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Recently, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made news -- not for what she said, but for her health.最近,总统候选人希拉里·克林顿制造了新闻--不是因为她说了什么,而是因为她的健康状况。Her political campaign announced that Clinton had pneumonia after she appeared weak at a public event in New York City.她的竞选阵营声称,希拉里在纽约的一场公开典礼上身体很虚弱,随后就被诊断为患上了肺炎。So, what is pneumonia? And how does it sp?那么,肺炎是什么呢?它是这样传播的呢?On a simple level, pneumonia is an infection of the lungs.简单来说,肺炎就是一种肺部的感染。It is treatable and preventable but was responsible for nearly one million deaths in 2015. It is the leading cause of death among children under five around the world.这种疾病可治疗、可预防,但是在2015年就造成了近100万人死亡。肺炎也是世界范围内五岁以下儿童死亡的主要原因。It is most often caused by the Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria, but viruses like the flu, and even fungi also cause the disease.肺炎通常由肺炎链球菌引起,也会由类似流感病毒的病毒引起,甚至真菌也会引发肺炎。Once it gets in a person#39;s lungs, the alveoli, or air sacs that take in oxygen, swell and fill up with fluid.一旦病原体进入肺部,肺泡(类似吸入氧气的气囊)就会肿胀并充满积液。This makes breathing difficult and painful, and can also limit the amount of oxygen a person takes into their body with each breath. It also causes fever, chills and coughing.这会使得呼吸变得困难且痛苦,并且会限制每次呼吸时进入人体的氧气量。此外,肺炎还会引起发烧、发冷和咳嗽。Those most at risk are the very young, the elderly (over the age of 65) and anyone with a compromised immune system.小孩、65岁以上的老人和免疫力低下的人都非常容易患上肺炎。Because the symptoms mimic those of the flu and the common cold, diagnosis sometimes takes a visit to a doctor, who will listen to your lungs for ;crackling, bubbling, and rumbling sounds when you inhale,; according to the American Lung Association (ALA). A follow up chest X-ray may also be necessary.根据美国肺科协会表示,以上这些症状会和流感以及普通感冒相混淆,所以要想确诊是不是肺炎需要去看医生,让医生听诊在你吸气时,肺部是否有“捻发音、啰音或者水泡音”。接下来做一个胸部X光片也很有必要。For viral pneumonia, doctors can prescribe anti-viral medication. The disease routinely lasts 1-3 weeks in people, who are otherwise healthy.对病毒性肺炎来说,医生可以开抗病毒药物。原本健康的人一般1到3个星期就可以康复。For people who get bacterial pneumonia - the most common kind - treatment for mild cases can include antibiotics, rest and fluids, and fever control. The recovery time is similar to viral pneumonia.对于得了细菌性肺炎(这一种比较常见)的人来说,轻度病例可以使用抗生素、休息、喝水疗法以及控制发烧症状来治疗。康复期和病毒性肺炎大体相同。Mycoplasma pneumoniae, another bacterial form of the illness, also called ;walking pneumonia,; is generally mild, but full recovery may take an extended period of time, especially for the young, elderly and unhealthy.原体肺炎是细菌性肺炎中的一种,又称“能行走的肺炎”,是一种比较轻的情况,但是完全康复要花费很长时间,对小孩、老人和体弱者来说尤其如此。Preventing pneumonia requires the same steps used to prevent colds and the flu. The ALA recommends an annual flu shot.预防肺炎的措施基本上和预防感冒以及流感是一致的。美国肺科协会建议每年都接种流感疫苗。In addition, ;Children younger than 5, and adults 65 and older should get vaccinated against pneumococcal pneumonia.; Wash your hands early and often, don#39;t smoke and get plenty of rest and exercise.此外,“5岁以下的小孩、65岁及以上的成年人应该接种链球菌性肺炎疫苗。”还有,要注意经常洗手、不吸烟、保足够的休息和运动。If you#39;re the parent of young children, make sure you#39;re up to date on all your vaccines.如果你的孩子还小,一定不要错过接种疫苗的时间。;There are several other vaccines that can prevent infections by bacteria and viruses that may lead to pneumonia,; according to the ALA, ;including pertussis, chicken pox and measles.;美国肺科协会建议道:“包括百日咳、水痘和麻疹在内的几种疫苗,可以预防由细菌和病毒引起的感染,这些感染都可能会引发肺炎。” /201609/467827At one time in China weddings were simple affairs, with small ceremonies and bunches of flowers thrown in for good measure.曾几何时,在中国婚礼很简单,简约的仪式,几束鲜花,就已经很不错了。But over the decades, as this photo gallery reveals, nuptials have become much more extravagant as they have in other parts of the world, due to the rise of credit cards, larger disposable incomes and unprecedented pressure from social media.但时过境迁,几十年来从以下这些照片看来,婚礼变得越来越铺张,求花费远超其他国家,其原因有信用卡的普及,多余的可配收入,还有社交媒体的介入。On the cost front, prices are said to have increased sixty-fold since the 1990s. Indeed, one affair last year in China was panned for costing an #39;over-excessive#39; 2.8 million yuan (£290,000). In the 1970#39;s people apparently splashed an average of 680 yuan (£80) on their big day.单从婚礼花销来看,从20世纪90年代以来就翻了6倍。事实上,就在去年一桩奢侈婚礼的花销达到280万元人民币合计29万英镑。而20世纪70年代平均婚礼的花销在680元人民币合计80英镑。Liu Tong, a director at a local TV channel in the northeast province of Liaoning, recalled that in his parent#39;s generation, the bride would be picked up by bicycle instead of the swanky sportscars favoured by today#39;s generation. Looking at how the concept of tying the knot has evolved, Liu wrote on the social media site Weibo: #39;In the 1950s it was about having a bed, in the 1960s it was just about a bag of sweets, in the 1970s it was the Little Red Book, in the 1980s it was about having a radio, in the 1990s there was the extravagance of top-class hotels, and in the 2000s the wedding reception is a display of individuality.#39;刘同(音译),辽宁(中国东北)一家当地电视台的主管,回忆起他父母那辈人结婚,与现在年轻人结婚买车一样,那时新娘会选一辆自行车。瞧瞧现在结婚这点事是如何变化的,刘在社交媒体微上这样写道:50年代要有张床,60年代就要带喜糖,70年代就是小红本(结婚),80年代要个收音机,90年代要顶级豪华酒店,21世纪就是要展现个性。Dozens of Weibo users have shared imaged of changing wedding traditions, which they refer to as a #39;mirror of their time#39;.不少微网友都都晒出了不同年代的婚礼照片,称这是“他们那个年代的镜子”。 /201703/495712

Jade Maintenance玉的保存Having purchased a jade article is just half the process of collecting. Jade is like a child that needs constant care. Enthusiasts need to work more to maintain this artwork, or blemishes may appear.购买玉器是收集的一半过程。玉像孩子一样,需要不断的照顾。爱好者需要做更多的工作来维持这个艺术品,否则污点可能会出现。First, avoid bumping on hard surfaces as jade is delicate. Although sometimes a crack cannot be seen by the naked eye, the interior structure may have been damaged. As time goes on, it will appear and reduce the#8195;value of the piece.首先,避免碰撞坚硬的表面,因为如玉易碎。虽然有时裂纹不能用肉眼看到,内部结构可能已被损坏。随着时间的推移,它会出现,降低这块玉的价值。Second, protect jade articles from dust or greasy dirt. If tainted, they must be scrubbed with a soft brush and light suds and washed with clean water.其次,防止灰尘或油污粘在玉器上。如果被粘染,一定要用软刷和轻型泡沫擦洗,并用干净的水洗。Third, when left unused it is best to store the jade in a case or box to protect it from being bumped. Fourth, jade should be kept away from perfume, perspiration or chemicals. The brightness of jade risks corrosion, especially emerald and other high quality jade, so it is better to dean it with a soft cloth after wearing it.第三,放在容器或箱里存放玉石是最好的,保护它不被碰撞。第四,玉应远离香水,汗水或化学物质。玉亮度有被腐蚀的风险,特别是和其他高质量的玉,所以最好用软布包着它。Fifth, do not expose jade to sunlight for a long time, or it may expand and the quality will change slightly.第五,不要把玉长时间暴露在阳光下,否则可能扩大和质量将略有改变。Finally,jade has certain water content so keep it in an area of humidity to protect it from over-drying.最后,玉具有一定含水量,把它在放在有一定湿度的区域,防止它过度干燥。 /201610/472996

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will spend upwards of £370 on Prince George#39;s school uniform when he enters reception in September, MailOnline can reveal.据《每日邮报》网站报道,在乔治小王子9月入学前,威廉王子和凯特王妃要花费超过370英镑(3168元人民币)为他置办校。The third-in-line to the throne is due to start at Thomas#39;s Battersea, a £6,000-a-term co-ed school just 20 minutes from Kensington Palace.这位王位第三顺位继承人将要就读托马斯巴特西学校,这是一所男女混校。该学校一学期的学费是6000英镑,距离肯辛顿宫只有20分钟路程。And the youngster, who turns four in July, will be decked out in an eye-wateringly long list of essentials including a cagoule bearing the school#39;s crest, a £30 art smock and ballet shoes.今年7月,小王子将满4周岁。他的入学清单令人眼花缭乱,其中包括一件印有校徽的风衣、一件价值30英镑的绘画罩衫以及芭蕾舞鞋。According to Thomas#39;s website, boys in reception will need a £36 navy jacket, a £35 jersey and navy Bermudas to kick off the winter term.根据该校官网显示,男生在冬季学期报到时需要准备好一件36英镑的海军风夹克、一件35英镑的运动衫和一件海军风短裤。In summer, male pupils can switch their jumper for a short-sleeved shirt and white sun hat - all available from John Lewis.夏季,男生可以换穿短袖衬衫和白色太阳帽。所有这些都可以在约翰-路易斯百货商店买到。Youngsters will also need to come prepared for messy arts and crafts sessions with a £30 art smock, and ballet shoes for dance lessons from the Royal Academy of Dance.如果要参加美术手工课,小王子还需要准备一件30英镑的绘画罩衫,防止弄脏衣。同时,如果参加英国皇家艺术学院的舞蹈课,小王子还要准备芭蕾舞鞋。Altogether there are 24 essential and non-essential items on the list, totalling £368.40, but parents may wish to double up on some of the pieces, such as jumpers, socks and shirts - bringing the overall cost even higher.在学校开出的列表上,有必备以及可选用品24件,总计368.4英镑。不过,有些饰,如套衫、袜子和衬衫,家长可能会多订一些用来替换,花费会更多。According to a report from the Department of Education, the average UK parent will spend around £210 on primary school uniform - meaning George#39;s kit comes in at just over 75 percent more.根据英国教育部的一份报告,英国父母在小学校上的平均花费大约在210英镑。这意味着小乔治要比普通小学生多花75%的费用。Prince George will also have the chance to take part in the school’s exceptional arts, music and drama programme. It also has a flourishing sports department and encourages its pupils to learn outdoors too.乔治王子当然也有机会参加学校提供的艺术、音乐和戏剧课程。学校的体育课程繁多,鼓励学生掌握户外技能。George#39;s £370 school uniform乔治价值370英镑的校Winter冬季1x Thomas’s navy jacket (winter amp; summer): £361件海军风夹克(冬季和夏季):36英镑1x Thomas’s navy v-neck jersey (winter amp; summer): £251件Thomas海军V领运动衫(冬季和夏季):25英镑2x Red polo necks: £10 each2件红色高领衫 :每件10英镑1-2 x Navy Bermudas (winter amp; summer): £23 each1~2条海军风短裤(冬季和夏季):每条23英镑2-3x Pairs of long red/navy regulation socks: £14 each2~3双红色长袜/海军风袜子:每双14英镑1x Pair of black polishable shoes (laceless; winter amp; summer): from £401双黑色可擦拭鞋(无花边,冬季和夏季):40英镑1x Pair of navy gloves (optional): £71双海军风手套(可选):7英镑1x Navy hat (optional): £71顶海军风帽子(可选):7英镑1x Navy scarf (optional): from £71条海军风围巾(可选):7英镑Summer夏季2x Short sleeved light blue shirts: £222件短袖浅蓝色衬衫:22英镑3x Pairs of navy ankle socks: around £63双海军风短袜:约6英镑1x White sun hat (or navy baseball cap): £61个白色太阳帽(或海军风棒球帽):6英镑Sports运动用品1x Thomas’s navy tracksuit: £11 for joggers + £13 for sweatshirt1套海军风运动:11英镑的运动裤和13英镑的运动衫1x White t-shirt: £6 for two1件白色T恤:2件6英镑1x House coloured t-shirt (when house is known): £71件色T恤:7英镑1x Pair of navy games/gym shorts: £31条海军风健身短裤:3英镑2x Pairs of white sport socks: £4.502双白色运动袜:4.5英镑1x Pair of trainers (laceless not plimsolls): around £71双运动鞋(无花边非橡胶底):大约7英镑1x Thomas’s cagoule (optional): £221件防风衣(可选):22英镑Art艺术用品1x Red art smock: £301件红色绘画罩衣:30英镑Accessories配饰1x Navy cloth gym/games bag: £91个海军布背包:9英镑1x Thomas’s rucksack (size: Lower School): £131个帆布背包(尺寸:低年级):13英镑Balletwear芭蕾用品1x Black ballet shoes: from £10.951双黑色芭蕾舞鞋:10.95英镑起1x Ballet socks: £4.951双芭蕾舞袜:4.95英镑TOTAL: £368.40总计:368.40英镑 /201704/503319

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