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US Auto Bailout Remains Elusive白宫仍在考虑如何救助美汽车工业 With two of America's major automobile companies reportedly weeks away from financial collapse, there continues to be little agreement in Washington on how to craft a government rescue package that would stave off bankruptcy. The White House is weighing options days after the Senate defeated a plan to provide emergency aid to carmakers. 据报导,尽管美国两大主要汽车公司几个星期后将陷入财务崩溃,但是在如何制定一个避免他们破产的政府救援计划方面,华盛顿仍没有取得一致看法。几天前,在参议院否决了向汽车制造商提供紧急援助的计划后,白宫目前正在权衡各种救助途径。In concept, everyone agrees on the basic idea behind federal assistance to the troubled U.S. auto industry. The carmakers, their unions, the Bush administration and leaders of both parties in Congress have endorsed the idea of a government bridge loan in return for significant steps to restructure automobile companies and make them more competitive. It is in the details that potential deals have fallen apart. Just what steps will be taken to put carmakers on a path to financial viability, the sacrifices that will be required of autoworkers and how federal funding will be provided have all proved highly divisive. 在概念上,每个人都同意向陷入经济困境的美国汽车行业提供联邦援助。汽车制造商、汽车工业工会、布什政府和国会两党的领导人都持政府提供过渡性贷款的想法,以换取汽车公司重组并加强竞争性的重要举措。目前是这项可能达成交易的细节出了问题。最大的分歧是采取哪些措施让汽车制造商走上财务可行性的道路,要求汽车工业做出哪些牺牲,以及以什么方式提供联邦资金。Senate Republicans have demanded the largest concessions from the auto industry, labor unions and creditors. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee says he and other Republicans voted against last week's bill after the ed Autoworkers union rejected far-reaching wage and benefits concessions as a condition for the bridge loan. Speaking on the CBS program Face The Nation, Corker rejected any suggestion that Republicans are being obstructionist. 参议院共和党议员要求汽车工业、工会和债权方做出最大的让步。田纳西州的共和党参议员考克说,他和其他的共和党参议员投票反对上星期的议案。在此之前,全美汽车工业联合会拒绝在工资和福利方面做出重大让步,这是得到过渡性贷款的一个条件。考克在哥伦比亚广播公司的“面向全国”的电视节目上驳斥了所谓共和党人在蓄意阻挠的说法。"This has not been about blocking [legislation]. This has been about trying to find a solution that works and really causes these companies to be in a position to go forward in a healthy fashion. But, without all of these shared sacrifices, that will not happen," said Corker. 他说:“这决非是什么阻挠议案的通过。这是在设法寻找一条能奏效的解决方案,如何才能确保这些公司能健康发展。但是如果各方不能分担这些牺牲,救助计划就不能通过。”Corker added that union officials had little incentive to agree to a new round of concessions, since the White House had aly signaled its willingness to provide aid to carmakers, and the Bush administration could bypass Congress and tap the existing 0 billion financial rescue package for the funds. 考克还补充说,由于白宫已经表示愿意向汽车制造商提供援助,而且布什政府能绕过国会,动用现有的7000亿美元金融救助款,工会官员在同意作出新一轮让步方面的积极性就不大。For weeks, the White House expressed reluctance to dip into the rescue package, which Congress approved in October to bail out U.S. financial institutions. But the White House said it was reconsidering the idea after last week's Senate defeat of the automobile aid program, which would have provided billion in bridge loans, while establishing a so-called "car czar" to help guide the industry to profitability. 过去几个星期以来,白宫表示不愿意动用国会10月份批准的救助计划资金。这笔资金是用来帮助美国的金融机构摆脱困境的。但是白宫说,在参议院上个星期否决了汽车工业救助方案之后,他们正在重新考虑这个构想。被否决的计划包括提供140亿美元的过渡性贷款,并设立一个所谓的“汽车沙皇”来指导汽车工业走上营利的道路。White House officials say they are reviewing financial data on the automakers, while considering possible courses of action. 白宫官员说,他们正在评估汽车公司的财务数据,并正在考虑可能采取的行动。For its part, the main autoworkers union has aly offered some concessions, but it is not clear whether those would be sufficient to allow car companies to become profitable in the long term. 对于主要汽车制造商来说,他们已经主动做出一些让步,但是目前还不清楚这些让步是否足以让汽车公司从长远来看能够获利。All three major U.S. carmakers are headquartered in the state of Michigan, where representatives say time is running out to save the industry, which they describe as the backbone of America's diminishing manufacturing sector. 美国三个主要汽车公司的总部都在密西根州。他们的代表说,拯救汽车工业的时间所剩无几。他们说,汽车工业是美国日落西山制造业的柱。Democratic Senator Carl Levin of Michigan also spoke on Face The Nation. 密西根州的民主党参议员莱文也接受了“面向全国”的电视采访。"No other country that produces automobiles is allowing its industry to collapse. They all have the same problem. They are all providing loans to those industries," said Levin. "This is not unique to the ed States." 他说:“没有任何一个生产汽车的国家允许其汽车行业崩溃。他们都有相同的问题。他们都向这些汽车行业提供贷款。这并不是美国所特有的。”In Britain, meanwhile, labor officials are ed as urging the government to inject cash into the country's automobile industry to ensure it survives the current global economic slump. 同时,英国媒体报导说,劳工官员正在敦促政府向汽车工业注入资金,以确保汽车工业能度过目前的全球金融衰退。200812/58836Visitors at Egypt's Giza Pyramids on Saturday got a rare opportunity. They were able to catch a glimpse inside an underground chamber, just south of the Great Pyramid containing the pieces of an ancient funerary boat which many believed was intended to ferry the Pharaoh Khufu into the afterlife. 周六,埃及吉萨金字塔的游客获得千载难逢的机会,得以进入金字塔的地下室。这座地下室位于金字塔的南部,藏有一艘古代埋葬的船只的碎片。据说这艘船用于载法老胡夫到达来世。 A camera was inserted into the unexcavated pit. Visitors watched images of the disassembled wooden sailing ship on a large monitor inside the nearby Solar Boat Museum.他们在未挖掘的坑里安装了录像机。游客通过附近的太阳船物馆的巨大的显示器观看分解过的木制帆船的图像。“Now, through a camera we transfer the photograph directly from the pits directly to this, this screen that you will see wood, see that wood, small and big ones, and you'll see mats, and also you will see, ur, ropes, and you can see for about 20 meters. All this material has been laid like this for more than 4,500 years ago.”“现在,我们通过镜头将深坑里的图像传送到这边的显示屏上,你们会开到木头,大大小小的碎片,你们会看到边缘,会看到绳子,可以看到大约20米的范围。所有的材料都已经按照目前的状态安放了4,500多年了。”In 1987, a team from the National Geographic Society drilled a hole through one of the limestone blocks sealing the chamber from above, and inserted a camera. Inside, they found stacks of wood for a boat similar to one excavated from a nearby pit in 1958. It's been decided that the boat would remain in its tomb for preservation. Dating back 4,600 years, they are the most spectacular vessels discovered to date. 1987年,国家地理协会的一组工作人员来在地下室封口的一块石灰石上钻孔,安装了一个录像机。他们在里面发现了一堆船只的木头,类似于1958年挖掘的深坑中发现的情形。他们决定,这只船必须留在古墓中保存。追溯到4,600年前,这是至今发现的那个时期最特别的船只.07/77961So I practise a lot and now I know how to do it. We try to make the student as comfortable as possible. So that's also a part of the ground prep.that we make the student calm down,don't be too nervous and too excited. With all the training out of the way,it's time for his first jump. The experienced sky divers will stay with him all the way. The jump-sequence 1 100 times on the ground can still make your blood curdle. The endorphins released during the euphoria can get a sky diver hooked. Someone's first jump is one they'll never forget. Great! How are you feeling?I guess I'm in heaven.It's incredible! I'm flying. I'm still flying.You're gonna do it again?Yes! Norway offers the best thermal conditions, enabling these sky divers to turn into acrobats of the air. Great physical control,experience and lots of courage is(Sabrina's note:grammatically speaking,the "is" here is wrong and it should be replaced by "are") required to master this extreme sport. Nils Predstrup is a world-class freestyle sky-diver and a regular visitor to Voss all year round. The multiple world champion who also does 2 diving has revolutionized the discipline. He sees himself and other freestylers more as artists than atheletes. We can move a lot horizontally,we can move a lot vertically at different speeds. And for that,we can move in three dimensions. And this is what I like to use to make kinda like a theater in the sky,kinda like dancing in the sky. As soon as wind and weather allow,the plane goes up again to drop off its next round of adrenaline junkies.注释:①thermal: adj. 热的;热量的 n. 上升暖气流②junkies: n. 毒品贩子;吸毒者(junky的复数)课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/156063Researchers Say Increased Biofuel Production Could Harm Water Resources增加生物燃料生产可能损害水资源  A new study by researchers at Rice University in Houston, Texas warns that expanded production of crops to produce biofuels could damage water resources. The researchers suggest policy makers take into account what they call the "water footprint" when encouraging biofuel development.在美国德克萨斯州休斯敦市的莱斯大学,研究人员在新近发表的一份研究报告中警告说,越来越多地利用农作物生产生物燃料有可能破坏水资源。研究人员建议,决策者在鼓励生物燃料发展的同时,应当考虑到他们称之为“水足迹”的问题。The study is titled The Water Footprint of Biofuels: A Drink or Drive Issue? The suggestion is that by using too much water to produce fuel, humankind might leave itself with not enough water to drink or to grow food.这份报告的题目是《生物燃料的水足迹:一个关系到饮水还是开车的问题》。报告指出,将水资源过多地用于生产燃料,可能导致人类自身的饮用水和种粮用水变得缺乏。The lead author of the study, Rice University Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Pedro Alvarez spoke to VOA by telephone from France, where he is attending an academic meeting. He says the water footprint consists of two elements. "Water shortages caused by a significant increase in fuel crop irrigation, and increased water pollution from related agro-chemical drainage and increased erosion and so on. The two impacts we refer to as the 'water footprint,'" he said.该研究报告的主要作者、莱斯大学土木与环境工程教授佩德罗.阿尔瓦雷斯(Pedro Alvarez) 在接受美国之音采访时解释了所谓的“水足迹”。他说:“能源作物的灌溉大量增加,相关农用化学品以及水土流失造成的水污染恶化,这些都是导致水源短缺的主要因素。这就是我们所说的‘水足迹’。”Alvarez says there are good reasons to continue programs to produce biofuels, such as reducing the need for imported oil and diversifying our sources of energy. But he says policy makers should provide incentives to producers to use crops that use less water and have less impact on the environment in the form of runoff of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals.阿尔瓦雷斯说,减少石油进口并使能源来源多样化,都是推进生物燃料项目的正当理由。但是他又说,决策者要鼓励生产者种植用水较少的作物,并减少农药、化肥和其他化学品的使用,以减少对环境的不利影响。"We want to try to use crops that deliver more energy with lower requirements for not just water, but also land and agro-chemicals. These are usually non-edible cellulosic crops," he said. “我们希望推广那些不但用水较少、而且需要较少土地和化学品的农作物。这往往是些不可食用的纤维作物。”The Rice University study also suggests that using corn to produce the alcohol fuel ethanol may not always be cost effective, especially in states where farmers have to use large amounts of fertilizer to produce the grain.莱斯大学的报告指出,用玉米生产酒精燃料乙醇成本并不低。尤其是在那些农民们不得不使用大量化肥的州。But Kristen Brekke of the American Coalition for Ethanol in Sioux Falls, South Dakota says the study does not take into account the growing yields farmers are producing by using technology and improved agricultural practices.但是,总部设在南达科他州苏福尔斯市的美国乙醇燃料联合会的克里斯丁.布莱克(Kristen Brekke)说,该项研究忽略了一个情况,那就是农民们利用新技术和改善耕作方式以使产量不断增加。"They are getting a lot more efficient; they have a lot better crop genetics and agronomic practices like no-till farming and things like GPS [satellite-dependent global positioning system]. That sort of technology allows them to put only the amount of fertilizer that is needed on a field and in the exact location that it is needed. USDA [the U.S. Department of Agriculture], for example, says that corn yields are expected to double in the next 25 years," she said.布莱克说:“他们提高了生产效率,改良了作物品种,并运用诸如免耕直播及全球定位系统等手段改进耕作方式。 这些技术使人们只在必要的地方施用最少量的化肥。美国农业部预测,在未来的25年中,玉米产量将翻一番。”But Brekke agrees with the Rice University study in that using corn for ethanol may not work well everywhere and that development of cellulosic ethanol from waste products and other plants makes sense. "The nice thing about cellulosic ethanol is that all areas of the country will be able to participate in that. Where it makes sense to grow corn, some of that corn is going to ethanol production, but in other areas of the country they will be able to use what they have locally available," she said.但是,对于莱斯大学报告中所称,利用玉米生产乙醇燃料并非处处行得通这一点,布莱克表示同意。她也认为利用农业废料和其他纤维质作物生产乙醇言之有理。布莱克说:“利用纤维质作物生产乙醇的好处是它在全国各地都行得通。在适合玉米生长的地区,可以把部分玉米用来生产乙醇,但在国内其他地区,人们可以就地取材。”The ethanol industry backs the use of the alcohol additive to gasoline as way of reducing petroleum consumption nationwide.乙醇工业推动了酒精添加剂在汽油中的使用,在全国范围内降低了汽油的消费。But Pedro Alvarez argues that it might be better for the environment as well as farmers to use the alternative fuel locally and not try to transport it long distances. He says that the growing world population might force policy changes not only in terms of water used for fuel crops, but also in terms of how water is used to produce the food we eat.但是,阿尔瓦雷斯认为,更好的做法是就地取材生产替代燃料,以避免长途运输,这对农民和环境都有好处。他还说,全球人口增加将迫使各国不仅改变燃料作物的用水政策,也将改变粮食生产的用水政策。"To make one kilogram of b, let's say, you need 1,000 liters of water and to make one kilogram of meat you need 10,000 liters of water. The point here is that water is going to be a severe limiting factor - not only to economic development, but just to feed a growing population," he said.“生产一公斤面包,比方说,需要用1000公升水;生产一公斤肉,需要用1万公升水。关键的问题是:水资源将变成一个严重的限制因素,不仅限制经济发展,而且会限制不断增长的人口的吃喝。”Alvarez says population growth will drive the need to allocate water carefully for various food crops as well as livestock. Likewise, he says, it will be necessary to balance the goals of reducing oil consumption and supporting the income of farmers with the need to preserve the water that makes agriculture possible.阿尔瓦雷斯说,人口增长会促使人们在粮食生产和家畜饲养方面更加小心地分配水资源。同样地,在减少石油消费、增加农民收入和确保水资源能够满足农业生产方面,的确有必要求得平衡。06/75957South Korea, US Show Unified Front on North's Nuclear Weapons美韩结束高层磋商重申北韩必须结束核项目  South Korea and the ed States are wrapping up senior diplomatic talks on North Korea's nuclear weapons with a show of unity. They say a six-nation process that has been underway for six years must be preserved.美国和韩国结束了两国高级外交官员就北韩核武器问题的磋商。两国在有关问题上展现出团结一致的立场。双方表示,已经进行了六年的六方会谈必须保持下去。Senior U.S. Envoy on North Korea, Stephen Bosworth, emerged from meetings with South Korean counterparts in Seoul holding firm to Washington's insistence that Pyongyang's nuclear capabilities must be ended.美国北韩问题高级特使斯沃思在首尔的会谈中和韩国首席核谈判代表坚定地表达了华盛顿的立场,那就是平壤的核项目必须结束。"We have had very useful conversations here with our South Korean partners," he said, "we are agreed entirely that denuclearization, complete and verifiable, remains our core interest."斯沃思说:“我们在这里同韩国同行进行了非常有益的交谈。我们完全同意,非核化和完全可核实性,依然是我们的核心利益。”Bosworth has been in the South Korean capital since Friday, holding meetings with officials including chief South Korean nuclear negotiator Wi Wung-lac and Unification Minister Hyun In-taek.斯沃思从星期五一直在韩国首都逗留,同包括韩国的首席核谈判代表魏圣洛以及统一部长官在内的官员举行了一系列会谈。Both sides are expressing concern over North Korean statements on Friday that Pyongyang is continuing to extract plutonium from spent nuclear fuel for material useable in weapons.双方对北韩星期五的声明一致表示了关注。平壤表示,正在继续从废核燃料中提取可以用在武器上的金属钸。The North also said it had reached the final stage of a uranium enrichment program, possibly creating a second process by which it can build nuclear arms. Until this year, Pyongyang has denied U.S. accusations it possessed a covert HEU, or highly enriched uranium program, in violation of previous agreements.北韩还表示,目前已经进入铀提炼计划的最后阶段,并且有可能启动可以生产核武器的第二阶段程序。平壤今年以前一直否认美国有关北韩拥有高浓缩铀计划,违反先前有关协议的指控。Bosworth said the problem will take time to solve.斯沃思说,这个问题需要时间解决。"This is not the first we have heard of HEU," he said. "And it may not be the last."他说:“这不是我们第一次听说浓缩铀,也可能不会是最后一次。”Bosworth repeated the Obama administration's policy that Washington is willing to talk one-on-one with North Korea, but only within the framework of six-nation talks begun in 2003 aimed at ending all of the North's nuclear capabilities.斯沃思重申奥巴马政府的政策,说华盛顿愿意与北韩进行一对一会谈,但必须在2003年开始的六方会谈架构当中。该架构的目的是要终止北韩所有核项目。North Korea has declared those talks "dead" several times this year, and says it is willing to deal only with the ed States as a fellow nuclear weapons nation.北韩在今年已经好几次宣布这些会谈“死亡”,并且说,它只愿意和美国以核武器大国的对等身份会谈。The ed States and South Korea say they will be diligent about implementing U.N. Security Council sanctions imposed after North Korea conducted the second nuclear weapons test in its history in May.美国以及韩国说,他们将努力贯彻联合国安全理事会对北韩的制裁。该项制裁是北韩在今年5月进行该国历史上第二次导弹测试之后被实施的。09/83490

Need for Aid Rises as Insurgents Reach Outskirts of Somali Capital索马里冲突升级 人道危机加重 The International Committee of the Red Cross announced that it is increasing food and other assistance for over 400,000 people displaced by violence in south and central Somalia. The announcement comes as Islamist insurgents continue an advance towards the capital, Mogadishu. 国际红十字会宣布对索马里南部和中部受暴力活动影响而流离失所的40多万人增加食品和其它援助。与此同时,伊斯兰叛乱分子继续向索马里首都加迪沙进军。The ICRC's Somalia relief coordinator, Mathias Frese, said the organization will have tripled its food aid to Somalia from 2007 to 2008. The recent escalation in fighting, along with continued drought, have worsened what U.N. officials had aly called Africa's worst humanitarian crisis. 国际红十字会的救助协调官员弗雷泽说,红十字会2008年的食品援助将比2007年增加两倍。最近的冲突升级,加上持续的旱灾,加重了这场联合国官员所说的非洲最严重的人道危机。On Thursday, Islamist insurgents entered Elasha, a settlement of displaced people fewer than 20 kilometers from Mogadishu. 星期四,伊斯兰叛乱分子进入埃拉沙,那里是一个安置流离失所的人的营地,距离加迪沙不到20公里。Resident Jama'a Abdirahman told VOA that the Islamists left as Ethiopian troops, retreating from the town of Afgoye to the west, passed through on their way to Mogadishu. He said that members of the government militia that had controlled the town had returned, but that members of the radical Islamist al-Shabab militia, as well as fighters from other Islamist factions were still in the area. 那里的一个居民阿布迪拉赫曼告诉美国之音,在向加迪沙撤退的埃塞俄比亚军队经过阿弗戈耶镇向西撤退以后,伊斯兰分子也走了。他说,虽然控制这个镇的政府民兵又回来了,但是伊斯兰极端主义民兵“圣战”组织的成员以及其他伊斯兰派系的武装分子仍然在这个地区活动。On Wednesday al-Shabab took control of the port town of Merka, to the south. The transitional government, backed by Ethiopian troops, remains in control of Mogadishu, and the town of Baidoa, where the parliament is based, and has soldiers in Afgoye. But insurgents now hold much of the rest of south and central Somalia. 星期三,“圣战”组织夺取了南边的港口城镇梅尔卡。受埃塞俄比亚军队持的过渡政府仍然控制着加迪沙和议会所在地白朵阿镇,并且在阿弗戈耶驻有部队。但是叛乱分子目前占据了索马里南部和中部其它大部分地区。Ethiopia had agreed to withdraw its forces from urban centers as part of a peace agreement with a moderate faction of the insurgency, but the rebel advance may change those plans. If Ethiopian troops remain, however, their presence will continue to be a major grievance and rallying cry for the insurgency. 埃塞俄比亚同意从各个城市的中心撤出军队,这是和叛乱集团中的温和派系达成的和平协议的一部分内容。但是,叛乱分子的推进行动可能改变这些计划。如果埃塞俄比亚军队仍然留在都市中心,叛乱力量会继续以外国驻军为主要声讨内容,继续以此聚集力量。Meanwhile, the escalation in fighting has increased the numbers of Somalis fleeing across the border into Kenya. The U.N. refugee agency has echoed calls from Human Rights Watch, for increased attention to the influx. Emmanuel Nyabera, a spokesman for UNHCR in Nairobi, said the organization had asked the Kenyan government to construct a fourth refugee camp at Dadaab, along the border. 与此同时,冲突升级造成更多索马里人越过边界逃到肯尼亚。联合国难民署表达了人权观察组织同样的呼声,请求加强对逃难潮的关注。联合国难民事务高级专员公署在内罗毕的发言人尼亚贝拉说,难民署已经请求肯尼亚政府在边界一带的达达阿布建立第4个难民营。"We are extremely concerned about the situation in Dadaab refugee camp, because the camp is extremely overcrowded. The three camps that were supposed to accommodate around 90,000 refugees are currently accommodating around 224,000 people," said Nyabera. "We are currently receiving around 6,000 new asylum seekers every month. We are not in a position to give services to these people in a dignified manner." 尼亚贝拉说:“我们极为关切达达阿布难民营的状况,因为这个难民营过于拥挤。本来只能接纳9万难民的那3个难民营目前接纳了22万4千人。我们目前每个月接纳大约6000个新的寻求避难的人。我们无法正常地为这些人务。”The fighting has also hampered aid efforts inside the country, where attacks on aid workers have increased in recent months, and both sides have been accused of disrupting aid deliveries. Abdirahman, at the Elasha camp, said that the World Food Program had increased deliveries since Islamist fighters dismantled government checkpoints in the area.  战斗还妨碍了在索马里的援助努力。在索马里,对援助人员的袭击最近几个月有所增加,双方都被指责扰乱运送援助物资。阿布迪拉赫曼在埃拉沙难民营说,自从伊斯兰武装分子拆除了政府检查站以来,世界粮食计划署增加了援助物资的运送。Aid deliveries have also been restricted by insecurity along Somalia's coastline, which has seen a proliferation of hijacked ships in recent months. On Thursday night, a Chinese boat with 24 crew members was captured off the coast of southern Somalia. 援助物资的运送还受到索马里海岸线一带不安全局势的约束。最近几个月,那里有大量船只被抢劫。The European Union agreed last week to supply ships for a naval operation to combat piracy off Somalia's coast. 欧洲联盟上个星期同意提供军舰参加打击索马里近海海盗的海军行动。200811/56182

CNN Interview with Osama Bin Laden's son Omar Bin LadenCNN Interview with Osama Bin Laden's son Omar Bin LadenHe is the son of a terrorist. He says he wants his father to stop the violence. CNN's Aneesh Raman interviewed Omar Bin Laden.At first glance, twenty-six-year-old Omar seems the image of a modern Middle-East. He drives a jeep, has dlocks and his wife is a British national. You'll never guess this is Osama Bin Laden's son.Interviewer: What age did you start training with Al-Qaeda?Omar:I started training maybe in fourteen.As a child, Omar was a soldier in his father's army, training in Afghanistan like so many others. But by 2000, Omar felt Al-Qaeda was heading for a fight he didn't want any part of.Omar: After a few years, we started the war, the fight becoming bigger and bigger and I see a lot things being bigger and my eyes are open on all, a lot things and I think what if I go outside and see how the life outside.It was a decision Omar says his father accepted.Omar:He told me if this is your...your what? [your choice, your decision] yeah, your decision. What I can tell you. I like you to be with me, but if you, this is your decision.So father and son went their separate ways, but for Omar there was no running from the Bin Laden name, not after September 11, 2001.Interviewer: Where were you when 9.11 happened? How did you first learn about it?Omar: I am in Saudi Arabia.Interviewer: Did you immediately think your father was behind it when you saw the news?Omar: Yeah, maybe. Interviewer: And what went through your mind?Omar: The same, I'm younger, I don't know what I felt how I will have to feel. [he was only eighteen, nineteen] Sure when I see something get killed ,I feel sad.Seven years later,his father is now the world's most wanted man.Interviewer: Are you in touch with your father at all right now?Omar: Sure not.Inerviewer:Do you have any idea where he is?Omar: No.Inmtervierer:Do you think that he will ever get caught?Omar: I don't think so.The reason Omar says wherever Osama is, the people around him will never turn.Omar: The people there is different from here. The people there is, has freedom between them and the God. They can do anything by God permission. They didn't care about the goverment..As for Omar, he's caught between love of a father,Interviewer: Do you think that your father is a terrorist?Omar: You know I don't think my father is a terrorist.and the hatred of tactics that kill innocent civilians.Omar: I like to say to my father, try to find another way to help or to find your God. And this is bomb, or this is weapons. He's not good to use it for anybody.02/62940

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