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2019年11月17日 05:18:14 | 作者:百度报 | 来源:新华社
NO.4 You’ve Got Mail《电子情书》 不是冤家不碰头。生意场上的对手巧遇在一家水果铺,凯瑟琳没带现金,想刷卡,收银却不买账,正尴尬中,乔对收银巧施男性魅力,为凯瑟琳解了急。这里的单词和表达是买单时常用的句子,具有典型性。 单词通缉令 1. cash-only 只收现金的 2. sign n.标记 3. exception n.例外 4. zip v.拉开或拉上(拉链),在对话中形容刷卡的动作 Rose: .27. This is a 1)cash-only line. Kathleen: What? Rose: Cash-only. Kathleen: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, I just have a credit card. I’m sorry. Is that OK? Henry: No, it’s not OK. There’s a 2)sign. Kathleen: I’m sorry, I’m very sorry. I never do this but I’m asking you to make an 3)exception in just this one case. Henry: You have no cash? She has no cash. Rose: No, she has no cash. Lady: Get in another line, lady. Kathleen: I have a dollar. What do you know, I have a dollar. One dollar. Is there anything you can do… Joe Fox: Hello. Kathleen: Hello. Joe: Hi. Do you need some money? Kathleen: No, I do not need any money. Thank you very much. Rose: Get in another line. Joe: Hi, Rose. That is a great name, Rose. This is Kathleen. I’m Joe. Henry: And I’m Henry. Joe: Henry, how are you? Happy holidays. This is a credit card machine. Happy Thanksgiving. It’s your turn to say Happy Thanksgiving back. Rose: Happy Thanksgiving back. Joe: Knock-knock. Rose: Who’s there? Joe: Orange. Rose: Orange who? Joe: Orange, you’re going to give us a break by 4)zipping this credit card through the credit card machine? Come on you can do it. Zip zip. There you go. Rose, ah, that is a great name. So you’re fine. Kathleen: Fine. Joe: Happy Thanksgiving. Henry, Happy Thanksgiving. 露丝:七十二美元零二十七分。这一队只收现金。 凯瑟琳:什么? 露丝:只收现金。 凯瑟琳:噢,我的天。哦,天啊。我只有信用卡。对不起,能不能用一下? 亨利:不,不行。这里有标语。 凯瑟琳:对不起,对不起,我从来没在这里买过东西,我请求你这次就例外通融一下。 亨利:你没有现金?她没有现金。 露丝:她没有现金。 女人:夫人,到另一队去。 凯瑟琳:我有一美元。你知道什么,我有一美元。一美元。你可不可以…… 乔:你好。 凯瑟琳:你好。 乔:嗨,你需要些钱吗? 凯瑟琳:不,我不需要钱。非常感谢。 露丝:另一队排队去。 乔:嗨,露丝。名字真好,露丝。这是凯瑟琳,我是乔。 亨利:我是亨利。 乔:亨利,你好吗?节日快乐。这是刷卡机。感恩节快乐。现在你应该回应说感恩节快乐。 露丝:感恩节快乐。 乔:敲敲门。 露丝:是谁啊? 乔:橙子。 露丝:橙子是谁? 乔:你是橙子,就给我们破次例,把这信用卡放进刷卡机里刷一下?来啊,你可以的。刷啊,刷啊。露丝,啊,真是个好名字。那么你没事了。 凯瑟琳:没事了。 乔:感恩节快乐。亨利,感恩节快乐。 /200603/5404即学即用英语会话词典B部分:有关时间 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/15001You’re the South African guy, right? I love Larry.你是南非的那哥们对不对?我爱Larry。And his parents are here, who are from Evanston, which is great town.他的父母也来到现场,是Evanston来的,那是个很棒的城市。I also would like to acknowledge some of the award winning reporters that we have with us here tonight.我还要向今晚场下几位获奖的记者致敬。Rachel McAdams, Mark Ruffalo, Liev Schreiber.他们是Rachel McAdams、Mark Ruffalo、liev Schreiber。Thank you all for everything you have done.感谢你们所做过的一切。I’m just joking. As you know, “Spotlight” is a film,我只是开个玩笑,众所周知《聚焦》是部电影,是部影片,a movie about investigative journalists with the resources and the autonomy讲的是调查性记者凭借资源和自主独立,to chase down the truth and hold the powerful accountable.寻求真相让当权者为罪行负责的故事。Best fantasy film since “Star Wars”.简直是《星战》之后最棒的奇幻片。Look. That was maybe a cheap shot.这个梗可能太贱了。I understand the news business is tough these days.我明白,新闻事业如今很不容易。It keeps changing all the time.一直在变化不停。Every year at this dinner somebody makes a joke about Buzzfeed,每一年在晚宴上都会有人开玩笑说,for example, changing the media landscape.比如BuzzFeed会颠覆媒体界版图。And every year The Washington Post laughs a little bit less hard.每一年,华盛顿邮报都会笑得更没底气。Kind of a silence there.好沉默啊。Especially at the Washington Post table.尤其是在华盛顿邮报那桌。GOP chairman Reince Priebus is here as well.共和党主席Reince Priebus也来了。Glad to see that you feel you have earned a night off.很高兴看到,你认为自己工作干得不错,应当休息。Congratulations on all your success, the republican party, the nomination process.祝贺你们各方面的成功,共和党啊,党内提名过程啊。It’s all going great. Keep it up.真是顺风顺水呢。继续保持住!201607/455014

点击此处下载音频第55期感冒的火鸡1"go cold turkey" turkey火鸡,go cold turkey 是指放弃了很久以来的吸烟,喝酒或吸食毒品的坏习惯而痛下决心过健康的生活。Example: "Did it take you a long time to quit smoking?" Reply: "No. I just went cold turkey, and I never smoked again."“ 你是不是用了很长时间才把烟戒了呀?” “也没有啊,我是一旦决定了不吸烟就马上付出行动,虽然很痛苦不过我再也没吸烟。Richard是一个不吸烟的人可是到了一个新的工作环境后,发现同事们经常会利用coffee time (休息时间)边抽烟边谈一些工作的计划,而他却因此失掉了很多共商大事的机会让他很是郁闷,于是他就想劝别人不要吸烟。他说:smoking is really a bad habit, you should go cold turkey. 2 Come Hell Or High Water ( no matter what else happens ... )Hell:地狱。High Water:深海。此句讲的是不管发生什么事都不会阻止另一件事的发生。Example: "Will you be at the family reunion next year?" Answer: "Yes- we'll be there, come hell or high water!"“明年你还会参加家庭聚会吗?”“嗯—我们不管发生什么事都会到的!”Hell 地狱这个词是一个很口语化的词不能用于正式的场合。Andy 因为有事要出门,所以他要找一个baby sitter,sherry. andy: will you come at 6 clock. Sherry: yes, I will be there,come hell or high water. 可是这个sherry来是来了,但是却没有把孩子照顾好。当andy 回来后发现这个baby sitter正在电话上聊得起兴,而把孩子丢在一旁。但是我们好脾气的andy 说:please take good care of my baby next time,come hell or high water. /200605/7308

[这部分对话对话发生在母亲与儿子、父亲与女儿、母亲与准女婿以及夫妻之间。对话的情绪复杂,语言有些琐碎,场景多为家庭的餐桌上,因为这往往是一家人聚在一起的最佳时光。]The Coming of Relatives亲戚的到来What’s Cooking《感恩节盛宴》 感恩节,亲戚来访,门铃响了,一家人赶紧迎上前,免不了寒暄一阵……Mother: Hello, it’s good to see you.Man: Well, was the traffic bad or…Mother: OK. I know you like my ... Aunt: Hey, oh, Rachel, honey, you look great.Daughter: Oh, thank you.Aunt: Doesn’t she look beautiful?Man: Just like a movie star.Daughter: Thank you. Good to see you.Carla: Hello.Aunt: Is this your roommate?Daughter: This is Carla.Carla: Carla.Aunt: Oh, Carla, nice to meet you.Carla: Nice to meet you too.母亲:嗨,见到你真高兴。男人:哦,如果交通顺畅的话……母亲:是啊。我知道你喜欢我的……姑姑:嘿,哦,拉歇尔,你气色很好。女儿:哦,谢谢。姑姑:她看上去很漂亮,是不是?男人:就象是电影明星。女儿:谢谢。很高兴见到你。卡拉:你好。姑姑:这是你的室友?女儿:这是卡拉。卡拉:卡拉。姑姑:哦,卡拉,很高兴认识你。卡拉:我也很高兴认识你。 /200603/5375

Thats the unique sense of purpose that this place has always infused 这是这个地方一直灌输的独特目的观The conviction that this is a training ground这是一个训练场Not only for individual success目的不仅是训练你取得个人成就But for leadership that can change the world它还要训练出改变世界的领导能力Dr. King was just 15 years old when he enrolled here at Morehouse金牧师15岁就入学于莫尔豪斯He was an unknown, undersized, unassuming young freshman 他当时还是默默无闻 身材矮小 不受瞩目的新生Who lived at home with his parents同父母一起住在家里And I think its fair to say he wasnt the coolest kid on campus我可以公正地说 他绝不是学校最酷的小孩For the suits he wore, his classmates called him ;tweed;因为他的穿着 他的同学都叫他;粗花呢;But his education at Morehouse helped to forge the intellect但在莫尔豪斯 他锻炼着自己智慧The discipline, the compassion, the soul force that would transform America纪律 同情心 以及变革美国的精神力量It was here that he was introduced to the writings of Gandhi and Thoreau正是在这里 他接触到了甘地和梭罗的作品And the theory of civil disobedience以及非暴力反抗的理论It was here that professors encouraged him to look past the world as it was正是在这里 教授们鼓励他 将目光超越旧世界And fight for the world as it should be并为创造应有的新世界而奋斗And it was here, at Morehouse, as Dr. King later wrote也正是在这里 在莫尔豪斯 金牧师之后写道Where ;I realized that nobody was afraid;我意识到没有人害怕过Not even of some bad weather哪怕是糟糕的天气I added on that part这部分是我加的I know its wet out there我知道你们都淋湿了But Dr. Wilson told me you all had a choice and decided to do it out here anyway不过威尔逊士告诉我 你们都可以选择坐到这里 201604/438000

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