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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/478382

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would you choose?如果你可以和任何人共进晚餐,活着或过世的都可以,你会选谁?Kylie Minogue. Marilyn Monroe.凯莉·米洛。玛丽莲·梦露。Oh God, I wouldnt have a clue.老天,我不知道耶。I know, straight up. Paul Hogan.我知道,真的。保罗·霍根。Kim Kardashian. No! No, no.金·卡戴珊。不!不、不。Id like to have dinner with Justin Bieber.我想和小贾斯汀一起吃晚餐。What? Hes not coming to my house.什么?他才不能来我家。Id have Bob Hawke. Dave Hughes. Barry Humphries. Jimi Hendrix.我要和鲍勃·霍克。戴夫·休斯。贝瑞·亨弗里斯。吉米·亨德里克斯。People who have made a difference in the world—maybe Nelson Mandela at the dinner table.为世界带来影响的人--或许和曼德拉一起吃晚餐。Hello! Come in! I dont know what hes gonna say. Im scared.哈啰!进来吧!我不知道他会说什么。好害怕。If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would you choose?如果你可以和世界上任何一个人吃晚餐,你会选谁?Probably our whole family, like, our whole extended family.可能是我们全家人,像是,整个大家族。Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad.妈妈和爸爸。妈妈和爸爸。Does it have to be a celebrity? Could it be family?一定要是名人吗?可不可以是家人?We love it. We talk about how school is. We ask Mom and Dad how their day was.我们爱一起吃。我们会聊学校怎样。我们会问爸爸妈妈他们今天过得好吗。Family. Yeah. Mom and Dad.家人。嗯。妈妈和爸爸。Family! Who would you like to have dinner with?家人!你又是想和谁一起吃晚餐?They just want to be with us while theyre eating food, which is pretty cool.他们吃饭时只想和我们一起,那真是满棒的。They see us above everything. Oh, Im gonna get...他们把我们看得比一切重要。噢,我要...Yeah. Yeah. Bit of message in it for me. Yes!嗯。嗯。给了我一些启示。没错!What are we having for dinner?我们晚餐要吃什么?201612/482010

Bruktawit Tigabu is the creator of ;Tibeb Girls;, the first animation in which Ethiopian girls play not only the lead characters,Bruktawit Tigabu是“Tibeb Girls”的创作人,这部动画片创下了两个第一,因为它不仅是由埃塞俄比亚女孩担纲主角,but are portrayed as superheroes, ;Tibeb; means wisdom in Amharic.还把这些女孩全都塑造成了超级英雄。在阿姆拉哈语中,“Tibeb”的意思就是智慧。For me, it was very important to have,“对我来说,you know, girls who look like me and who look like my child to be on the screen playing very good role model.;让那些跟我或者我的孩子一样的女孩子出现在大屏幕上,并且树立一个好榜样是非常重要的。”The ;Tibeb Girls; animation breaks taboos by discussing things such as menstruation,“Tibeb Girls”勇于打破各种禁忌,在片中还讨论了例假等话题,and in the first episode, they save a girl from child marriage.而且在第一集中,她们还合力将一个小女孩从童婚中解救了出来。Bruktawit screens the show at schools and events around Ethiopia.Bruktawit将这部动画搬上了埃塞俄比亚各学校和大型活动的大荧幕上。Most of the issues we are raising are not well discussed in the community or in school or in the house.“我们提出的大部分问题,无论是在社区、学校还是家里都尚未被深入讨论过。So that is another inspiration to really break the taboo and give them a very entertaining, but also engaging way to talk about very serious subject.;所以这也是我灵感的另一个来源,引导我去真正地打破禁忌,以的形式来给他们提供一种有趣的办法,进而再去讨论这个严肃的话题。”The animation is produced in Addis Ababa with a team of voice actors, artists and writers.这部动画片在亚的斯亚贝巴制作,团队成员包括配音演员、导演和编剧等。Representing and empowering girls is a big responsibility.要代表女孩并且给予她们力量责任重大。Therefore the writers, such as Mahlet Haileyesus, put a lot of preparation into an episode.因而编剧们,比如Mahlet Haileyesus在制作每一集时都会做大量准备工作。So what we do is we try to include everybody, like the relevant stakeholders, government bureaus, the specific target groups.“我们努力把所有人都包括在内,比如相关利益群体、政府部门和特定的目标群体等。And then once the synopsis is developed, we do prototyping, which means we go to the field and test it.;列完简单的摘要之后,我们就开始进行原型测试,也就是说去实地考察。”The ;Tibeb Girls; animation is also published as a cartoon.“Tibeb Girls”动画片现在也在出版漫画。Meaza Takele s the comic strip to her children each night before they go to bed.每天晚上孩子睡觉之前,Meaza Takele都会给他们读一部分。When I ask my children why they love the cartoon,“当我问孩子们为什么喜欢这部漫画时,they say its because now they have a cartoon that is Ethiopian and where their own language is spoken.;他们说,因为埃塞俄比亚终于有一部自己的漫画了,而且里面说的还都是我们自己的语言。”Creator Bruktawit hopes to raise funds to further develop the TV show,创作人Bruktawit希望能够募集资金,从而进一步发展这档电视节目,as she tries to sell the first season to broadcasters in Ethiopia and other African countries where young girls face the same issues.因为她正试图把第一季出售给埃塞俄比亚和其他非洲国家的广播公司,这些国家的年轻女孩子都面临着同样的问题。Marthe van der Wolf, for VOA news, Addis Ababa.VOA新闻,玛尔特·范·德·沃尔夫于亚的斯亚贝巴为您播报。201706/513295

【视频讲解】Peacocks strut; bowerbirds build lovenests; spiders gift-wrap flies in silk. Such courtship rituals play an important role in what Charles Darwin called sexual selection: when the female of a species bears most of the costs of reproduction, males use extravagant displays and gifts to demonstrate their “reproductive fitness” and females choose between them.孔雀开屏,园丁鸟筑巢,蜘蛛用蛛丝把苍蝇作为礼物包起来。上述动物求偶仪式在达尔文的性选择理论中举足轻重。性选择理论中说:当雌性动物承受了繁衍下一代的大部分代价时,雄性们则会用精美绝伦的表演和礼物来表明自己是适合交配的,从而让雌性从中做出选择。peacock n.孔雀strut v.趾高气扬地走bowerbird n. 园丁鸟lovenest n.爱巢gift-wrap v.包装礼物- wrap v.包裹住courtship n.求爱- court v. 追求,拍马屁ritual n.仪式bear v. 承担,忍受 (to accept or endure something)- I cant bear seeing you cry.reproduction n.繁殖,生育- reproductive adj.繁殖的extravagant adj.奢华的耀眼的 (fancy)- We are going on a less extravagant vacation this year.For human males, shards of a crystalline form of carbon often feature. A diamond engagement ring signals a man’s taste, wealth and commitment, all to persuade a woman that he is a good bet.对于男人们来说,碳晶体碎粒往往是他们求爱的重头戏。一枚钻戒透露出的是一个男人的品味、财富和承诺,进而使女人相信他就一个好选择。shard n.碎片 (a sharp piece of something)- shards ofcrystalline adj.结晶的carbon n.碳- carbon dioxide二氧化碳feature v.扮演主要角色signal v.预兆commitment n.承诺bet n.赌注,选择 (a choice made by thinking about what will probably happen)- This is your best bet.This particular courtship gift was dreamed up by an ad agency for De Beers, the cartel that sold almost all of the world’s diamonds throughout the 20th century. In the 1930s it started to promote a link between diamonds and marriage. Diamonds’ unmatched hardness would symbolise love’s endurance and their “fire”, or brilliance, its passion. Two months’ salary, the firm suggested, was what the ring should cost—a good investment since, as the admen said, “A diamond is forever.”“求婚就要给钻戒”的观念最初是由一家为戴#8226;比尔斯集团(De Beers)务的广告公司编出来的。戴#8226;比尔斯集团是钻石行业的卡特尔,该集团几乎垄断供应了上个世纪全球所有的钻石。在上世纪30年代,该集团开始做宣传,将钻石与婚姻联系在一起。钻石那无与伦比的硬度象征着爱情的持久,而钻石的“火光”或亮光象征着爱情的热烈。该集团当时称,两个月的工资就能买到一枚钻戒,配上广告中的宣传语 “钻石恒久远,一颗永流传”。这样算起来钻石还是一份不错的投资。dream up 想出De Beers 戴比尔斯(钻戒品牌)cartel n.卡特尔,垄断组织throughout prep.在...期间promote v.宣传unmatched adj.无与伦比的endurance n.持久- endure v. 忍受,接受,持久- He endured great pain.- The style endured for centuries.admen n.广告人201705/509080

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470015

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