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A project established for the public to report issues with trees in their local council has taken a curious turn, after every tree in the city was given its own email address. The Urban Forest Strategy in Melbourne began in 2013, with the intention restore the city#39;s connection with its natural side.2013年,墨尔本市发起了“城市森林战略”,旨在让城市更具自然气息。通过该项目,公众可以反映其所在市政区的树木问题。自从城中所有树木都有了专属邮箱地址后,事情就发生了奇妙的转变。Thousands of trees were given ID numbers and email addresses so locals could report any problems, but soon love letters to the trees began to pour in from around the world. From Melbournians thanking the trees for providing air, to a child asking what it feels like when leaves fall off, the trees have received over 3000 emails. Coming from as far as Russia, Germany, the US, the UK, Hungary, Moldova, Singapore, Brazil, Denmark and Hong Kong, the letters often ask questions of the trees.几千棵树均有自己的标识号和电子邮箱地址,当地人可以反映任何问题。然而不久之后,写给树的情书铺天盖地,从全世界各个角落寄了过来。从墨尔本人感谢树木所提供的清新空气,到儿童问当树叶飘落时树是什么感觉,这些树收到了3000多封电子邮件。它们来自遥远的俄罗斯、德国、美国、英国、匈牙利、尔多瓦、新加坡、巴西、丹麦和香港等地,邮件里经常出现对树的问寻。#39;How old are you?#39; is one commonly asked , while other writers request photos of the trees they are conversing with. The most emailed tree is a Golden Elm on busy Punt Road, who was described by one person as The Magic Faraway Tree, from Enid Blyton#39;s childhood classic.最常见的问题是:“今年多大啦?”一些人会向自己正在交流的树木索要树照。位于繁忙的普特路的金叶榆收到的邮件最多,有人将它描述为安迪#8226;布莱顿儿童经典作品中的“远方的魔法树”。#39;You are my favorite tree in all of Melbourne! Even if you do need a little bit of help under that great leafy canopy#39;, wrote one nature enthusiast.一位自然爱好者写道:“你的树冠太浓密了,确实需要那么一丢丢帮助,不过,你还是墨尔本城中我最爱的树!”#39;Do you remember when I used to drive by you?#39; asked L in their letter.L在信中问:“还记得我过去常常开车从你身旁驶过吗?”#39;You are my favorite tree, even though you make me stoop over during my morning run when you grow too big#39;, emailed another to the Golden Elm.还有一封给金叶榆的信写道:“每天晨跑时,我不得不从你庞大的身躯下弯腰而过,尽管如此,你却是我最爱的树。”Sometimes if people are so lucky, the trees respond to questions asked in emails. #39;So lovely to be appreciated. I am lucky to be well looked after#39;, the Golden Elm wrote in response to one letter.如果你足够幸运,这些树还会给你回信答疑呢。金叶榆回信道:“被欣赏的感觉如此妙不可言。我很幸运能被照顾得无微不至。”Chair of the City of Melbourne#39;s Environment Portfolio Cr Arron Wood said the initiative was launched in an effort to save hundreds of trees lost to droughts. #39;Melbourne has long been regarded as Australia#39;s #39;garden city#39;, but 13 years of drought in tandem with severe water restrictions left the City#39;s urban forest in a state of unprecedented decline,#39; he said. #39;By 2009, 40 per cent of our significant trees were declining or dying.#39;墨尔本环境投资主席亚纶·伍德议员表示,此计划旨在拯救成百棵因干旱而消失的树木。“墨尔本一直被视为澳大利亚的‘花园城市’,但是长达13年的干旱加上水资源严重匮乏,导致墨尔本城市森林处于空前的下滑状态。截止到2009年,40%的贵重树木已衰退或死亡。” /201507/386266For years, Google CEO Larry Page had dreamed about a tantalizing possibility: using balloons, rather than satellites, for communications.多年来,谷歌公司(Google)首席执行官拉里o佩奇一直怀揣着一个美妙的梦想,那就是用气球代替卫星进行通讯。There were plenty of reasons why the idea was interesting. Satellites take years to build and cost millions of dollars to build and launch. For someone used to releasing products in “beta,” and perfecting them through rapid iteration, this was a huge barrier to innovation. “You’re pretty averse in your development of these things,” Page said during a recent interview. What’s more, the cost and time involved in a launch often led to technology lock-in—if something you’ve invested millions in works, you’re going to stick with it rather than trying to perfect it and risk a setback.这个想法很有意思,原因是多方面的。制造并发射一颗卫星需要几年时间,还要耗费数百万美元资金。对习惯于发布“测试版”产品并通过快速迭代来予以完善的人来说,这是一个巨大的创新障碍。佩奇最近接受采访时说:“在开发这些东西时会遇到相当大的抵触。”此外,为推出新产品而投入的成本和时间经常会产生技术锁定效应——如果你为某项工作投入了几百万美元,你就会坚持使用其中的技术,而不会冒着受挫的风险来设法完善它。Balloons offered an alternative. What if you could launch a balloon, test it, bring it down, learn something, and repeat, all in the course of a day? Then, you could go back and do it all over the next day. “It’s a natural question to ask,” Page said.气球提供了另一种通讯方式。假如能在一天内完成放出气球、测试、回收、吸取经验教训、然后再来一遍的过程,会怎么样呢?而且,第二天还可以追溯、重复这个过程。佩奇说:“人们自然会问这样的问题。”It was also a crazy enough idea that no one was working on it. To Page, that was a classic “zero million dollar” research problem. “You find no one working on it,” he said. “And you know that zero million dollars are going into that problem.”同时,这个想法很疯狂,还没有人付诸实施。对佩奇来说,这是一个经典的“零起步百万美元”研究课题。他指出:“你会发现没有人开展这项工作,你也知道还没有人为此投入资金。”Many of Google’s moonshots—self driving cars, high-altitude wind turbines, and most recently ingestible nano-particles for early detection of cancer—started as zero million dollar problems. And as no one was working on them, Google was able to attract some of the top people in field, which Page says gives the company a huge advantage.谷歌许多“探月计划”都从这些起步为零的百万美元课题开始,比如无人驾驶汽车和高海拔风力发电机,以及最近用于检测早期癌症的可用纳米技术微粒。同时,由于还没有人从事这些研究,谷歌得以把这些领域的一些顶尖人才招至麾下。佩奇说这给谷歌带来了巨大的优势。But not every crazy idea is worth pursuing. So how do you sort the crazy-but-possible ideas from the plain crazy ones? Page said Google takes a methodical and gradual approach.但并非每个疯狂的想法都值得实施。那么,如何区分那些疯狂但有可能的想法与纯粹的狂想呢?佩奇表示,谷歌采用一个系统性的渐进方式。A big question with balloons was whether they could stay up long enough—weeks or months on end—on a regular basis to be useful for communications. Ballooning experts believed it was impossible.通讯气球的一大问题是悬浮时间是否足够长。要用于通讯的话,通常情况下气球需在空中停留几个星期,甚至几个月。气球专家认为这绝不可能。Page took to Google, of course, to search and search and search. “Eventually I found this balloon image from 1960 that had gone around the Earth like five times,” he said. “If somebody in 1960 can do that, we can do that. We have better materials.”当然,佩奇在谷歌上进行了反反复复的搜索:“最终我找到了这幅1960年的气球图片,它曾绕着地球飞行了大概五次。如果1960年的人能做到这一点,我们也能做到。我们有更好的材料。”Today, Project Loon, which the company’s moonshot lab, Google X, unveiled last year, is testing a fleet of balloons that are routinely staying up in the air for 100 days at a time. They’ve covered more than 3 million kilometers, or about 2 million miles. In tests with telecommunications companies in Australia, New Zealand and Chile, they’re delivering speeds of 10 megabits per second to rural areas.如今,Project Loon正在对一批气球进行测试——谷歌的“探月”实验室Google X去年披露了这个项目。测试气球通常每次都能在空中停留100天,其累计漂浮的距离已超过300万公里。与澳大利亚、新西兰和智利电信公司联合开展的测试表明,这些气球能为农村地区提供10MB/秒的通讯带宽。Page’s idea is no longer a zero million dollar problem. Google has invested millions in the projects, hired top scientists and conducted hundreds of tests in different environments. But at the genesis of this, and several other moonshots, there were some key ingredients: Page’s natural curiosity and his impulse for self-directed learning, which he traces to his education in a Montessori school.佩奇的想法再已不再是零起步百万美元课题。谷歌已经为这些项目投入了数百万美元,聘请了顶尖科研人员,并在不同环境下进行了几百次测试。究其根源,这些“探月”项目源于两个关键因素:佩奇天生的好奇心和他进行自主学习的冲劲。佩奇说这种冲劲源于自己在蒙特梭利学校(Montessori school)接受的教育。“How do you play detective a little bit and then how do you convert that into things that can transform how a billion people can get their connectivity,” he said. “That’s the exciting part.”他说:“如何稍稍进行一些探究,然后如何把结果转化成可以改变10亿人通讯方式的产品,这是最激动人心的部分。”Exciting. And fairly straightforward—at least if you’re the world’s most ambitious CEO. “You see some evidence that it’s possible and you try to figure things out,” Page said. “And you say, well, maybe that’s the question we should be asking.”激动人心。这样的说法很是直截了当——至少对世界上最有胆识的首席执行官来说是这样。佩奇表示:“当你看到一些明某件事可行的据时,你就得尽力把事情弄清楚。你会说,也许这就是我们该问的问题。” /201411/343190

  If you have ever shopped for a new home,you know that it can sometimes seem like a wild roller-coaster ride. Well, theDutch real estate company Huizen Promoter took thatconcept quite literally by installing an actual roller coaster throughout theinside and outside of a home on the market.如果你去买房过,你知道有时候那感觉就像是在坐疯狂的过山车。哦,荷兰有家叫做赫伊曾推销的房地产公司就按其字面意思在待售的房子内外安置了真实的过山车。Potential buyers get in the coaster car andtake off for a ride throughout the home and then around the outside. They whizby the kitchen, through the living room, and up the stairs, all from thecomfort of a roller-coaster seat. If you want to see just how Huizenpulled off the stunt, the company uploaded amaking-of to itsYouTube page. Homeowner Marjan Kraaij says the company approached herdaughter with the idea and they could not turn it down, adding, “After all, Idid want to sell the house.” The team that helped build the contraption saidthat they researched home coasters online.潜在买家坐着山车先游览室内,之后再绕行室外。他们可以舒地坐在过山车的座位里快速经过厨房、起居室,并登上楼梯。如果你想知道赫伊曾是如何完成这个绝技的话,该公司将制作过程的视频上传到了该公司的视频网站页面。房主Marjan Kraaij说这家公司跟她女儿说了他们的想法,他们觉得这是个不应拒绝的主意,她还说,“毕竟,我想要卖掉房子”。协助建造这个装置的团队说,他们在网上调研过家用过山车装置。Huizen Promoter#39;s slogan is, appropriately,;Get more attention for your house.; And while the roller-coaster idea might beits craziest one yet, during the month of December, the company is offeringunique options to boost exposure of homes for sale, such as bus-stop posters,mega highway billboards, and airplane banners. No word yet if the home has beensold; however, if I were the buyer, I would demand that the coaster stay put!赫伊曾推销公司有个相称的口号,“让你的房子获得更多关注”。不过过山车的主意可能是该公司想过的最疯狂的点子了,12月份,这家公司为推动售房提出了几个独特方法,例如在公交车站贴海报、利用高速公路的大型广告牌,还有派用飞机拉横幅。目前并没有房子已经被售出的消息,但如果我是购房者的话,我会要求留着过山车 /201412/347665


  Chinese cuisine is noted for the following characteristics:中国菜肴具有以下有名的特点:Vegetables are the main ingredients.蔬菜是主要配料。This explains why most Chinese women are slim and men free of cardiovascular diseases. This is because in China an there is a traditional respell for land. As the old saying goes agricultural country,Live on the mountain if you live in one and live on water if you live by water.”The Chinese are meticulous about food preparation. Whether the ingredients they use are pastries or vegetables,they always try to make the dishes tasty. For example,beans,a tommon vegetable,are exquisitely prepared into such delicious dishes as bean sprouts and bean curd.这就是中国妇女十分苗条而男子不用担心得心血管疾病的原因。中国作为一个农业国家,对土地有着传统的敬仰。正如一句老话所说的:“靠山吃山,靠水吃水。”中国人对于食物的烹制十分讲究。无论是糕点还是蔬菜,他们总是力图将其做得美味可口。例如,豆子这种普通的蔬菜就精致地做成了诸如豆芽和豆腐等美味的菜肴。The Chinese people like well prepared food.中国人喜欢精心烹制的食物。To facilitate food absorption and digestion,they are scrupulous about the temperature while cooking. Undercooked food is unacceptable to them. To the Chinese,the sight of Westerners eating undercooked steaks still oozing blood inside is horrible. In addition,warm soup is very important. Wonton,or dumpling soup,and noodles are popular nationwide. Other hot soups include jellied bean curd,rice porridge and corn porridge.为了便于食物的消化和吸收,中国人注重烹饪时的温度。对于他们来说,没有烧熟的食物是难以下咽的。当中国人看到外国人吃着渗着血的半熟牛排时会觉得十分恶心。此外,热汤也是极为重要的。馄饨汤或饺子汤以及面条都在全国深受欢迎。其他热汤包括豆腐脑、米粥以及玉米粥。Chinese also like to eat together,a tradition that can be traced back a long time ago.中国人还喜欢在一起吃饭,这个传统可以追溯到很久之前。It reflects the Chinese notion of union versus division round tables,round dishes,and round bowls all syriibolize union and perfection. Dishes are usually placed at the center of the table so that everyone around the table can share them. A hot pot, in particular, adds to the atmosphere of harmony and union. Friends eat and live together. A recent book by an American Sinologist held that the Chinese collective tradition developed out of the practice of eating together.这反映出中国人喜欢团圆不愿分离的观念—圆桌、圆盘、还有圆碗都象征着团圆和美满。盘子通常放在桌子的中央,这样坐在桌子面前的所有人都可以吃得到。一锅热汤尤其可以增加和谐、团圆的气氛。朋友们在一起吃饭、生活。最近一位美国汉学家的著作认为,中国人的集体观念就是从一同吃饭发展而来的。 /201506/378438

  A new study suggests the longer you wait to walk down the aisle, the MORE likely you are to end up divorced。一项新的研究表明步入婚姻殿堂前等待时间越长,最终越有可能离婚。Nicholas Wolfinger – a sociologist at the University of Utah – reckons the chances of your marriage ending in divorce increase with every year after the age of 33.尼古拉斯茠尔芬格(犹他大学的一位社会学家)测算出婚姻最终破裂的可能性在33岁之后会逐年增加。Using data from the National Survey of Family Growth, the sociologist pinpoints an age window between mid to late twenties in which saying ‘I do’ is said to lead to a happily ever after rather than a decree nisi。这位社会学家利用《全国家庭成长调查》的数据确定了(结婚)最佳年龄是在25岁到29岁之间,在这个年龄段说出“我愿意”会使人幸福美满,而不是最终换来一纸离婚判决书。Wolfinger said: ‘My data analysis shows that prior to age 32 or so, each additional year of age at marriage reduces the odds of divorce by 11 per cent。沃尔芬格说:“我的数据分析表明在32岁左右之前,结婚年龄每降1岁离婚概率就会下降11%。”‘After that the odds of divorce increase by 5 per cent a year.’“32岁之后,结婚年龄每增加1岁离婚概率就增长5%。” /201507/388221

  The year’s best books, selected by the editors of The New York Times Book Review.年度最佳书籍,由《纽约时报》书评版编辑评选。FICTION虚构类ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE《我们看不到的所有光明》(All the Light We Cannot See)By Anthony Doerr安东尼·多伊尔(Anthony Doerr)著Scribner, .斯克里布纳出版社(Scribner),27美元。With brisk chapters and sumptuous language, Doerr’s second novel follows two characters whose paths will intersect in the waning days of World War II: an orphaned engineering prodigy recruited into the Nazi ranks, and a blind French girl who joins the Resistance. Tackling questions of survival, endurance and moral obligations during wartime, the book is as precise and artful and ingenious as the puzzle boxes the heroine’s locksmith father builds for her. Impressively, it is also a vastly entertaining feat of storytelling.这是多伊尔的第二部小说,以轻快的章节和丰富的语言讲述两个人物的人生道路如何在“二战”之后交汇:一个是被招募为纳粹士兵的工程天才孤儿,另一个是加入抵抗组织的失明法国女孩。本书探讨战争期间的生存、忍耐与道德困境,如同女主人公做锁匠的父亲为她打造的谜箱一样精确而巧妙。它令人难忘,在叙事上也展现出引人入胜的技巧。 /201412/348761

  1.Banter轻松说笑2.Blowing a kiss飞吻3.Casual touches; such as a woman gently touching a man#39;s arm during conversation不经意的身体接触;例如女士在交谈过程中轻轻碰下男士的胳膊4.Coyness, affectedly shy or modest, marked by cute, coquettish, or artful playfulness (e.g. pickup lines)。害羞,端庄而有节制,通常看起来很可爱,羞涩或巧妙的嬉戏玩耍(例如花言巧语)5.Eye contact, batting eyelashes, staring, winking, eyebrow raising etc。眉目传情,眨眼睛,盯着看,眨眼示意递眼色,挑眉毛6.Flattery (regarding beauty, sexual attractiveness)恭维(通常指恭维女性漂亮,性感有魅力)7.Footsie, a form of flirtation in which people use their feet to play with each other#39;s feet。碰脚调情,一种通过偷偷碰脚来挑逗,暗中勾搭的调情手段8.Giggling, or laughing encouragingly at any slight hint of intimacy in the other#39;s behavior发现对方轻微的亲密行为暗示后放声咯咯大笑9.Imitating of behaviors (e.g. taking a drink when the other person takes a drink, changing posture as the other does, etc。)模仿对方行为(例如:对方举杯自己也马上举杯,对方换姿势,自己马上模仿对方的动作换姿势)10.Singing specially selected love songs in presence of the person。在对象面前唱精选情歌11.Maintaining very short distance during casual talking。随意交流时保持近距离12.Online chat, texting, and other one-on-one and direct messaging services while hinting affection暗示情感时:在线聊天,发短信或其它一对一的直接信息交流13.Protean signals, such as touching one#39;s hair各种暗示,如摸对方头发14.Sending notes, poems, or small gifts写情书,情诗示爱,送小礼物15.Smiling suggestively有暗示的微笑16.Staging of ;chance; encounters假装巧遇17.Teasing戏弄18.Tickling逗乐子 /201503/363243

  It happened in the blink of an eye. The waters around Manhattan rose more than three feet. Low-lying areas along the Hudson and East Rivers were swamped. It was Hurricane Sandy all over again, but this time, the high water was here to stay, and it would only continue to rise.眨眼间,曼哈顿周围的河水就涨了三英尺多高,淹没了哈德逊河和东河沿岸的低地。这仿佛又是飓风“桑迪”(Hurricane Sandy)的情景,不过这一次猛涨的河水不仅没有退去,还只会继续上涨。Miranda Massie did what anyone sane person would do in this situation. She fled to New Jersey. Her hand manipulated the virtual reality device at the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change in Hong Kong, and the newly inundated New York City was left behind for the relative dryness of Paramus. Or was it Hackensack?米兰达·马西(Miranda Massie)在此时做了一件任何一个理智的人都会做的事情,那就是逃往新泽西。她在香港赛马会气候变化物馆(Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change),用手操作着虚拟现实仪器,刚刚纽约市洪水泛滥的场景瞬间变成了帕拉默斯(Paramus)相对干燥的场景。还是说,那里其实是哈肯萨克(Hackensack)?Ms. Massie was in Hong Kong to visit what she says is the world’s only museum specifically devoted to an issue that many people, including herself, view as the most pressing one facing humankind. She’s the executive director of the Climate Museum Launch Project, a group based in New York that is seeking to build a similar, but far bigger and more ambitious, museum in Manhattan.按照马西的说法,她来香港参观的这座物馆,是唯一一座专门为气候变化议题建立的物馆,而包括她在内的很多人都认为,这个议题是人类所面临的最紧迫的问题。马西是“气候物馆启动项目”(Climate Museum Launch Project)的执行总监,这个总部位于纽约的团体力图在曼哈顿建立一座类似的物馆,不过规模会更大,目标也会更大。In Hong Kong, she sought ideas and inspiration. The museum, financed by a grant from a club that runs horse racing and other betting activities, had some to offer. One was the enormous projector screen that showed the effects of rising sea levels on cities across the globe. She found another in the photo booths at the end of the tour that offered digital pictures of the visitors in a polar setting — the Chinese research vessel Xue Long, or Snow Dragon, in the background, polar bears and penguins in the foreground. To get the photo, visitors have to make a simple carbon-reducing promise. Choices included “travel less by airplane,” “bring your own shopping bag” and “eat vegetables rather than meat.”她到香港去寻找想法和启发,而这座物馆给了她一些灵感。物馆由一家从事赛马和其他活动的俱乐部提供资金持,馆内有一块用来投影的巨大银幕,向参观者展示海平面上升对全球城市所造成的影响。她还发现了另一个可以借鉴的东西,在参观的末尾处有几个自动照相棚,可以为参观者生成极地场景下的数字图像——照片中远处是中国的雪龙号极地考察船,近处则是北极熊和企鹅。如果想要得到照片,参观者必须做出一个简单的减碳承诺,可以选择“出行少坐飞机”、“自带购物袋”,或者“多吃蔬菜少吃肉”。At the end of the tour, a screen showed the effect of the combined commitments of the more than 27,000 people who have made the pledges: 997.8 million grams of carbon removed from the atmosphere.在参观的末尾处,一个屏幕上显示了超过2.7万人的承诺会起到怎样的影响:大气中的减碳量达到了9.978亿克。“It’s very hard to communicate effectively with a 5-year-old and a 45-year-old,” Ms. Massie said. “So you have to build really sophisticated and interactive displays to do that.”“要想同时与5岁的孩子和45岁的大人进行有效沟通是很难的,”马西说道,“所以需要打造一个很先进,并且具有互动性的展览。”It is the focus on what people can do collectively to reduce carbon emissions that will be the main focus of the New York museum, rather than a scary look at what the future may hold — flooded coastal cities, droughts, storms. Those calamities will not be ignored, but the focus will be on ways to mitigate climate change and to adapt to it.纽约的物馆主要是想让人们了解,如何通过集体的努力来减少碳排放,而不是给他们看可怕的未来,例如洪水泛滥的沿海城市,干旱或暴风雨。不是要无视这些灾难,而是要关注如何缓解和适应气候变化。“There’s research currently that shows the more people learn about climate, the more they tend to emotionally shut down and disengage,” Ms. Massie said. “Not everybody, but most people. Because it’s distressing and because it’s very clear that just changing the light bulbs in your own home doesn’t matter. So you have to make it clear that you’re part of a broader set of efforts and those broader efforts can succeed.”“当前的研究显示,对气候了解得越多,人们就越会情感崩溃并且选择回避,”马西说道,“虽然不是每个人都这样,但大多数人会这样。因为这会让人忧虑,大家也很清楚只是更换自己家里的电灯泡也是不管用的。所以讲清楚,你自己是更宏大的努力中的一员,而这些更广泛的努力可以获得成功。”The Hong Kong museum occupies one floor of a high-rise building on a university campus. Since it opened in December 2013, it has brought in just over 56,000 visitors, more than a third of them students. The museum’s goal, according to its program director, Cecilia Lam, is to raise awareness of climate change in Hong Kong, especially among children.香港的气候变化物馆在一所大学校园的一栋高层建筑里占据了一层。自从2013年12月开放以来,它已经吸引了超过5.6万名参观者,其中超过三分之一是学生。据项目主管杨诗诗称,这座物馆的目的是在香港提升民众对气候变化的认识,特别是在儿童中间。“The major difference between our project and Miranda’s — it seems to me that they focus on the whole world,” Ms. Lam said. “Our main group of targets is people in Hong Kong.”“我们的项目和米兰达的项目之间主要区别是,在我看来他们注重于整个世界,”杨诗诗说。“我们的主要目标人群是香港人。”Ms. Massie, 48, who worked for years as a public-interest lawyer, is looking for donors. She hopes to set up an interim museum, bigger than the one in Hong Kong, in an office building or even on a barge in New York in the next two years, with a permanent site in Manhattan (or possibly Brooklyn) by 2020.作为一个多年来致力于公益诉讼的律师,48岁的马西正在寻求捐助者。她希望在接下来的两年里建立一家临时的物馆,要比香港的这座大,可以在纽约的一栋写字楼里甚至大型游船上,直到2020年在曼哈顿(或者在布鲁克林)找到一座永久性的场所。And Ms. Massie’s goal is far more ambitious. The New York museum would aim to attract at least a million visitors a year and seek to influence the world, including political leaders in the ed States. At the end of the tour, visitors would be encouraged to volunteer their time to help groups that are trying to address climate change: doing anything from making calls on behalf of the Natural Resources Defense Council to volunteering to help elect a candidate who is determined to reduce carbon emissions.马西的目标还远不止于此。纽约的物馆计划每年吸引至少一百万的游客并企图影响世界,包括美国的政治领袖们。在参观最后,会鼓励游客花一些时间,志愿帮助那些正努力应对气候变化的团体:比如以自然资源保护协会(Natural Resources Defense Council)的名义打电话,再比如志愿帮助选举一个有决心减少碳排放的候选人。“We want to be a hub for the world for climate solutions,” Ms. Massie said. “We want to be a beacon for the world.”“我们想要成为全世界气候问题解决方案的一个中心,”马西说。“我们想要成为世界的一座灯塔。”The goals of the Hong Kong museum are far more modest. Absent from the museum is any prominent mention of the fact that Hong Kong is part of a country, China, that is far and away the world’s leading carbon emitter, putting about twice as much carbon into the atmosphere as the No. 2 polluter, the ed States.香港的物馆目标则要谦逊得多。在这座物馆里,看不到任何关于香港是中国一部分的醒目提示,后者向大气中排放的碳大约是第二排放国美国的两倍,碳排放量遥居世界首位。The many schoolchildren coming to the Hong Kong museum on field trips get a very different message. The first part of the museum replicates a trip on the Xue Long, highlighting its polar research, displaying mock-ups of ice cores taken from the polar regions and discussing the dangers climate change poses to polar bears, penguins and seals.很多来到香港的物馆参观的小学生得到了一个不同寻常的信息。物馆的第一部分复制了雪龙号上的一次旅程,突出了它的极地研究,展示了从极低挖出的冰芯的模型,并讨论了气候变化对北极熊、企鹅和海豹产生的危害。“The use of Xue Long is just one way to get the public interested in what the scientists are doing,” Ms. Lam said. “We tried to use a storytelling approach.”“运用雪龙号的例子,只是让公众对科学家所做的事情感兴趣的一种方法,”杨诗诗说。“我们尝试采取了讲故事的手段。”Back in “New York,” the simulator increases the water level. One meter, two meters, three meters, four. Ms. Massie noted that one possible future for New York is for some parts to surrender to the waters, to become a sort of Venice. Charming as that might sound, rising sea levels, she says, will be especially devastating for people living in coastal regions of poor nations, such as Bangladesh. It was the enormity of the problem that led Ms. Massie to shift her focus away from school desegregation and affirmative action and toward the environment.回到“纽约”,模拟器升高了海平面。一米,两米,三米,四米。马西注意到纽约可能的一个未来就是其中一部分要被水淹没,变得有点像。听起来可能很迷人,但她说,不断上涨的海平面,对于住在贫穷国家沿海地区的人们——比如孟加拉国——毁灭性尤其巨大。正是这个问题的严重性,使马西把她的注意从阻止学校的种族隔离和平权措施(affirmative action)转移到了环境问题。“I came to see climate change specifically is going to determine our fate as a species in a way that none of these other things is capable of doing,” she said.“我看到气候变化将会以一种特别的,其他问题所不能的方式,决定我们作为一个物种的命运,”她说。 /201505/376847。




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