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Earlier this year, I got a letter from a South Carolina woman named Ashley, who was expecting her third child. She was, in her words, ;extremely concerned; about the Zika virus, and what it might mean for other pregnant women like her. I understand that concern. As a father, Ashleys letter has stuck with me, and its why weve been so focused on the threat of the Zika virus. So today, I just want to take a few minutes to let you know what weve been doing in response, and to talk about what more we can all do. Since late last year, when the most recent outbreak of Zika started popping up in other countries, federal agencies like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention have been preparing for it to arrive in the U.S. In February – more than six months ago – I asked Congress for the emergency resources that public health experts say we need to combat Zika. That includes things like mosquito control, tracking the sp of the virus, accelerating new diagnostic tests and vaccines, and monitoring women and babies with the virus. Republicans in Congress did not share Ashleys ;extreme concern,; nor that of other Americans expecting children. They said no. Instead, we were forced to use resources we need to keep fighting Ebola, cancer, and other diseases. We took that step because we have a responsibility to protect the American people. But thats not a sustainable solution. And Congress has been on a seven-week recess without doing anything to protect Americans from the Zika virus. So my Administration has done what we can on our own. Our primary focus has been protecting pregnant women and families planning to have children. For months now, the CDC has been working closely with officials in Florida and other states. NIH and other agencies have moved aggressively to develop a vaccine. And were working with the private sector to develop more options to test for and prevent infection. For weeks, a CDC emergency response team has been on the ground in South Florida, working alongside the excellent public health officials there – folks who have a strong track record of responding aggressively to the mosquitoes that carry viruses like Zika. They know what theyre doing. Still, theres a lot more everybody can and should do. And that begins with some basic facts. Zika sps mainly through the bite of a certain mosquito. Most infected people dont show any symptoms. But the disease can cause brain defects and other serious problems when pregnant women become infected. Even if youre not pregnant, you can play a role in protecting future generations. Because Zika can be sp through unprotected sex, its not just women who need to be careful – men do too. That includes using condoms properly. If you live in or travel to an area where Zika has been found, protect yourself against the mosquitoes that carry this disease. Use insect repellant – and keep using it for a few weeks, even after you come home. Wear long sleeves and long pants to make bites less likely. Stay in places with air conditioning and window screens. If you can, get rid of standing water where mosquitoes breed. And to learn more about how to keep your family safe, just visit CDC.gov. But, every day that Republican leaders in Congress wait to do their job, every day our experts have to wait to get the resources they need – and that has real-life consequences. It means weaker mosquito-control efforts; longer wait times to get accurate diagnostic results; delayed vaccines. It puts more Americans at risk. One Republican Senator has said that ;There is no such thing as a Republican position on Zika or a Democrat position on Zika because these mosquitoes bite everyone.; I agree. And we need more Republicans to act in that way because this is more important than politics. Its about young moms like Ashley. Today, her new baby Savannah is healthy and happy. And thats got to be priority number one. Thats why Republicans in Congress should treat Zika like the threat that it is and make this their first order of business when they come back to Washington after Labor Day. That means working in a bipartisan way to fully fund our Zika response. A fraction of the funding wont get the job done. You cant solve a fraction of a disease. Our experts know what theyre doing. They just need the resources to do it. So, to all Americans out there, make your voices heard. And you should know that as long as Im President, well keep doing everything we can to slow the sp of this virus, and put our childrens futures first. Thanks, everybody.201609/463836

20 Private Transportation专 用 交 通 工 具Part One: Expressions1. I didn’t know you biked to work.我不知道你骑自行车上班。2. How far is it?有多远?3. It takes me about an hour.我要花大概一个小时。4. You’re doing your part for the environment by using public transportation, too.使用公交车也算是为环境尽了一点自己的力量。5. It helps keep me fit. 这有助于我保持体形。6. I finally got rid of that old Nissan that got me through college.我最终摆脱了大学时代用的旧尼桑(车)。7. How much did you pay?你要花多少钱?8. Does that mean you’re not going to take the train to work anymore?这是否意味着你不再坐火车上班了?9. What to go for a ride?想出去兜兜风吗?10. Come on.来吧。Part Two: Dialogues1. Bikes自行车A: Hey, Jim. I didn’t know you biked to work.B: Yeah, it helps keep me fit and helps the environment, too.A: One less car on the road means less pollution.B: Right. Since my work is near a park, it’s a really nice ride, too.A: How far is it?B: Oh, about 10 miles. It takes me about an hour.A: That doesn’t sound too bad. I wish I could do it, but I work in the city. So I take the train.B: You’re doing your part for the environment by using public transportation, too.A: True. Well, see you tomorrow.B: See you.A: 嘿,吉姆。我可不知道你骑自行车上班。B: 是这样。他可以帮助我保持体形,同时也有利于环境。A: 马路上车少也意味着污染更少。B: 是呀。我上班的地方挨着公园,骑车是件很惬意的事情。A: 有多远。B: 哦,大概10英里。花大概1个小时。A: 那还不至于太糟糕。我希望我也可以这样,可是我在市区上班,所以坐火车去。B: 使用公交车也算是为环境尽了一点你自己的力量。A: 这倒是。好了,明天见。B: 再见。2. Private Cars 私人汽车A: Hey, John. Nice car.B: Thanks. I finally got rid of that old Nissan that got me through college.A: What is this, the new Ford?B: No, it’s last year’s model. A: True. How much did you pay?B: ,500. It only has 10,000 miles on it, so it’s like a new car.A: Does that mean you’re not going to take the train to work anymore?B: Well, sometimes, I think it’ll be nice to drive to work instead. We’ll see. Want to go for a ride?A: Yeah, sure.B: Come on.A: 嘿,约翰,好漂亮的汽车。B: 谢谢。我最终摆脱了大学时代用的旧尼桑。A: 这是什么车?新款福特?B: 不是,是去年的车型。A: 是嘛。多少钱?B:14500元。才开1万英里。就象新车一个样。A: 这是否意味着你不再坐火车上班了?B: 哦,有时候还是会的。我想改成开车去上班更惬意。看吧。想不想出去兜兜风?A: 好,当然想。B: 来吧。Part Three: Substitution Drills1. A: I didn’t know you (biked/ rode your bike/ bicycled) to work. B: Yeah.我不知道你骑自行车去上班。是这样。2. A: How (far/ close/ long of a trip) is it? B: It’s about 10 miles.有多远?大概10英里吧。3. A: (It takes me/ The ride is/ My trip takes) about an hour. B: That’s not too bad.(要花掉我/车程/途中)大概1个小时。还不至于很糟糕。4. A: You’re (doing your part for/ helping/ helping out) the environment by using public transportation, too. B: True.你使用公交车也在为环境(尽一点自己的力量/做点贡献/做些贡献)。那倒是。5. A: It helps keep me (fit/ healthy/ in shape). B: That’s good.它可以帮助我保持(体形/健康的身体/身材)。对呀。6. A: I finally (got rid of/ sold/ threw away) that old Nissan that got me through college.B: And bought this new car?我最终(摆脱了/卖掉了/扔掉了)大学时代用的旧尼桑。然后买了这辆新车。7. A: How much (did you pay/ did it cost/ was it)? B: ,000.(你花了/付了/它是)多少钱?1万4千。8. A: Does that mean you’re not (going to take/ taking/ going to ride/ riding) the train to work anymore? B: Sometimes.这是否意味着你不再(坐火车/搭火车/乘坐火车/乘火车)去上班?有时候会这样。9. A: Want to go for a (ride/ drive/ spin)? B: Sure.想出去兜兜风吗?当然。10. A: (Come on. / Let’s go. / Let’s roll.) B: O.K.走吧。好的.Part Four: MonologueAmericans love big cars. They buy huge trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) that could go across a desert and back to take their kids to school. It really is a horrible thing for the environment, since these vehicles produce more pollution and use more gas than smaller vehicles. For Americans, however, cars are more than just a way to get somewhere. They’re symbols of wealth, and sometimes, the one place they can get away from everything. Driving in their cars by themselves, they don’t have to think about their work, family, love-life, or anything else but the open road. They put some good music on the car stereo, turn on the air conditioner, roll up the windows, and just drive.美国人对大车情有独钟。他们购买卡车或是运动型车辆,这样既能横穿沙漠,回来又可以接送小孩读书。但对于环境状况来说是无法想象的,因为这些车型造成的污染比小型车更严重,燃烧的汽油也更多。对于美国人来说,汽车不仅仅是外出的一种工具,更是财富的象征,有时,也是他们可以抛开一切事务而独处的地方。自己开着车可以不必去想工作、家庭、情感生活或其他事情,只需注意那宽阔的道路。打开车内的音响,放点音乐,开点空调,把窗玻璃摇上,就这样开着车。Part Five: Vocabulary and Phrases--get rid of…摆脱--bike 自行车, 托车--to bike骑自行车(或托车)--vehicle 运载工具;车辆--wealth 财富;财产;资源--air conditioner 空气调节装置;冷气机--stereo 立体音响装置--window 窗,窗户;(商店)橱窗--mile 英里--environment 环境;四周状况 /200703/11787

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