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Bush, Democrats Salute America's Armed Forces布什和民主党人向美国军人致敬 U.S. President George Bush and opposition Democrats are both paying tribute to America's armed forces, as part of the celebration of the nation's 232nd anniversary. 在美国庆祝建国232周年之际,美国总统布什和反对党民主党都向美国军人表达敬意。On this Independence Day weekend, President Bush used his weekly radio address Saturday to thank the people who serve in the U.S. armed forces. 在这个独立日周末,布什总统在他每周例行的广播讲话中对美国军人表示感谢。"In places like Afghanistan and Iraq, many risk their lives every day to protect America and uphold the principle that human freedom is the birthright of all people and a gift from the Almighty," the president said. "These brave Americans make it possible for America to endure as a free society." 他说:“在像阿富汗和伊拉克这样的地方,许多军人每天用自己的生命保护美国,并且捍卫‘自由为每个人与生俱来的权利,乃上天的赋予之物’的原则。这些勇敢的美国军人使美国可以作为一个自由社会而屹立不倒。”As part of his tribute, Mr. Bush recalled the words written by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. 布什在他赞扬美国军人时提到了杰斐逊在《独立宣言》中写的话。"Two hundred and thirty-two years ago, our Founding Fathers came together in Philadelphia to proclaim that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," he said. 他说:“232年前,我们的开国之父们聚集在费城,宣布所有人生来平等,并被造物主赋予了生存、自由和追求幸福的不可剥夺的权利。”In the Democratic Party response, Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois also used the writings of the Founding Fathers to salute the armed forces. He ed from a letter written by John Adams to his wife Abigail. 在民主党对总统广播讲话的回应中,伊利诺伊州参议员德宾也用开国之父的辞句向军人致意。"He wrote, 'Posterity, you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom.' 'I hope,' he added, 'you will make good use of it,'" Senator Durbin said. "On this Fourth of July weekend, as we celebrate our nation's independence, we can be proud that the generations of Americans who followed John Adams have preserved and expanded our heritage of freedom. Today, women and African-Americans can not only vote for president, they can run for president. That is progress that would have astonished John, maybe even Abigail, Adams." 他引用约翰.亚当斯写给他的妻子艾比盖尔的一封信中的话说:“约翰.亚当斯写道,‘孩子们,你们永远不会知道我们这代人为了保护你们的自由付出了怎样的代价。’他还写道,‘我希望你们能好好利用你们的自由。’ “在7月4号独立日周末,在我们庆祝美国国庆的时候,我们可以自豪地说,约翰.亚当斯之后的几代美国人保护并发扬了我们所继承的自由。今天,妇女和非洲裔美国人不仅可以投票选举总统,还可以参加总统竞选。这一进步可能令约翰.亚当斯夫妇感到震惊。”On another topic, Durbin criticized the Republican minority in the U.S. Senate, saying it has held up progress on numerous issues. 而在另一个问题上,德宾对在参议院占少数派的共和党提出批评说,共和党阻碍了很多问题的进展。"They have now shattered the record for the highest number of filibusters in history," he said. "Filibusters, of course, are the age-old procedural obstacles used to slow down or stop the Senate from debating and voting. Now, before this Congress, the record was 57 filibusters in a two-year period of time. This Republican leadership has waged 78 filibusters, and we still have six months to go." 他说:“共和党已经打破了在议会中使用拖延阻挠手段的历史最高记录。以冗长演说妨碍议程固然是陈规陋习,用来拖延和阻挡参议院对议案进行辩论或表决。在本届国会之前,最高记录是两年之内有57次应用这种手段。而这届参议院上台才一年半,共和党领导层已经应用了78次。”Durbin also called on Republicans to support a bill to prevent a cut in federal health care payments to doctors. 德宾还呼吁共和党持一项防止联邦政府减少向医生付医疗费的议案。200807/43500。

  • Ones own free will ————— 主动,自愿英文释义 Voluntarily; without coercion.例句 My usually lazy teenage son recently surprised me by starting to study vigorously at school of his own free will.我儿子10多岁,一直比较懒,可不久前,他开始主动刻苦学习,让我感到意外。 /201605/443704。
  • Credit goes to pelesink, Vivianlmx, iamma, alicewang85,kokozhang, spookyshit, Francoiseliang and yerick. Many thanks to your sincere participation! Katie Couric: Dr. Gale Saltz, is a psychiatrist and a contributor here on Today. Hi, Gale,good morning.Gail Saltz: Good morning, Katie.Katie Couric: You know I was thinking as I watched that piece, emotional affairs in some ways much ...must be more intoxicating, because it's unrequited love.Gail Saltz: You are absolutely right. It's that crushy feeling. It's that new love feeling sustained 'cause in a way it never gets consummated.They giveyou a high, that's practically addictive.Katie Couric: So do you think it is as damaging if not more damaging (if in a physical affair) I mean, obviously you prefer to have neither.Gail Saltz: I mean if it's... You prefer to have neither and of course it's both, because often an emotional affair turns into a sexual affair as well. Obviously that's just as devastating. But the point is, say, the one night stand vs. the emotional affair? Most people would tell you they are more devastated by the emotional affair because that's really a betrayal of the love, of the feeling. It's not so much about the physical act, but what the physical act represents, which is your loving feelings and your intimacy being betrayed.Katie Couric: How do you know if you are in the middle of an emotional affair vs. just a close friendship(Sure.) with a colleague (Sure.)or a friend?Gail Saltz: You know what it really has to do with secrecy. It really has to with deception. Are you telling your spouse or your partner about your meeting? how often you're talking, or you're kind of keeping it a secret by omission. That tells you a lot about what's going on and also do you know there is basically a sexual attraction even if it's not spoken about. Are you telling that person lots of things about your mate, about your life, your intimate feelings, including potentially your marital dissatisfaction that you're not talking with your spouse about? And are you acting in a way that if your partner could see you, you would feel guilty? In other words, if there was a tape of you're having coffee, or you're having a drink, or you're talking on the phone, are you, would you actually not be doing and saying what you're doing if your spouse were there. Katie Couric: And it's probably very difficult to be emotionally involved with two people at the same time, so clearly I could see how this emotional affair could take the place( It does.) of a marriage, and then have even less intimacy in the marriage, because you're not sharing(That's what I) your emotional life.Gail Saltz: Exactly. That's why. That's what the emotional affair is about, because basically you are robbing a marriage to give to this other person. You're taking your emotional investment coz we only have so much we can invest and you're giving it to somebody else and whether you know it or not, you're growing a distance in your primary relationship.Katie Couric: So what do you do if you feel like you are in the middle of an emotional affair. You feel guilty about it. It is secretive. Your spouse would not be happy if he or she knew what was transpiring. (Right ) So how do you get out of it? How do you extricate yourself because as I said it must be incredibly heady for the participants.Gail Saltz: It is. It is. But look, the first order of the business is admitting to yourself that you're doing it, because quite honestly there is tremendous denial. There are so many people out there who are doing this and say,"But it's OK, because we are not having sex." And that's not the case. You really have to fess up to yourself that in fact, you're giving all this emotional investment to another person and then, frankly you have to end it. No, you can't say."We're just gonna be friends." It really doesn't work. If you aly crossed that line until lovey-dovey feelings(You've got to go call turkey.) You just gotta go call turkey. You really can't stay friends. And you gotta be honest with your partner because who probably knows it at some level that something is going on. And you need to tell them,"I am sorry. I'm taking it away from us. I have been giving emotion to someone else. I'm gonna stop that."Katie Couric: And usually they can forgive for that if it hasn't gone into a full blown affair.(It hasn't gone into....) We only have a couple of seconds left. But how often do these emotional affairs end up being physical ones?Gail Saltz: Probably at least half the time. It's basically a continuum, and eventually if this stays long enough, you're gonna make that next move.Katie Couric: All right. So people need to be very aware of what they are getting themselves into ...Gail Saltz: Absolutely ...because you know, you often don't realize how much you value your marriage until you're losing it.Katie Couric: That's right. All right. Gale Saltz. (dong dong dong)...Thank you Gail.200707/15287。
  • US Banking System Faces Shakeup雷曼兄弟宣布破产金融业重组  Financial lenders are facing a major industry reorganization Monday that promises to change the face of banking in the ed States. 美国金融投资系统星期一面临重大行业重组,这一行动预示将改变美国的面貌。Early Monday, the U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers announced that it will file for bankruptcy. 星期一一大早,美国雷曼兄弟投资就宣布即将申请破产。In a statement, Lehman said its filing for 11 in U.S. bankruptcy court will not affect its broker-dealer subsidiaries or other units. 雷曼兄弟在一份声明中说,他们根据破产法第11章向美国破产法庭申报破产,并不会影响到公司旗下各个经纪自营商子公司和任何子公司。Sunday, talks aimed at stabilizing the 158-year-old investment bank ended after Bank of America and Britain's Barclays Plc decided against buying it. 星期天,在美洲和英国巴克莱决定拒绝收购雷曼以后,希望稳定这家有158年历史的投资的谈论嘎然而止。Lehman was once the fourth-largest investment bank in the ed States. But market analyst Hugh Johnson says bad investments in real estate and other areas brought a drastic fall in the value of Lehman shares.  雷曼兄弟是美国第4大投资。市场分析人士休.约翰逊说,房地产市场和其他领域的不良投资导致了雷曼股票急剧贬值。"Lehman, like so many other investment banks and banks, really got, quite frankly, caught up in the housing bubble, but, like every bubble, the bubble ended and now we're seeing the downside of that bubble," Johnson said. “很坦率地说,雷曼就像其他很多投资一样,都在房屋市场泡沫中被套牢了,但是就像任何泡沫都会破灭一样,房屋市场泡沫也破灭了,我们正看着这些泡沫在消退。”On Sunday, Merrill Lynch agreed to be bought out by Bank of America for some billion. Analysts say the move will result in the nation's prime lender (BA) becoming even bigger. 星期天,美林券同意被美洲以500亿美元的价格收购。分析人士说,这个行动将导致美国主要借贷机构美洲更加庞大。In a separate move late Sunday, the U.S. Federal Reserve announced several initiatives to make it easier for financial institutions to get emergency loans from the U.S. central bank. 星期天晚些时候,涉及金融行业的另一个新的发展是,美联储宣布了几项措施,以方便金融机构能从美国中央得到紧急贷款。Officials from 10 global banks and securities firms also announced a billion loan program that the companies could use to help ease a potential credit shortage. 另外,10家全球性和券公司的官员也宣布了一项700亿美元的贷款项目,让这些公司使用,以便帮助缓解潜在的信用短缺。Government and banking officials are concerned that the failure of a large institution, like Lehman Brothers, could shake confidence in the financial system and hurt the value of other firms. 政府和官员都对类似雷曼兄弟这样庞大的金融机构的失败感到关切, 因为它会动摇人们对金融系统的信心,并伤害其他公司的价值。200809/48909。
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