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吉安冰点激光脱腋毛哪家医院好吉安市第一人民医院激光去胎记多少钱Romanian politics罗马尼亚的政局Oh, brother兄弟之情Traian Basescu is ending his presidency amid a corruption scandal特拉扬·伯塞斯库因腐败丑闻结束总统任期Left or right in Bucharest布加勒斯特,向左走,向右走。THERE is no shortage of drama and intrigue in Romanian politics. Traian Basescu, a former sea captain, was elected in December 2004 after an anti-corruption campaign that deliberately echoed Ukraines Orange revolution at the same time. On June 19th, in tears, he said: “Between the need to ensure an independent justice system and the natural reflex of protecting your brother, I choose justice.” His younger brother, Mircea, had been put in preventive custody after being accused of taking a 250,000 bribe from a convicted criminal, Sandu Anghel, who hoped that a presidents brother might help to get him out of an eight-year prison sentence for stabbing his nephew.罗马尼亚政治体系中高潮迭起,阴谋不断。曾任船长的特拉扬·伯塞斯库于2004年12月反腐倡廉运动之后当选为总统,那次运动是用以呼应当时乌克兰的橙色革命的。在6月19日,他满含泪水的说:“在维护司法系统独立的召唤与爱护手足之情的天性面前,我选择前者。”他的弟弟米尔恰被控受贿25万欧元。行贿的是一个被判刑的罪犯桑杜·安格尔,他原本指望总统的弟弟可以帮他逃脱因刺伤侄子而面临的八年有期徒刑。米尔恰之后便因此被防范性拘留。Mircea Basescu claims that he is the victim of blackmail and that he never approached the president about the case. The president blames his brother for mingling with the “wrong people” and insists he did not take any money and never intervened in favour of anyone with legal problems. Mircea Basescu, who owns a meat-import business in the port of Constanta at the Black Sea, in 2010 became the godfather of one of Mr Anghels granddaughters. He claims that this was a “purely Christian thing to do”. Mr Anghel is an illiterate local gangster from Constanta who made his fortune selling scrap metal from stolen railway tracks and other installations left in decay after the fall of communism.米尔恰·伯塞斯库声称自己是被勒索的,并且自己从未因桑杜的案子找过总统。总统责怪弟弟与“错误的人”搅合在一起并且坚称自己并未收取任何财物也从未因帮助任何人而干涉任何法律问题。米尔恰·伯塞斯库在黑海的康斯坦察港做肉类进口的生意,于2010年成为安格尔其中一个孙女的教父。他称这是一个“纯粹的基督教徒所做的事”。安格尔是康斯坦察当地一个从未受过教育的恶棍,他在东欧剧变之后通过售卖从铁轨和其他废气设施偷得的废金属而发家。The scandal comes just five months before presidential elections in which Mr Basescu cannot run again. It is a final blow to a scattered centre-right and a boon to the Social Democratic prime minister, Victor Ponta, who now hopes to become president himself. Mr Ponta and his allies have called on Mr Basescu to step down early in order to preserve the independence of the judiciary. “I think that not only Traian Basescu, but any president in a European country, faced with such a situation, should resign immediately in order to dispel any doubts that from his position he can influence the probe,” he said.丑闻在离总统选举前仅五个月的时候曝光,而伯塞斯库也无法再参选了。这是给原本已经离破碎的中右翼政党的最后一击,也是给社会民主党的总理维克多·彭塔的福利,他希望自己可以当选总理。庞塔和他的伙伴曾拜访伯塞斯库希望他早点辞职以维护司法独立性。“我认为不仅仅是特拉扬·伯塞斯库,欧洲所有国家面临过这种境况的总统都会立即辞职来打消认为他利用职位之便影响调查的任何怀疑。”他认为。Yet at least for now, Mr Basescu refuses to quit, since there is no evidence of his intervening in the Anghel case. His election in 2004 was based not just on his popular stand against corruption, but also on hopes that he would help to shepherd Romania into the European Union, which it joined three years later. His nemesis and predecessor, Adrian Nastase, was put behind bars for corruption, along with many other ministers, MPs and judges caught red-handed.但至少目前,伯塞斯库拒绝辞职,因为并没有他干涉安格尔案子的据。他赢得2004年选举不仅是因为他反对腐败这个受欢迎的立场,还因为他希望他可以带领罗马尼亚加入欧盟,三年之后他确实做到了这一点。他的主要对手同时也是前辈艾德里安·纳斯塔斯曾因为贪污被监禁,与艾德里安一起被抓正在作案的还有很多其他的部长、国会议员与法官。Yet his rivals and opponents have always accused Mr Basescu of going only after political enemies, turning a blind eye to corruption in his own party ranks. Laura Stefan from Expert Forum, a Bucharest-based think-tank, says the Anghel case shows that justice is finally working independently, since even the presidents brother is being put behind bars. “Surely this is no pleasant situation. Many politicians would choose differently and rather back their friends and relatives,” she says. She is sceptical that the case will be a big issue in the presidential election.但他的对手和反对者们经常指责伯塞斯库只顾对政敌揪着不放,对于自己党派的贪污视而不见。位于布加勒斯特的智库专家论坛的专家劳拉·斯蒂芬认为安格尔的案子说明司法体系最终正在独立运行,因为就连总统的弟弟也没能逃脱制裁。“这确实不是一个好境况。很多政治家会做出其他选择而而宁愿袒护他们犯错的亲友。”她称。同时她也怀疑这个案子会成为总统选举的一个大事件。“The Social Democrats are riding high in opinion polls, they dont need this agenda. Mr Ponta basically has no counter-candidate,” says Ms Stefan. Opinion polls put Mr Ponta at over 45-51% in voters preference. The economy is improving, as is the countrys ability to absorb EU funds. The recent arrest of a media-owning businessman has stirred concerns over freedom of the press, but to many voters it is a welcome sign of an improving judicial system.社会民主党在民意调查中遥遥领先,他们不需要操心工作议程。庞塔基本没有重要对手。“斯蒂芬认为。民意调查显示庞塔拥有约45%—50%的民意持。经济正在提升,这也是罗马尼亚吸收欧盟基金的能力体现。最近对经营媒体的商人引发了人们对新闻自由的担忧,但对于很多选民来讲,这正是司法体系正在改进的体现。An attempt to reunite parts of the centre-right, with the Liberal Democrats joining forces with the Liberals, formerly allies of Mr Pontas, may be the only real threat. This group wants to put Klaus Johannis, an ethnic German who is mayor of the Transylvanian city of Sibiu, forward against Mr Ponta. Mr Johannis has done some controversial property deals, but he is the countrys second-most popular politician. Even so, at around 23-26%, he is far behind Mr Ponta, who looks almost certain to succeed the sea captain in the winter.将中右翼党派团结起来的一个尝试因为自由民主党加入自由党,即庞塔党派之前的同盟党,这或许是唯一真正的威胁。这个组织想要将一个德意志民族的人、同时也是锡比乌县特兰西瓦尼亚市市长克劳斯·约翰尼斯推出来对抗庞塔。约翰尼斯有过一些有争议的房地产交易,但他是罗马尼亚第二受欢迎的政治家。即便这样,他的持率只有23%—26%,远低于庞塔的持率。看样子庞塔已经基本上可以确定今年冬天可以获得胜利了。 /201407/310876吉州区妇幼保健人民医院祛疤多少钱 吉安市激光祛痘多少钱

吉安治疗青春痘医院哪里好The Cyrus cylinder塞勒斯圆筒Diplomatic whirl外交漩涡A show that tests the limits of cultural politics一场巡展,一次文化政治学极限的考验CYRUS THE GREAT, king of Persia and conqueror of Babylon in the sixth century , has been a personal hero to many people. These include Thomas Jefferson and Irans last shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and, perhaps more oddly, Irans President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and David Ben-Gurion, Israels first leader.公元前6世纪,居鲁士称帝波斯,征巴比伦王国,史称居鲁士大帝(Cyrus the great)。其个人英雄形象万世流芳。粉丝包括美国总统托马斯杰弗逊、伊朗末代国王穆罕默德礼萨巴列维(Mohammad Reza Pahlavi),或许还意外地成为伊朗前总统马哈茂德艾哈迈迪-内贾德(Mahmoud Ahmadinejad)和以色列首任总理戴维本-古里安(David Ben-Gurion)的偶像。Xenophon, a Greek historian whose “Cyropaedia” has been by statesmen down the ages, believed that Cyrus embodied all the qualities of a perfect king. Now the British Museum (BM) is sending an object closely associated with Cyrus on a tour of five American museums, beginning with the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. The curators hope the show will highlight the Persian kings religious tolerance and his close relations with the Jews in particular, and that this may help improve ties between America and Iran.希腊历史学家色诺芬(Xenophon)著有《居鲁士的教育》(Cyropaedia)一书流传至今,在政治人物中广为传阅。他认为,居鲁士身上凝聚了完美无缺的君主所具备的一切品质。如今大英物馆(BM)将一枚这位波斯大帝的旧物运至美国,分别在5家美国物馆进行巡回展览,首站便是华盛顿市的史密森尼物院(Smithsonian)。各家馆长期望此次巡展能强调居鲁士大帝推崇的宗教自由,尤其他和犹太人之间的亲密关系,以此促进美伊两国关系。The Cyrus cylinder, one of the BMs most important objects, is made of clay and covered in dense Babylonian cuneiform script. Unearthed in 1879, it is cracked and bits have fallen off it, but enough remains for the writing to have been deciphered.大英物馆重要藏品之一塞勒斯圆筒由黏土制成,通体镌刻密密麻麻的巴比伦楔形文字。它于1879年出土,筒身开裂,部分泥土脱落,不过剩下部分足以供人解读文字内容。Under Cyrus the Persian empire became the largest kingdom the world had ever seen, unifying many tribes, languages and cultures, and stretching across vast distances. The cylinder, which had been placed at the base of a building in ancient Babylon (now modern Iraq) proclaimed Cyruss ambitions for his rapidly expanding domain: that those people who had been captured and enslaved by his predecessors should be allowed to go back to their homes and the statues of their different gods returned to their original shrines to be freely worshipped. The exiled Jews, who wept by the waters of Babylon when they remembered Zion, the Bible says, could return to Jerusalem and rebuild their temple.居鲁士大帝统治下的波斯帝国成为前所未见的大国,吞并了众多部落、语言和文化,幅员广阔。这塞勒斯圆筒一度躺在古代巴比伦(即现在的伊拉克)的建筑物脚下,叙述着皇帝谋求迅速向外扩张的雄心壮志:祖辈们俘获的奴隶们应该被允许回归故土,他们信奉的神祇挪回原位供信徒自由膜拜。圣经上说,原先犹太人被流放后,在纪念锡安圣地的日子涉过巴比伦河,此时获准返回耶路撒冷,重建寺庙。No ruler before Cyrus had done anything like this, and many since have claimed a connection with him. After the 1917 Balfour declaration in favour of a Jewish homeland, Jews displayed photographs of King George V alongside images of Cyrus. In 1971 the shah prayed at his tomb during the celebrations of 2,500 years of Iranian monarchy, and new coins were struck with the shah and Cyrus on one side and the cylinder on the other. The shahs sister gave a copy of it to the secretary-general of the ed Nations. Some call it the first charter of human rights.居鲁士大帝此举开历史先河,为他赢得后人的绵绵景仰之情。持建立犹太家园的贝尔福宣言得发表后,犹太人于乔治五世照片之侧放置居鲁士大帝画像。1971年,纪念伊朗君主制2500年之际,伊朗国王在居鲁士墓前祷告,并且发行新硬币,一面同时印上国王和居鲁士大帝,另一面则是塞勒斯圆筒。国王的一位将圆筒上的文字拓印成文,赠送给当时的联合国秘书长。这些文字被称为人权宪章的始祖。The leaders of revolutionary Iran at first turned away from everything that had been praised by the shah. But that began to change with the eight-year Iran-Iraq war, which began in 1980. Anxious to be regarded as superior to the Iraqis, Iran became more interested in its distant past. In 2010 the cylinder was sent to Tehran on loan. Nearly 500,000 people queued to see it, and its presence provoked a fierce national debate about Iranian values. Mr Ahmadinejad opened the exhibition at the National Museum of Iran, reminding visitors that Islam had a tradition of tolerance and that the Iranian constitution reserved seats in parliament for a Christian (Armenian), a Zoroastrian and a Jew.伊朗陷入革命浪潮后,反对派领袖起先抗拒国王称赞有加的一切事物。不过随着一场为期八年的两伊战争在1980年爆发,他们的态度发生逆转。由于急于塑造超过伊拉克的形象,伊朗对本国悠久历史的兴趣大增。2010年,塞勒斯圆筒被租借至德黑兰。近50万人排队以求一睹其风采。伊朗国内掀起一股讨论伊朗价值观的热潮。内贾德在伊朗国家物馆组织一次展览,透露给参观者:伊斯兰教拥有包容的优良传统;伊朗宪法保基督徒(亚美尼亚籍)、拜火教徒和犹太教徒在议会的席位。The American exhibition takes up just two rooms at the Smithsonians Freer/Sackler Gallery. The first shows the cylinder together with jewellery and seals from the same period; the second focuses on Cyruss influence. A glass case contains Xenophons “Cyropaedia”. Loaned by the Library of Congress, it is one of two copies that Jefferson owned. On the walls are a selection of laudatory phrases: from that student of power, Niccolò Machiavelli, Edmund Spenser, a 16th-century English poet, and Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian human-rights activist and the first Muslim woman to win the Nobel peace prize.本次美国展在隶属史密森尼物院的弗利尔/沙可乐美术馆两个展厅进行:塞勒斯圆筒和同时期的一批珠宝和印章放置在其中一个展厅供人观赏,而另一展厅集中展出深受塞勒斯圆筒影响的后期文物。玻璃柜盛放着色诺芬所著的《居鲁士的教育》一书,为美国约瑟芬总统的两个藏本之一,由国会图书馆(Library of Congress)出面借得。墙上是名人所题的赞美之词:研究权利的学者马基雅维利(Niccolò Machiavelli),16世纪英国诗人斯潘塞(Edmund Spenser),伊朗人权活动家和首位获得诺贝尔和平奖的穆斯林女性莎琳艾巴迪(Shirin Ebadi)。American Iranians and Jews have been among the many early visitors to the show, which opened on March 9th. The BMs director, Neil MacGregor, hopes others will come too. But Americas relationship with Iran is still toxic. The exhibition catalogue is subtitled: “A New Beginning for the Middle East”. But the Smithsonian posters for the show merely say: “A New Beginning”, as if the mere mention of the Middle East might put people off.3月9日展览举行伊始,迎来众多参观者,其中包括伊朗籍美国人和犹太人。大英物馆馆长尼尔麦克格瑞格(Neil MacGregor)期待更多访客的到来。不过美伊关系依然紧张。此次展会目录的副标题为“中东新起点”,史密森尼物院为其制作的海报却仅仅提到“新起点”,似乎中东这几个字眼会使人扫兴而归。As for Mr Ahmadinejads views on Cyrus, the Iranian leaders words of praise were expected to hang on the wall of the exhibitions second room, alongside those of Jefferson and Ms Ebadi. But they were not included. Exhibitions like this should help Iranians and Americans understand the past better. But such caution suggests that relations between the two countries will not improve fast.提及伊朗前总统马哈茂德艾哈迈迪-内贾德对于塞勒斯圆筒的评价,这位领导人的溢美之词一度被指望登上第二展厅的墙壁,比邻杰弗逊总统和艾巴迪女士的名言。可惜未能如愿。举办此类展览理应促进伊朗和美国两国人民对历史的理解,不过采取如此谨慎的态度不免令人疑心美伊两国关系不会迅速改善。The Cyrus Cylinder and Ancient Persia: A New Beginning; will be at the Smithsonians Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, until April 28th. The show will be at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston from May 3rd until June 14th and then at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York from June 20th until August 4th, the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco from August 9th until September 22nd and at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles from October 2nd until December 2nd. The tour is supported by the Iran Heritage Foundation.本次展览名为“塞勒斯圆筒和波斯古国:新起点”。此次巡回展览由伊朗遗产基金会(Iran Heritage Foundation)赞助。第一站是华盛顿市的亚瑟 M. 沙可乐美术馆(Arthur M. Sackler Gallery)和弗利尔美术馆(Freer Gallery of Art),展览活动截止4月28日;5月3日至6月14日转至休斯顿艺术物馆(Museum of Fine Arts);6月20日至8月4日则由纽约大都市艺术物馆(Metropolitan Museum of Art)承展;8月9日至9月22日来到旧金山的亚洲艺术物馆(Asian Art Museum);10月2日至12月2日抵达末尾站,洛杉矶的保罗盖蒂物馆(J. Paul Getty Museum)。 /201405/296978吉安人民医院打瘦腿针多少钱 吉安保仕柏丽整形去疤多少钱

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