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Fall Movie Review Article/200909/84090Don’t let the cold keep you indoors – learn how to survive the outdoors at night in comfort in any temperature.不要因为酷寒而一直禁足室内——学习一下在任何气温条件下如何在户外舒地过夜。Step 1 Get a good tent1.准备好的帐篷Splurge on a quality tent. A good tent serves as shelter from the wind and rain, and also remains breathable while trapping body heat inside.多花点钱买一顶质量好的帐篷。好帐篷可以遮风挡雨,即透气,又可以保温。Step 2 Make a barrier2.设置屏障Make a barrier between yourself and the ground. This can be as simple as a pile of pine branches or as modern as a foam mattress.在身体和地面之间设置屏障,这非常简单,铺一点松树枝或者泡沫垫都可以。Avoid air mattresses. The cold ground will cool the air inside.不要使用橡胶气垫,冰冷的地面会让帐篷内的空气也变冷。Step 3 Dress properly3.恰当着装Layer your clothing for maximum insulation and prevention of excess moisture.合理搭配装,达到最好的绝热和防潮效果。Step 4 Eat4.进食Eat before you go to sleep. Don#39;t skip dinner because you#39;re tired or cold. Have a hot meal to fuel your body while you sleep.睡觉之前吃点东西。千万不要因为疲劳或寒冷而不吃晚餐。吃点热饭,这样可以在你睡觉的时候为身体提供热量。Step 5 Put on hat5.戴帽子Put on your winter hat. You want as little exposure to air as possible.戴上冬天的厚帽子。尽可能让身体部位少一点暴露在空气中。For added warmth, bring along a winter hat with ear flaps.为了更加保暖,随身携带一顶可以捂住耳朵的帽子。Step 6 Hunker down6.入睡Pull your sleeping bag over your head and ball up as best you can.将睡袋拉过头顶,尽可能得把自己裹好。Contrary to popular belief, humans do not lose a majority of body heat through their heads.与传统的看法相反,人体并不会通过头部损失大部分热量。 Article/201301/219671

玛雅历法完结只剩下5个月, 来自世界各地的顶级考古学家们于周末齐聚危地马拉城市安提瓜讨论古老的周期结束及世界灭亡的末日理论。With only five months until the Mayan calendar runs out, top archaeologists from around the world converged in the Guatemalan city of Antigua over the weekend to discuss the end of the ancient cycle and dismiss doomsday theories of the world’s demise.Presenting their latest findings on the Maya at a two-day conference, experts said the end of the 5,126-year Mayan cycle will usher in a new era for the ancient civilization, the beginning of the 14th Baktun.Rosendo Morales, an archaeologist says, ;We reject 100 percent that this is the end of the world - it’s the end of a cycle and beginning of the 14th Baktun (Mayan cycle). We are nervous as Guatemalans because we will see December 21, the end of an era for many Mayans who have spent many years here and now after 3,114 years.;Debunking talk of an apocalypse, experts say 2012 represents a new cycle of the Mayan calendar. Some even says the once-in-a-lifetime event should be celebrated.Richard Hensen, an archaeologist says, ;What we will see here is a new era. We are privileged to experiment and enjoy the end of an era that started 3,114 years before Christ. It’s rare that we have this opportunity to experience this very important date.;The Maya were among the great ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica, building cities with elaborate ceremonial centres and soaring stone pyramids from modern day Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.The Classic Period in Maya civilization, which began around A.D. 300, pre-dated by hundreds of years the rise of the Aztecs in Mexico and the Incas in Peru. The civilisation collapsed around 900 A.D. Article/201206/187743

【视频欣赏】(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】You can carry thoughts around that push you toward depression, retribution, and psychosis. Learn to train your thoughts and plan your emotions so that no one, especially you, gets hurt.You Will NeedResponsibility Self-control Self-counseling Pen and paper Visualization techniques Meditation techniques Step 1: Accept responsibility(勇于承担责任)Accept and believe that your thoughts are up to you, that you are aly in control. You must take responsibility for what occurs to you and understand the patterns.Step 2: Talk to yourself(和自己对话)Talk to yourself aloud, as if you were another person. Counsel yourself, tracing thought origins like a private investigator – concentrate on negative thoughts and explore what the fear is.Step 3: Write and face it(将负面的思想写下来,并积极面对)Write down negative thoughts and visualize what you think will happen if nothing is done. Follow through with actions that defeat your obsessions about helplessness.Step 4: Rate your thoughts(将这些思想分清主次)Rate the thoughts that occur to you on the basis of importance or regularity and set out to reduce occurrences of the self-defeating ones.Step 5: Imagine what you want(弄清楚自己想要的)Imagine what you want in your life. Write these things down to practice the habits that make change real, and free your life of angst.Watch out that you don’t fool yourself: studies have found that sometimes reflection meant to figure out conflicts is masquerading rage.Step 6: Cherish what you have(珍惜自己拥有的)Cherish what you have, meditating on the beauty in your life. Plan to do this every day, or every hour if necessary.Step 7: Practice from now on(从现在开始练习)Practice positive thinking every day in a disciplined, peaceful way to make the control of your thoughts – and the actions that follow – habitual.A renowned experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated that intentionally positive or loving words and wishes transformed water crystals into stunningly intricate designs. Article/201004/101528

【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Even if you don't have hours to spend in a studio each week, you can still get the benefits of yoga practice. In our below, yoga expert Tara Stiles demonstrates five easy poses that can be done anywhere to soothe tense muscles and stressed-out minds (you can detailed instructions on each pose in my blog below).1. Deep Breathing(深呼吸)If you're stuck in a stressful situation (like endless traffic), Stiles says the easiest way to reduce tension on the spot is through a focused breathing meditation. Close your mouth, and breathe deeply and evenly through your nose. This simple technique calms your mind and nervous system and can be done absolutely anywhere.2. Eagle Arms(鹰式伸臂)For those who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, Eagle Arms can help improve your posture and reduce tension in your shoulders and spine. Bringing your arms out in front of you, place your right elbow on top of your left elbow. Keep twisting your forearms around each other until your palms come together. If you can't bring the palms of your hands together, don't push it; just let the backs of your hands touch. As your breathe deeply in, lift your arms up. Take five long deep breaths in this position.3. Prayer Behind the Back(背后祈祷式)Time spent in the kitchen hunched over a cutting board can lead to tension in your wrists, shoulders, and back —all of which this pose helps alleviate. Bring your fists together to touch behind your back at about waist-level. Begin to slide your hands up your spine, bringing palms together to touch in a prayer position. If this hurts your wrists, don't force it. Instead, stay with your fists joined together. Hold this position for five deep, slow breaths.4. The Hamstring Helper(腿腱运动)If you are going for a walk or jog, try what Stiles calls the hamstring helper. Come into a low lunge, bringing your fingertips on either side of your front foot. Slowly start to straighten both legs. If your fingertips don't touch the ground when your legs are straight, slightly bend your front knee. Keep your hips squared and breathe deeply in this position for a minute or two. Repeat on your other leg.5. Pigeon Pose(鸽式)When practiced before bedtime, Stiles says Pigeon pose will help reduce tension in your hips and lower back. This relaxing posture can also help calm your mind and set you up for a restful night of sleep. Gently come into a low lunge with your right leg in front. Slowly inch your right foot over toward your left hand. Ease your knee down toward your right hand. Your calf should be perpendicular to your torso. Ifyou can't lower your hips to the ground, bring a pillow under your right hip to support it. Fold your torso over your leg, resting on your forearms. Stay in this position for a minute or two. Repeat on your left leg. Article/201002/97317

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