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2019年10月24日 07:46:29

Singer Faye Wong announced on Sept that she has divorced her second husband, mer actor turned businessman, Li Yapeng.9月日,歌手王菲宣布与第二任丈夫、弃演从商的李亚鹏正式离婚They had been married eight years.今年正值他们婚姻的第八个年头Fans reposted her Sina Weibo micro blog announcement more than 0,000 times in the first hour.王菲的离婚微刚刚发布一小时,粉丝转发量就达到了万次以上The post : ;Our destiny as husband and wife ends here. I`m well. You take care, too.; The -year-old pop diva also attached a smiling emoticon.今年岁的天后王菲在微中写道:“这一世,夫妻缘尽至此,我还好,你也保重”并附上微笑表情Li later confirmed the news on his micro blog, posting: ;I wanted a family, but you are a legend. I miss the good days we spent together over the past years.;随后,李亚鹏发微确认已于王菲离婚,表示:“我要的是一个家庭,你却注定是一个传奇,怀念十年中所有的美好时光The 1-year-old also said their daughter Li Yan will live with him, and there are no disputes over property issues because they have remained financially independent since they wed.1岁的李亚鹏还表示,他们的女儿李嫣将与他一起生活;他们从恋爱到结婚,财务一直是独立的,所以也不存在财产分配的问题Li also said: ;I still love you like I did bee. Letting go is the only thing I can do you now. I hope you are happy.;李亚鹏在微中还说道:“爱你如初,很遗憾,放手——是我唯一所能为你做的希望你现在是快乐的”The posts received 0,000 comments and more than 700,000 reposts.这两条微收到万条,被网友转发多达70万次Traditional media are also abuzz.传统媒体也对王菲离婚的消息大加报道CCTV cited an anonymous source on its official micro blog, saying the couple had signed a divorce agreement in Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, where Li was born. Tencent, China`s largest and most-used Internet portal, also released photos of Wong arriving at Beijing International Airport around midnight on Sept . The reports said Wong looked tired and sad.中央电视台在其官方微上援引匿名人士的消息说,王菲与李亚鹏夫妇已在李亚鹏的家乡——新疆乌鲁木齐签字离婚中国最大的门户网站——腾讯网也刊登出一组王菲于9月日午夜抵达首都国际机场的照片,并报道称王菲看上去很疲惫,且神色悲伤Internet users expressed disbelief.网友纷纷表示难以置信;This isn`t real. I don`t believe in love anymore,; one of Wong`s fans commented on her micro blog.一位粉丝在王菲的微上留言说:“这不是真的我再也不相信爱情了”Many were supportive.很多人表示持王菲的决定;You`re my favorite artist. You never hide your attitude toward love. I respect your decision and wish you happiness,; a Web user posted.一位网友在微上说:“你是我最爱的一人,对待爱情,你从不遮遮掩掩我尊重你的决定也祝你幸福”Hong Kong-based Chinese actress Lau Kar-ling, one of Wong`s close friends, said she was not surprised because she has been aware of Wong`s decision a while. She said the couple tried hard to fix their marriage, but the differences in their values were irreconcilable.王菲的好友、香港女星刘嘉玲表示对此并不惊讶,她已经知道王菲的决定有一段时间了她说,王菲李亚鹏夫妇很努力地经营这段婚姻,但价值观不同没办法;Wong is strong, and she will make it through,; she said.她说:“王菲很坚强,一定可以熬过去”Wong posted several pictures of her trip to the Tibet autonomous region days bee the divorce announcement.在王菲发布离婚消息的数日前,她发布了一组西藏之行的照片Beijing News cited an ;insider; as saying the couple`s problems began a year ago. The newspaper said Wong has been studying Buddhism years and might become a nun.《新京报报道称,据知情人士透露,王菲与李亚鹏的婚姻早在一年前便已出现危机该报称,王菲已经虔心学佛数年,可能会选择出家Wong withdrew from the limelight after she married Li in .年,王菲与李亚鹏结婚后便选择隐退In , she gave birth to their daughter Li Yan, who had a severe cleft lip. The couple founded the Smile Angel Foundation, a charity Chinese children with cleft palates.年,她诞下患有严重唇腭裂的女儿李嫣同年,王菲李亚鹏夫妇成立嫣然天使基金会,致力于为广大唇腭裂儿童提供医疗救助The Smile Angel Foundation has released a statement saying it will not be affected by the couple`s divorce.嫣然天使基金会发表声明称王菲李亚鹏夫妇的离婚不会影响到该基金会的正常运行;We respect their decision toward different paths of life and the foundation will work as usual,; it said.声明中称:“我们尊重李亚鹏先生和王菲女士选择了各自的人生轨迹,嫣然事业将不会停歇” 570泉州永春县祛疤医院泉州安溪县注射隆胸价格This year 7th issue of Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is announcing on Monday that Canadian singer Avril Lavigne is contributing two theme songs this year One Piece Film Z film.今年第7期的集英社《少年JUMP杂志日前公布了加拿大歌手艾薇儿将为今年的《海贼王剧场版献唱首主题曲的消息 the first time in the anime franchise, this next film will have two theme songs of its own: ;How You Remind Me; and ;Bad Reputation.; According to the magazine, Lavigne herself is a fan of One Piece, and One Piece manga creator Eiichiro Oda is similarly a fan of Lavigne music. After an exchange of letters and music between the two sides, the arrangement the two theme songs were made.这是艾薇儿第一次为动漫电影献声,据悉,将有两首歌曲:《How You Remind Me和《Bad Reputation,据《少年JUMP透露,艾薇儿是《海贼王的粉丝,同时《海贼王的作者尾田荣一郎也是艾薇儿的歌迷在双方的书信和音乐往来后,确定了这两首主题曲One Piece Film Z will open in Japan on December . The film will feature ;Z; (Zetto), the Straw Hat pirate crew ;strongest enemy yet; who was designed by Oda. Oda is serving as the executive producer of this film, as he did the th feature film, One Piece Film Strong World.《海贼王最新剧场版《最强之敌Z将于月日日本首映,这部剧场版将围绕“Z”- 草帽海盗团目前最强大的敌人展开,这个角色由荣一郎创作,此部剧场版荣一郎也将亲自参加制作,担当执行制片人这一职务,之前他还参与了第十部剧场版-年《强者世界的制作 1泉州欧菲整形有学生套餐?


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