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to be left out in the cold ------ 被孤立(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) Alone; isolated and uncomfortable. 例句Because he never s his companys e-mail, my brother is frequently left out in the cold at work.由于从不看公司的电子邮件,我兄弟在工作中经常感觉被孤立。 /201611/471201。

Pakistan Army Moves Against Pro-Taliban Militants巴军队进攻边境地区亲塔利班分子 Security forces in Pakistan have begun an operation against pro-Taliban militants in a tribal region bordering Afghanistan and serving as a major route for trade and supplies to U.S-led foreign forces based there. The offensive has provoked an al-Qaida-linked self-proclaimed commander of the Pakistani Taliban to suspend peace talks with the government. 巴基斯坦安全部队开始向靠近阿富汗边境的部落地区的亲塔利班激进分子发动进攻。这一地带是美国领导的外国军队基地获得供应的主要渠道和贸易通道。这次攻势导致巴基斯坦的塔利班组织自称的领导人暂停同政府的和平谈判。这位领导人跟基地组织有联系。Officials say paramilitary forces are leading the offensive in the Khyber tribal region and have destroyed key militant bases without any significant resistance. They say that most of the militants have retreated to mountains close to the Afghan border. 官员们说,准军事部队是这次攻势的主力。发动攻势的地点在开伯尔部落地区。攻势摧毁了几个关键的激进分子的基地,没有遇到有效抵挡。官员们说,多数激进分子撤退到靠近阿富汗边境的山区。 The government began the crackdown following increased sightings of Taliban militants in parts of the nearby city of Peshawar, just two hours drive from the Pakistani capital.  巴基斯坦政府开始这次镇压之前,越来越多的塔利班激进分子在白沙瓦附近地区出现,那里距离巴基斯坦首都只有两个小时的车程。In a major extremist action earlier this month in the northwestern city, suspected Taliban fighters briefly kidnapped some 16 members of the minority Christian community. There were also reports of militants warning traders against and music business.  本月早些时候在巴基斯坦西北部城市白沙瓦,极端分子发动重大行动,被怀疑是塔利班作战分子的人短时间绑架了占人口少数的基督教社区的16名成员。还有报道说,激进分子警告商贩不要从事录像和音乐买卖。Regional police chief, Malik Naveed Khan, tells VOA that criminal gangs were behind the kidnapping and other incidents but, as he puts it, media blew them out of proportion. He says the operation in the adjoining Khyber tribal region is meant to punish tribal criminals responsible for these attacks. The police chief says security forces are focusing on the town of Bara, which borders Peshawar.  当地警察总监马利克·纳威德·汗对美国之音说,这些绑架和其他意外的策划者是犯罪集团。这位警察总监说,媒体的报道夸大了这些事件。他说,在临近的开伯尔部落地区的军事行动目的是惩罚部落犯罪分子。这些人发动了上述攻击。警察总监说,安全部队正集中清剿靠近白沙瓦的巴拉镇。"There were only some incursions from the tribal gangs in which unfortunately some Christians were kidnapped who were immediately released within ten hours," he explained. "And after that we strengthened our positions on the [city] borders and after that no such incident has taken place. The government has launched an operation in Bara against these miscreants, and they have successfully pushed them back and they have taken successful action against them." 他说,“部落犯罪集团只发动了几次袭击。有些基督徒被绑架后10个小时之内就被释放了。随后,我们加强了在边境的阵地,那以后没有再发生过这种事件。政府在巴拉镇发动了军事行动,打击这些歹徒。军队把他们击退。我们的行动是成功的。”Residents say that paramilitary soldiers have set up bunkers in areas of Peshawar close to the scene of military action and patrolled the streets in vehicles mounted with machine guns.  当地居民说,准军事人员在白沙瓦靠近清剿敌人军事行动的地带构筑了掩体,并乘坐车辆巡逻街道,车辆上配有机关。Saturday's anti-militant operation in the northwestern border region of Khyber marks the first major military action the new Pakistani government headed by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has launched.  星期六的打击激进分子的行动发生在巴基斯坦西北部的开伯尔地区边境地带。这是吉拉尼总理为首的巴基斯坦新政府发动的第一次重大军事行动。Speaking to reporters by telephone from his stronghold in the South Waziristan tribal region, self-proclaimed commander of Pakistani Taliban, Baitullah Mehsud, demanded the government immediately halt the security operation.  自称是巴基斯坦塔利班组织指挥官的马苏德在南瓦济里斯坦的据点通过电话对记者说,要求政府立刻停止安全行动。The militant leader says he is suspending peace talks with the government and his fighters will retaliate until the offensive is stopped.  他说,他将中止跟政府的和平谈判。他的战士将采取报复行动,直到政府军的攻势停止。Prime Minister Gilani started the peace dialogue with militants through tribal elders several months ago to try to end militancy and violence in tribal regions along the border with Afghanistan. 吉拉尼总理几个月前开始同激进分子和平对话,对话管道是部落长老,吉拉尼试图结束靠近阿富汗边境部落地区的激进行动和暴力。Commanders of the U.S.-led coalition forces and Afghan authorities have long maintained the Pakistani border regions are being used by Taliban and al-Qaida militants for attacks in Afghanistan. They have criticized the government's peace talks, saying such deals will lead to more attacks on Afghan and foreign forces. 美国领导的联军指挥官和阿富汗当局一直坚持说,塔利班和基地组织的激进分子利用巴基斯坦边界地带向阿富汗发动进攻。他们批评巴基斯坦政府的和平谈判,并表示和谈达成的协议将导致阿富汗和驻阿富汗的外国军队受到更多的攻击。200806/43022。

White House Defends Bush Stance on China Olympics白宫为布什出席奥运会的立场辩护  White House officials say President Bush will go to the Beijing Olympics as a sports fan, and will raise U.S. concerns with Chinese leaders in private. The president's chief national security advisor says a boycott might do more harm than good. 白宫官员说,美国总统布什将以体育爱好者的身份去北京看奥运,并将私下向中国领导人提出美国关切的问题。布什的国家安全首席顾问表示,抵制奥运会的结果可能是弊大于利。 There have been calls for the president to boycott the Beijing Olympics, or at least declare his intention to skip the opening ceremonies. 最近出现了一些呼吁布什总统抵制北京奥运会的呼声,至少要布什总统宣布不参加奥运会开幕式。But Mr. Bush - who personally told Chinese President Hu Jintao he would attend the games - is not backing down. 但是布什曾亲自对中国国家主席胡锦涛表示,他愿意出席本届奥运会,他并没有收回这一承诺。He says he will go to the Beijing Olympics, although the exact timing of his trip to China is not expected to be made public until just before the games begin. 布什说,他将前往北京观看奥运会。不过,布什前往中国的具体时间安排,不到奥运正式开始之前估计将不会对外公布。National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley says the president wants to use the opportunity to support the U.S. Olympic team, while raising human-rights concerns in closed-door talks with Chinese leaders. Hadley says that is the most effective way to bring about change - particularly on the fate of Tibet. 总统的国家安全顾问斯蒂芬.哈德利说,布什总统希望利用这次机会去为美国运动队加油,同时会在闭门会谈中向中国领导人提出对人权问题的关切。哈德利说,这是促成改变最有效的方式,特别是对西藏的命运而言。"I think, unfortunately, a lot of countries say if we say that we are not going to the opening ceremonies we 'checked the box' on Tibet," said Stephen Hadley. "That is a cop out." 哈德利说:“我认为,不幸的是,很多国家说如果我们说我们不参加奥运会开幕式我们才算在西藏问题上打钩(表示持)。其实那是逃避。”During an appearance on the FOX News Sunday television program, Hadley said the ed States has leverage with China, and the quiet diplomacy favored by the Bush administration can bring results. 哈德利星期天在福克斯电视新闻上接受采访时说,美国对中国有影响力,布什政府所倾向的无声的外交能够取得效果。"If other countries are concerned, they ought to do what we are doing; [and that is] through quiet diplomacy send a message to the Chinese that this is an opportunity with the whole world watching to show that they take into account, and want, and are determined to treat their citizens with dignity and respect," he said. 哈德利说:“如果其它国家也表示关切,他们就应该像我们这样做,就是通过无声的外交给中国送去信息,告诉他们这是一个机会,全世界都在观看。他们应该显示出他们将考虑、希望并决心以尊严和尊重来对待本国公民。”If President Bush does go to Beijing, he will become the first sitting U.S. president to attend an Olympics held on foreign soil. 如果布什总统最终前往北京,他就要成为美国首位在任期间出国观看奥林匹克运动会的总统。German Chancellor Angela Merkel has aly announced she will not attend the opening ceremonies. French President Nicholas Sarkozy has indicated he may do likewise. And the European Parliament is urging all EU members to stay away to protest the Chinese crackdown on Tibet. 德国总理默克尔已经宣布她不会参加开幕式。法国总统萨尔科齐也已暗示他会采取类似的举动。欧洲议会敦促所有欧盟成员抗议中国镇压西藏的行动,抵制奥运会开幕式。Similar calls are coming from activists concerned about the bloodshed in Sudan's Darfur province, where China has a great deal of influence. American speed-skater Joey Cheek - who won a gold and a silver medal at the 2006 Winter Games - is involved with a group called Team Darfur. 关切苏丹达尔富尔流血冲突的活动人士发出了类似的呼吁。中国对苏丹达尔富尔问题有很大的影响力。美国速滑选手乔伊.齐克是赢得2006年冬季奥运会金牌和银牌的运动员,他参加了一个叫作达尔富尔团队的组织。He told FOX News Sunday that he does not favor a total boycott of the games, but would like to see athletes make their views known in Beijing. 齐克在星期天播出的福克斯电视新闻节目上说,他不持全面抵制奥运会的做法,但是他愿意运动员向北京表明自己的观点。Cheek notes that International Olympic Committee rules strictly forbid any blatant political statements by competitors at Olympic venues. But he said athletes can be heard in other ways. 齐克指出,国际奥委会严格认定,禁止运动员在奥林匹克场合公开发表任何政治声明。但是他说,运动员可以通过其它途径来表达自己的声音。"Specifically, I think our best bet, and really in an Olympic sense a legal bet, is to use our press conferences and our media," said Joey Cheek. 他说:“具体来说,我们最好的赌注,真正在奥林匹克意义上的法律赌注,就是利用我们的记者会和媒体。”Cheek says any country that hosts the Olympics must be held to a higher moral standard - and that includes China.  齐克说,任何举办奥运会的国家都会被要求有较高的道德水准,当然也包括中国在内。 200804/34722。

Launched in 1977, Voyager II explored the outer planets and their weird moons, moving ever deeper into space, into regions completely mysterious to us earthlings. On board is a gold-coated phonograph record, containing 116 images of earth and its inhabitants, ninety minutes of music and an audio essay of earth's sounds. The pace of technology has been so rapid that Voyager's computing capabilities are outdated ,equal to just a fraction of a domestic PC. The computer subsystems on Voyager contain a total of only 63,000 words of memory storage. In 1976, the search for life and the exploration of the solar system continued with the Viking mission. Its destination: Mars, the mission: to land robot explorers on the red planet. On board were cameras and instruments designed to sample the Martian atmosphere and analyse the planet's dry soil for signs of life. But, no life was found. ...exciting, how they compare to the Viking land site....well, as you can see...At NASA, Michael Meyer runs the administration's exobiology program, the search for life beyond earth. For him, the Viking mission was not at all disappointing. 'Viking was very successful and that it sent two spacecrafts that landed on the surface, and a part of their purpose was to measure whether or not there is life on Mars. And the experiments were very successful, in that they went through, they did the measurements, and, but, the reactions that they found were not consistent with life.'But just because the Viking landers didn't conclusively find life on Mars, doesn't mean life isn't there. It may nestle on the surface or underground. Mars more than any other planet has tantalized us with the notion of extraterrestrial life, intelligent or otherwise. Since Viking took the first pictures, one strange surface feature, called The Face on Mars, has attracted much attention. Some believe it's an attempt by another civilization to contact us. The Martian craze really took off about one hundred years ago. The Clark telescope at the Lowell observatory, Flagstaff Arizona. This great instrument was used to produce some of the most famous drawings of the red planet. The artist was the observatory's founder, Percival Lowell. Lowell thought the aliens were trying to make the best use of the available precious water supplies, building a network of canals to transfer water from the polar to the equatorial regions, a sort of planet-wide irrigation system. He wrote extensively about these ideas.A few yards from the building housing his beloved telescope, Lowell's tomb is a monument to Mars. his theories were at first embraced, then denounced. Lowell was ridiculed by the scientific world, but he never stopped believing in the Martian canals. Ironically, both Lowell Observatory and life on Mars theories are legitimate and respected today."He built up interest in Mars .."phonograph:US OLD USE FOR record player留声机,唱机in that:becauseconclusively:without any doubt 毫无疑问地,令人信的craze:an activity, object or idea that is extremely popular, usually for a short time狂热,时尚;流行;风行一时的东西ridicule:to laugh at someone in an unkind way嘲笑,奚落200808/46326。

India's Stock Markets Plunge Sharply印度股市周一猛烈下跌   India's stock markets have plunged sharply, largely on worries increasing oil prices will hurt the country's fast-growing economy. The Indian stock markets have been falling since worries rose about a slowdown in the U.S. economy earlier this year.  由于市场担心持续上涨的油价可能会抑制迅速增长的印度经济,印度股市星期一急剧下挫。自从今年年初美国经济走软在印度引发焦虑后,印度股市一直走低。The Mumbai stock index, the Sensex, tumbled by 4.5 percent soon after trading opened. It recovered somewhat later, but had lost more than three percent by the end of the day, closing at 15,066 points.  星期一,孟买股指SENSEX指数开盘后大幅度下滑4.5%。尽管该指数稍后有所回升,但在收盘时仍然下挫超过3%,收在1万5千零66点。The Indian stock market was the hardest hit compared to other Asian markets such as Japan, and Singapore, which also recorded losses.  尽管日本和新加坡等其他亚洲股市当天也出现下滑,但印度股市的跌幅最大。Analysts say the latest surge in prices of crude oil, which topped 8 a barrel last week, has raised worries that India's economy could be hit harder than estimated. India imports three quarters of its oil, and its state-owned oil companies have been losing billions of dollars since oil prices began climbing.  分析人士说,最近原油价格的上升让人担心印度经济受到的影响可能超过原先的预计。原油价格在上个星期一度升至每桶138美元。印度的石油需求有四分之三依赖进口。自从油价攀升后,印度的国有石油公司已经损失了几十亿美元。But high oil prices are not the only factor affecting the Sensex, which has lost about 23 percent of its value since the start of the year.  不过,高油价并非拉低SENSEX指数的唯一因素。从今年年初以来,该指数已经下滑了23%。Rajesh Jain, at Pranav Securities in Mumbai, says the steep stock-market decline has been driven by heavy selling by foreign institutional investors or FII's.  孟买普拉纳夫券公司的拉杰什.贾恩说,外国机构投资者的大笔抛售也造成了印度股市下滑。"Holdings are concentrated in the hands of large FII's who sell any quantity on a single day," said Jain. "To absorb that kind of quantity you may not have y buyers at all times, and both long-term buyers and speculators are absent from the market."  他说:“这些大型外国机构投资者控股相对集中,他们在任何一天内减仓都会影响股市。印度股市不是随时都有足够的买家去消化庄家减持。现在的股市既缺少长期买家,也没有短期的炒家。”The foreign investors have pulled approximately billion from the Indian stock markets this year. They began pulling out earlier this year amid concerns that a slowdown in the U.S. economy will adversely impact emerging economies such as India.  今年截至目前,外国投资人已经从印度股市撤资大约50亿美元。今年早些时候,由于投资人担心美国经济不景气可能会殃及印度等新兴经济体,他们开始撤离印度。Those worries have been intensified by the relentless rise in crude oil prices and high domestic inflation.  而与此同时,不停上涨的原油价格和印度国内高位通胀又加剧了投资人的担心。200806/41757。

Humanitarian Crisis Worsening in Horn of Africa联合国称非洲之角人道危机加剧 The top U.N. humanitarian official says that conflict, drought, and the global food crisis are worsening the aly dire situation in the Horn of Africa. This has left millions of people needing emergency food assistance to combat severe food shortages. 联合国负责人道主义事务的副秘书长霍姆斯说,冲突、干旱和全球食品危机正在使非洲之角地区本来就很危急的形势恶化。那里有数以百万计的人需要紧急食品援助来对抗严峻的食品短缺问题。U.N. Humanitarian Chief John Holmes says that the long-standing crisis in the Horn of Africa has been made worse by the global food crisis. 联合国负责人道主义事务的副秘书长霍姆斯说,全球食品危机加剧了非洲之角地区长期以来的危机。"The point is that large areas of the Horn of Africa, including parts of Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Uganda, and Kenya, are now in or sliding towards a humanitarian emergency," said John Holmes. "And we believe there are something like 14 million people now in urgent need of food aid and other humanitarian assistance in the coming months." 他说:“现在的问题是,包括埃塞俄比亚部分地区、索马里、厄立特里亚、吉布提、乌干达和肯尼亚在内的非洲之角的大部分地区都在滑向人道主义危机的深渊。我们相信,目前有大约1千4百万人急需在几个月后得到食品援助和其它人道救援物资。”Holmes says drought and rising food and fuel prices have heightened the crisis along with on-going conflicts in many nations, particularly in Somalia. 霍姆斯说,干旱、食品涨价、高昂的燃料价格以及在许多国家,特别是索马里正在发生的冲突使危机更加严重。"There is an intense conflict going on in parts of Somalia," he said. "We calculated something like 850,000 people have been forced to leave Mogadishu over the last year because of the fighting there. So, you have a compounded problem of the ordinary population with an additional population of newly displaced people facing these severe food shortages." 他说:“在索马里的一些地方正在发生激烈的冲突。根据我们的计算,在过去一年中,已经有大约85万人由于冲突而被迫离开了加迪沙。因此,不仅是普通大众,还有这些刚刚逃离家园的人都面临严峻的食品短缺问题。”In Ethiopia, Holmes says a severe drought and diseases such as diarrhea, measles, and meningitis, have compounded the humanitarian crisis. 霍姆斯说,在埃塞俄比亚,一场严重干旱和痢疾、麻疹及髓膜炎等疾病的流行都加剧了人道危机。"In Southern Ethiopia, where there is a severe drought, a joint assessment by the government and international humanitarian partners reveals that 4.6 million people were now in need of food emergency support," said Holmes. "And as part of those 4.7 million, we believe there is something like 75,000 children severely malnourished." 他说:“在埃塞俄比亚南部发生了严重的旱情,埃塞俄比亚政府和国际人道救援组织在那里共同进行的评估发现,目前有460万人需要紧急食品援助。在这460万人中,我们相信有大约7万5千名儿童严重营养不良。”Holmes is urging the international community, as well as national governments, to ensure that the necessary resources are available to deal with this crisis and to curb the effects of malnutrition, including stunted growth and susceptibility to diseases. 霍姆斯敦促国际社会和各国政府确保必要物资到位,以应对这场危机,并减轻营养不良带来的生长萎缩及容易患上疾病等后果。200807/44084。

to bum someone out ———— 使……懊恼英文释义 To annoy or disappoint someone.例句 It bummed me out when I missed my flight to my brothers wedding.错过了前去参加我兄弟婚礼的航班让我很懊恼。 /201605/445090。