porn mode,' could jeopardize the advertising model of Web search engines. With just a few clicks you can now make sure the computer you're searching the web on has no trace of your activity. The feature known as "inprivate browsing" is part of the test version of Microsoft's newest browser, Internet Explorer 8. Bloggers have been critical inprivate the porn mode, since anyone using the computer afterwards should not be able to retrace a user's virtual steps.While it activated inprivate browsing, this'll appear here and that means that internet explorer would be prevented from saving any data about your browsing session.Internet Explorer 8 also introduces inprivate blocking. This alerts users when third party sides are tracking browsing activity; this is where google might be affected.Banner adser often display based on what google or yahoo think a user might be interested in depending on the sites visited.Blocking third parties from browsing activity could disrupt that business model.When people are in inprivate browsing and inprivate blocking, they will be given a list of companies that made aware of who else is seeing the conversation. They can then opt in or opt out, if having those people continue to provide and stream new information and data onto the websites.Microsoft controls around 70% of the browser market while Apple aly has the privacy feature and it can also be added to the popular Firefox 3 browser. A Google spokesman told CNN it's too early to tell how the Internet Explorer 8 features work and what their impact on the search giant might be.Microsoft says there're plenty of things inprivate browsing does not do.It does not necessarily make you anonymous on the web so the sites you visit can record your information. And if you're using a network at the office, your IT apartment can still see what you're up to while you surf on a company PC.Jim /, CNN London.200811/55623Full Extent of Cholera Epidemic in Zimbabwe Not Known津爆发霍乱危机 健康系统崩溃 U.N. aid agencies say Zimbabwe is grappling with a cholera crisis of unprecedented proportions. They say the social and health breakdown in the country is making it difficult to gauge the full extent of the epidemic. 联合国援助机构说,津巴布韦正面临空前的霍乱危机。他们说,这个国家的社会和健康系统已经崩溃,使它们无法充分估计这种疾病流行的严重程度。The ed Nations reports the total number of suspected cholera cases in Zimbabwe is approaching 14,000, with nearly 600 deaths. But a World Health Organization spokeswoman, Fadela Chaib, says these figures have to be taken with some caution.  联合国的报告说,在津巴布韦,被怀疑为霍乱病例的人数已接近1万4000人,有近600人已经死亡。世界卫生组织发言人费德拉.查伊说,这些数字必须谨慎加以对待。She says most of the reported cases and deaths from cholera come from the capital, Harare and two other major cities. 她说,大部分霍乱病例和死亡的报告都是来自首都哈拉雷和其他两个主要城市。"We are giving these numbers based on the best knowledge we have on the situation on the ground," said Chaib. "But, the reporting and surveillance systems are weak in most of the districts in the country. So, we will not be surprised if when we get into these remote areas or when we have a better tracking system that the numbers of cases and deaths will be more important than what we are reporting presently." 她说:“我们公布的这些数字是根据我们尽最大努力对实地情况的了解。但是,在这个国家的大多数地区,报告和监视系统都很薄弱。所以,如果当我们能够进入偏远地区或我们有一个更好的跟踪系统,病例和死亡人数会比我们目前所报告的更多,我们不会对此感到奇怪。”In a crisis situation, such as that unfolding in Zimbabwe, Chaib says the World Health Organization sets up an early warning system to monitor the disease. She says the World Health Organization depends upon volunteers and health personnel to go to hospitals and clinics to record all the illnesses and deaths. 查伊说,在危机的情况下,就像津巴布韦目前的局面,世界卫生组织就会建立一个早期预警系统来监测疾病的流行。她说,世界卫生组织依靠志愿人员和医务人员前往医院和诊所,并且记录下所有的患者和死亡的数字。But in this case, she says the World Health Organization is unable to get the people it needs to maintain an effective surveillance system. She attributes this to the breakdown of the country's social and economic infrastructures. 但是,她说,在津巴布韦,世界卫生组织无法得到所需要的人员来维持一个有效的监视系统。她把原因归咎于这个国家社会和经济基础设施的崩溃。"The health infrastructure in the country is very weak and it is very difficult to find medical supplies or equipment," said Chaib. "And, also health workers are not well paid and they leave their work, in fact, because the economic and social conditions are deteriorating in the country on a continuous scale. There are also a lot of strikes by the health workers because they are not paid. Or if they are paid, it is very late and their conditions of work are not good.  她说:“这个国家的卫生基础设施非常薄弱,很难找到医疗用品或设备。而且,卫生工作者的薪水微薄,有的离开了他们的岗位。事实上,这也是由于津巴布韦经济和社会条件持续大规模恶化。另外,许多卫生保健系统的工作人员举行罢工,因为他们没有得到工资。或者,如果他们发到了工资,通常也已经拖欠了很长时间。他们的工作条件也很恶劣。”The U.N. aid agencies report the outbreak is worsening amidst growing criminality in the country. They say security is bad and looting is on the increase, as are attacks and robberies of humanitarian aid workers. 联合国援助机构报告说,津巴布韦霍乱疫情的爆发正在恶化,与此同时,这个国家的犯罪行为正在上升。救援机构报告说,安全局面每况愈下,抢劫事件正在增加,与此同时,还发生袭击和抢劫人道主义援助人员的事件。Cholera is having a devastating impact, as 43 out of Zimbabwe's 62 districts are reporting cases. In addition, the ed Nations reports cholera is sping to South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique. 霍乱正在对津巴布韦产生破坏性影响,在津巴布韦的62个区里,已经有43个区报告有疫情发生。此外,联合国的报告还说,霍乱正在蔓延到南非、茨瓦纳和莫桑比克。200812/58447日本石龟养殖技术方法吃什么

北川羌族自治县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养South Korea Postpones First Rocket Launch韩国推迟发射首枚太空火箭 国人失望With just minutes to go before liftoff, South Korean engineers postponed the launch of the country's first space-bound rocket. The delay comes as a disappointment to many who looked forward to the launch as a milestone of national pride.韩国计划发射其首枚太空火箭前几分钟,工程人员决定推迟发射。很多期待这次能增进国家自豪感的里程碑火箭发射的人感到失望。Excitement was mounting Wednesday at South Korea's Naro Space Center, as the time to launch dropped below eight minutes. Then, at seven minutes and 56 seconds, the digital clock froze because technicians decided not to proceed.韩国罗老宇航中心星期三预定火箭发射时间临近之际,激动气氛不断上涨,直到还剩不到8分钟的时间。倒数计时的数字表定格在7分56秒。工程技术人员决定推迟发射。Lee Sang-mok, a policy director at South Korea's Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, says South Korea's first indigenous space mission will have to wait.韩国教育科学技术部的政策主任李相睦说,韩国第一枚国产火箭的发射不得不推迟。He says a pressure valve on one of the rocket's fuel tanks showed a drop. He explains that a joint Russian and Korean team of engineers are conducting a thorough technical analysis.他说,火箭燃料箱的一个压力阀显示压力降低。他说,俄罗斯和韩国工程技术人员组成的一个小组正在进行全面技术分析。South Korea teamed up with Russia to spend more than 0 million on the 33-meter tall rocket, known as the Korea Space Launch Vehicle, or KSLV-1. It will carry a communications satellite into low-earth orbit.韩国与俄罗斯合作制造了这枚耗资4亿美元、33米长的火箭。这枚韩国航天运载器将把一枚通讯卫星送入地球低轨轨道。Lee says the Russian technicians think another launch attempt could be made within several days. He says an exact date will be set after Wednesday's difficulties are more precisely understood.李相睦说,俄罗斯技术人员认为火箭可以在几天后发射。他说,在对星期三的故障有更明确的了解之后将确定具体发射日期。South Korean officials had earlier considered delaying Wednesday's mission, out of respect for former President Kim Dae-jung, who died Tuesday. That idea was set aside because of the strong logistical momentum behind the launch.韩国官员早些时候曾考虑推迟星期三的火箭发射,以向星期二去世的前总统金大中表示敬意。由于已经为发射进行了大量准备,这个想法没有实施。Many South Koreans view the launch in terms of national pride, as a milestone of the country's progress in its indigenous space program. The 0-million launch facility where the rocket was set to lift off is being set as the stage for an ambitious space program, including long-range plans to land South Korean probes on the moon.很多韩国人把这次火箭发射与国家自豪感联系在一起,视其为韩国独立太空开发努力中的一个里程碑。韩国斥资2亿5千万美元建造了这次火箭将升空的发射中心。发射设施是韩国雄心勃勃的太空项目的一部分,包括将来把韩国探测器送上月球表面的长远计划。South Korea's launch plans have drawn comparisons to North Korea's April launch of a long-range rocket, which Pyongyang says was part of its peaceful space research. South Korea, the ed States and Japan expressed fears the launch was a thinly veiled test of North Korea's offensive ballistic missile program.有人把韩国火箭发射计划同北韩4月的远程火箭相比较。北韩称那次发射是其和平太空开发项目的一部分。韩国、美国和日本担心,北韩发射火箭是在掩饰之下研制进攻型弹道导弹。Park Jung-ju, director of the KSLV Systems Office, says there are major differences between the North and South launches.负责韩国航天运载器项目的官员说,北韩和韩国的火箭发射有重大区别。He says South Korea's launch plans have been transparent to the public, unlike in North Korea. For South Korea, he says, the launch itself is the goal - not developing weapons systems. Park says comparing South Korea's launch with the North's is "inappropriate."他说,与北韩的火箭发射不同,韩国的发射计划始终对公众保持透明。他说,对韩国来说,火箭发射本身就是目标,不是开发武器系统,因此把韩国的火箭发射与北韩的活动相提并论“不妥”。08/82016黄额盒龟饲养方法技术技巧 Moon is shrinking, say astronomersThe Man in the Moon has become the latest victim of contraction in the housing market.Astronomers reporting on Thursday in the US journal Science said they had found previous undetected landforms which indicate that Earths satellite has been shrinking... albeit by only a tiny amount.The intriguing features, called lobate scarps, arefaultscreated when the Moons once-molten interior began to cool, causing the lunar surface to contract and then crinkle, they said.Relative to the Moons age, estimated at around 4.5 billion years, the contraction is recent, occurring less than a billion years ago, and is measured at about 100 meters (325 feet).Lobate scarps were first spotted near the lunar equator in the 1970s bypanoramiccameras aboard the Apollo 15, 16 and 17 missions.Fourteen new faults have been been spotted inhigh-resolutionimages taken by NASAs Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.The new discoveries show that the scarps are globally distributed and not clustered in equatorial regions, and this provides powerful evidence for the contraction scenario.The investigation was headed by Thomas Watters of the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies at the Smithsonian Museums National Air and Space Museum, Washington.Vocabulary:fault: a break in the continuity of a body of rock or of a vein, with dislocation along the plane of the fracture(断层)panoramic: birds-eye, as from an altitude or distance(全景的)high-resolution: having or capable of producing an image characterized by fine detail(高分辨率的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112022罗甸县马来食螺龟云南闭壳龟马来西亚巨龟豹斑象龟黄额盒龟价格怎么养

云梦县马来食螺龟云南闭壳龟马来西亚巨龟豹斑象龟黄额盒龟价格怎么养您去过大名鼎鼎迪士尼(Walt Disney)乐园吗?如果没有,现在稍微弥补一下吧,本期节目带你来一次激动人心的迪士尼之旅。迪士尼乐园(Disneyland,正式全名为Disneyland Park),是一个位于美国加州安纳罕市(Anaheim)的主题乐园。由华特·迪士尼一手创办的迪士尼乐园是由华特·迪士尼公司(The Walt Disney Company)所创立与营运的一系列主题乐园与度假区中的第一个。迪士尼乐园于1955年开放,吸引了众多小朋友和成年人。内有许多迪士尼人物,如米老鼠,及迪士尼电影场景。园内设施也经常更换。原来在一个人工湖内,可以乘潜艇看到真人扮的美人鱼,但因扮演卡通人物的员工工作条件不适应长期在水下,所以后来改成了假的美人鱼。园内曾一度有座很高的假雪山,人们可以坐缆车从中间穿过,但也已经退出了历史舞台。1990年代,又在同样的地址,扩建了迪士尼加州冒险乐园(Disney's California Adventure),而原本的迪士尼乐园,新设立的加州冒险乐园,与周围一系列相关设施(包括几座配合乐园而设置的观光旅馆),则共同组成迪士尼度假区(Disneyland Resort)。 There's so much to see at Walt Disney World, but there are some things they won't allow you to see. Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes? Believe it or not, there are ways to get into the areas of Walt Disney World. One of the most popular ways is the keys to the kingdom program at the Magic Kingdom. This half-day experience takes visitors into restricted areas all over the park.Here we are at the Haunted Mansion. This attraction, as you take a look at it, looks like it's probably the least taken care of attraction. Disney's Keys to The Kingdom tour is an experience that we offer in the Magic Kingdom every day. The tour guide is able to share hidden treasures about the park. You might learn something about an attraction that you may have never seen before or have never known to even look for. We also take them right up close into the attraction, so they can find out some of the secrets behind what we do. The guides, in their smartly pressed blue plaid costumes, are obviously well-informed on all sorts of subjects related to the Magic Kingdom, from general points of fact to some things a little more hidden. Do you know there are hidden mickeys on the inside as well as on the outside? Hidden what? One of Walt Disney World's biggest and most debated secrets is the hidden mickey. What is a hidden mickey? A hidden mickey is subtle tribute to mickey mouse hidden in any of the Disney parks, or now hotels or shops. Typically, it consists of three circles--the large head and the two small ears. Hidden mickeys are actually hidden images left in our parks. Most of the time by imagineers, the people that create our parks, as kinda ways to represent their own work. The imagineers have cleverly concealed these mickey mouse symbols all over Walt Disney World. Inside and outside attractions, facades, even bathrooms, but no official record of them exists. How many can you find? Every year, millions of people navigate their way through Walt Disney World, armed with their maps and their plans for the day. But did you know there's another way to do it? Disney offers special V.I.P. Tours. But the is not limited to the privileged. You can get your own V.I.P. experience on your very next visit. 课后题目:学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201109/154709 In the first meeting where I saw Steve Jobs he was rushing around madly, trying to listen in on every one of those conversations that was going on simultaneously. He had a real intensity to his demeanor.Jobs imagined a machine for people, and he sensed he was the man to make it happen. The two Steves found an investor, and formed Apple Computer inc.The name apple, the friendly shape, the friendly advertizing we did , Steve was a genius at marketing that it helped bring this whole category of device to the world.Apple I morphed into Apple II which went further, it was faster and had text display, color graphics and its own plastic casing.It was the first personal computer that a human being, a normal human being, a non-technically oriented human being could use.I think Steve Jobs knew that he was on to something big, real big.我第一次是在一次会议中见到乔布斯,他当时正在四处奔波,试图听着每个人同时发生的对话。他有自己的风度。乔布斯制造了一台以人为本的机器,而他正在使梦想成真。这两点使史蒂夫发现了一个投资者,并形成了苹果电脑公司。苹果的名称,这一友好的形状,我们这样做了友好的广告,史蒂夫是个营销天才,这使公司所有产品推向世界。苹果I代向苹果II代转变,走得更远。处理速度更快,有文本显示,颜色图形和塑料外壳。这是第一台个人电脑,一个人,一个正常人,一个没有任何电脑基础的人都可以使用的电脑。我认为史蒂夫;乔布斯有大的,非常大的设想。词语解释:1. conversation n. 对话2. morph v. 变形201111/161306唐河县黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养豹斑象龟好养吗价格收藏推荐



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