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塘河妇幼保健医院评价下城区中医院收费好不好荐片:七月不容错过的国外大片(上) -- :: 来源:chinadaily No. 1: Ghostbusters 《捉鬼敢死队 This female-led reboot attracted criticism well bee the film was even made–with its co-writer Kate Dippold telling The Telegraph that “They said it was the worst movie ever bee I’d written a word.”When the original film came out 3 years ago, it too was poorly received and only became a cult hit over time. As B Culture’s critic Nicholas Barber argues, “the fans who insist that the Ghostbusters should be male have misunderstood the classic comedy they claim to revere”. The characters “were a different breed of hero…out-of-shape academics in crumpled, slime-smeared jumpsuits”. 这部以女性为主导的翻拍电影在开拍前就饱受诟病,联合编剧凯特?迪波尔特对《每日电讯报透露道,“在我还没开始写之前,人们就说这是一部最糟糕的电影”3年前,《捉鬼敢死队第一部问世,当时影片反响冷淡,多年来也仅受到非主流一族的追捧英国广播公司文化家尼古拉斯?巴伯说道,“有粉丝坚持认为捉鬼敢死队成员应为男性,这本身就是对他们宣称自己推崇的这部经典喜剧电影的一种误解”这些人物“是一种另类英雄……这些学者体型走样,穿着皱巴巴,黏糊糊,脏兮兮的连体裤” This time around, the academics in jumpsuits are played by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones; there are cameos from original cast members including Sigourney Weaver, Dan Ackroyd and Bill Murray. Director Paul Feig once again teams up with McCarthy and Wiig after his hit Bridesmaids, and addressing the backlash, he has said:“I think the cast is so good, and they can stand in the footsteps of who came bee.” On general release from July. 这一次,梅丽莎?麦卡西,克里斯汀?韦格,凯特?迈克金农和莱斯利?琼斯扮演穿着连体裤的学者;有一些配角来自于原班人马,包括西格妮?韦弗,丹?艾克洛伊德和比尔?默里保罗?费格导演了年风靡一时的电影《最爆伴娘团,在这以后他再次和麦卡西和韦格联手,他对质疑声作出了反击,说道:“我认为演员阵容极佳,她们能够追上前辈们的脚步”七月十二号全面上映 No. : Cafeacute; Society 《咖啡公社 Woody Allen’s latest feature opened the Cannes Film Festival to mixed reviews–but drew praise its permances. Set in the 1930s, it stars Jesse Eisenberg as a New Yorker who moves to LA and falls his uncle’s secretary (Kristen Stewart). According to B Culture’s critic Nicholas Barber,“ Stewart has the glow of a bona fide 1930s bombshell while retaining her characteristically sheepish, down-to-earth persona”, while“Eisenberg is one of the most natural of Woody proxies”. 伍迪?艾伦的新作作为开幕片为年戛纳电影节揭幕,收到的褒贬不一,但其表演却大受好评故事背景是在上世纪30年代的纽约,主演杰西?艾森伯格饰演一个搬到洛杉矶的纽约人,他爱上了叔叔的秘书(克里斯汀?斯图尔特饰)英国广播公司文化家尼古拉斯?巴伯说道,“斯图尔特浑身上下都散发着上世纪30年代性感尤物的光辉,从她身上可以看出那个年代羞怯和朴实的人物形象”,而“艾森伯格是伍迪镜头下最自然的角色之一” The Times calls him “an Allen mini-me, an Allen avatar. From his hunched, put-upon shoulders to his nervous, rapid-fire delivery, Eisenberg gives us vintage Woody”. Despite being criticised not matching the director’s best works, the film was described as “gentle, whimsical and sumptuously shot” by The Independent, which claims that “even if Allen’s energy levels may be dipping, he still knows just how to mix the comedy and the pathos.”Released July in Thailand, July in the US and 1 July in Russia. 《泰晤士报称他为“迷你版的艾伦,艾伦的化身从他蜷缩的,饱受摧残的肩膀到他紧张的,快速的演讲,艾森伯格带给我们一个最棒的伍迪”尽管有批评说道,这部影片比不上导演最佳的作品,它仍被《独立报评价是一部“文雅,异想天开,奢华的影片”,宣称“尽管伍迪随着年龄增大,身体状况可能不如从前,但他仍然懂得如何将悲痛穿插在喜剧之中”本片七月十四日在泰国上映,七月十五日在美国上映,七月二十一日在俄罗斯上映 No. 3: Tale of Tales 《故事的故事 “Once upon a time there were three neighbouring kingdoms each with a magnificent castle, from which ruled kings and queens, princes and princesses. One king was a nicating libertine, another captivated by a strange animal, while one of the queens was obsessed by her wish a child.”The billing Tale of Tales gives a clue as to the timbre of a film populated by “sorcerers and fairies, fearsome monsters, ogres and old washerwomen, acrobats and courtesans” –played by a strong ensemble cast that includes Salma Hayek, John C Reilly, Toby Jones and Vincent Cassel. “从前,有三个邻国,每一个王国都有一座富丽堂皇的城堡,受国王王后,王子公主的统治一位国王是与人私通的浪荡子,另一位国王被一种奇怪的动物所迷惑,还有一位王后迫切地想要个孩子”《故事的故事演员表给我们提供了线索,从影片的音色中可以判断出人物众多,包括萨尔玛?海耶克,约翰?瑞里,托比?琼斯和文森特?卡塞尔在内的强大的演员阵容饰演了“巫师和仙女,可怕的怪物,食人魔和年老的洗衣女工,杂技演员和交际花” A loose interpretation of the tales of the Italian poet Giambattista Basile, it’s a worthy addition to the recent glut of fairy tale films: B Culture’s Rebecca Laurence believes it presents a fresh angle. According to The Times, “The adult fairytale is a freakish, hybrid, disturbing creature, mostly gotten in these days of Disney sanitisation, but Tale of Tales resurrects the genre with surreal humour and gothic horror.” Released 3 July in Germany, 6 July in Switzerland and July in New Zealand. 意大利诗人吉姆巴地斯达?巴西耳对此发表了极具包容性的见解,尽管最近童话类电影市场饱和、供过于求,但这部影片的仍有上映价值:英国广播公司文化部的丽贝卡?劳伦斯认为这部影片代表了一种全新的角度据英国《泰晤士报报道,“成人童话是异想天开的,混合多种因素的,令人烦扰的,对童话的多数记忆都停留在迪士尼时期,但《故事的故事运用超现实主义的幽默和哥特式的恐怖使这种艺术类型得以复兴”本片七月三日在德国上映,七月六日在瑞士上映,七月二十八在新西兰上映 No. : Toni Erdmann 《托尼?厄德曼 “Based on a really brilliant , you have a comedy of manners and of family life at the same time–and then it is brilliantly acted,” Verena Leuken of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung told B Culture’s editor Matthew Anderson at the Cannes Film Festival, where Toni Erdmann was one of the favourites to win the Palme d’Or. At its first press screening in Cannes, the film was greeted by critics with laughter and spontaneous applause, and it’s since been showered with five-star reviews. 《法兰克福汇报的维丽娜?露文肯在戛纳电影节上向英国广播公司文化部的编辑马修?安德森说道,“电影的剧本很棒,这既是一部风尚喜剧,也涉及家庭生活——这也就成就了一部优秀的影片”,《托尼?厄德曼作为最受欢迎的影片之一赢得了金棕榈奖这部影片在戛纳初登荧屏之时,批评家就对其报以欢快的笑声和自发的掌声,从此以后这部影片一直沐浴着五星级影评的光辉 Telling the story of a father (Peter Simonischek) who disguises himself as a‘life coach’to get closer to his daughter (Sandra Huuml;ller), a busy corporate strategist, it’s the third feature in years from German writer-director Maren Ade. 故事讲述的是一位父亲(皮特?西蒙尼谢克饰)伪装成一位人生导师去接近他的女儿(桑德拉?乌勒饰),他的女儿是一位忙碌的企业战略家,这是德国编导马伦?艾达十三年中拍摄的第三部故事片 Time Out praised it a“sly evocation of the absurdities and banalities of modern life”, whileThe Telegraph said that“The film’s sweetness and bitterness are held so perfectly in balance, and realised with such sinew-stiffening intensity, that watching it feels like a three-hour sports massage your heart and soul.”There is plenty to provoke thoughts among the laughs, too.“It has some serious things to say about family dynamics, about the pressures that professional women face, and how working too much can hollow us out,” says Anderson. Released July in Germany, July in Austria and 1 July in Switzerland. Time Out称其“淘气得唤起了现代生活中的谬论和陈腐”,而《每日电讯报“这部影片很好地平衡了甜蜜与苦涩,实现了环环相扣的紧张情节,看这部电影给你带来的精神上的冲击与看一场三小时的体育运动别无二致”在欢笑声中也引起来许多思考安德森说:“这部影片有其严肃之处,讲述了如何维持家庭活力,职业女性承担的压力以及过量的工作是如何将我们压垮”七月十四日在德国上映,七月十五日在奥地利上映,七月二十一日在瑞士上映 No. 5: Absolutely Fabulous 《荒唐阿姨 One of the first comedies to skewer our current celebrity culture, Absolutely Fabulous emerged as a sketch on the show French amp; Saunders bee becoming one of the most successful sitcoms of the 1990s. Some have argued it was best left in that decade–and writer and actor Jennifer Saunders, who stars as Edina alongside Joanna Lumley as Patsy, admits the media landscape has changed.“It is a different beast”, Saunders told The Independent.“The idea of PR now is that anyone can do it. Anyone can review a film, anyone can get their stuff online, so it is a very different world.” 《荒唐阿姨是首批讽刺时下名流文化的喜剧之一,最初出现在电视剧《弗兰奇和桑德斯中,当时只是一部滑稽短剧,之后《荒唐阿姨便成为上世纪九十年代最成功的情景喜剧之一一些人说这是那个年代最成功的影片——作者兼演员詹妮弗?桑德斯饰演埃迪娜,而乔安娜?拉姆利则饰演帕琪桑德斯承认媒体格局已经发生了变化“这和以前不同了”,桑德斯告诉《独立报“现在任何人都可以做公关任何人都可以电影,任何人都可以从网上得到他们想要的东西,这是一个非常不同的世界” Yet despite that, she believes they have created a story that is relevant today.“I think the film reflects the fact that Patsy and Eddy don’t survive so well in that world because they're not in control of it anymore.” The film has more than 60 cameos, including Rebel Wilson, Jon Hamm, Joan Collins, Barry Humphries, and Kate Moss–according to Saunders, the only person to turn down a role was Barack Obama. On general release from 1 July. (Credit: David Appleby) 但是尽管如此,她仍相信他们创作了一个与现今密切相关的故事“我认为这部影片反映了一个事实,帕齐和艾迪不能在那个世界中生活的很好,因为她们不再能够控制自己的命运”这部电影有60多个配角,包括瑞贝尔?威尔森,乔?汉姆,琼?考林斯,巴里?汉弗莱斯和凯特?丝——据桑德斯所说,贝拉克?奥巴马是唯一拒绝出演的人七月一日全面上映上城区妇女医院是不是私立医院 交通领域三年内投资.7万亿 --30 :: 来源: 作为三年交通发展规划的一部分,超300个新项目已经做出 A massive spending plan has been outlined to try to give more reliable transportation access to China’s more remote areas.近日,政府做出宏观计划,试图让更可靠的交通进入中国更偏远地区As part of a new 3-year outline transportation development, over 300 new projects have been laid out.作为三年交通发展规划的一部分,超300个新项目已经做出规划Among them are a significant number of projects to connect this country’s more isolated, and often impoverished, regions with regional hubs through road and rail.这些规划中,很多项目通过公路和铁路连接了国家落后,孤僻的地区和地区中心枢纽区Chinese authorities are planning to spend .7-trillion yuan - around 75-billion US dollars - on the projects over the next 3-years.中国政府计划在未来3年内投资.7万亿(约750亿美元)Zheng Jian with the National Development and Rem Commission says the massive spending plans are part of a pledge to pull everyone in China above the poverty line by .国家发改委郑建说道,这次在交通方面的大规模投入将会大力推进中国脱贫"We think access to more reliable ms of movement is the linch-pin to helping people out of poverty. This is why we’ve incorporated rural road construction in our new plans, which will link these remote areas to regional hubs in the next 3-years."“做出更多切实可行的改变是帮助人们脱贫的关键之举这也是乡村公路建设作为新计划的一部分的初衷,这将在未来3年内连接偏远地区和地区交通枢纽中心”China’s unique topography, particularly in the south and southwestern parts of the country, has left numerous commies somewhat isolated from the rest of the country.中国独特的地势,尤其是南方和西南地区,使得中国很多偏远地区比较孤立This has limited their access to government support, leaving them toward the bottom of the development curve.这就导致偏远地区难以得到政府的持,发展速度也处于谷底The new transportation spending plan also includes projects to create better links in China’s major centers, including inter-city links in the Yangtze and Pearl River Delta regions, as well as throughout the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area.新的交通投资计划包括为中国主要城市建立联系,包括长江和珠江三角洲地区,以及京津冀地区因安全气囊故障,丰田召回0万辆汽车 --30 19:: 来源: 日本汽车制造商丰田汽车表示,因安全气囊出现故障,将在全球范围内召回3万辆车 Japanese carmaker Toyota says it will recall 1.3 million vehicles worldwide over faulty airbags.日本汽车制造商丰田汽车表示,因安全气囊出现故障,将在全球范围内召回3万辆车The cars affected are Prius and Lexus models from to .受影响的是年至年之间的普锐斯和雷克萨斯车型Toyota and other carmakers have over the past years been rocked by millions of recalls over problems with airbags from Japanese supplier company Takata.丰田和其他汽车制造商在过去几年里因日本供应商高田公司生产的安全气囊出现问题而召回数百万辆车The latest recall does not involve Takata products and the problem has not been linked to any fatalities or injuries.最新的召回不涉及高田的产品,且该问题还没有与任何死亡或受伤相关联The recall includes some 95,000 cars sold in North America, 73,000 in Japan as well as vehicles in Europe, China and other regions.此次召回包括在北美销售的95000辆,日本的73000辆,以及欧洲,中国和其他地区的车辆In a statement relating to the US recall, the carmaker said the vehicles had an airbag inflator that could have a small crack in a weld which could widen over time.在有关美国召回的声明中,该汽车制造商表示,这些车辆的安全气囊充气器的焊接中有个小裂缝,随着时间推移可能变大The airbag could partially inflate and parts of the inflator could enter the vehicle interior, leading to "an increased risk of injury".该气囊可部分膨胀,充气器的部件可能进入车辆内部,导致“受伤的风险增加”Safety devices made by Takata have been linked to deaths and more than 0 injuries.由高田制造的安全设备和人的死亡,超过0人的受伤相关Globally, carmakers have been affected with more than 0 million Takata-related recalls under way or expected.全球范围内,家汽车制造商的1亿辆车正在或预计受到与高田相关的召回的影响大关治疗盆腔炎哪家医院最好的

杭州萧然女子医院治疗妇科怎么样金钱政治!克林顿背后的中国富商 --9 :5: 来源: 近日,克林顿在任期间的政治金丑闻又引起了人们的注意,一名中国富商涉嫌给与克林顿一笔0万美元的非法外国捐赠,该事件又使得总统有力候选人希拉里处于风口浪尖之上 The House Oversight Committee told Daily Mail Online that it will seek an interview with Ng Lap Seng, 68, who evaded congressional investigators years.美国众议院监督委员会向《每日邮报透露说,他们将会和吴立胜(今年68岁)举行一场会谈,他曾逃避美国国会调查人员多年He has now re-appeared in the ed States and is being held in New York on unrelated bribery charges.他现在重新出现在了美国,目前正因多起有关贿赂的指控在纽约被捕One campaign group is even suggesting that Congress grant him immy from the charges in return testifying.有团体甚至暗示说,国会为了让他会美国作,授予了他豁免指控的权力Ng, a Macau businessman with ties to the Chinese government, was accused of funneling over million in illegal eign donations to support Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign in 1996.吴立胜是一名和中国政府有关系的商人,曾被指控给与了比尔·克林顿一笔0万美元的非法外国捐款,以持他在1996年的连任选举At the time, Ng declined to come to the U.S. to cooperate with congressional investigators in the case, which became a sweeping national scandal and raised suspicions about Chinese government efts to influence the U.S. election.当时,吴立胜拒绝和调查该起案件的美国国会调查员合作,使之成为了一个席卷美国全国的丑闻,引发了人们对中国政府影响美国大选做法的怀疑According to congressional investigators, Ng laundered the illegal campaign donations through a close Clinton associate in Arkansas named Charlie Trie during the 1996 election.据美国国会调查员表示,在1996年大选期间,吴立胜通过克林顿在阿肯色州一名叫Charlie Trie的亲密盟友来清洗非法竞选捐款Trie, who sent the donations to the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s legal defense fund, pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws in 1999.Charlie Trie将这笔捐款给与了民主党全国委员会和克林顿法律辩护基金,他本人也在1999年的时候认罪违反了竞选财务法The House Oversight Committee said it will take the opporty to finally question Ng about the eign donation scheme now that he is under house detention at a million Manhattan apartment, awaiting trial on separate charges that he tried to bribe a top UN official.美国众议院监督委员会表示,他们将抓住这个机会来最终询问吴立胜有关这笔外国捐款的计划吴立胜目前正被羁押在曼哈顿一座价值300万美元的公寓里,等待另一起试图贿赂一名联合国高官的审判’We plan to request an interview,’ said a spokesperson the committee.美国众议院监督委员会一名发言人表示说:“我们计划要求一场会谈”Then Republican senator Fred Thompson chaired the committee and said that it found that China’s Communist government was involved in a plan ’to pour illegal money into American political campaigns’ in an eft to ’subvert our election process’, the Washington Post reported.据《华盛顿邮报报道,担任该委员会主席的共和党参议员佛瑞德·汤普森表示说,中国的共产党政府参与到了这个计划中来,通过“向美国的政治竞选活动倾注非法资金”,以此来“颠覆美国的选举”However, other lawmakers, including Sen. Joe Lieberman, then a Democrat, said there was not convincing evidence that China was directly involved in the funding.但是,包括参议员乔·利伯曼(他当时是民主党人)等议员都表示,没有据显示中国直接参与到了这起资金事件中来Ng’s attorney, Hugh Hu Mo, who has also represented Chinese government entities, said he would oppose any efts by Congress to question his client.吴立胜的律师是休·胡蒙(他也代表了几家中国政府实体),表示说反对美国国会对吴立胜的任何询问The House Oversight Committee could potentially override this by issuing a subpoena Ng’s testimony.但是美国众议院监督委员会有可能不顾这一要求,只要他们能够发出一份传票要求吴立胜的词The timing could be a blow to the Clinton campaign, reigniting a decades old eign corruption scandal just as Hillary Clinton has secured the Democratic presidential nomination.这一事件爆发的这个时机可能给希拉里的竞选活动带来打击,在希拉里刚刚获得民主党总统体提名人资格之际,这一数十年前的外国腐败丑闻再次引起了公众的注意The Clinton Foundation has previously faced scrutiny accepting millions from eign governments while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.在希拉里担任美国国务卿时,克林顿基金曾因接受外国政府巨额资金而面临审查The House Oversight Committee’s move comes on the heels of a letter from the watchdog group Citizens ed, which asked Ng’s attorney to make him available interviews with congress.美国众议院监督委员会的行动紧跟着监察组织公民联合会的一封信,要求吴立胜的律师安排他和美国国会举行会谈杭州宫腔息肉手术多少钱 女王的衣橱:白金汉宫展出女王装 --9 :: 来源:chinadaily Her bright suits and bold hats put the Duchess of Cambridge’s nude court shoes in the shade. The Queen may have turned 90, but there is little doubt she is still the ultimate style icon, as a new exhibition at Buckingham Palace from tomorrow reveals. 女王亮眼的套装和大胆出挑的帽子让凯特王妃那双裸色高跟鞋黯然失色女王已经九十,但毫无疑问她仍是永不过时的时尚偶像这一点可以在七月二十二日起在白金汉宫举办的一场女王装展览中展现出来Her Majesty wears jewel-coloured outfits to ensure she can be seen by her subjects - and even uses them as a tool of diplomacy. Who knew that she dresses to echo the flag of the country she is visiting so as to flatter her hosts, and sometimes even has their national emblem sewn into them.为了让她的国民能清楚地看到她,女王一直身穿宝石色的套装,甚至还将这些套装作为一种外交工具为了对接待她的国家表示友好,她会穿与那个国家国旗颜色一样的套装,甚至有时会将那个国家的国徽缝在衣上Fashioning A Reign: 90 Years Of Style From The Queen’s Wardrobe shows off almost 80 of her outfits and 6 of her iconic hats. Here, we take a look at a glorious selection... “造就一个朝代:女王衣橱时尚九十年”展示了近80套套装及6顶标志性的帽子接下来,我们来看看其中的几套精选装THE ONE-SHOULDERED DRESS 露肩礼Made from duchesse satin, lace, sequins, diamante and beads, this asymmetric crinoline-skirted gown of pale yellow and turquoise - made by Sir Norman Hartnell, her favourite couturier of the time - is a perfect example of the Queen’s Fifties fashions. 这件浅黄与宝绿色相衬的露肩膨鼓裙礼是诺曼?哈特内尔设计并完成的,用全丝硬缎、花边、珠片、镶钻、及绿松石制成哈特内尔是女王当时最欣赏的设计师这件礼是上世纪五十年代女王时尚最完美的代表Worn on a state visit to the Netherlands in 1958, it features a one-shouldered bodice, the line of which is continued by a gathered panel of satin across the skirt. 女王身穿此礼于1958年出访荷兰礼的特点是其露肩的连衣裙上身,全丝硬缎的镶片将肩部线条延续到整条裙子上The dress is appliqued with tape lace ming stylised floral motifs and is richly embroidered with heavy beading. 裙子上还饰有带有风格化的花朵图案的长条蕾丝并且镶满了珠子This, says the Royal Collection, is another perfect example of the Queen’s unique championing of British couture. 英国皇家收藏信托表示,这件礼也完美地展现了女王对英国女士时装的持THE INVESTITURE OUTFIT 授权仪式装An ensemble that bears all the hallmarks of Sixties fashion: the princess-line coat hides a tunic as well as an underdress. 这是一套具备了所有六十年代时尚特点的装:公主线外套遮盖住了女士短上衣和衬裙Made in a striking pale primrose yellow, the silk outfit also includes pearls, bugle beads and embroidery on the cuffs, collar and hem. 这件淡黄色的丝绸外套的袖口、衣领和下摆处缝有珍珠和玻璃小珠,并带有刺绣The most interesting thing about it, however, is the matching hat made by a favourite milliner of the time, Simone Mirman. 然而,最有趣的还数与之相配的帽子是由当时最受欢迎的女帽设计师西蒙娜?米尔曼制作的Her Majesty took inspiration from the medieval age, which suited the surroundings of Caernarvon Castle, where the Queen was investing her son and heir, Prince Charles, as Prince of Wales in July 1969. 她的灵感来源于中世纪1969年7月,女王在卡那封城堡授予她的儿子即继承人查尔斯王子以威尔士亲王的头衔她的灵感与卡那封城堡的环境很相配The section at the back of the hat represents a ‘caul’, a m of head-dress covering the hair and hung down over the neck. 帽子后面部分采用了“发网”这一形式,即一种覆盖头发并自然垂下至颈部的发饰‘The philosophy behind the design is that the Queen would largely be seen from behind as she placed the coronet on the prince’s head, so having good design from the back was just as important as the outfit looking successful from the front,’ says exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut. 展览负责人卡罗琳?德?吉托说:“这样设计是因为当女王将小冠冕授予王子时,大部分时间大家只能看到她的背影,所以帽子从后面看起来好看和装从前面看起来完美一样重要” THE OFFICIAL PORTRAIT GOWN 官方肖像照礼With its crinoline-style skirt, nipped-in waist and sweetheart neckline, this gown - a highlight of the exhibition - is a perfect example of the Queen’s style in the Fifties. 这件有裙撑,腰部收紧,鸡心领的礼是此次展览最精的部分它是女王五十年代时尚的完美展示Made by Sir Norman Hartnell, the Queen wore it in 1956 a series of official portraits taken by Baron Studios. 在由男爵工作室于1956年拍摄的一系列官方肖像照中,女王就穿了这件哈特内尔设计的礼It was fashioned from oyster-coloured duchesse satin and gold lamé, embellished with diamante, pearls, sequins and beads in tones of gold and silver. 它用牡蛎色的全丝硬缎和金银锦缎制成,装饰了深浅不同的金银色镶钻、珍珠、亮片和小珠子‘This is about beauty, about the best of British, about elegance,’ says Caroline de Guitaut. ‘It is another superb example of British couture, which the Queen champions.’ 吉托认为“这件衣代表了美,代表了英国最好的一面,代表了优雅,是女王所持的英国女士装的又一优秀范例” GOWN FIT A HISTORIC VISIT 历史性访问场合礼Designed by Savile Row’s Hardy Amies, the Queen first wore this turquoise dress in 1965 when she became the first British head of state to visit Germany after World War II. It is made from organza silk, sequins, silver th, beads and pearls and was worn to an official state banquet. 萨维尔街的哈迪?埃米斯设计了这件礼1965年,女王出访德国时首次穿了这套蓝绿色的衣当时女王是首位二战后出访德国的英国首脑这件衣的材质有欧根纱、闪光装饰片、银线、珠子和珍珠女王穿着这件礼参加了国宴The ornate embroidery over the bodice was inspired by the Rococo interiors of the palaces at Schloss Bruhl, which Amies researched prior to the Queen’s visit. 礼上半身的华丽刺绣的灵感来源于德国布鲁尔城堡内部洛可可风格的室内设计埃米斯在女王出访前特意做了一番研究Her Majesty loved the dress so much so that (with her usual eye economy), she wore it again an official portrait by Cecil Beaton in the White Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace in 1968. 女王十分喜爱这件裙子,再加上她不铺张浪费的观念,1968年在白金汉宫白色会客厅由塞西尔?比顿帮她拍摄官方肖像照时,她再一次穿上了这件衣 THE QUEEN’S WEDDING DRESS 女王的结婚礼When commissioned to design Princess Elizabeth’s 197 wedding dress, Sir Norman Hartnell set out to produce ‘the most beautiful dress I had made so far’. His magnificent creation is in ivory silk, decorated with crystals and ,000 seed pearls. 当哈特内尔被任命设计197年伊丽莎白公主的结婚礼时,他就开始着手做这件“有史以来做过最漂亮的裙子”这件华丽的设计采用了乳白色的丝绸,并用水晶和一万粒珍珠点缀The accompanying shoes are tiny. Her shoe size has never been officially revealed, but is believed to be a two-and-a-half to three. 配套的鞋子很小女王的鞋码从未正式公布过,但一般认为是英码.5码-3码左右THE CORONATION DRESS 加冕仪式装The Queen’s 1953 Normal Hartnell-designed Coronation dress is regarded as a tour de ce of British design. 这件由哈特内尔设计,女王1953年登基加冕时所穿的礼被认为是英国设计的巅峰之作The duchesse satin gown, which took eight months to design and create, features national and Commonwealth floral emblems in gold and silver th, encrusted with seed pearls, sequins and crystals. It had to be reinced to support the weight of the embroidery. Unbeknown to the Queen, Hartnell added a four-leaf shamrock on the left of the skirt luck, and was delighted to see her hand brush it as she walked into Westminster Abbey. 这件全丝硬缎的礼花费了八个月的时间来设计并且制作,用金银丝线绣上了英国和英联邦的代表花朵,外面装饰有珍珠、亮片和水晶为了能够撑起外面这么多的装饰,哈特内尔还加固了这件衣女王不知情的情况下,哈特内尔在裙子左侧加了一株四叶草,以求幸运之神眷顾女王而且令他高兴的是,女王在走入威斯敏斯特教堂时,摆动的手拂过了这株幸运草‘The Queen wanted a dress that would stand up to the occasion - it was the first coronation fully televised - and the dress she chose was the eighth of nine he sketched. It is timeless,’ said exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut. 吉托说:“女王想要一件能镇得住场面的礼,毕竟这是第一次全程直播的加冕仪式女王在哈特内尔的九张手稿中选择了第八件它是永恒的”THE QUEEN’S JUBILEE STYLE 周年庆典装One section of the exhibition is devoted to an example of the Queen’s style from each decade of her life - and this green Hartnell silk dress is typical of the Seventies. 展览有一部分是每十年女王穿衣风格的展示这件哈特内尔设计的绿色丝绸连衣裙是典型的七十年代风格Along with a matching silk and straw Simone Mirman hat, it was worn by Queen on several occasions during her Silver Jubilee tour in 1977, when she travelled the length and bth of the ed Kingdom bee heading overseas. 1977年迎来了女王的二十五周年纪念之旅在她出访海外前,她游遍了整个英国在这期间,她多次穿着这件衣,同时佩戴了米尔曼设计的丝绸草帽The soft silhouette, bow-tie neck and floral print silk are all hallmarks of Seventies design. 柔和的线条、蝶形领结、花朵图案的丝绸都是七十年代设计的标志‘There is a strong print, and the dress is made of lightweight silk the sake of practicality,’ observes the curator of the exhibition.. 展览负责人说:“出于实用考虑,裙子使用了轻薄的丝绸,还配上了浓烈的印花” THAT OLYMPIC DRESS 奥运礼Among the most globally recognisable outfits on show is the dress worn by the Queen at the London Olympics Opening Ceremony. 女王在年伦敦奥运会开幕式上穿的衣也在展览之列这套衣全球闻名The gown was designed by the Queen’s senior dresser, Angela Kelly, and made from silk in a peachy-pink colour, embellished with lace, sequins and beads, with matching feather fascinator.这件礼由女王的资深造型师安吉拉?凯莉设计,用桃粉色的丝绸做成,加上蕾丝,亮片和珠子的装饰,并且搭配羽毛边饰Caroline de Guitaut says: ‘The philosophy behind the design was to have a colour that wouldn’t in any way be representative of any of the countries participating in the Games and also to have striking, strong design lines, so the illusion of the Queen supposedly jumping [out of a plane at the ceremony] wouldn’t be lost.’ 吉托说道:“使用桃粉色是因为需要一个不代表任何参赛国家的颜色这件衣还需要拥有突出、强烈的线条,这样当女王的替身从飞机上跳下时才够显眼”英文来源:每日邮报翻译:王慧雯(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning杭州无痛人工流产手术要多少钱

浙江妇幼保健医院是私立研究发现坚持跑步的人脑子更大更好用 --01 :5: 来源:chinadaily If you thought running was just great the body, then think again.如果你认为跑步只对身体有好处,那么再想想吧Scientists have uncovered evidence the sport not only keeps people trim but also boosts brain power.科学家已经找到据明体育运动不仅能让人保持苗条身材,还能提升脑力The research found that people who keep fit are more likely to have larger brains, better memories and clearer thinking.研究发现,喜欢健身的人一般大脑更大,更好,思维更清晰They also found that unfit people tended to have smaller brains and reduced cognitive skills.他们也发现不喜欢健身的人往往大脑较小,认知功能退化The findings add to a growing body of evidence which links exercise with helping protect the brain against ageing and also aiding it replace dying cells.越来越多的据表明,锻炼有助于抵御大脑老化,促进死细胞代谢This might reduce the risk of debilitating illnesses and diseases such as Alzheimer's.锻炼还可能降低患老年痴呆症等退行性疾病的风险One research paper within its latest issue sees scientists at Kentucky University putting 30 adults aged 59-69 on a tmill.在研究这一新论题的一篇论文中,肯塔基大学的科学家们对30位59-69岁的人做了一项实验,让他们在跑步机上锻炼Their heart and lung capacity was measured and an MRI scanner was used to assess the blood flow to their brains.研究者测量了他们的心肺功能,使用磁共振成像仪判断大脑的血液流量Those who were less fit had smaller brains compared to the fitter volunteers who had larger brains.那些身体不太健壮的志愿者大脑较小,而体格健壮的人大脑较大Scientists in Germany followed 1 adults aged between 60-77. As they went through a three-month fitness program they saw improvements in their memory.德国的科学家们对1名60-77岁的成人做了跟踪调查经过三个月的运动健身,他们的得到了改善Researchers are not yet sure why exercise helps to protect brain cells but some research in mice has produced results.研究者们还不确定锻炼有助于保护脑细胞的原因,但一些对老鼠的研究已经找到了Mice, examined at the National Institute on Aging, in Baltimore, found that cells in the hippocampus, an area of the brain used memory, were actively reproducing while their fatter peers were in decline.位于巴尔的的美国国家衰老研究所发现,那些体型苗条的老鼠,大脑用于记忆的区域——海马体中的细胞在积极地繁殖,而胖老鼠的海马体细胞在下降Linda Clare, professor of clinical psychology of ageing and dementia at Exeter University and a member of the Global Council on Brain Health told The Sunday Times: 'Moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as brisk walking, cycling or running can produce changes in brain structure and function.'英国埃克塞特大学衰老和痴呆临床心理学教授、全球脑健康委员会成员琳达bull;克莱尔对《星期日泰晤士报说:“快走、骑车、跑步等中等强度的有氧运动可以改变大脑的结构和功能”Vocabularytrim: 苗条的;整洁的debilitate: 使衰弱aerobic: 有氧的英文来源:每日邮报译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:丹妮 德普与小娇妻离婚 回顾浪子德普叔的往日情缘(组图) --31 ::31 来源:chinadaily He got 'Winona ever' tattooed on his right shoulder in a grand romantic gesture. But following their split had it changed to 'Wino ever', which he has since claimed was more accurate.他还做了一件非常浪漫的事,把“永远的薇诺娜”纹在他的右臂上但是在他们分手后这一纹身就改成了“永远的酒鬼”,德普本人声称后面的说法更为准确Depp and Kate MossHe dated supermodel Kate Moss four years bee moving onto another famous catwalker.德普和超模凯特?丝交往了四年,然后又和另外一位名模谈起了恋爱Depp and Vanessa ParadisIn 1998 he began dating his most long-term partner Vanessa Paradis, who he met on set of The Ninth Gate.1998年,他开始和凡妮莎?帕拉迪丝约会,他们是在开始拍摄电影《第九道门时认识的凡妮莎成为了和他在一起时间最久的女人Johnny split from Vanessa in after years together.在相伴了年之后,年德普和凡妮莎分手They have two children together: Lily-Rose, , and Jack, .他们育有两个孩子:现年岁的莉莉-罗丝和现年岁的杰克Then in Johnny met and began dating Amber Heard on set of The Rum Diary.年在开始拍摄电影《莱姆酒日记时,德普开始和艾梅柏?希尔德约会Johnny and Amber exchanged vows under a flower-adorned marquee on the beach of Depp's private island in the Bahamas in February last year.去年二月份,在德普位于巴哈马的私人小岛海滩上,德普和艾梅伯在鲜花顶棚下交换了结婚誓言Just guests were in attendance.只有个客人参加了婚礼However, it is understood they got married legally in Los Angeles first so his ailing mother was attend.不过,据了解,为了让德普生病的母亲能够参加,两人此前已经在洛杉矶公结婚The actress, 30, filed divorce papers on Monday citing irreconcilable differences and seeking spousal support.现年30岁的女演员艾梅伯于周一(5月3日)提交离婚申请,理由是不可调和的分歧,并索要配偶赡养费On Wednesday, Johnny, 5, who is worth <牛人_句子> million and owns a private island in The Bahamas, filed his own legal documents asking the judge to reject his estranged wife's request maintenance.周三,德普也提交了法律文书,要求法官驳回分居的妻子索要赡养费的要求现年5岁的德普家产达亿美元,在巴哈马拥有一座私人小岛,A source says the couple do not have a pre-nup, according to TMZ.据美国名人消息网称,一名知情人士透露,这对夫妇没有签订婚前协议The website also revealed that the actor's beloved mother Betty Sue Palmer passed away on May . Amber lodged her divorce petition two days later.该网站还爆料说,德普深爱的母亲贝蒂?苏?帕尔默5月日去世两天后艾梅伯就提交了离婚申请Amber previously admitted she likes to date both men and women.此前,艾梅伯曾坦言自己是双性恋The actress enjoyed a relationship with female photographer Tasya van Ree.她曾经和女摄影师塔斯雅?凡?瑞交往过VocabularyLothario: 放荡者who's who: (总称)名人make a splash: 引起轰动;引人注目catwalker: 模特spousal support: 配偶赡养费pre-nup: 婚前协议英文来源:每日邮报翻译#38;编辑:丹妮杭州哪个人流医院比较好杭州拱墅区第二人民医院 病房



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