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1993年以科学家形象出演《侏罗纪公园大获成功后,杰夫bull;高布伦又先后主演了《天煞和《失落的世界两部科幻片,从而奠定了其影坛巨星的地位还与比尔bull;默瑞、凯特bull;布兰切特一起合作了喜剧片《水世界杰夫bull;高布伦和克雷格费格斯一起分析自己对名人的印象;;Oh, yeah, James Mason哦,詹姆斯bull;梅森James Mason.詹姆斯bull;梅森I like the way James Mason thought.我喜欢詹姆斯bull;梅森的思考方式love, yeah.非常不错,是啊Looter, that good. I love impersonations. Did you do any other impersonations?很好我喜欢模仿你做过什么其他模仿吗?Shawn Connery, Michael Caine, and that it.肖恩bull;康纳利,迈克尔bull;凯恩,仅此而已Go ahead. Let see. Here is a Hollywood party with Shawn Connery talking to Michael Caine. We go something like this.来吧让我们看看这是一个好莱坞的肖恩bull;康纳利跟迈克尔bull;凯恩的谈话我们得这样做Well, wait, wait, wait. You have to do it too.嗯,等一等,等一等你也得这么做Alright, who would I be?好吧,我扮演谁?Hum.恩;I dont really be good at it.我真不是很擅长Betty Ho Wai.贝蒂bull;哈维Betty Ho Wai. While you are saying that, maybe it a subliminal, but I was just watching your highlight reel and she wearing a hat like this, a copyboy hat.贝蒂bull;哈维当你这么说的时候,也许这是一个潜意识,但是我看到的是你的精表演及她戴着一顶帽子的样子,这是一顶模仿男孩的帽子Yeah, that right. Mayby, yeah.是的,好吧也许是的Alright, so Im Shawn Connery. You are Betty Hu Wai.好吧,所以我是肖恩bull;康纳利你是贝蒂bull;哈维You know, you are a shank shake someone in the eightish, Betty.你知道,你真的很不错,贝蒂Ha.哈哈That very good, alright.太好了,好的Very good.很好Do you do anyone at all?你从未扮演过谁吗?No, I dont do impersonations. Yeah, I used to do. Who this? Who is that?不,我不做模仿是啊,我以前曾经做这是谁?那是谁?I dont know. That good. I like it a lot. Who is this?我不知道那很好我很喜欢这是谁?James Cabin. Ah, here is somebody mouth. I do somebody mouth.詹姆斯bull;卡宾啊,这是别人的嘴我是在说别人的话Oh, really?哦,真的吗?Wait a minute. Wait, i did it long away. Wait.等一下等等,我要准备下等下Yeah, yeah, alright. Alright, Im gonna just play some music while, while we wait.是啊,是啊,好吧好吧,我要在等待的时候放些音乐Okay, here is his mouth.好了,这是他的嘴Uh, I dont know.嗯,我不知道Rosanna Arcat.罗莎娜bull;阿卡特Can I see it again?我能再看看吗?It a, it a bleak. It a bleak.这是一个,非常黯淡非常黯淡Go ahead. Yeah.去吧是啊Dannie, we are done. Yeah, we are done.丹妮,我们完了是的,我们完了Dont say it. Dont say it.别这么说别这么说I have to.我必须要这样You are killing me.该死,你会弄疼我的No, Im no, no , no, Im just talking to you. It just feels like Im killing you, but Im only talking to you. Do you fancy Ann Aukward Pauls or Mansaugan? Do you have something different?不,我没有,没有,没有,我只是想跟你谈话只是感觉就像我杀了你,但我只是跟你说话你喜欢安娜bull;奥克沃德还是曼苏甘?你有什么与众不同的地方吗?Something different. Let think of something different or suggest something, we will do it. We can do, we can do so many things.恩,有的让我想些不同的东西或我们一起做的事情我们所能做的,我们可以做很多事情What about, ah, guess what Im thinking?那么,哎,你猜我在想什么?Something, you are having sex or?什么,你在想性吗?No. I havent started thinking it yet.没有我没有想到这事呢Really?真的吗?Alright, are you y?好吧,你准备好了吗?Uh, yeah, yes.嗯,是的,是的Alright, you y?好吧,你准备好了吗?Yes.是的Hold on.等一会儿Jeff, you know me, I am Rosanna Arcat.杰夫,你知道,我是模仿演员Yeah, yes, you are right. Applaud, everybody.是的,是的,你是对的鼓掌,每一个人都要鼓掌 67。

  • NASA; Famous Americans: Jackie Robinson; conference versus meeting versus session; second to none; narrative versus story Words:outer spaceto spur onspace raceadvocateto orbitheight of (something)leaguesegregatedfanracial slurto unifyprestigiousmeetingconferencesessionsecond to nonenarrativestory 3563。
  • go over走过去,get off挂掉电话Her Mother Died tooOne day, a woman’s neighbor goes over to her house, sees her crying, and asks her what happened. The woman said that her mother had passed away. The neighbor made her some coffee and calmed her down a little and then left. The next day the neighbor went back over to the house and found the woman crying again. She asked her why she was crying this time. “I just got off the phone with my sister. Her mother died too!”她的妈妈也去世了一天,一个邻居到她家去,看见她在哭,就问她出了什么事女人说她的妈妈去世了邻居给她煮了一点咖啡,安慰了她几句,就走了第二天,这个邻居又过来看她,发现她又在哭,就问她这次为什么哭“我刚和我通完电话,她的妈妈也去世了”1.go over走过去也可以指“留下印象”:These actors went over very well with the audience.这些演员深受观众们的欢迎 .pass away过世也有“消磨掉”的意思: ty years have passed away since they met.他们相识至今已0年了3.calm down(使)平静 The situation then calmed down temporarily.那时的形势得以暂时地平静下来 .get off挂掉(电话)也有“发出”的意思: I'd like to get this letter off by the first post.我想将这封信在邮局第一次收信时寄出去 8。
  • You sure are lucky你一定很幸运It was a hot, muggy August afternoon, and I had every reason to feel sorry myself.那是一个潮湿闷热的下午,我完全有理由为自己掬一把同情之泪A comedy of hassles began with the normal airport security gauntlet, followed by a random drug test, and a missed flight home due to a number of mechanical, weather and late inbound flight problems.一系列麻烦事从机场的常规安检开始,接着是毒品抽检,再加上机械故障、恶劣天气和入港延迟等诸多问题令我错过了班机Now my flight home was full and late.现在我的回程航班不但晚点了,还人满为患During the usual pandemonium at the gate, I noticed a 5-year-old boy standing by his mother and watching me.我发现一个五岁小男孩站在他母亲身边看着我He looked at me, then my bag, then back at me. 他开始小心翼翼地向我走来 Cautiously, he left his mother’s side and slowly began to walk toward me, glancing between my bag, his mother and me.视线在我,我的包和他妈妈之间游移Great, I thought, now I have to babysit a 5-year-old. My day is now complete.好极了,我想我还得照看一个五岁小孩这一天算是全完了As he came closer, I was both relieved and alarmed that it wasn’t me he was after.等他来到身边时,我先是松了口气,接着有点不安,因为他并不是冲着我来的It was my hat!  是我的帽子!I started to tell him not to bother my things, but something made me stop and watch.我想告诉他别动我的东西,可是不知为何却没有说出口,只是看着他He stopped in front of my bag, looking at my hat, then up at me.他听在我的行李前,看看我的帽子,然后仰起脸来看着我With wide eyes, he gently touched the bill of my hat, running his index finger slowly along the edge, carefully touching the emblem.他睁大了眼睛,轻轻地碰了碰我的帽舌,又小心地摸了摸上面的徽标Again, he looked up at me, now smiling, but saying nothing.他又一次抬头看我,微笑着,却一言不发I asked him if he would like to wear my captain hat.我问他想不想戴一下我的船长帽,He excitedly nodded his head, still smiling.他兴奋不已地点了点头I placed my hat on his head, but it fell down around his ears.He didn’t seem to mind and held it up in the proper position with both hands.He ran to show his mother, then back to me still smiling from ear to ear.他戴上我的帽子,跑去给他母亲看,然后回到我面前,乐得合不拢嘴With much reverence and ceremony, he slowly removed my hat with both hands and presented it to me as though it were the crown jewels.他恭敬有礼地用双手慢慢摘下帽子,好像是捧着镶嵌着珠宝的王冠似的,把帽子还给我I put my hat on and gave him an airplane card.我戴上帽子,给了他一张飞机卡This, too, he held with both hands in awe.他充满敬畏地用双手捧着它After this exchange, he still hadn’t spoken, although I knew he was excited.这个交换过程,他始终未发一言,不过我知道他肯定很兴奋I also was happy that I had been briefly distracted from my self-pity fest.令人高兴的是,这件事把我的注意力从自怨自艾中暂时抽离了出来Still holding the card carefully with both hands, he looked up at me and said, Mister, you sure are lucky.他抬起头来看着我说:先生,您真幸运Yes, I said, I sure am.是的,我说,我确实很幸运I contemplated the wisdom of a 5-year-old, as I got the last seat on that flight home.我坐在回程班机的最后一个座位上,一个五岁男孩的睿智让我思绪万千 68956。
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