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  Why are dogs#39;noses so wet?的鼻子为什么总是湿的?Humans and dogs share a special relationship, moulded over millennia of reciprocal love and companionship.数千年来,人类和都有十分特殊的关系,相互喜爱,相互陪伴。Anyone who#39;s ever had the fortune of sharing their life with a close canine companion can attest that, from poodles to Pomeranians, dogs truly are a wondrous species.有幸拥有一只作伴的人,都能明这一点。无论是卷毛还是美,确实是种超赞的物种。But there#39;s something else that dog lovers the world over know all too intimately – the feel of a dog#39;s cool, wet nose brushing up against your cheek.爱之人还有个场景再熟悉不过——爱用湿漉漉、冰凉凉的鼻子,在你的脸上蹭来蹭去。Whether they#39;re running to fetch a ball, or merely pinning you down while they#39;re snoozing on the couch, dogs#39;noses seem to be perennially wet.无论它们是跑去捡球,还是正在沙发打盹的它们,看到你过来立马激动地把你扑倒,它们的鼻子总是湿湿的。So what gives?这带给我们什么信息呢?To most dog owners, it#39;s common knowledge that dogs don#39;t sweat. Their lack of proper sweat glands, as humans and some other mammals have, is one of the main causes of the excessive panting that happens when your mastiff mate is out for a run. Put simply, panting is a method of regulating heat within the canine body.大多数主人都知道不会排汗的常识。它们没有人类和其他哺乳动物的汗腺,这也是为什么它们跑起来会不停喘气。简单说,喘气是调节体温的一种方式。One other way which dogs keep cool though, is by excreting a substance similar to sweat on their extremities – namely, their nose and paws.另一种降低体温的方式,就是在手足部分(鼻子和爪子)分泌类似汗液的液体。Ever wonder why they#39;re a similar colour and texture? Boom. There#39;s your answer. The moisture on their extremities helps to radiate heat away from your pawed pal, in a similar way to their panting.好奇为什么这种液体跟汗液颜色和质感这么相似吗?我们来告诉你。它们手足分泌的液体帮助它们散热,跟喘气效果相同。The moisture on a dog#39;s nose helps serve a secondary purpose, too. Covering a canine nose is a thin layer of mucous, which helps to trap scents and other particles in the air.鼻子上的湿气还有另一个用途。它们鼻子上薄薄一层粘液,能帮助捕捉空气中的气味和微粒。In order to sample this no-doubt delectable melange, a dog will then proceed to lick its nose – a behaviour dog lovers will no doubt have noticed when their precious pup picks up a scent. This serves to present the trapped particles to the olfactory glands on the roof of a dog#39;s mouth, enabling the dog to further analyse the scent.为了检验这些味道,会去舔自己的鼻子。当心爱的嗅到气味时,爱之人对它们以上的举止一定不会陌生。这个举止能让把鼻子上收集到的颗粒送到口腔顶部的嗅腺,让它们能进一步分析这种味道。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201610/471745


  It was a beautiful, sunny, Spring day. I had just finished driving my daughter to the airport to catch an early morning flight.这是一个阳光明媚的美好春日。我刚刚开车送女儿去机场赶早班飞机。My sons and I then went to a fast food place for breakfast before heading back home.在回家之前,我和儿子们去一家快餐店吃了早饭。After eating we all got into the car and pulled out of the parking lot.进餐后,我们回到车里,并将车驶出停车场。The restaurant was at the very top of a hill. At the bottom of the hill was a stop sign so we found ourselves at the end of a long line of traffic waiting while the cars at the bottom turned onto the main road one at a time.餐馆在山顶,在山底有个禁止通行的标志,我们排在等待通行一条长队的最后面,而位于山底的车子每次只有一辆能开上主路。As I looked down to the bottom of the hill my eyes saw an elderly man standing by the stop sign.就在我向山下张望的时候,注意到一位长者就站在禁止通行标志的旁边。His clothes were old and worn. He held a cardboard sign with the words: Need Help Please! written on it.他衣衫褴褛,手举着写有“请帮帮我”的牌子。My heart went out to him and I imagined myself in his situation.我的心不由得被他牵动,想象着如果我是他面对这这样的处境会怎样。As car after car turned onto the road without stopping for him, I reached for my wallet to look for whatever cash was left in it.驶入主路的车辆并没有因为这位老人而停留,我寻摸着钱包,然后打开看看里面还有多少现金。As I was pulling it out of my pocket, though, I saw a young woman walk up to him along the side of the road.就在我把钱包从口袋里拿出来的时候,我看到一位姑娘朝着老人走去。She was carrying a bag full of take out food from the restaurant I was just at. I watched as the old man thanked the young girl and smiled as she reached in to give him a hug.她手上提着一袋食物,就是从我刚刚吃早餐的店里买的。姑娘走到老人跟前给了他一个拥抱,老人微笑着向姑娘道谢,这一切我都看在眼里。Suddenly a loud HONK! from the car behind me made me realize that I hadn#39;t been moving forward, because this simple choice for kindness had so captured my attention and my heart.突然我听到一声从后面车子传来的鸣笛声。刚才姑娘举手之劳的善意深深打动了我,我光顾着看了,忘了把车子往前开。By the time I reached the bottom of the hill both the man and lady who had helped him were gone. Yet, as I drove home the sun seemed to shine even brighter and Heaven felt a bit closer to Earth.当我的车子开到山下那位帮助老人的姑娘已经走了。当我开车回家的时候,太阳光变得更加一样了,天堂仿佛也离地面更近了。A choice is such a powerful thing. It can touch a heart and change a life. It can bring us closer to God and make Heaven smile. Each day we are given a thousand choices. May you make all of yours for kindness. May you make your whole life a choice for love, joy, and God.原来选择也是这么有力量的一件事情,它会直击内心,改变生活。让我们离上帝更近,让天堂微笑。每天我们要做上千个选择。愿你的每个选择都带着慈悲。愿你一生的选择都带着爱、愉悦和上帝的名义。 /201703/499380

  Step 1: Switch on some background music步骤1:开始播放一些背景音乐It doesn’t have to be loud, but it has to be music you enjoy to help you relax. Whether you play it through your television’s audio bouquet or on your stereo, the most important thing is to have something relaxing playing in the background.背景音乐声音不用太大,但是必须是你喜欢的帮你放松的音乐。不论你是通过电视音频或者立体音响来播放音乐,最重要的事情就是你需要一些放松的音乐作为背景。Step 2: Get your clothing together步骤2:把衣放在一起This step is most important during the winter months. There’s nothing worse than getting out of a steamy bath and then having to find clothes to wear while you’re shivering. So, find clothes you’d like to wear after your bath and keep them close to retain the heat from your bath.这个步骤在冬天的时候是最重要的。没有什么比洗完热水澡出来之后冻得浑身发抖地找衣更坏的事情了。因此,找出你在沐浴后想要穿的衣,把衣放在一起来保持你洗澡后的热量。Step 3: Turn on the hot water步骤3:打开热水Time to turn up the heat! You can’t have a bath without water, but it might take a while to reach a comfortable temperature. Keep an eye on the temperature as you complete the next steps.是时候打开热水了!没有水当然洗不了澡,但是或许需要放一会儿水,水温才能达到舒适的温度。在完成下面的步骤之前要留意温度。Step 4: Light a few candles步骤4:点燃一些蜡烛Candles have an amazing way of creating ambiance in a room. If possible, choose scented candles to fill the room with a relaxing aroma. However, regardless of the type of candles, just make sure you have a few to place around the tub and in your bathroom to create artificial light to help your mind to relax—which is exactly what you’re after.蜡烛是在屋里面营造氛围的美妙方式。如果可能的话,可以选择带有芳香的蜡烛,让房间充满放松的香味。然而,不论是何种类型的蜡烛,都要确保你在浴桶和浴室周围点燃几根蜡烛,来营造让自己心绪放松的光线——这正是你所追求的感觉。Step 5: Grab your favorite drink步骤5:拿一杯你喜欢的饮料The heat will make you thirsty, so don’t forget to grab your favorite drink. Whether it’s a glass of wine or a little bit of juice, remember to grab enough so you don’t have to interrupt your relaxing bath to get another drink.热水的热量会让你口渴,所以不要妄自拿上一杯你喜欢的饮料。无论是一杯酒还是一点点果汁,都要记住拿够,这样你就不会因为需要去拿另一杯饮料而打扰自己放松的沐浴了。 /201702/493717The start of Gollum#39;s diabetes古鲁姆糖尿病之始 /201702/490780

  You might think that when presented with a never-ending supply of potential suitors, people would be getting pickier.你或许会认为当出现源源不断的潜在追求者时,人们会变得更加挑剔。After all, with a lot of dating websites like Match and eHarmony, users can specify almost everything they#39;re looking for in a partner, so why wouldn#39;t you be choosy?毕竟,有那么多像Match和eHarmony这样的交友网站,用户能明确找到符合他们所有要求的另一半,那么为什么不多挑挑呢?New research has revealed, however, that people are in fact lowering their standards as a result of dating apps and sites.然而,新的研究结果发现,由于交友软件和网站的出现,人们实际上正在降低择偶标准。Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology studied data from Australia#39;s largest dating website RSVP and the dating profiles of over 41,000 people aged between 18 and 80 in a bid to work out whether the rise of online dating has changed people#39;s habits.来自昆士兰科技大学的研究者从澳大利亚最大的交友网站RSVP获取了超过41000名年龄在18到80岁之间的用户资料,想要研究出在线交友这一社交形式的风靡是否改变了人们的习惯。They concluded that singletons are disregarding their #39;check-list#39; of criteria and pursuing other potential romantic partners who have sufficient acceptable qualities.他们得出结论表明,如今单身的人正不顾自己的择偶标准而追求有足够多可接受品质的可能浪漫伴侣。The reason that online daters are more likely to settle could be that they#39;re tired of trying to find the perfect person amongst so many.在线交友更容易成功的原因是他们厌倦了在如此多的候选者中寻找完美的人。;We looked at whether or not people actually contact people who match what they say is their ideal partner in their profile, and our findings show they don#39;t. Stating a preference for what you are looking for appears to have little to no bearing on the characteristics of people you actually contact,; study author Stephen Whyte said.;我们观察人们是否会联系那些符合他们个人资料中理想恋人标准的人,然而我们发现他们并不这样。理想型似乎与你实际联系对象的特征并不一样。;该研究的作者斯蒂芬·怀特说。He explains that the nature of online dating is triggering changed in the psychology of humans choosing a mate.他解释到在线交友的实质引起了人们在选择伴侣时心理的变化。;Disclosure of #39;ideal#39; partner preferences is a widely offered and commonly-used option for people creating a profile on online dating websites, but whether it#39;s effective or useful in helping people find that special someone is unclear,; Whyte says.;人们于在线交友网站建立个人资料时,理想型特征是被广泛提供的,公开这一偏好也是被普遍使用的选项,但是这在人们寻找伴侣时是否有效或有用却不得而知。;怀特说。;This study provides quite unique findings in that people may state a preference for an ideal partner but they are more than happy to initiate contact with potential love interests that bear no resemblance whatsoever to that #39;Mr or Mrs Perfect#39; they initially think they prefer over all others.;;这一研究提供了相当独特的发现,人们或许会写下理想型,但他们却更愿意从一开始就联系有与他们最初认为符合#39;完美先生/#39;标准完全不相关的潜在伴侣。;In today#39;s busy world, with our seemingly throwaway dating culture, finding a partner takes a lot of time and effort, but the study#39;s results could be encouraging for people looking for love online.在如今这个繁忙的世界中,伴随着我们看似一次性的约会文化,找到一个伴侣即费时又费事,但这一研究结果或许能鼓励人们从网上找到真爱。So if you lower your standards, the chances are everyone else has too, so you may just meet the one as a result.既然这样,如果你降低了自己的标准,其他人也有相同的机会这样做,那么结果你还是只能遇到那样一个人。译文属 /201703/495387


  A girl got more than she bargained for when she found her royal doppelganger during a school trip.一个女孩在参加学校旅行期间意外发现了她的皇室前世。Twitter user Yuki took a selfie in front of a portrait, which showcased her resemblance to a #39;Mongolian princess#39;, and shared it on the social media site.推特用户Yuki在一张长得很像自己的“蒙古公主”画像前自拍,并将照片分享到社交媒体网站上。The post from the Japanese student, who has less than 1,000 followers, was a surprise hit and has been retweeted around 50,000 times since it was posted on Saturday.Yuki是一名日本学生,她的粉丝数还不到1000人,但是这条推文意外火爆起来,自10日发布以来已经被转发约5万次。Yuki traveled to Taiwan on a class trip that included a visit to the National Palace Museum in Taipei.Yuki跟随班级到台湾旅行,中途参观了台北故宫物院。When she went to the exhibition #39;Elegant Gathering of the Princess: The Culture of Appreciating and Collecting Art at the Mongol Yuan Court,#39; she noticed a familiar face, China Times reported.《中国时报》报道称,Yuki在参观“公主的雅集:蒙元皇室与书画鉴藏文化”的展览时,发现了一张熟悉的面孔。It was a Mongolian princess from the Yuan Dynasty.和Yuki撞脸的是来自元朝的蒙古公主。The princess bore a striking resemblance to the girl, who took a selfie and then shared a laugh about it with friends.Yuki和公主长得惊人的相似,她拍了一张自拍,把这个好笑的发现分享给朋友。She then decided to tweet the photo with the caption #39;It’s me from a previous life way, way, way back.#39;随后,她决定将照片发在推特上并配上文字“这是我的前前前世”。The tweet has been retweeted more than 47,000 times and one user even created a gif morphing their faces together.这条推文已被转发了47000多次,有用户甚至将两人的脸合成为一张动图。The image was also shared on Reddit.这张图片也被分享在红迪网上。One commentator said: #39;Lol reddit is full of white people comparing themselves with European paintings. This is nice for a change.#39;有人评价道说:“哈哈,红迪网上全是白种人把自己和欧洲画作做对比的照片。这个变化很好。”Another added: #39;Aren#39;t you glad that the silly hat thing went out of style?#39;还有人说:“那顶愚蠢的帽子过时了,你不高兴吗?”And another chimed in: #39;I want to squeeze your cheeks, like an old granny.#39;也有人跟帖道:“我想像个老奶奶一样捏你的脸。”Yuki, however, is not the only person to resemble a famous Chinese person and similar photographs also resurfaced on Chinese social media site Weibo.不过,Yuki不是唯一一个和中国名人撞脸的人,在中国社交媒体网站新浪微上也出现了类似的照片。Many were of ordinary people posing next to historical paintings or statues but some also featured Chinese Olympic athletes according to Huanqiu.据环球网报道,许多微照片是路人在古代画作或者雕像旁摆拍的,但是也有一些是模仿中国奥运会运动员的。 /201612/483600。


  Donald Trump was forced to defend himself after being caught bragging in crude terms about aggressively groping women, issuing a rare apology but immediately accusing Hillary Clinton of bullying the female “victims” of her husband, former president Bill Clinton.唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)被迫为自己辩解,此前曝光的视频据显示他曾用粗鄙的语言吹嘘自己放肆地猥亵女性。他罕见地作出道歉,但随即指控希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)欺凌她的丈夫、前总统比尔#8226;克林顿(Bill Clinton)的女性“受害者”。The Washington Post on Friday published a from 2005, in which Mr Trump boasted about trying to have sex with married women and grabbing their genitals. He claimed attractive women wanted to kiss him because he is a star. 《华盛顿邮报》(Washington Post)周五公布一段2005年的视频,显示特朗普吹嘘自己试图与已婚妇女性交,抓她们的私处。他声称,有魅力的女性想吻他,因为他是一个明星。“You can do anything,” he claimed in the recording, which drew swift rebukes from his Democratic rival and his Republican party colleagues alike, undercutting his efforts to launch a comeback in this Sunday’s second debate against Mrs Clinton. “你可以做任何事情,”他在录像中声称。此言迅速招致他的民主党对手和共和党同僚的同声斥责,削弱他在本周日对希拉里的第二场辩论中卷土重来的努力。“I have said and done things that I regret, and the words released today on this more than a decade old are one of them,” Mr Trump said in a statement released late on Friday night. “Anyone who knows me knows these words don#39;t reflect who I am. I said it, I was wrong, and I apologise.” “我说过和做过我现在后悔的事情,今天在这段10多年前的视频中曝光的话是其中之一,”特朗普在周五晚间发布的视频声明中表示。“认识我的人都知道,这些话并不反映我的为人。我说过这些话,我错了,我道歉。”Mr Trump admitted to saying “foolish things” but said he had been less egregious than Mr Clinton. “There is a big difference between the words and actions of other people. Bill Clinton has actually abused women, and Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed, and intimidated his victims. We will discuss this more in the coming days,” he said. 特朗普承认自己说过“愚蠢的事情”,但随即话锋一转,称他没有克林顿那么出格。“其他人的说话和行为之间有很大差异。克林顿真的虐待了妇女,而希拉里欺凌、攻击、羞辱和恐吓了他的受害者。我们将在未来几天进一步讨论这个问题,”他说。The revelation comes a month before the election and less than two weeks after the first presidential debate, in which the New York property mogul came under attack from Mrs Clinton for previously referring to a Latina beauty queen as “Miss Piggy”. 这些爆料发生在美国大选投票的一个月前,总统候选人之间的首场辩论不到两星期后。在那次辩论中,希拉里抨击身为纽约房地产大亨的特朗普曾经把一位拉丁选美皇后称为“猪”。In recent weeks, the Clinton campaign has successfully framed the 2016 race as a referendum on Mr Trump’s attitude to women and his character. The lewd and often explicit remarks in the unearthed recording will almost certainly reinforce existing impressions about the Republican candidate.在最近几周,克林顿竞选阵营成功地把2016年选战框定为一场公投,焦点问题是特朗普对妇女的态度和他的性格。最新曝光的视频中下流且往往裸的语言几乎肯定会强化选民对这位共和党候选人的现有印象。With the polls having moved sharply against him over the last week, Mr Trump had been hoping that Sunday’s debate would give him a chance to regain momentum. Mrs Clinton called the recording “horrific” and tweeted that “we cannot allow this man to become president”. Her running mate Tim Kaine said Mr Trump’s behaviour “makes me sick to my stomach”.鉴于过去一周民调结果出现对特朗普不利的大幅变动,他本来希望周日的辩论将给他一个夺回势头的机会。希拉里称这段录像“可怕”,并在Twitter上写道,“我们不能让这个人成为总统”。她的竞选搭档蒂姆#8226;凯恩(Tim Kaine)表示,特朗普的行为“让我感到反胃”。More worrying for Mr Trump, he faced unprecedentedly sharp criticism from his own party. Everyone from Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, to Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP nominee, slammed him over the comments. 对特朗普来说更令人担忧的是,他面临着党内空前尖锐的批评。从众议院议长保罗#8226;瑞安(Paul Ryan)到2012年共和党总统候选人米特#8226;罗姆尼(Mitt Romney),共和党重量级人物纷纷抨击他的言论。 /201610/470274

  Who gets the last peiece of cake?谁吃最后一块蛋糕?Socialists facing their biggest dilemma社会主义者面临的最大窘境(讽刺所谓的“平均分配”?) /201705/508185

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