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深受关注的;小微企业;,成为5日中国总理温家宝在十一届全国人大五次会议上所作政府工作报告中的新词。温家宝在报告中共7次提及小微企业。在回顾去年经济工作时,他提到;重点持实体经济特别是小型微型企业;,在就业方面;一些企业特别是小型微型企业经营困难增多;。请看新华社的报道:China will deepen the reform of its financial systems by improving services for small and micro businesses and making Renminbi convertible under capital accounts, according to a report distributed to the media Monday morning.中国将通过提升对小微企业的务以及使人民币在资本账户下可兑换,深化金融体制改革。文中的small and micro businesses就是指;小微企业;,medium-sized and small enterprises(中小企业)划分为medium-sized(中型)、small size(小型)、minisize(微型)三种类型,具体标准根据enterprise jobholders(企业从业人员)、business income(营业收入)、total assets(资产总额)等指标,结合industry characteristics(行业特点)制定。当前,small and micro businesses(小微企业)的发展受到了社会各界的广泛关注。温家宝总理明确提出要持the real economy(实体经济),特别是持小微企业发展。小微企业是我国national economy(国民经济)增长和发展的主要动力。持小微企业健康发展,对于stable employment(稳定就业)、expand the domestic demand(扩大内需)、改善distribution relations(分配关系)、实现国民经济平稳较快发展具有重要战略意义。 /201203/174043总经理办公室 In the Chief Managers Office你的行程都准备好了吗?Are you all set for your trip?A: Samson,are you all set for your trip to Singapore?B: Yeah,this is my last day in the office. Tomorrow morning the secretary of 3M company will meet us at the airport.A: Great,but dont forget to solve the delivery problem.我们不能按时发货。Our products cannot be delivered on time.There will be a late delivery for our products.A: Did my secretary inform you that our products cannot be delivered on time?B: No,I didnt get any information.A: How come?B: Well,to be frank,Ive been so busy with making arrangements for the promotion campaign that I didnt have any time to keep an eye on things like that!他想知道您可否把会议推迟一下。He was wondering if you can postpone/delay your meeting.A: Sir,David called just now when you were out.B: Whats up?A: He was wondering if you can postpone your meeting of this afternoon to the end of this week. He said he has something urgent to do.B: Thats awful!By the end of this week,I will be negotiating with a business partner in Shanghai.本周五我的日程安排得非常紧。Ive got a very tight schedule on Friday.A: Ive got a very tight schedule on Friday.B: But John said there was an emergency.A: He messed up everything!What time did he suggest?B: Is next Monday OK?A: I could do nothing else.严格按照日程安排行事 stick to schedule tightlyA: Ive been through the entire program for the visit. Its a fairly good schedule.B: And our CEO will be there, too.A: All weve got to do now is to make sure that we should stick to that schedule tightly.B: Everything will be fine!他们各个方面都非常高效。They are efficient in every aspect.A: We must be sure that our side is dealing with everything efficiently.B: What was your impression of 3M Company when you visited their company?A: They are efficient in every aspect.If you have been there, you would understand why I am so keen to see everything runs smoothly when they visit us.B: You are making me nervous!您的秘书告诉我您在找我。Your secretary told me you were looking for me.A: Morning,sir.Your secretary told me you were looking for me.B: Yes,sorry to bother you. Actually 3M Company asked ten percent larger discount than we originally offered.A: Its simply out of the question!B: Yes,I told them,but you still have to convince them.会议展示 presentationA: Nancy,Id appreciate it if you could help me with the presentation. How is your schedule today?B: Well,Im pretty busy this morning.How about 2:00 p.m.?A: Thats fine!I think you must be an expert on that!B: Hopefully I can be of any help.优化系统 optimize the systemA: We find there are some problems of our office system recently.B: Have you found the causes?A: I am not sure.But I think we should optimize the system this year.B: When you do it,dont forget to take the final performance into account.定期检查 regular checkA: Do you have the regular check of all your equipment?B: Yes,we have the monthly check. The maintenance department will send people to check on the first day of each month.安全隐患 hidden safety dangers/troublesA: Have you done the safety inspection this month?B: Yes,we did it last week.A: Can I have a look at your inspection result?B: OK,here is a list of the hidden safety dangers that we have found in our factories.通知他下午来我办公室一趟。Ask him to come to my office this afternoon.A: Who is in charge of the plant operations?B: Mr. Lee is our operations manager.A: Could you please ask him to come to my office this afternoon?B: No problem. /201202/172797C: hey Jayden, I was wondering if you could do me a favor.J: that depends. What is it?C: it's kind of a big favor. I'm absolutely flat broke, and I owe my landlady 0. she's given me until Friday to give it to her, but I don't get paid until next Monday. Do you think you could loan me some cash until I get paid?J: I'd love to help you out, but I'm a bit short on cash this month as well. I had to get a new engine put into my car, and that ate up my savings.C: if you can't give me the full amount, a fraction of it would still help. I'll pay you back on Monday. I promise.J: let's see, I've got about to get me through the weekend. I can only spare about . I would give you more if I had it, I just don't have much money to my name right now.C: thanks a lot Jayden. Every little bit will help. Tell you what, if you aren't doing anything tonight, why don't you come over and have dinner at my place.J: that'd be great. Thanks! What time should I come over?C: how about at 6 pm?J: see you then! /08/82549

“赌”和“钱”总是脱不了干系。那些想在大盘下跌时抄底赚一把的人一定没想到这场游戏实在是愿赌输。一个字,惨!To bet one's bottom dollar 这个片语一看就知道肯定和钱有关。To bet就是打赌。 Dollar我们通常用来指美元,当然 Canadian dollar,HK dollar 等等其他的国家的钱币也有用这个单位的。所以我们也可以直接把dollar理解成“钱”。One's bottom dollar就是一个人把钱都花完了,只剩下口袋里最后一张钞票。当某人用自己最后剩下的钱去打赌的时候,这个人一定很自信,认为自己在某个问题上完全正确,因此愿意冒一切风险来实这一点,也就是愿赌输了。下面是一个例子。通过这个例子我们可以看到在日常生活中这个习惯用语是怎么用的:You know, Senator Clark keeps telling the press that he won't run for president in 1996. But I'd bet my bottom dollar that two years from now he'll announce he's a candidate.你知道,克拉克参议员不断地对新闻界说,他在1996年不会参加总统竞选。但是,我可以跟你打赌,两年以后,他会宣布他参加竞选的。下面又是一个例子。这是一个人在说他的同事:Our company was to deliver the ordered products to our clients before four in the afternoon. However, Larry forgot the whole thing and the client was mad as a wet hen. But I bet my bottom dollar that Larry will blame somebody else for his mistake.我们公司应该在下午四点以前把客户的定货送到客户那里去。可是,拉里完全忘了这件事,把我们的客户都快气疯了。不过,拉里肯定会把他的错误的推给别人的,我可以跟你打赌。 /200804/36907

有一个猫和老鼠的故事。我们都知道老鼠是最怕猫的了,有一天,一群老鼠聚在一起商量如何防备猫的袭击。有一只老鼠建议说为什么不在猫的脖子上挂个铃呢?这样,猫一来,铃就响,老鼠就可以逃命了。大小老鼠都说这是个好主意,可是问到谁愿意去给猫系铃,就没有老鼠吭声了。由此有了一个片语 bell the cat,这里的bell是个动词,意思是“给……系上铃”。如果哪只老鼠敢去给猫系铃铛,那就说明它敢于“担当风险,挺身而出”,不过实际上是没有这样的老鼠的吧。我们来看个例子:The whole class think it a good idea to ask the teacher to allow them to go out for a picnic tomorrow. But who will bell the cat and talk to him? 全班都认为让老师同意他们明天去野营是个好主意,可是谁愿出头去和他谈这件事呢? /200809/47453

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