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南安人民医院专家预约丰泽区中医医院产妇做检查好吗他真的喜欢你吗?情感探测器告诉你 --9 :3:5 来源: 无需再次猜测!“银翼杀手”风格的“情感探测器”会告诉你,第一次约会时对方是否真的被你所吸引这件有趣的设备的灵感来自于198年的经典科幻电影《银翼杀手里用来鉴别生化人的一个审讯工具Voight-Kampff No more second guessing! Blade Runner-style ’emotion detector’ could reveal if a person REALLY finds you attractive on a first date无需再次猜测!“银翼杀手”风格的“情感探测器”会告诉你,第一次约会时对方是否真的被你所吸引First dates can be a nerve-wracking experience, filled with unease and uncertainty over whether or not the other person is interested.初次约会是一件非常伤脑筋的经历,对方是否对自己感兴趣,你对此充满了不安与不确定But new technology that could help clear up at least some of the mystery surrounding such dates might be on its way.但一项新技术,将有助于缓解这种约会可能会带来的一些神秘的氛围An ’emotion detector’ has been created which researchers claim will be able to tell whether or not a person finds you attractive almost instantly.研究人员发明了一种“情感探测器”,据称可以帮助你判断对方是否真的被你所吸引Researchers at the University of Lancaster were inspired to make the device by a gadget featured in the 198 sci-fi fantasy film ’Blade Runner’.英国兰卡斯特大学的研究人员表示,这件有趣的设备的灵感来自于198年的经典科幻电影《银翼杀手Replicating the Voight-Kampff machine, a fictional interrogation tool, the research team created a device that mimics this emotion-detector.模仿影片中的一个科幻审问工具Voight-Kampff,研究团队设计出了这个“情绪探测器”The design team, which includes the Centre Spatial Analysis (CASA) at UCL, is keen to get people to think about the ethical implications of a world in which we use computers to monitor or even manipulate our emotions.该团队成员还包括来自伦敦大学学院(UCL)空间分析中心的人员,该团队希望它能够引导人们去思考,我们使用电脑来监测甚至操纵我们的情感世界的伦理含义The polygraph-like Voight-Kampff machine was used by a police ce in the film, to determine if an individual was a biorobotic android, detected using a test to provoke emotional responses.在《银翼杀手中,警察们使用类似测谎仪的Voight-Kampff机器来探测对象的情绪反应,并借此判断对方是否是生化机器人It measured body functions like blush response, respiration, heart rate and eye movement in response to questions dealing with empathy.它测量人体在回答涉及到情绪问题时产生的诸如脸红、呼吸、心率和瞳孔的变化Designers at Lancaster are now researching technologies their own Voight-Kampff machine including an ear-piece which measures skin and heart rate responses and a pupil-dilation measure.而兰卡斯特大学的研究人员设计的Voight-Kampff机器则包括一个能戴在耳朵上的装置,它可以测量皮肤温度、心率反应和瞳孔扩程度等The team’s fictional speculative device is set against an online dating backdrop and is designed, in theory, to determine how the first interaction is going.研究团队这款设备是根据在线约会的背景设计的,从理论上讲,它主要用来确认在线约会的双方第一次接触时如何反应The machine clips onto the bottom of a smartphone or tablet.这个机器安装在智能手机或者平板电脑的底部This machine looks and feels very real and has even prompted a film-making company in the States to request filming us manufacturing the device,’ said Professor Coulton, ’design fiction’ expert and head of the research team.“这台机器的外观和感觉非常真实,甚至吸引了一家电影制作公司提出要拍摄我们制造这台设备的过程”该项目负责人,“design fiction”专家Paul Coulton教授说But this is actually a tool creating some pretty serious discussions.’“但它实际上是用来引发一些很严肃的讨论的工具”Design fiction involves speculative design which heralds what might come about in the future world of human computer interaction, said Professor Coulton.Coulton教授解释说,所谓的Design fiction,是一种推测性设计方法,它主要用来预测人机交互的未来可能会发生什么The factor that differentiates and distinguishes design fiction from other approaches is its novel use of "world building" “区分和区别推测性设计方法与其他方法的一个重要因素在于其对“世界构建”方法的全新应用”As an example, we built this world in which rules detecting empathy will become a major component of future communications.“我们把这这个装置作为一个例子,用来构建一个情绪检测成为未来沟通主要组成部分的一个世界“We take inspiration from the sci-fi film "Blade Runner" to consider what a plausible world, in which it is useful to build a Voight-Kampff machine, might be like.“为此我们从科幻电影《银翼杀手中获得了灵感,因为这个电影就虚构了一个类似的Voight-Kampff机器”People are working towards this kind of thing,’ he added.“人们正在慢慢把这种事情变为现实”他补充说What we are doing is questioning whether it has a place in our society - what kind of uses they have and what the world would actually be like with them. We want people to think about the ethical implications of what we do. Technically a lot of this is possible but is it actually what we want?’“我们在做的是质疑它是否会在我们的社会中有位置——它们的用处是什么,以及有了它们世界会变成什么样我们想要人们去思考这样一个道德问题——很多东西从技术上是可能的,但是我们真的想要它吗?”泉州新阳光妇科医院 卡梅伦宣布辞职,称不再适合担任掌舵人 -- ::1 来源: 公投结果表示英国选择退出欧盟英国首相卡梅伦表示将尊重民众选择,辞去首相职务既然英国人民已经明确选择了与他所持的道路完全不同的道路,他也不再适合担任“掌舵人” Prime Minister David Cameron is to step down by October after the UK voted to leave the European Union.英国公投脱欧派胜出后,首相戴维·卡梅伦宣布将于月份辞职Mr Cameron made the announcement in a statement outside Downing Street after the final result was announced.最终的投票结果出来之后,卡梅伦在唐宁街发表演讲,宣布了辞职的消息He said he would attempt to "steady the ship" over the coming weeks and months but that "fresh leadership" was needed.卡梅伦表示,在未来数周和数月内,他会继续努力为英国“掌舵”,但是英国需要“新任领导者”The PM had urged the country to vote Remain, warning of economic and security consequences of an exit, but the UK voted to Leave by 5% to 8%.卡梅伦首相劝导人们持英国留在欧盟,以避免脱欧带来的经济和安全后果,但英国公投脱欧派最终以5%比8%的投票比例胜出England and Wales voted strongly Brexit, while London, Scotland and Northern Ireland backed staying in.英格兰和威尔人民强烈持离开欧盟,但伦敦、苏格兰和北爱尔兰的人们大多持留在欧盟UKIP leader Nigel Farage hailed it as the UK’s "independence day" but the Remain camp called it a "catastrophe".英国独立党领袖奈杰尔·法拉奇称6月3日是英国的“独立日”,但留欧派却认为英国脱欧是一场大灾难Flanked by wife Samantha, Mr Cameron said he had inmed the Queen of his decision to remain in place the short term and to then hand over to a new prime minister by the time of the Conservative conference in October.在妻子萨曼莎的陪同下,卡梅伦首相说他已经将自己的决定告诉女王:他将暂时继续担任首相,但会在月份保守党大会之后让位给新任首相It would be the new prime minister to carry out negotiations with the EU and invoke 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which would give the UK two years to negotiate its withdrawal, he said.卡梅伦表示,新任首相将引用《里斯本条约第50条,花两年时间与欧盟进行谈判"The British people have voted to leave the European Union and their will must be respected," said Mr Cameron. "The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered."“英国人民已经选择了离开欧盟,我将尊重民众的选择,”卡梅伦说“英国人民的意愿是我们行动的指南”The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985 as the markets reacted to the results.受公投结果的影响,英镑跌至1985年以来最低水平Bank of England governor Mark Carney said UK banks’ "substantial capital and huge liquidity" allowed them to continue to lend to businesses and households.英格兰央行行长马克·卡尼表示,英国的“人力资本和大量流动性”能保继续向企业和家庭贷款The Bank of England is y to provide an extra ?50bn of support, he added.他还说,英格兰央行已经做好准备,额外提供500亿英镑资金中国61岁奶奶生下一个健康男孩 -- :30: 来源: 中国一位61岁的老人怀39周,成功生下一名健康的男婴 A Chinese pensioner has successfully given birth to a boy at the age of 61.中国一位老人在61岁的高龄还成功地生下了一名男孩The baby, weighing ,930 grams (1 ounces), was born at 39 weeks during a C-section in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province on June 7, reported People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,6月7日在浙江省,一名老人怀39周后剖腹产下一名男童,婴儿重930克(约合1盎司)The mother, surnamed Zhang, decided to try another baby after her only child died of illness, leaving her heart-broken.孩子的母亲姓张,她第一个孩子因病而死,伤心欲绝的她决定再生一个The news emerged two months after an Indian pensioner, Daljinder Kaur, gave birth to her first baby at the age of 70 in the state of Haryana, northern India.在这一新闻之前,还有一名印度北方哈里亚纳邦的老人Daljinder Kaur,她以70岁的高龄生下了第一个孩子Zhang was devastated after her daughter passed away aged 30, according to Chinese media.据中国媒体报道,在女儿(30岁)死去后,张奶奶非常伤心The pensioner longed a new family and her 66-year-old husband supported her idea of having another baby.这位老人渴望一个新家,而且她66岁的老伴儿持她再要一个孩子的想法After seeking doctor’s advice from different hospitals, the 61-year-old was successfully conceived last November through IVF treatment.张奶奶寻求了多家医院医生的建议,最终在去年月的时候,61岁的她通过体外受精成功受Upon hearing the good news, Zhang went to the Women’s Hospital of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou to prepare her labour.一听到这个好消息,张奶奶便住进了浙大妇女医院,准备生子When Zhang showed up her antenatal appointment the first time, the doctors and nurses thought she was accompanying her daughter or daughter-in-law.当张奶奶第一次去产检时,医生和护士们以为她是陪自己的女儿或者孙女来做产检的They were later stunned to discover Zhang was the mother.当后来发现张奶奶才是怀的母亲时,他们都惊呆了Doctor He Jing, a supervisor at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, said: ’She is the oldest expectant mother our hospital has received since its founding.妇产科主管何静(音)医生说道:“她是我们医院开业以来接待过的年纪最大的准妈妈”’I’ve permed many C-sections over the years, and she is the first patient who is older than me.’“这些年里我做了许多剖腹产手术,她是第一个比我的年龄还要大的人”Due to Zhang’s age, pregnancy was a challenge.由于张奶奶年事已高,妊娠是一个不小的挑战The mother was hospitalised twice due to bleeding, the first time at weeks and the second time at 33 weeks.张奶奶曾因出血两度入院,第一次是在怀周的时候,第二次是在33周的时候She also experienced complications in the heart, lungs and kidneys as the organs were weakening at her age.由于年老器官衰竭,张奶奶还经历了心脏、肺部和肾脏等器官的并发症On June 3, five departments at the hospital joined ces to plan the C-section operation.6月3日,这家医院五部门联手计划剖腹产手术Four days later, Zhang successfully gave birth to a healthy boy with the help of doctors from the departments of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Anaesthesia, Intensive Care , General Medicine and Neonatal.四天之后,张奶奶成功地产下了一名健康的男童此次剖腹产手术由来自妇产科、麻醉科、ICU加护病房、一般内科和新生儿科五部门的医生联合进行Zhang is currently recovering in the hospital and is in a stable condition.张奶奶目前正在这家医院里康复,情况稳定She told a reporter emotionally: ’Doctor He is the savior of me and my son.’她情绪激动地对记者说道:“何医生是我和儿子的救命恩人”China operated a mandatory one-child policy more than 30 years between 1980 and .在1980年到年的三十多年间,中国强制执行了独生子女政策It’s becoming a social issue aging parents in the country to cope with life when their only child passes away.老人“失独”后如何应付生活已经越来越成为了一个社会问题This is because Chinese pensioners rely heavily on their children to support them both mentally and financially. Many think raising a child is the only way them to have a stable retirement.这是因为中国的老人在心理和经济上都严重依赖他们子女的持许多人都认为养育一个孩子是使得自己老有所依的唯一方法Currently, there are about 660,000 such families in China, with 1 per cent of them living in rural areas, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.据中国国家统计局的数据显示,目前中国有大约66万个这样的家庭,其中1%居住在农村These families receive a monthly subsidiary of up to 0 Yuan (39 pound) from the government.这些家庭每月从政府那里领取0元(约合39英镑)的补助China abolished the mandatory one-child policy on January 1, .年1月1日,中国取消了强制性独生子女政策泉州新阳光医院是正规医院吗

福建医科大学附属第二医院 怎么去大数据分析认为中国房价可能要下跌 -- :9:53 来源: 中国房地产市场最近的招聘趋势,向我们传达了重要警告 The current hiring trend in China’s housing market is eerily similar to that of , and that sends an important warning signal.中国房地产市场最近的招聘趋势,与年惊人地相似,而这向我们传达了一个重要的警告信号Keeping China’s property market in good shape is paramount to the country. It’s a huge driver of the country’s economic growth. The housing market is a key driver of loan growth, commodities demand, and employment.保持中国房地产市场的良好状态对于国家十分重要它是国家经济增长的巨大驱动力房地产市场是贷款增长,大宗商品需求和就业的关键驱动力Chinese officials tried to clear a housing glut by loosening lending standards and delivering a range of stimulus measures last year.去年中国官员试图通过放松信贷标准和一系列刺激措施,来解决住房过剩问题Real-estate investment picked up, and property prices in first-tier cities exploded. Even when the government tightened standards in mid-March, the buying frenzy carried on. Housing prices jumped in 65 out of 70 cities in April, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.房地产投资回升,一线城市房产价格暴增甚至当政府3月份提高标准后,抢购狂潮也持续进行根据国家统计局,四月份70个城市中65个城市的房价都上涨That could be about to change. Guidepoint, a firm that analyzes big data across various industries, recently released a report on China job postings.Guidepoint,一个分析各行业大数据的公司,最近根据中国招聘信息发表一项报道说,这可能要改变The firm found that since early , the spikes and drops in new job postings from property agencies have preceded a similar pattern in the overall housing market by about six months.该公司发现:自从年,房地产机构招聘信息数量的增长和降低,与大约6个月范围的房地产市场变化规律相似The number of new job postings from property agencies now seems to be topping out, according to the research, suggesting a drop in property prices could be on the way."If this continues, the recent topping off of new job posting growth would signal that the housing prices across China may be y to turn yet again," said Erik Haines, who leads the data and analytics team at Guidepoint.根据这项研究,房地产机构最近的招聘信息数量已经平顶,这表明房地产价格要下跌“如果这种现象持续,最近招聘信息增长平顶,是中国房价将再次转变方向的信号,”Erik Haines说,他是Guidepoint公司数据和分析团队的领头人The homebuilding industry shows a similar trend, which again points to the likelihood of a price drop and fewer construction jobs to fill.住宅建筑行业也表示出相同趋势,也再次明房价要下跌,建筑工作要减少That could have some dark consequences. By the IMF’s calculations, residential investment made up % of fixed-asset investment and % of total urban employment in China in . With about 9 million working-age people, that means more than 6 million jobs may be at risk.这可能有一些不好的后果根据国际贷币基金组织的计算,年中国住宅投资占固定资产投资的%,也占城镇就业的%大约9亿10万适龄劳动人口,这意味着超过1亿3600万人的工作将不保Let’s not get thatChina’s labor market is the No. 1 concern the country’s leadership.让我们不要忘记,中国的劳动力市场,是该国领导人首要关注的问题Industry watchers are increasingly worried about investors’ speculative behavior and an impending burst of the real-estate bubble. Analysts at Capital Economics, example, have warned of a "sharp correction in prices at some point."行业观察者越来越担心投资者的投机行为和一触即发的房地产泡沫例如,Capital Economics的分析师警告了“迟早发生的价格大幅回调”Well, this may be the time.好吧,可能到时候了洛江区 妇幼保健院哪个医生比较厉害 中国四大上榜世界最赚钱企业(双语) --30 :59: 来源:sohu 中国;四大;国有上榜世界《财富 500强世界个最赚钱公司,苹果公司再一次以53 亿美元利润成为全球最赚钱公司 China's ;Big Four; State banks have kept their spots on the tune Global 500 list of the world's most profitable companies, led once again by the billion, Apple Inc. 让我们看看全球最赚钱的十大公司还有哪些 Let's take a look at who else made the list. No 吉利德科学公司 Gilead Sciences No 9 丰田汽车公司Toyota Motor No 8美国富国Wells Fargo No 7 伯克希尔哈撒韦公司 Berkshire Hathaway No 6 根大通公司 JPMorgan Chase amp;Co No 5 Bank of China 中国 No Agriculture Bank of China 中国农业 No 3 China Construction Bank 中国建设 No Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 中国工商 No 1 Apple 苹果公司 English Source: China Daily泉州宫颈阴道镜多少钱

泉州丰泽新阳光妇科医院人流价格禁赛有何?网球巨星莎拉波娃加入哈佛商学院 --01 :53:53 来源: 网球名将Maria Sharapova被禁赛两年,但她似乎不打算在这样的强制休假中游手好闲 She might be serving a two-year doping ban, but tennis star Maria Sharapova won’t be twiddling her thumbs during that enced sabbatical after enrolling a course at the prestigious Harvard Business School.网球名将Maria Sharapova虽然面临两年的兴奋剂禁令,但已被招入著名的哈佛商学院的她,也不会在这样的强制休假中游手好闲The tennis superstar posted a photo of herself at the campus gates on Twitter and Facebook last weekend.上周末,这位网球巨星在推特和脸书上发布了一张她在校园大门前的照片The Harvard Business School’s admissions process is notoriously tough, accepting only % of all applicants.哈佛商学院的招生十分严格,名申请者中只有%被接受Sharapova’s representatives did not immediately respond to CNN’s request to clarify what qualifications, if any, she will gain.Sharapova的经纪公司没有立即回复CNN关于她将获得什么资格(如果有的话)的询问The mer world No. 1 and five-time grand slam champion has an estimated net worth of 5 million, with "Brand Sharapova" even encompassing candy products.前世界第一选手,五次大满贯冠军,身价约一亿九千万百万的Maria Sharapova,创造的品牌Sharapova,甚至会销售甜品Sharapova tested positive meldonium during January’s Australian Open, a medication added to the list of banned substances at the start of .Sharapova在一月份的澳大利亚网球公开赛的药物检查中美度铵显示阳性,这是年才划入禁用列的一种药Porsche and T Heuer dropped their endorsements of Sharapova, while the ed Nations also suspended the athlete’s status as a goodwill ambassador with its Development Program; a job described by Sharapova as "one of my proudest contracts ever."保时捷和豪雅撤走了Sharapova的代言,联合国也取消了她作为运动员在发展计划中的亲善大使身份;Sharapova曾把这项工作描述为“我最引以为傲的合同”Her ban lasts until January 5, 18, though Sharapova has launched an appeal to the Court of Arbitration Sport (CAS).对她的禁令一直到18年1月5号,目前Sharapova已经向体育仲裁法院发起上诉Sharapova says had she taken the heart medication since , and was unaware it had been added to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned list.Sharapova说她从年起使用这种心脏药物,并不知晓它已被划入世界反兴奋剂机构的禁用名单The CAS is expected to deliver its ruling by July 18. But even if the ban is upheld, Sharapova appears aly prepared a life after tennis.预计体育仲裁法院将于7月18号发表裁决但尽管禁令不会撤销,Sharapova都似乎安排好了她网球之外的生活 “网约车”获合法地位 --9 :: 来源:chinadaily 7月日下午,国务院新闻办公室举行发布会,交通部、公安部、国家质检总局等部门有关负责人介绍《关于深化改革推进出租汽车行业健康发展的指导意见、《网络预约出租汽车经营管理暂行办法(以下简称《暂行办法)的相关情况《指导意见将出租车分为巡游出租车和预约出租车两类,首次提出将互联网专车纳入预约出租汽车管理,明确了出租汽车行业定位;同时明确网约车的合法地位图片来源于网络#0;请看相关报道:The regulation requires that car-hailing platms, such as Didi Chuxing and Uber Technologies, review the qualifications of drivers and their cars to guarantee safe rides.《暂行办法要求滴滴出行和优步等叫车平台审核驾驶员及其车辆的资质,以保出行安全The platms are responsible checking whether drivers' private cars are in good condition and are insured, and they must report the results to local transportation bureaus.叫车平台有责任查验私家车的车况及保险状况,并须将检查结果上报给当地交通管理部门这两年,关于叫车软件(car-hailing apps)到底该不该被合法化的问题一直都是热议话题叫车软件除了提供常规的出租车叫车务(taxi-hailing service)以外,还延伸出了专车(tailored taxi service)、顺风车(ride sharing)、快车(fast ride)等不同级别的车辆定制务,的确为公众的出行提供了不少便利此次出台的《暂行办法首次明确了这一类网络约车的合法地位(legalizing online car-hailing services),同时对驾驶员准入条件有了严格规定:应有三年以上驾驶经验(with three or more years of driving experience),无交通肇事犯罪记录(no record of traffic crimes)、无危险驾驶犯罪记录、无吸毒记录、无饮酒后驾驶记录(no record of dangerous driving, drug abuse or drinking and driving)、无暴力犯罪记录(no record of violent crimes)对于运营车辆也有明确的条件要求:7座及以下乘用车(passenfer vehicles with#0;7 seats or less);安装具有行驶记录功能的车辆卫星定位装置、应急报警装置(equipped with GPS and emergency alarm system);车辆技术性能符合运营安全相关标准要求(cars are in good condition and can guarantee safe rides)在此基础上,对于符合条件的车辆,应在公安机关登记为预约出租客运,并取得务所在地出租汽车行政主管部门发放的《网络预约出租汽车运输另外,《暂行办法建立了里程报废标准(mileage limit),规定网约车行驶里程达到60万千米时强制报废(the vehicle will be scrapped once it reaches the 600,000 km mileage limit)行驶里程未达到60万千米但使用年限达到8年时,退出网约车经营(dismissed from the car-hailing service)(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)泉州药流后检查安溪县儿童医院网上咨询热线



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