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泉州市好的人流医院泉州市哪里的医院很有名He accepts an invitation to speak at Gttingen University, essentially, a dress rehearsal for the Prussian Academy.他接受了哥廷根大学的邀请发言,从本质上讲,这是一次为普鲁士学院的排。Einstein is up at the board writing his equations and trying to describe his problem.爱因斯坦在董事会写他的方程式并试图描绘出他的问题。In the audience is one of the greatest mathematicians of all time--David Hilbert.在观众中有一位伟大的数学家——大卫·希尔伯特。Hilbert sits there and listens very carefully to Einstein.希尔伯特坐在那里仔细听着爱因斯坦的讲话。He thinks I can solve the problem.他认为我能解决这个问题。I can do it better than Einstein.我能做的比爱因斯坦更为出色。There is always this worry that you might get scooped.你总是可能有各种担心。You become a little bit paranoid, or sometimes, a lot paranoid.你变得有点偏执,有时,很多偏执。Theres always the feeling I have when I have a good idea which is that well,我总是有这种感觉,当我有一个很好的主意, 好吧,if Ive had this good idea,如果我有了这个好主意,that probably means that someone else is gonna have,这可能意味着别人也可能会有。or has had this good idea, too.或者他也有了这个好主意。Einstein goes back to Berlin and Hilbert goes into his own office.爱因斯坦回到柏林而希尔伯特进入自己的办公室。And Hilbert sits there and thinks and tries to race Einstein to the big prize of General Relativity.希尔伯特坐在那里思考,试图与爱因斯坦争夺广义相对论的诺贝尔奖。He was one of the greatest mathematicians of his time.他是一位伟大的数学家。A controversy between the two giants, a giant of physics and a giant of mathematics.两大巨头之间的争论,物理学和数学上的两位巨人。Hilbert, the nasty guy here, who thinks he can beat Einstein, starts working.希尔伯特这个可恶的家伙在这里出现,认为他能击败爱因斯坦,于是他开始工作。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/181202泉州人民医院扣扣 This dive gonna be a lot of thing. Warm, is not on that list. Insulated suit will keep them alive under the ice for only sixty minutes. Once a helicopter departs, theres no marching for aero. The dive team begin to explore the lowest slopes of Alps, discovering a hidden world rarely seen by humans. Patrolling the icy shores of the volcano are killer whales, the most thuddingly in the world.这次下潜意味着很多的事情。温暖,不在这个名单中。绝缘装备保全他们在冰层之下只有60分钟的生命。一架直升飞机离开,在空中没有进行盘旋。潜水队开始探索阿尔卑斯山脉最低的斜坡,发现一个人类世界罕见的秘密世界。在冰冻星球火山附近巡逻的是杀人鲸,世界上最凶猛的动物。Tracking them from above is the orca team . They need the helicopter to get ahead of the whales into land them on the fragile sea ice. Cameraman Jenion Mafirse must pick his foot carefully. His aim is to get the cameras as close to the killer whales as possible without disturbing them. Year, clear almost. He uses a film camera to capture the action in slow motion. And the orcas come right by. Even in extreme cold, a film camera proves to be rugged and reliable, provided as it does in a film as a camera.从上面跟踪它们的是虎鲸队伍。他们需要直升机在鲸鱼前面引导驾驭它们进入这脆弱的冰海。摄影师吉农bull;马菲斯必须小心前进。他的目的是让摄像机尽可能靠近虎鲸而确保没有打扰它们。好的,几乎够清晰了。他使用一种胶片相机捕捉慢镜头动作,这时候虎鲸恰巧赶来。即使在极端寒冷的天气,胶片相机也是稳定,安全可靠的帮手,就像电影中的摄像机一样。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/172173The right to vote has always been fundamental to our system of representative democracy, yet most African-American voters in southern states were denied this right for almost a hundred years, despite the ratification of the 15th Amendment in 1870. Southern voter registration boards imposed overwhelming bureaucratic impediments to qualified black voters and subjected them to harassment, economic reprisals and physical violence. With their voices unheard, they had little, if any, political power.选举权一直是代议民主体系的基础,然而美国南部各州大部分的非裔选民却不被赋予这一基本权利,尽管1870年第15项修正案批准了选举权利法案,但这种状况仍持续了近一百年。南方选民注册委员会对合格的黑人选民施加了压倒性的官僚障碍,包括骚扰,经济报复和身体暴力等手段。因为统治阶级无视选民的呼声,所以他们没有任何政治权利。In early 1965, during the Civil Rights Movement, peaceful demonstrators in Birmingham and Selma, Alabama were met with violent police resistance, including nightsticks, water hoses, tear gas, attack dogs, and imprisonment. Televised newscast images of these events outraged Americans, and persuaded President Lyndon B. Johnson and Congress to make voting rights legislation a priority.在1965年早期的民权运动期间,伯明翰、塞尔玛和阿拉巴马市的和平示威者遭到防暴警察的镇压,他们用木棒、软管、催泪弹、击棒袭击示威者,并逮捕示威者入狱。事件一经电视播出,便激怒了美国人,这也迫使林顿·约翰逊总统和国会优先考虑选举权立法。The Voting Rights Bill passed quickly in both houses, and was signed into law on August 6th, 1965. It gave the Federal government power to oversee the registration and election process in problematic counties. The Voting Rights Act was amended in 1970, 75, and 82, extending protection to other minorities and disenfranchised voters. Though the voting process in America continues to spark debate, the Voting Rights Act remains a significant piece of legislation, guaranteeing that no citizen will be denied the right to vote on account of race, color, or disability.《选举权法案》很快通过两院的批准,最终于1965年8月6日签署生效。这赋予联邦政府在问题城市监督注册和选举进程的权利。1970年、1975年和1982年的选举法案修正案给予少数民族和被剥夺权利的选民以保护。尽管美国的选举程序将继续引发争论,但选举权法案仍然是一项重要立法,它确保居民不因种族,肤色和残疾而被剥夺选举权。原文译文属!201211/209372泉州新阳光妇科收费怎么样

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泉州做无痛人流较安全的医院Business.商业。Cosmetic treatment for men.男士美容。Beauty and the beasts.美女和野兽。More men are enduring jabs and cuts to look younger.为了看上去年轻,越来越多的男士宁愿接受注射和整容。IN GEORGES ROMANS clinic in London, women queue to see a cosmetic dermatologist renowned for zapping wrinkles and smoothing brows. These days, alas, they have to share the waiting room with men. In the past few years Dr Roman has treated a succession of bankers and businessmen in London and Paris. They dont want to look beautiful, he says, just ;fresher and less worried;.伦敦的乔治斯·罗曼的诊所外,女士们排着队来找这位在消除皱纹和眉间除皱方面著名的整容皮肤专家。啊呀,如今男士们也加入了进来。在过去的几年里,罗曼医生已经为伦敦和巴黎的一批家和商业人士进行了治疗。他说道,这些男士不是想看起来帅气,只是想;更加年轻,不再眉头紧锁;Typically, a swift shot of Botox, a toxin which freezes muscles, targets the deep forehead cleft which can descend on men over 40, especially if they spend all day frowning at a screen. Other favoured treatments are lasers, which perk up skin-tone, and cosmetic fillers for those deep grooves between the nose and the mouth. Englishmen, says Dr Roman, are big spenders. This is just as well: Botox treatment starts at £300 (7). Fiddlierprocedures can cost twice as much. The French tag along with their wives; Britons sidle in alone.通常,只需注射一针肉毒杆菌毒素即可。这种毒素可以麻痹肌肉,作用于额头深层的皱纹。尤其是男士年过四十,整天对着电脑屏幕最容易生皱纹。有些人则青睐激光治疗来改善肤色,以及在鼻与口之间的皱纹里填充整容化学材料。罗曼医生说,英国的男士很舍得花钱。情况确实如此:治疗起价为300英镑(477美元),而要进行一些更为细节的治疗则要花双倍的钱。法国的男士通常由妻子们带着来整容,而英国男士则喜欢一个人悄悄来接受治疗。Botox was used 336,834 times by American men in 2010, up 9% from , according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. But women are still 15 times more likely than men to have their faces frozen. ;I cant understand what puts people off,; grouses抱怨 David Pyott, the boss of Allergan, which makes Botox. Looks matter in the marketplace. ;Do you want to have working for you a really old investment banker, a really old lawyer?; asks Mr Pyott.据美国整形外科协会称,2010年,美国男士用肉毒杆菌治疗高达336834人次,比年上涨了9%。但女士用肉毒杆菌治疗的人数是男士的15倍之多。生产肉毒杆菌毒素的爱力根公司总经理大卫?波尔特抱怨道:我无法理解是人们为什么不敢注射肉毒杆菌。长相在商业活动中确实很重要。;你真的发自内心想要一个年老的投资家,或一个年纪大的律师为你工作?;Less invasive male maintenance is growing, too. Mintel, a market-researcher, says sales of mens beauty products in France, Germany, Spain, Britain and Italy rose by 8% between 2005 and 2010, despite the recession, and will grow another 8% by 2014. Moisturisers dominate in France, Britain and Spain. Germans and Italians prefer to buy deodorants.男士护理产品也在缓慢的发展壮大中。据市场研究院明特尔说,在2005至2010年间,法国,德国,西班牙,英国,意大利的男士美容产品尽管受到了经济萧条的影响,但是销量已经增长了8%,到2014年前将再增长8%。法国,英国和西班牙男士喜欢用保湿品。德国和意大利男士则更喜欢购买除臭产品。Matthew Soobroy, a stylist with Londons Charles Worthington hairdressers, detects a ;major leap; in men wanting their hair dyed, or their beards trimmed precisely to emulate the facial foliage of actors such as Michael Fassbender. The mere male may be getting smoother, but hes still a rugged beast at heart.造型师马修·苏伯雷和伦敦查尔斯?维新顿的发型师们发现,有越来越多的男士愿意染发,或者模仿诸如迈克尔·法斯宾特等男明星的造型来修剪胡子造型。在外表上,男士可能变得更加整洁了,但在内心中,他们仍是邋遢的野兽。201208/193881 A volunteer undregoes a virtual sex change. His virtual reality headset was showing him a woman and a young girl in a room and transport him into the girls body. Once there the woman strokes his arm while his real arm is being stroked at the same time. The research aims to reveal how much were prepared to believe that the virtual is real, according to university of Barcelonas, Panha Spindly .一名志愿者正在实验转换性别的虚拟现实技术。他头上佩带的虚拟现实头盔让他看到一个房间,里面有一名年长的女性和一名年轻女孩,接着头盔将视角转换成年轻女孩的视角。当画面中的女人触摸女孩儿的手臂时,实验者的胳膊也被施加相似的触碰。巴塞罗纳大学的Panha Spindly表示,这项实验旨在检验我们在多大程度上会把虚拟当成现实。What were doing this research with reality is that we show it from a first persons perspective, so when you look down at yourself you actually see the girls body. And this shows to be more important than the synchronous and synchronous stroking.我们通过使用第一人称视角进行这项关于现实和虚拟的实验,因此,当男性受试者看向自己的时候,映入眼帘的是女性的身体。实际上,这种第一人称视角比同步视觉和触觉信息更加重要。7 minutes of stroking gets the volunteer comfortable, and then the virtual perspective changes from first to third person and the mood changes. Immediately after the experiment volunteers said on average they felt their arm was being stroked by the virtual woman. Even though the visual image of the girls arm was less convincing.长达7分钟的抚摸使受试者感觉很舒,接着受试者的视角转换为第三者的视角,情况也有变化。受试者普遍对着突如其来有着相同的感觉,他们觉得好像是虚拟的年长女性抽打了他们。即使他们的视角已经不再是年轻女孩的视角了。Weve done another experiment where we actually look at how much realism is important, and it shows that what is important is not the visual quality but just the way virtual reality reacts to what youre doing.我们还做了另一个实验来验虚拟现实中最重要的元素,实验结果显示,视觉效果并不是最重要的,最重要的是虚拟现实是如何反馈受试者的行为。Virtual reality is aly being used by the US military to treat troops suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, could become more helpful in many other areas.虚拟现实技术用于美国军方治愈士兵的战后创伤后精神紧张症,这项技术也将广泛应用于其他领域。If you would have some abuser put into virtual reality where they are actually the victim of the abuse. That could change their view of whats, what they are actually causing to that person.如果对施暴者使用这项虚拟现实技术,他们就会在虚拟现实中成为自己暴行的受害者。这将会改变他们的视角,使他们认识到对受害人的伤害。Spindly said the new way of 3D consumer technology such as the wii would make virtual reality common place in the home of the future.Spindly表示,这项新的3D技术,例如wii游戏机,将使得虚拟现实技术在未来广泛运用。Steward, Reuters, Barcelona.Steward报道,路透社巴塞罗纳消息。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201209/198372泉州无痛堕胎石狮市中医医院网络咨询



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