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生活是美好的,心情是快乐的。大家好,欢迎《Faith口语课堂-天天学》的新老朋友们,我是Faith老师。这是一个快乐的英语大家庭,每天我们聚在这里,共同学习英语,分享学习成果,不也是件很有意义的事吗?Scarlet同学说,她最近搬了新居,想买一些艺术来搭配家具,怎么用英语表达;搭配;呢,用这个词:match vt. amp; vi.(使)相配;(使)相称Are you shopping for some art to match your furniture? 来买搭配家具的艺术品吗?These two shoes dont match. 那两只鞋不是一双。The colors match well. 颜色很协调。The tie matches your suit. 那条领带跟你的西装很相配。Match: n. 相似之物,相配之物The chairs and the desk are a good match. 这些椅子和这种书桌很相配。The hat is a match for the coat. 这帽子与外衣很相配。我的一位男同事最近春风得意,因为他找到了一位漂亮的女友,可是其它同事却觉得他那女友也没那么漂亮,可能是吃不到葡萄说葡萄酸吧,这句子话在我们办公室很流传:Shes not that beautiful! 她也没那么漂亮!That: adv. 非常,那么地,多用在口语中:He sounds wealthy, but in fact hes not that rich. 他听上去好像很有钱,实际上他也没那么富有。The task is not that difficult, youll see if you try it. 那项任务也没那么难,试试你就知道了。Im not that unreasonable, its just I have my policy. 我也不是那么不讲理,只是我有自己的原则。That man is not that charming; Im not in love with him. 那个男人也没那么有魅力,我才没爱上他呢。Faith online Oral class is not that practical, Im not studying it. Faith在线口语课堂也没那么实用,我才不学呢。What? What are you talking about? Youre not that friendly, Im not teaching you. /201202/169870。

Two of the whole thing?Theyd bring out two steaks for him,and two salads and two sides of every side he ordered.两份吗 然后他们会给他上两份牛排 两份沙拉 两份他点的配菜It was like the quitest Farley.He would calmly be like,you didnt want to say like,hey man,you didnt even want to make a joke about.Let him do his thing.这就是最安静的法利 他会很冷静地 你不会想说 老兄 你都不想讲个笑话什么的吗 让他专心吃吧There was a period where you left ;Saturday Night Live;?Right,yes.我记得以前你离开过《周六夜》 是吗 对But you were really nice because,I was on at N and youd still do my show.但你非常好 我当时在N 你还会帮我做节目You were so nice about it.Youd come on and so my show in the early,early days when hardly anybody else would do the show.你真的非常好 你回来 在最早期时 几乎没人来做这节目时就帮我做But you were maybe,it was maybe a little strange with you and N at the time.但你也许 那时你和N关系有点微妙I got fired,right?You got fired from N?I got fired from ;Saturday Night Live.;我被开除了 不是吗 你被N开除了 我被《周六夜》开除了Then that summer I loved doing your show but N,my manager called me up and said,N wants you to do ;Conan.;Its seeeps.那年夏天 我喜欢做你的节目 但是N 我的经纪人打电话跟我说 N想让你去做《柯南秀》 清理周I said,what do you mean?he goes,its sweeps week.So they want you on there.我说 什么意思 他说这周是清理周 所以他们想让你去那边I said,I thought they dont like me,they just fired me.我说 我以为他们不喜欢我了 刚刚开除了我Hes like,no no,its for Conan,Its not ;Saturday Night live;.I was like,isnt that N?and he said,yeah.他说 不不 这是为了《柯南秀》 和《周六夜》无关 我很好奇 不是N吗 他说 是啊To make a big stand,I was young and angry.我为了表明立场 我当时年轻愤怒I said,you tell them I will do ;Conan Show;,but they have to buy me a fax machine.我说 你能告诉他们 我可以做《柯南秀》 但他们得给我买台传真机201703/499772。

今天我们来看一看“我们以前见过吗,你看起来有点面熟”怎么说:Have we met before? You look kind of familiar.还可以这么说:Do I know you?I recognize you from somewhere.可以这么回答:I dont think so.We went to the same school. Do you remember? /201408/318634。

There are 1.6 million new dignosis of cancer per year in the ed States alone.仅美国一国,每年就有1600万人确诊患癌症。We are on the cusp of so many great discoveries.我们在这一领域已经取得重大突破,有很多伟大的发现。I absolutely believe this is a fight we can win.我坚信我们可以赢得这场战役。Fifteen years ago, we started a tech company called Qualtrics.15年前,我们创办了技术公司Qualtrics。One of our founders was battling cancer.其中一个创办者当时便在对抗癌魔。We then decided to fight this disease.我们决定一起抗争这场疾病。Last year, we started a campaign called ;Five for the Fight;.去年,我们发起了一项运动“五元入伍”。Where everyone can give five dollars to cancer research.在这项运动中每个人可以为癌症研究捐赠5美元。Today, we are happy to announce that Qualtrics will be sponsoring the Jersey patch for the Utah Jazz.如今,我们高兴地宣布,Qualtrics将成为犹他爵士队新球衣的赞助商。But instead of the Qualtrics logo, the ;Five for the Fight; logo will be on the Jersey this season.不过我们不会使用Qualtrics商标,而会使用“五元入伍”活动的标志。Weve got to find a cure and we need everyone.针对癌症,我们必须要努力治疗并且我们需要大家的帮助。Lets fight Jazz Nation, This is Kass Geid and I fight with 5.上吧爵士大家庭,Kass Geid,五元,我入伍。Im in for the fight.我入伍。Juan, five for the fight.我是胡安,五元入伍。Go get it lett go.上吧。更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201703/495110。

人体部位的英文单词,搭配不同短语可以形象地表达出丰富的含义,今天我们就来看看;ear(耳朵);这个词的用法吧!1. give/lend an ear to someone 倾听某人的心声(常用以表示同情)例句:He tried to give a sympathetic ear to the patient.他极力怀着同情心倾听患者的叙述。2. turn a deaf ear 不加理睬、充耳不闻例句:He turned a deaf ear to his mothers chatter.他对母亲的唠唠叨叨听而不闻。3. fall on deaf ears 未被理睬、未受重视例句:My advice always seems to fall on deaf ears.我的建议好像总是没人听。4. talk ones ear off 喋喋不休,絮叨个不停例句:All I wanted was a chance to my book, but my seatmate talked my ear off.我巴不得能有机会看书,但我的同桌却唠唠叨叨地说个不停。5. make a pigs ear of 把事情搞得很糟糕例句:He made a pigs ear (out) of repairing my car.他把我的车修得一团糟。6. have big ears 耳朵尖、消息灵通;爱打听别人的事例句:He cant help having big ears.他总爱打听别人的事。7. all eyes and ears 聚精会神例句:A detective must be all eyes and all ears.一个侦探必须眼观六路,耳听八方。8. all ears 洗耳恭听、全神贯注地听例句:Go ahead with your story, Im all ears.请告诉我你的经历,我将洗耳恭听。9. grin from ear to ear 咧着嘴笑、笑逐颜开例句:When he was told that he has won the first prize, he grined from ear to ear.当他被告知自己得了一等奖时,他咧开嘴笑了。10. play it by ear 随机应变、见机行事例句:In dealing with that unpredictable man, you simply cant follow a prearranged plan. You have to play it by ear.和那个捉摸不定的人打交道,你简直无法按预定计划行事,只好随行应变。11. prick up your ears 竖起耳朵仔细听例句:He pricked up his ears when they mentioned the salary.当他们提到工资时,他立刻注意起来。 /164494。

take seriously认真对待某事物We should take our work seriously我们应该认真对待工作。He is joking. Don't take it seriously. 他在开玩笑呢。你别当真catch on流行起来It is a nice song and I think it will catch on quickly.这首歌很好,我想它会很快流行起来。This kind of hairstyle is slowly catching on.这种发型正慢慢流行起来The rumor says this commodity is going to catch on soon, but you can't take it seriously,or you will lose a big sum of money.有谣言说这种商品即将流行,你可不能太当真,不然你可能会损失一大笔钱。 歌曲:my first kiss by ke$ha 感觉经常听到这歌 就是不知道名字 今天听到了 就down下来做背景音乐了~ /201007/109426。

关键词:one’s brain child”某人的计划,主意,设想短语释义:今天我们要讲一个和人的脑子有关的习惯用语。在普通英语中,“某人想出来的注意或办法”一般用;ones original idea;来表示。比如:Weve developed the project from Stephens original idea.我们根据斯蒂芬的设想制定了这个计划。但是在日常口语中,英美人更喜欢用;ones brain child;来表示这一概念。brain是指脑子,child就是孩子的意思。Brain child字面意思为“某人大脑生出的孩子”,引申为“某人的计划,主意,设想等”。可以合起来写,也可以分开写。它的复数形式是brain children。某人的设想表达为ones brain child,也可以表达为:a child of ones brain或者brainchild of someone。情景领悟:1. The music is his brain child.这首乐曲是他的智力产物。2. The idea was the brain child of my father-in-law .这个主意是我岳父琢磨出来的。本节目属 /201304/234664。