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广州荔湾中医院看不孕医生天河做无痛人流术到哪个医院好能源和环境危机Fuel and Environment Crisis人类一直利用地球上的资源来发展自身。环境因人的使用而改变,而人类并没有改变自己来适应环境。 Listen Read Learn Human beings have always used the resources of the Earth of their own development. The environment was changed for the use of man rather than changing our own nature to fit the environment. This past action has now caused us serious problems as vast numbers of people are struggling to further the development of their own societies despite the harm that it may do. Two major problems are developing which feed off each other and combine to create other problems. The first is that developed and developing nations need fuel in order to operate and continue their standard of living. The fuel is rapidly dwindling and may in the future run out unless alternative sources are found. The second is that the use of these fuels, particularly coal and petroleum, are dangerous to the environment. They create a huge amount of pollution. If scientists are to be believed, this can have an adverse reaction on the planet's weather. It may even cause a global warming effect, which would raise the sea level, killing millions of people. The solutions to these problems are complex and will require efforts made by the international community. This is not just a national responsibility, as individuals and local communities must come up with solutions. We must either solve the problem or limit their effects.听看学人类一直利用地球上的资源来发展自身。环境因人的使用而改变,而人类并没有改变自己来适应环境。随着数目庞大的人群都在努力进一步发展自己的社会,却不顾这可能产生的害处,过去的这种行为现在已经给我们带来了严重的问题。其中的两个主要问题相辅相成,并且可能结合起来产生其他问题。第一个问题是,发达国家和发展中国家都需要燃料来运作并维持它们的生活水平。但燃料急剧减少,如果找不到替代能源,燃料将来就可能耗竭。第二个问题是这些燃料的利用,尤其是煤和石油,对环境是有害的。它们造成了大量的污染。如果科学家是可信的,燃料的使用就可能给地球的天气造成不利的影响,甚至可能导致全球温室效应,使海平面升高,成千上万的人将会因此丧命。这些问题的解决方案很复杂,需要国际社会的努力。这不仅仅是国家的责任,个人和地方组织也必须找出解决的方案。我们必须解决问题,或是消减其影响。Grammar语法小结——条件状语从句引导条件状语从句最常用的连词是if, 表示在某种条件下某事可能发生,例如:If you ask him, he will help you. 如果你请他帮忙,他就会帮你。If you fail in the exam, you will let him down.如果你考试不及格,你就会让他失望的。另外,if 引导的从句还表示不可实现的条件或根本不可能存在的条件,也就是一种虚拟的条件或假设,此时从句多用一般过去时或过去完成时,例如:If I were you, I would invite him to the party. 如果我是你,我就会邀请他参加聚会。If I were you, I would let him go. 如果我是你,我就让他走。除了if可以引导条件状语从句外,unless, on condition(that)…等也可以引导条件状语从句,例如:Unless it rains, the game will be played. 除非下雨,比赛将照常进行。I can tell you the truth on condition that you promise to keep a secret.我可以告诉你真相,条件是你承诺会保守秘密。家庭总动员 Do it together两人一组,一方朗诵下面的中文句子,另一方说出相对应的英语句子。1.如果我早点起床,我就能赶上公交车了。2.如果他今天来,我们就一起去。3.只要你继续尝试,你就能成功。4.如果经理同意,我们将启动项目。5.如果没有反对意见,我们现在就开始做。1.You will succeed so long as you keep on trying.2.We'll start our project if the manager agrees.3.Provided that there is no opposition, we shall start it right now.4.If I had got up earlier, I would have caught the bus.5.If he comes today, we will go together. /200806/41929广州哪家医院修复结扎最好 部分内容改编自 《日常英语》Ed: I have to look for a new job.Jenny: Why? You don’t like where you are?Ed: No, not a bit. I’m not motivated at all.Jenny: Would you stay in the same field or look for something completely different?Ed: I don’t know.Jenny: When are you going to start looking?Ed: Well…I don’t know. I can’t get motivated. /201009/114296Shoot! 说吧!A: I've got a question for you。A: 我想请问你一个问题.B: Shoot!B: 说吧!"Shoot!" 除了当"说吧!"外,很多女孩子也用它来代替 "Shit!", 因为觉得后者听起来不雅. /10/86720广州宫颈糜烂怎么治疗最好

广州天河看妇科病哪个比较好224. 他跟一个百万富翁的女儿结婚了。 [误] He married with the daughter of a millionaire. [正] He married the daughter of a millionaire.注:英文 marry 一字通常是用作及物动词的,共有三个意思。(1)结婚,包括娶和嫁,例如 He is going to marry Miss Wong.(他将娶王为妻。)She married an Englishman.(她嫁给一个英国人。)May cousins marry each other?(表兄弟可以结婚吗?)(2)遣嫁,娶媳,例如 He married his daughter to a rich man.(他把女儿嫁给一个富翁。)He married his son to an architect\'s daughter.(他替儿子讨了一个建筑师的女儿做老婆。)(3)主婚,例如 The priest is going to marry them.(牧师将为他们主婚。)如用 passive voice 是表示已结了婚的那种状态,如 Tom and Alice have been married four years.(汤姆和艾丽丝已结婚四年了。)They got married soon after that.(那以后他们随即就结婚了。) /200809/50553广州结扎恢复手术哪家医院最好 J: I don’t know what I’m going to do! It’s going to be impossible to make ends meet if I lose my job!C: don’t worry. I don't think you’re going to lose your job over one mistake.J: it was a rather big mistake. When you work as an investment adviser, onc small mistake can cost the company millions.C: but it wasn’t just you who was involved, right? You were only doing what your supervisor told you to do.J: that’s true, but my supervisor sis very dishonest. There’s no reason he needs to tell our boss the truth. I’m sure he will tell our boss that it was all my fault, and there’s nothing I can do about that. My boss won’t believe me if I tell him the truth.C: let’s think realistically about what might happen. How much money do you have in your savings?J: I have enough to live off of for about 3 months. But I really don't want to spend my life savings on just living! I’d rather invest my money somehow.C: well, that’s good. If you lose your job, you can just move in with me until you find another job. That will save you plenty of money.J: that’s very generous of you. I guess that would work.C: if you lose your job, you just have to go for a few months without buying all the junk you usually buy. If you live frugally, you’ll save plenty of money.J: I guess working with so much money has made me rather greedy. Maybe losing my job would be a good thing! /08/82678增城妇幼保健院不孕不育医院

广州输卵管复通哪家医院最好The weight just piled on while I was abroad. 我出国期间体重一个劲地增加.pile on: (especially of a person's weight 尤指体重) to increase quickly 剧增;猛增 People regularly fail to think about what they are eating and many are piling on the pounds as a result, study showed.调查显示,人们往往不去想自己究竟在吃些什么,所以许多人因此而长胖. /201004/101211 广州哪家妇科医院做引产好中山医院做输卵管通液多少钱



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