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武汉华夏门诊怎么样?武汉华夏男子医院不育A lethal missile attack this week on Islamist militants by Pakistani forces was carried out with an armed drone likely to have been supported, designed or supplied by China, according to defence analysts.防务专家表示,本周巴基斯坦对伊斯兰主义武装分子发动一次致命导弹攻击时所使用的武装无人机,很可能是由中国持、设计或供应的。The Pakistan army on Monday claimed it successfully used the “Burraqunmanned aerial vehicle for an attack on a terrorist compound in the north Waziristan region along the Afghan border, in which three Taliban militants were killed.周一,巴基斯坦军方宣布,它成功地使用“布拉克Burraq)无人机对位于巴基斯坦-阿富汗边境的北瓦济里斯坦(North Waziristan)特区的一处恐怖分子营地实施了攻击,击毙了三名塔利班武装分子。Announced via Twitter by Major General Asim Bajwa, chief spokesman of Pakistan’s armed forces, it was the first known use of an armed Pakistani drone. “For now, the authorities believe their ability to target hardcore militants has improved with this drone capability,said one western diplomat.这则消息是巴基斯坦武装部队首席发言人阿西姆巴贾瓦少Major General Asim Bajwa)在Twitter上宣布的。据人们所知,这还是巴基斯坦首次使用武装无人机。“现在,当局相信,具备了这种无人机能力,他们打击顽固武装分子的能力已有所改善,”一名西方外交官表示。The attack appeared to mark a significant milestone for Pakistan, which has now joined the small club of countries with armed drones. In the past, Islamabad repeatedly sought to buy them from the US but Washington, reluctant to export sensitive technology, refused.对巴基斯坦来说,这次攻击似乎是一个重要的里程碑。如今,该国已跻身少数拥有武装无人机的国家的行列。过去,巴基斯坦曾多次向美国求购武装无人机,但不愿出口敏感技术的美国没有同意。However, China an ally of nuclear-armed Pakistan and its most important conventional weapons supplier appears to have stepped up its support.然而,中国似乎在这方面加大了对巴基斯坦的持。对拥有核武装的巴基斯坦来说,中国是它的盟友,也是它最重要的常规武器供应国。Neil Gibson, a weapons analyst with IHS Jane’s, said that despite the claims of Pakistani manufacture, “close analysis of imagery released by Pakistan suggests at least a heavy debt to Chinese systems The Burraq, he added, “strongly resemblesChina’s CH-3 UAV.简氏防IHS Janes)武器分析师尼尔吉布森(Neil Gibson)表示,尽管巴基斯坦声称该无人机是国产的,“但在对巴方发布的图像进行仔细分析后发现,它最起码是深受中国无人机系统影响”。他接着说,“布拉克”无人机跟中国的虹-3无人CH-3)“非常相像”。Pieter Wezeman, a senior researcher at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri), said China must have helped Pakistan if it did indeed produce a UAV that goes beyond basic reconnaissance.斯德哥尔国际和平研究所(Sipri)高级研究员彼得韦策曼(Pieter Wezeman)表示,如果巴基斯坦真的生产出了基本侦察型以外的无人机,那么中国肯定对此提供了帮助。“Developing a drone with armed capability is much more difficult than just a reconnaissance one because the reconnaissance one can be built with very basic technology, but integrating weapons is a different level,he said. “Either it is a Chinese UAV or based on Chinese technology.”“研制武装无人机比只研制侦察无人机困难得多,因为侦察无人机使用很基础的技术就能造出来,但把武器整合进去就需要另一个水平的技术了。”他说,“它要么是中国的无人机,要么就是基于中国技术生产的。”Additional reporting by Victor Mallet in New Delhi维克托氠Victor Mallet)新德里补充报道来 /201509/398202黄冈中心医院治疗阳痿早泄 Seen in historical perspective, Russia’s latest turn to the east is not new. “From the shores of the Pacific and the heights of the Himalayas, Russia will dominate not only the affairs of Asia but those of Europe as well.The Russian statesman who wrote those words was not Vladimir Putin, as some might suspect, but Count Sergey Witte, Alexander III’s finance minister, in a memo to his monarch in 1893. Witte, the architect of Russia’s industrial revolution, launched the trans-Siberian Railroad, aimed at opening up the resources of the eastern two-thirds of Russia and giving Moscow the means to establish its presence as a great power in the Pacific.以历史的眼光来看,俄罗斯最近“战略重心向东方转移”并不新鲜。“从太平洋之滨到喜马拉雅山之巅,俄罗斯不仅将主导亚洲的事务,还将主导欧洲的事务。”这句话并非如一些人或许在怀疑的那样、出自弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)之口,而是出自沙皇亚历山大三世(Alexander III)的财政大臣谢尔盖#8226;维特伯爵(Count Sergey Witte)893年,他在给君主的奏折上写下了这句话。维特是俄罗斯工业化革命的设计师,曾推动修建西伯利亚大铁Trans-Siberian Railway),以求开发俄罗斯东部三分之二国土蕴含的资源,并且让莫斯科能够确立俄罗斯作为太平洋大国的存在。In fact, the Russians have been “turning toward Asiaever since they first crossed the Urals in the late 16th century; and successive rulers tsars and commissars alike have kept going. It is no accident that the name of the port city of Vladivostok, home to Russia’s Pacific Fleet, means in Russian, “Rule the East事实上,自从16世纪末第一次翻越乌拉尔山起,俄罗斯就一直在将战略重心“向亚洲转移”,历代统治者——无论是沙皇还是苏联领导人——都在沿着这条道路前进。俄罗斯太平洋舰Pacific Fleet)基地所在的港口城市符拉迪沃斯托克(即海参崴——译者注),在俄语中的意思是“统治东方”,这并非巧合。Yet for the Kremlin today, the turn to the east has a special urgency. The break-up of the Soviet Union was a blow to the Russian economy as a whole, but for East Siberia and the Russian Far East it was a disaster. Jobs disappeared as military industry, the mainstay of the region, shut down. In Vladivostok, the fleet rusted at anchor. Today the regions are depressed and increasingly depopulated. Along a coastline equal in length to the entire North American seaboard from Florida to Quebec, Russia’s Pacific Coast has fewer than 5m inhabitants. China, to the south, has 1.3bn. From Moscow’s perspective, it is no longer a question of “dominating the affairs of Asia but of keeping Russia intact.然而,对今日的克里姆林宫而言,战略重心向东方转移具有特殊的紧迫性。当年苏联解体,对整个俄罗斯经济造成了巨大冲击,但对西伯利亚东部和俄罗斯远东地区,这一事件堪称一场灾难。撑这一地区经济的军工企业一家家关停,就业岗位随之消失。在符拉迪沃斯托克,人们听任停泊在港口的军舰锈烂。如今,这一地区经济萧条,人口越来越少。俄罗斯的太平洋海岸线在长度上等于从佛罗里达到魁北克的整个北美海岸,却只有不00万居民。俄罗斯以南的中国有13亿人口。从俄罗斯政府的角度来看,问题已不再是它能否“主导亚洲的事务”,而是能否保持俄罗斯本身的完整。Since Mr Putin’s return to the presidency in 2012, his focus on Russia’s east has steadily intensified. The recently concluded gas agreements signed this year with China, after nearly 20 years of inconclusive negotiations, are the centrepiece of his eastern policy. When the first of these, the “Power of Siberiapipeline to eastern China, reaches capacity it will ship a volume equal to nearly one-quarter of Russia’s 2013 gas exports to Europe. If and when the second pipeline the “Altayroute to western China is built, the total could eventually exceed 40 per cent.自普012年重掌总统大权以来,他对俄罗斯东部的关注稳步增强。经过近20年毫无结果的谈判,俄罗斯终于在今年与中国签署了几项天然气协议,这是普京“东方政策”的最亮眼成果。第一条天然气输气管道,即通往中国东部的“西伯利亚力量”管道(东线),最终的年输气量将接近俄罗斯2013年对欧洲天然气出口的四分之一。如果第二条管道,即通往中国西部的阿勒泰管道(西线)建成,两条管道的年度总输气量将超过俄罗斯2013年对欧洲总输气量0%。But heading east is not the same as getting there. There are considerable obstacles. Gasfields and pipelines are enormous, expensive structures, with lead times measured in decades. Historically, Russia’s entire gas industry has been concentrated in the western third of the country. Shifting its centre of gravity eastward requires developing a whole new industry from scratch, and it will not happen quickly. Even on the most ambitious timetable, the Power of Siberia line will not reach its full capacity of 38bn cubic metres a year until the mid-2030s.然而,将战略重心向东方转移是一回事,能否转移成功则是另一回事。俄罗斯面临一些重大障碍。开发天然气田和建设输气管道都是浩大的工程,需要巨大的投入和长达数十年的工期。传统上,俄罗斯整个天然气工业的重心都在西部三分之一国土上。将重心东移,需要从零开始、在东部创建一套全新的工业体系,这不可能一蹴而就。即便按照最雄心勃勃的估算,“西伯利亚力量”管线最早也要到本世0年代中期才能达到每年380亿立方米的设计输气能力。Hence there is a powerful logic to the second Russian-Chinese gas agreement, signed two weeks ago, adding the Altay route, which ths the narrow gap between Mongolia and Kazakhstan, and links up with the western end of China’s west-east pipeline.因此,第二份俄中天然气协议顺理成章地诞生了。这份协议于11月初签署,拟在西面再建一条阿勒泰管道,这条管道将沿着俄罗斯夹在蒙古和哈萨克斯坦之间的那块狭长国土通往中国,接入中国西气东输管道的西头。This route has definite advantages from the Russian point of view: it draws from the country’s nearly limitless reserves in west Siberia; it branches off from an existing pipeline system; it enables the Russians to swing between the European and Chinese markets. It also helps offset the possibility of a more constricted market for gas in Europe.从俄罗斯的角度来看,西线当然更有优势:它利用的是西伯利亚西部几乎用之不竭的天然气资源,它是现有天然气管道系统的一个分,它让俄罗斯能够随时在欧洲和中国市场之间取舍。它还有助于对冲欧洲天然气市场受限的可能性。All this will require a great deal of money by some estimates up to bn for the eastern route alone. Now western sanctions have added one more obstacle. Although Gazprom, the Kremlin-controlled energy group, is not directly subject to the US and European measures announced to date, the sanctionsindirect impact on Russia’s ability to borrow has been unexpectedly severe. To carry out the Power of Siberia project, Gazprom will have to go to international markets for financing, and the prospects are uncertain.这些工程需要大量资金,有人估计,仅东线需要的资金最多就可达550亿美元。眼下西方对俄罗斯的制裁又增加了一个障碍。尽管美国和欧洲迄今宣布的制裁措施并没有直接针对俄罗斯政府控制的俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom),但制裁对俄罗斯借款能力的间接影响迄今严重得出人意料。要推进“西伯利亚力量”项目,俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司必须到国际市场上去融资,而这方面的前景是不确定的。Witte had a similar problem. His trans-Siberian Railway took more than 15 years to build, cost scores of lives and ran more than twice over budget. To finance it, he had to float big foreign loans at high interest rates.维特当年也曾面临类似的问题。他推动建设的西伯利亚大铁路花了15年多才建成,几十人在铁路建设过程中失去了生命,工程出超出预算两倍多。为筹集建设铁路资金,他不得不向海外发行高息债券。Thus Russia’s 21st-century pivot to Asia represents, both metaphorically and physically, the latest stage in Russia’s long turn to the east. But, as in the past, it will unfold at a decadal rate. For all of Mr Putin’s desire to align Russia more explicitly with China against the US “hegemon Russia for the foreseeable future will remain anchored in the west and turned toward Europe in its gas trade, much of its industry and most of its population. Russia will not escape its engagement with Europe.因此,俄罗斯1世纪的这次战略重心向亚洲转移,无论在比喻意义上还是在现实意义上,都是俄罗斯转向东方的长期过程的最新阶段。然而,如过去的情形一样,其推进速度将以十年计算。尽管普京渴望让俄罗斯更为公然地与中国结盟、对抗美国“霸权”,但在可预见的未来,俄罗斯仍将被固定在西方、以欧洲为重心,其天然气贸易将以对欧洲出口为主、主要工业布局和绝大部分人口也在西部。俄罗斯无法逃脱其欧洲宿呀?来 /201412/345453武汉华夏男子医院不孕不育主任预约

黄冈市中心医院男科电话武汉怎么样让阴陉坚挺 John Kerry is to visit Moscow today for the first time since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, which left relations between the US and Russia at a post-cold war low.约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry)将于今日访问俄罗斯,这是自乌克兰危机致使美俄关系降至冷战后低点以来的第一次。The US secretary of state is to visit the Black Sea resort of Sochi and meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin and foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, the state department said, adding that the two sides would discuss the Ukraine crisis, Syria and Iran.美国国务院称,美国国务卿将访问黑海度假胜地索契,会晤俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)和外交部长谢尔盖#8226;拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov),双方将讨论乌克兰危机、叙利亚以及伊朗问题。“This trip is part of our ongoing effort to maintain direct lines of communication with senior Russian officials and to ensure US views are clearly conveyed,the state department said.美国国务院称,“此次出访是我们持续努力与俄罗斯高级官员保持直接沟通、并确保美国的观点被清晰传达的一部分。”For Moscow, Mr Kerry’s visit marks a diplomatic victory as it allows the Russian government to argue that Russia plays too important a role on the international stage to be isolated by the west.对莫斯科方面来说,克里的访问标志着一个外交胜利,因为这让俄罗斯政府辩称,俄罗斯在国际舞台上扮演的角色过于重要,西方不应对其孤立。Mr Kerry’s visit to Moscow comes just days after Russia’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war in Europe, which the US and most of its western allies had boycotted. While Mr Kerry and Mr Lavrov have met elsewhere and kept in frequent phone contact over the past two years, he has not visited Moscow since May 2013.在克里访俄的几天前,俄罗斯刚刚庆祝了欧洲二战胜利70周年,而美国及其主要西方盟友抵制了这场纪念活动。尽管过去两年间克里和拉夫罗夫在其他地方有过会面并经常保持电话沟通,但他013月以来未访问过莫斯科。Ahead of the visit by Mr Kerry, the Russian foreign ministry blamed Washington for bringing about a “collapsein bilateral relations between the two countries through the US policy of isolation against Moscow and repeated a long list of complaints against the US including Nato expansion and US accusations against Russia over its role in the war in Ukraine.在克里访俄前,俄罗斯外交部指责华盛顿方面对俄实施孤立政策,致使双边关系“崩溃”,并重复了对美国的一长串抱怨,其中包括北约(NATO)扩张以及美国就俄罗斯在乌克兰战争中的角色提出的指控。But it added that Russia continued to co-operate with the US in areas where this was in line with Russian national interests and served the task of safeguarding global security.但俄罗斯外交部补充称,俄罗斯在符合国家利益、并且有利于维护全球安全的领域继续与美国合作。来 /201505/374637华中科技大学同济医学院附属协和医院男科挂号

江汉大学附属第三医院不孕不育科 BEIJING (AP) German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized industrial spying Monday while on a visit to China, which Germany and other governments have cited as a global center for economic espionage.德国总理默克尔在中国之行时批评了工业间谍的行为,德国和其他国家政府将此视为经济间谍行为。Merkel did not single out China in her comments, which came during a news conference with Chinese Premier Li Ke qiang, saying that Germany is against industrial espionage no matter where it comes from.默克尔在其中没有排除中国,在与中国总理李克强的新闻发布会上,默克尔称德国反对来自各个国家的工业间谍行为;We are for the protection of intellectual property,; said Merkel, who led a large business delegation on her trip to China. Referring to industrial espionage, she said, ;Germany does not believe that this is the way to success.;默克尔带领了一个商业代表团来华,称“我们持保护知识产权”在谈到工业间谍时,默克尔称,“德国不相信这是成功的办法”。Chinese enterprises and Chinese- born employees of companies abroad have been implicated in a growing number of attempts to steal technology and other commercial secrets. Security researchers say Bei jing tolerates such theft and in some cases actively encourages it.中国企业和海外公司的公司的雇员一直被指责试图盗窃技术和其他商业机密,安全研究人员称中国容忍这种盗窃行为,在某些情况下甚至还鼓励这种做法。The ed States and other governments complain Chinas military, a leader in cyber war fare, steals foreign trade secrets to help the countrys vast state- owned industrial sector.美国和其他国家政府抱怨中国的军队,和网络战争领导人,偷窃国外商业机密来帮助本国的工业发展。Over the weekend, Germanys domestic intelligence chief was less diplomatic than Merkel, telling the news paper Welt am Sonntag that Chinese intelligence agencies and the military target medium- sized German companies.过去一周,德国国内情报官员对报纸Welt am Sonntag说中国的情报机构和军队将目标对准了德国的中型企业;Many medium- sized German companies are easy prey. They can often only poorly judge what their crown jewels are that the other side might be interested in,; Hans- Georg Maassen was ed as saying.“很多德国中型企业很容易被盗窃,他们只在乎自己的顶尖业务,因为这可能是他人感兴趣的地方Hans- Georg Maassen说道;They are up against a far too powerful enemy,; he said. ;The Chinese technical intelligence agency alone has more than 100,000 employees.;“他们是在面对非常强大的敌人,中国技术情报机构有超过10万的雇员Hans- Georg Maassen说道。Merkels visit to China was aimed at promoting trade with the Asian economic giant. After meeting with the Chinese premier, the chancellor hailed ties between the two countries.默克尔此次中国之行旨在加强和亚洲经济巨头的经济联系,在与中国总理会面之后,默克尔欢迎了与中国之间的经济关系。China and Germany, the worlds two leading exporters, had a bilateral trade volume last year of 140.4 billion euros (3 billion), making China Germanys No. 3 trade partner, ahead of the ed States.作为世界两大出口商,中国和德国去年的双边出口交易总额达到404亿欧元,这使得中国成为了德国第三大贸易伙伴,位居美国之前。Merkel also signed agreements with Li that included a declaration that two new Volks wagen car plants will be built in China, a helicopter deal with Air bus and a cooperation agreement between German flag carrier Lufthansa and Air China.默克尔还与李克强签署了包括在华建立两座大众汽车工厂,包含空中巴士的直升机协议,以及德国汉莎航空和中国国际航空的合作协议。Later Monday, she would meet with President Xi Jinping, who visited Germany in March and with Merkel over saw the signing of deals including agreements for auto makers Daimler A G and BMW A G to deepen ties with their Chinese partners.下周一,默克尔将与中国习主席会面,习主席在三月访问了德国,并与默克尔签署了一系列协议,包括汽车制造商戴姆勒和宝马公司,深化与中国的合作;China- Germany relations are at their best in history,; said Chinas official Xin hua News Agency on Sunday, ;strongly under pinned by the pragmatic cooperation between the two economic heavy weights.;中国新华社周日写道“中德关系正处于历史最佳时刻”“主要是得力于两大经济体的务实合作”。It pointed out that Germany is Chinas largest trading partner in Europe, while China is Germanys biggest in the Asia- Pacific region.新华社指出德国是中国在欧洲的最大贸易伙伴,而中国也是德国在亚太地区的最大贸易伙伴。Negotiations with Iran to end it s nuclear program and the on going conflict in Ukraine may also come up in Mondays discussions.周一的会谈内容还将包括伊朗结束核项目以及乌克兰的持续内战问题。Both China and Germany are part of the six- nation group that is trying to thrash out a nuclear deal with Iran. Merkel has been a key figure in trying to reduce tensions in Ukraine and get Russia to cooperate.中德都是六国会谈终止伊朗核问题的参与者,默克尔也是试图缓解乌克兰紧张局势以及与俄罗斯进行合作的主要人物。来 /201407/310212武汉早射的调理小窍门武汉人民医院割包皮的怎么样



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