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盐都区治疗内分泌哪家医院最好的江苏省东台市人民医院专家挂号One man was responsible for provoking the peoples of Britain into an awareness of their nationhood,在促进不列颠人民国家意识萌芽的的过程中 有一个人起到了不容忽视的作用and he was Englands own home-grown caesar Edward I.对英国历史来说 他堪比凯撒大帝 他就是爱德华一世In 1774, those made curious by his fearsome reputation opened his tomb.1774年 一些为对其威名 感到好奇的人打开了他的坟墓The man they found inside was every bit as awesome as contemporaries have recorded.墓中人全身上下所散发的威严 丝毫不逊于史书的描述Dressed in the purple robe of a Roman emperor,an impressive six foot two tall,fully justifying his nickname, Longshanks.他身着罗马皇帝的紫色长袍 身高足有六英尺二英寸 完美地诠释了他的绰号 长腿Upon that stark marble tomb, the only ornamentation s.那座大理石坟墓上唯一的碑文写到Edwardus primus scottorum malleus hic est.Hammer of the Scots.爱德华一世 苏格兰之锤 苏格兰之锤After a century of rule by kings who were essentially Frenchmen此前的一个多世纪里 国王基本上都是法国人Edward can be called the first truly English king given an old Anglo-Saxon name and爱德华是第一位真正意义上的英格兰国王 他拥有古老的盎格鲁撒克逊式的名字imbued with the frightening certainty that it was Englands imperial mission to take its rule to the four corners of the British islands.内心膨胀着骇人的欲望 坚信英格兰的终极使命 统一不列颠群岛His many enemies compared him to one of the big cat predators.他的敌人们将其喻为 一种大型猫科食肉动物 /201610/470030建湖县第二人民医院看男科好吗 We gave them food and shelter,我们给他们提供食物和庇护in return for keeping mice and rats at bay.作为回报他们替我们抓老鼠Its the same reason these cats这也是这些猫得以生活在live on David Hickss Oxfordshire farm today.戴维·希克斯牛津郡农场的原因We were just overrun with rats and the poison wasnt working.我们鼠患成灾 捕鼠器也没什么作用They were burrowing under the floors of the buildings,他们在建筑的地板下打洞undermining the floor so the floor collapsed,破坏地板导致地板塌陷making holes in the bags of food,在粮食袋子上嗑洞and mucking and peeing in the food,在粮食里大小便making it inedible for the animals.弄得动物们都不吃We had such a rat problem,鼠患十分严重in the end, a friend suggested we got some cats后来 一个朋友建议我们养些猫because they sorted his rat problem out.因为他们会解决老鼠的问题Were three, four years on now,这方法已经用了三四年了weve got lots of cats but no rats.猫多了 老鼠少了This relationship explains why it was beneficial这段关系解释了为什么猫保持野性for cats to hold on to their wild side.是有益处的Cats like these must live much in the same way这样的猫的生存方式 as we imagine cats must have lived right at the beginning of domestication,差不多跟刚被驯化时期的猫猫们一样when cats were first beginning to associate themselves with man.当猫与人类开始建立联系的时候These cats are really here as hunters,这些猫作为捕猎者they are here to keep the rats and mice down on this farm.他们在此保了老鼠们远离农田重点解释:1.in return for 作为 ... 的报酬例句:I bought him a drink in return for his help.我请他喝酒以酬谢他的帮助。2.in the end 终于; 最后例句:If you persevere with work, youll succeed in the end.你如果把工作坚持下去,最终会取得成功的。3.hold on 抓住;继续例句:You should hold on to your oil shares.你应该继续保留着石油股份。201608/461643栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/455548大丰市有治疗前列腺炎吗

盐城/白带清洁度四度栏目简介:Seven scientists and one local science student will give speeches during a special science show to be broadcast on ICS early next month. Wu Ying has more.201704/499926盐城协和女子医院怎么走 In this American English pronunciation , were going to go over how to pronounce the word THAT in a sentence.在这节美式英语发音视频中,我们将要学习句子中的“that”如何发音。As you probably know, in American English, there are lots of words called function words that will be unstressed in a sentence. And some of these will reduce.你们应该知道,在美式英语中,有许多词被称为功能词,这些词在句子中不重读,有一些则要弱读。THAT is one of those words. In a sentence, the vowel will often reduce to the schwa sound.that就是这样的词。在一个句子中,元音经常会弱化为弱读音。The final T will be a stop T if the next word begins with a consonant, or it will be a flap T if the next word begins with a vowel or diphthong.如果下一个单词的首字母为辅音,则结尾的T为停顿T;如果下一个单词的首字母为元音或双元音,则结尾的T为闪音T。The voiced, TH, where the tongue tip comes just through the teeth.th发音时,舌尖要伸出,位于上下齿之间。Then for the schwa sound, the tongue tip pulls back and comes down, rests just behind the bottom front teeth, and the tongue is very relaxed.而对于弱读音,舌尖收回放下,置于下前牙后,舌头放松。For the T, flap or stop, the tongue tip will go to the roof of the mouth, and cut off the air flow for the stop T, or bounce back down, letting the air through for the flap T.无论是闪音T还是停顿T,舌尖都要抵住上颚,停顿T时要切断空气流动,闪音T则要反弹回来,让空气通过。Lets look at some sample sentence fragments.让我们来看一些句子片段示例。“that my.” (loop two times) The next word here, my, begins with a consonant. So the T at the end of the word that is a stop: that my.“that my ”(循环两次)这里的下一个单词“my”,首字母是辅音,所以“that”结尾的字母T是一个停顿T,“that my”。“that I.” (loop two times) The next word here, I, has the AI diphthong. So, the T at the end of the word that is a flap T. “that I.” (loop two times).“that I”(循环两次)这里的下一个单词“I”是双元音(ai],所以“that”结尾的T是闪音T,“that I”(循环两次)。Now, lets look at some full sentences.现在,我们来看一些完整的句子。The movie that I saw was boring. “that I.” (loop two times) Again, the AI diphthong, so the T is a flap. That I.The movie that I saw was boring.The movie that I saw was boring.“that I”(循环两次)因为双元音(ai),所以T是闪音。That I.The movie that I saw was boring.We thought that we could be there. “that we.” (loop two times) So, the word we, beginning with the W consonant, the T is a stop T.We thought that we could be there.“that we”(循环两次)单词we首字母是辅音W,所以T是停顿T。“that we.” (loop two times) We thought that we could be there.“that we”(循环两次)We thought that we could be there.I know that youre disappointed. “that youre.” (loop two times) So, the next word here begins with the Y consonant, so the T is a stop T.I know that youre disappointed. “that youre” (循环两次)这里的下一个单词以辅音Y开头,所以T是停顿T。“that” (loop two times), “that youre.” (loop two times). I know that youre disappointed.“that”(循环两次)“that youre”(循环两次) I know that youre disappointed.I that her team won. “that her.” (loop two times) Here, with the word her, Im dropping the H.I that her team won. “that her”(循环两次)在这里,单词“her”省略了“H”,So, the sound after the T, is the schwa sound, a vowel. Therefore, its a flap T. “that her.” (loop two times) I heard that her team won.所以T后面的发音是弱读音。因此,这里是闪音T。“that her”(循环两次)I heard that her team won.Will the word that always be pronounced this way in a sentence? No. Sometimes it will have the AA vowel.句子中的“that”一直都是这样发音吗?不。有时它会发元音AA的音。For example, if you want to stress the word: It was easy. It wasnt that easy.例如,如果你想要强调单词:It was easy. It wasnt that easy.Thaa, aa. There, Im keeping the AA vowel. Also, in this sentence, the word that is an adverb. And adverbs are generally content words, not going to reduce in a sentence.Thaa,aa. 这里我保留了元音AA。这句话中,单词“that”是一个副词,副词通常是实义词,在一个句子中不会弱读。But you will often hear the word that reduced. Doing it yourself will help to smooth out your speech,但是你会经常听到单词“that”弱读。自己这样练习会使你的演讲更加流利,and will also provide some nice rhythmic contrast to the longer, stressed syllables in a sentence.也会提供一些很好的节奏,与句子中较长的重读音节形成对比。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201706/514191盐城/专门治疗非淋的医院

盐城/神经阻断术多少钱Good luck down there. Youre gonna need it.祝你好运 你会需要的Over the years, Ive done hundreds of jumps,but it still gets my heart going every time.这几年来 我跳了几百回 但每次我还是会心跳加快Whats going through my mind when Bear jumps out the aircraft?Parachute opens.贝尔跳下去的时候我在想什么 打开降落伞He always does the sign of the cross,then he just falls away like that.And he doesnt pull the parachute.他总会划十字 然后就这样松手了 他不急着拉开降落伞And hell pretty much stay looking at me for as long as he can,even when hes a little speck.而且还尽量一直 盯着我看 即便他已如尘埃般大小And as he gets smaller and smaller and smaller,it always goes through my mind随着他越来越小 我总是会想pull, pull the parachute, pull pull pull the cord, pull the cord.拉呀 快拉降落伞 快拉绳索Its terrifying.You kind of think, ;Oh, no, this is the malfunction.This is the time. Hes not gonna do it.Hes gonna go wrong.吓死人了 你总会想 不 会不会出故障了 这一次 他真的插翅难逃了 他快挂了Hopefully, hell be all right.Hes gonna go splack.不过 他总能化险为夷 他总会噗地拉开降落伞He never has, so far,but I always have that feeling, always.迄今为止 他还没有出过差错 不过我每次都会产生那种可怕的想法On the ground!But straight into one of these cactus.成功着陆 不过我落在仙人掌堆里了However uncomfortable the landing,we always hit the ground running.尽管着陆让人很不舒 我们还是一落地就开始了跋涉And that means my crew has a lot of keeping up to do.这意味着我的团队需要一直跟上我201610/473065 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/461839东台市不孕不育多少钱盐城/妇幼保健院怀孕检测多少钱



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