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Children tickets儿童票Good morning.ld like to buy tickets to Paris.早上好我想买去巴黎的机票How many of you?你们几个人呢?Four.Two adults and two children.ls there any discount?个,个大人个小孩是不是有折扣呢?Yes.Babies under six months are free of charge.We ofter 50% discount to children under 7.How old are your children?有的 6个月以下的婴儿免费,7岁以下的儿童半价您的孩子多大了?One is months and the other is years old.一个个月大,另一个6岁了Altogether you have to pay 0.你们一共付800美元 36737Haircutting整理头发Fairly short, please.请稍短一些As it is now, please.就照这种式样剪Not too much off, please.请别剪去太多Could you take a little bit more off the sides?你能把两边的头发再剪掉点吗?Do you want it short or just trimmed?您要头发剪短还是就修一修?Shall I use the clippers on the back?要不要我用推子理后面的头发Dont trim too much off the overhead, please.头顶处请不要剪去太多Just tidy it up a bit, please.就梳理一下Would you keep the same fashion?您要保持原有发型吗?How do you usually wear your parting?您通常是怎么分头路的?Id like my hair parted in the middle.我喜欢中间分头路A permanent wave, please.我要电烫一下I want some highlights today.今天想做挑染Id like to dye my hair blond.我想把头发染成金色We have many kinds of permanent: regular, cold perm, straight perm, and foam.我们有很多种烫法:普通烫、冷烫、直发烫和泡沫烫Your hair is not in good condition right now, so you had better come back to do the perm next month.您的头发现在不太健康,最好下个月再来烫头发 35685U.S. food prices are climbing , but higher costs for everything from wheat to soybeans to coffee could have an even greater impact on consumers in emerging markets.美国的食品价格日益攀升,但是包括小麦、大豆和咖啡在内的各种食品成本的上涨可能给新兴市场消费者带来更大的影响。Consumers in developing countries spend a greater amount of their household income on food, compared with richer nations.与发达国家相比,发展中国家消费者的食品出占其家庭收入的比例更大。The trend has economists and political analysts on alert, since higher food prices were a catalyst for protests and riots during price spikes in 2008 and 2011.目前的趋势令经济学家和政治分析人士保持警惕,因为008年和2011年食品价格飙升期间,这种趋势曾成为抗议活动和动乱的催化剂If you look at the Arab Spring, this was anteceded by a significant rise in food prices, said Christopher Garman, head of emerging markets at Eurasia Group. When you have some countries that are more vulnerable from rising food prices these are also where you have segments of society that are more disenfranchised.欧亚集团(Eurasia Group)新兴市场部门主管加曼(Christopher Garman)说,“阿拉伯之春”爆发之前,食品价格曾明显上涨;那些更容易受到食品价格上涨影响的国家,也是社会一些阶层更受压迫的地方。The ed Nations Food and Agriculture Organizations monthly food-price index in February rose 5.2 points from January, the sharpest rise since mid-2012.据联合国粮食及农业组The ed Nations Food and Agriculture Organization)公布的数据显示,2月份食品价格指数月份上升5.2个点,为2012年中期以来最快增速。Drought in California, Brazil and Southeast Asia has been fueling the price rise, crimping output of beef, palm oil, a host of fruits and vegetables, and other goods.加州、巴西和东南亚地区的干旱天气一直在推动食品价格上涨,抑制了牛肉、棕榈油、大量水果和蔬菜等食品的产出In [the U.S.] its not such a big deal but when you go to poor countries, in Africa or South Asia, you have people that spend half or three quarters of their income on food, said John Baffes, a senior economist at the World Bank.世界(World Bank)高级经济学家John Baffes说,这在美国不算什么大问题,但是,在非洲或南亚的贫穷国家,人们的食品开要占到其收入的一半,或者四分之三。Mr. Baffes said another two months of similar price increases could become worrying.Baffes还说,如果这种物价涨势再持续两个月,可能会引发担忧。This is particularly touchy year for a rise in food prices since many countries, including Latin Americas largest economy Brazil, as well as Colombia, are holding presidential elections.今年食品价格的上涨正值一个非常敏感的时期,因为包括拉丁美洲最大经济体巴西和哥伦比亚在内的许多国家将举行总统大选。The government of President Dilma Rousseff has faced massive protests on issues from bus fares to resentment over the countrys spend on the World Cup soccer tournament instead of on health care, education and other social services.巴西总统罗塞Dilma Rousseff)领导的政府已面临大规模的抗议活动,抗议针对的问题包括公交票价,以及不满该国把钱都花在承办世界World Cup)而不是医疗保健、教育等社会务上。The drought is threatening to drive up electricity costs for this heavily hydropower-reliant nation and has aly caused blackouts.在这个高度依赖水利发电的国家,干旱可能会推高其电力成本。这种情况已经引发断电。Its currency has been trading near seven-month lows, which would make essential U.S.-dollar denominated imports like gasoline more expensive.该国货币一直位个月低点附近,这将导致以美元计价的进口必需品(比如汽油)更加昂贵My personal opinion is we are going to have a very difficult year in Brazil, Arnaldo Luiz Corrêa, the director of S#227;o Paulo, Brazil-based Archer Consulting.巴西商品风险管理机构Archer Consulting的圣保罗主管Arnaldo Luiz Correa说,他个人认为,巴西将迎来非常艰难的一年。Additionally, a weaker appetite for raw materials from China, the worlds biggest importer of Brazilian commodities from soybeans to iron ore, is expected to weigh on Brazils trade balance.另外,作为巴西的铁矿石和大豆等大宗商品的最大进口国,中国对原材料需求的走软预计将影响巴西的贸易平衡The overarching concept here in EM is that policymakers are dealing with a lot of headwinds, said Eurasias Mr. Garman said. Theyre dealing with economies that are slowing down both for internal and external reasons.加曼说,目前新兴市场的情况是,决策者们正在应对诸多挑战;他们正在应对经济增长因内外原因放缓的问题。来 /201403/280861

The contract comes into effect today, we cant go back on our word now.合同已于今日生效,我们不能反悔了Once the contract is approved by the Chinese government, it is legally binding upon both parties.合同一经中国政府批准,对双方就有了法律约束力We have to hold you to the contract.我们不得不要求你们合同办事You must put their rights and interest into a contract.你们必须把他们的权益订在合同中We always carry out the terms o four contract to the letter and stand by what we say.我们坚持重合同,守信用It clearly a breach of contract.这显然是违反了合同Any deviation from the contract will be unfavourable.任何违反合同之事都是不利的The buyer has the option of canceling the contract.买主有权撤消合同You have no grounds backing out of the contract.你们没有正当理由背弃合同In case one party fails to carry out the contract, the other party is entitled to cancel the contract.如果一方不执行合同,另一方有权撤消该合同Are you worrying about the non-execution of the contract and non-payment on our part?你是否担心我们不履行合同或者拒不付款?You cannot cancel the contract without first securing our agreement.如果没有事先征得我们同意,你们不能取消合同This contract will come into ce as soon as it is signed by two parties.合同一经双方签定即生效Once a contract is made, it must be strictly implemented.合同一旦确定就应严格执行Words and Phrases外贸口语词汇to bring a contract into effect使合同生效to come into effect生效to go (enter)into ce生效to cease to be in effectce失效to carry out a contract执行合同to executeimplementfulfilperm a contract执行合同cancellation of contract撤消合同breach of contract违反合同to break the contract毁约to cancel the contract撤消合同to tear up the contract撕毁合同to approve the contract审批合同to honour the contract重合同to annual the contract废除合同to terminate the contract解除合同to alter the contract修改合同to abide by the contract遵守合同to go back on one words反悔to be legally binding受法律约束to stand by遵守non-payment拒不付款to secure one agreement征得……的同意Additional Words and Phrases附加词组contract price合约价格contract wages合同工资contract note买卖合同(书)contract of employment雇佣合同contract of engagement雇佣合同contract of carriage运输合同contract of arbitration仲裁合同contract goods订货合同contract purchase采购合同contract service劳务合同contract future delivery期货合同contract of sale销售合同contract of insurance保险合同contract sales订约销售contract law合同法to ship a contract装运合同的货物contractual dispute合同上的争议a long-term contract长期合同a short-term contract短期合同contract parties合同当事人contractual practiceusage合同惯例contractual claim根据合同的债权contractual liabilityobligation合同规定的义务contractual income合同收入contractual specifications合同规定contractual terms amp; conditions合同条款和条件contractual guarantee合同规定的担保contractual damage合同引起的损害contractual-joint-venture合作经营,契约式联合经营completion of contract完成合同execution of contract履行合同permance of contract履行合同interpretation of contract解释合同expiration of contract合同期满renewal of contract合同的续订 369559Make a reservation an economy class open return预订不定期的返程票Great Britain Airline.any thing I can do you?大不列颠航空公司,需要帮忙吗?Yes.are there any planes to Pans?是的,有没有去巴黎的航班Hold on please,I will check you.Flight GB takes off every day at :OO.Shall I make a reservation you?请稍等,我在为您查找 GB航班每天点起飞,需要我为您预订个座位吗?Yes.please.And III need an economy class open return.好的我想要一张经济舱的不限日期的往返票OK.Dont get to get your ticket three darys ahead.好的别忘了提前三天来取您的票 3673第一句:Just push.只要下去就可以了A: I dont know how to use this camera.我不知道怎么操作这架相机B: Just push.只要下去就可以了A: It doesnt work. Is there something wrong with it?它没反应啊,是不是出什么毛病了?B: Let me see. Oh, you pushed the wrong button.让我看看哦,你错钮了第二句:Excuse me, push the shutter, please.打扰一下,请快门A: Excuse me, push the shutter, please.打扰一下,请快门B: OK!好的其他表达法:Just press the button.这个钮就可以了 886

Libyan lawmakers have selected a new interim prime minister, a week after giving a vote of no confidence to their former pick for failing to present an acceptable Cabinet.利比亚议员们选出一位新的临时政府总理。一星期前,利比亚议员们先前选出的临时政府总理未能组成一个可以接受的内阁,因此被投不信任票。Libyas General National Congress on Sunday elected Ali Zidan, a former career diplomat who defected in the 1980s and became an outspoken critic of former leader Moammar Gadhafi. He later became a human rights advocate.星期天,利比亚国民大会推选阿釷兹丹为临时政府总理。兹丹曾是职业外交官,他于上世纪80年代叛逃出国,直言不讳地批评前领导人卡扎菲。后来,兹丹成为倡导人权的活动人士。Zidan pledged to begin working quickly in a nation that remains highly polarized after the 2011 civil war that ended Gadhafis four-decade rule.兹丹誓言迅速展开工作,利比亚经过2011年结束卡扎菲40统治的内战后,目前处于高度分化状态。Zidan also said Sunday that security will be a priority.兹丹星期天还表示,解决安全问题将是当务之急。A new Libyan government faces the challenge of trying to disarm and demobilize militias that maintain control over parts of the country following their participation in the revolution.利比亚新政府面临的挑战是设法解除民兵的武装并予以遣散,民兵参加革命后,仍然控制着很多地区。来 /201210/204052

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