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青岛去黑头青岛隆胸整形要多少钱The social networking site Ello is just five weeks old, but damn if it hasn’t made an impression. In the past week, the site has exploded on social media, starting with the LGBTQ community, the music industry, and—somewhat randomly— Germans. It continues to expand to various other corners of the Web. Today, 40,000 new signup requests are pouring in each hour, according to co-founder Paul Budnitz. The site had to temporarily cap new user invitations several times to keep from crashing. More than a million people are waiting to get into Ello, which is more people than are actually onEllo.社交网站Ello刚刚上线五个星期,但它已经给很多人留下了深刻的印象。上周该网站的注册人数激增,尤其受到同性恋圈、音乐界人士,还有德国人(最后这一点应该是个随机现象)的追捧。它还在继续进军互联网的其它角落。该公司的联合创始人保罗o巴德尼茨表示,现在Ello每小时都会收到4万个新的注册申请,该网站不得不多次对新用户邀请进行限制,以避免务器崩溃。超过100万人还在排队等待进入Ello,这甚至比Ello上现有的用户还多。It’s the kind of attention any app developer would die for. How did a handful of guys in Vermont, with a bare-bones Tumblr knockoff, create the latest Web craze? Answer: Launch with a manifesto and an enemy. Ello refuses ads and dislikes Facebook for doing the opposite. “Your social network is owned by advertisers,” its manifesto declares. “You are the product that’s bought and sold.”对于任何软件开发者来说,能有这样高的关注度真是死也值了。那么这几个佛蒙特州的家伙,凭着一个界面还很简陋的山寨版Tumblr,是怎样创造出让这么多人为之疯狂的奇迹的?是:凭借一份宣言和一个敌人。Ello拒绝广告,也不喜欢靠广告吃饭的Facebook。该公司的宣言称:“你们的社交网络实际拥有者是广告商,你们都是被买卖的货物。“At the bottom of the screed, users are offered two buttons. Click “I agree” and you end up on a sign-up page. Click “I disagree” and you arrive at facebook.com. A subtle burn.在这篇雄文的末尾,用户能看到两个按键。点击“我同意”,你就进入了注册页面。点击“我不同意”,你就进入了Facebook。真是一个巧妙的小花招。While discussing the app, it’s difficult to keep Budnitz from wandering into soapbox territory. “I want to change the world,” he says in an interview with Fortune. “I want to prove that advertising isn’t the only way to make money on the Internet. What’s screwing up the Internet and creating all the data collection problems and privacy issues has to do with advertising as a model on the Internet.” Hundreds of thousands of people have clicked Ello’s “I agree” button in solidarity.在讨论这款应用时,你几乎很难打断巴德尼茨慷慨激昂的演讲雅兴。他在接受《财富》(Fortune)采访时表示:“我想改变这个世界。我想明广告并不是在互联网上挣钱的唯一方法。互联网之所以变糟,之所以有这些数据搜集问题和隐私问题,跟广告这种挣钱模式有莫大关系。”而几十万人已经团结一心,在Ello上选择了“我同意”。There’s a small problem with being too self-righteous on the Internet, though: People are eager to point out your hypocrisy. Not long after Ello went viral, one of the site’s users pointed out that it had raised venture capital. The message was that the company will eventually be pressured to make lots of money or sell to someone who would likely do the same. Ello’s investors own 12% of the company, Budnitz says, and acknowledges that Ello is “obviously a business.” Unsurprisingly, his inbox has been flooded with venture capital interest this week.不过在互联网上抢占道德高地也会碰到一些小问题,比如人们会迫不及待地明你的伪善。就在Ello走红后不久,该网站的一名用户指出,Ello已经从风投那里拉来了融资。这说明Ello最终还得面临赚钱的压力,或者被卖给想通过Ello赚钱的人。巴德尼茨也坦承投资者拥有该公司12%的股份,并表示Ello“显然是笔生意”。不出所料,他的邮箱这周都快被表达风投意向的信函挤爆了。There have been issues with Ello’s lack of privacy and blocking features, a basic requirement for any social media site in the era of online bullying and harassment. The company has responded by building features as quickly as possible, moving around its priorities, not unlike a politician might do to keep various constituents happy. For the haters, Budnitz has little sympathy. “If you don’t like what we’re doing, then please delete your account and leave,” he says.Ello目前依然存在缺乏隐私和阻止功能等问题,在这个网络流氓泛滥的年代,这个功能对任何社交媒体都是必不可少的。Ello公司表示会尽快构建相关功能,调整工作重点。他们就像政客对待选区的民众一样,希望让大家都满意。不过对于讨厌Ello的人,巴德尼茨则毫不留情面。他说:“如果你不喜欢我们正在做的事,请删除你的账户并离开。”Even if Ello, a company with strongly stated principles, can make its audience of users with strongly held beliefs happy, it faces a much bigger challenge: survival. To be a successful business, Ello faces the not insignificant task of turning Internet’s entire business model on its head.对于Ello这样一家原则性很强的公司来说,就算它真的能让那些同样很有原则的用户感到高兴,它也依然面临着一个更大的挑战,那就是生存。想要成为一家成功的企业,Ello需要解决的一大任务,就是转变互联网行业的整个业务模式。Content and communications on the Web have monetized with eyeballs and advertisements since the Web’s earliest days. In Michael Wolff’s 1998 book Burn Rate, the teams at Time and Wired magazines in the mid-1990s separately have a lightbulb moment: “Users prefer to accept advertising rather than pay for the cost of content.” He writes: “Wired’s stature in the Internet community, and Time’s stature in the advertising community nearly overnight made advertising part of everyone’s plans for the Web.”从互联网的襁褓阶段开始,网络上的内容和传播就一直在靠网友的眼球和广告挣钱。迈克尔o沃尔夫在1998年的著作《烧钱速度》(Burn Rate)一书中写道,90年代中期,《时代》(Time)和《连线》(Wired)杂志都分别意识到广告对互联网的重要意义。书中写道:“用户更倾向于接受广告,而不是花钱去购买内容。《连线》在互联网社区中的高度,以及《时代》在广告界的地位,几乎一夜之间使广告成了每个进军网络的人都要考虑的问题”Wired’sfirst banner ad appeared in 1994. On that foundation, the Web’s economy was built. The ad-supported Web contributes around 0 billion to the U.S. economy, directly employing two million people and indirectly, 3.1 million, according to an IAB study from 2012, the latest available.《连线》的第一条网页横幅广告诞生于1994年。以此为基础,互联网经济开始建立起来。根据IAB公司2012年的一项研究,由广告持的互联网行业为美国经济贡献了大约5300亿美元,提供了200万个直接工作岗位和310万个间接工作岗位。It’s not that the world loves digital advertising. It’s that advertising happens to be the thing that works best. The Atlantic recently called digital advertising “the Internet’s original sin.” And so, we have a handful of noble, ambitious, possibly naive attempts to repent by reeling back Web’s default business model. Before Ello, there were the social networks App.net and Diaspora, both of which came up short in their lofty goals.这并非是说世界喜欢数字广告,而是广告正好是最合适的东西。《大西洋月刊》(The Atlantic)最近撰文称,数字广告是“互联网的原罪”。因此,有少数内心崇高又雄心勃勃(可能也有点幼稚)的公司希望能摆脱这种默认的业务模式。比如在Ello之前还有App.net和Diaspora等社交网络,可惜他们的目标虽然高尚,却仍免不了昙花一现的命运。Ello’s business plan is different. The site plans to charge for features. If you want to manage two different accounts on Ello, you will have to pay a one-time fee of . The site launched with hardly any features in order to be as simple as possible. That gives Ello the option of charging for each new feature it introduces.Ello的商业计划则有些不一样,该网站计划根据功能收费。如果你想在Ello上拥有2个账户,你就得一次性付2美元。由于奉行极简主义,该网站刚发布时几乎什么功能也没有,因此对每项新功能收费成为Ello今后的可能性之一。The problem with App.net, Budnitz says, is that its per year membership was a high hurdle for people to get over. But it’s not clear how, even at scale, charging users and at a time could turn into a sizable (nevermind profitable) business. The company’s investors might not be okay with that, but Ello’s founders are. Its manifesto states that Ello’s founders are not interested in ruling the world: “We think people that are motivated to do things like that have unresolved psychological problems.”巴德尼茨认为,App.net失败的原因在于每年50美元的会员费实在是太贵了。不过我们现在还不清楚,哪怕Ello有再多的客户,光靠向用户一次收取1到2美元如何能演变成一个规模可观的生意(更不用提盈利了)。虽然投资人可能会对此感到不爽,但Ello的几位创始人却认为这样没什么不好。Ello的声明中表示,Ello的创始人对统治世界不感兴趣:“我们认为,一心想当老大的人,肯定有一些没解决的心理问题。”(财富中文网) /201410/334025青岛无痕开内眼角价格 连云港中医院门诊时间

青岛看胎记更好的医院Online sales now represent as much as one-tenth of all retail sales in the ed States. This has led traditional stores to seek new ways to keep their customers loyal.目前,网上销售占到了美国零售总额的十分之一。这导致传统卖场需要寻找新的途径来保持客户忠诚度。Lynne Shaner used the Internet to buy everything she needed for her wedding and holiday gifts for her husband and step-daughter. Other than food, 90 percent of her purchases were made on her home computer.Lynne Shaner使用互联网购买了婚礼所需的一切东西,以及给丈夫和继女的节日礼物。除食品外,她90%的交易都是在家里电脑上完成的。;I find that, by being able to go online and choose the things that I need to choose, and have them delivered to me right at my doorstep, I eliminate all the driving, all the crowds, all the noise of that, and I usually get a better selection.;她说,“我发现,通过网上购物和送货上门,我远离了开车、人群、噪音等等,而且通常我能得到更好的选择。”There are a lot of people like her. Experts say American online shopping hit records in both November and December. Fifty-seven percent of Americans have bought something electronically.美国有很多人像她一样做。专家表示,美国网上购物在11月和12月再创纪录。57%的美国人进行了电子购物。Store owners worry that this growing amount of online sales will hurt their business. Cornell University marketing professor Ed McLaughlin says they should be worried. He spoke to VOA by Skype.商店老板担心网上销售日益增长会损害他们的生意。康奈尔大学营销学教授埃德·麦克劳克林(Ed McLaughlin)表示,这些老板们应该为此担忧。他通过Skype接受了美国之音采访。;Anything that can move online, will. And it#39;s just a matter of time.;“任何东西都能转到网上销售,这只是个时间问题。”Professor McLaughlin says traditional stores can keep their customers by selling goods like clothing, which buyers may want to see and try on before purchasing. He says the stores could also offer things that are difficult to ship. He also says some stores can please customers by offering to set up or repair electronic products.麦克劳克林表示,传统商店可以通过销售装之类的商品维持客户,客户购买这类商品前希望亲眼看到并试穿。他说,商店还可以销售不方便运输的东西。他还表示,一些商店可以通过提供电子产品的设置和维修来取悦客户。Bill Martin is the founder of ShopperTrak. His business helps stores learn about their customers. He told VOA by Skype that traditional stores offer a social experience that some people enjoy.比尔·马丁(Bill Martin)是ShopperTrak公司的创始人。该公司帮助商店了解其客户。他通过Skype对美国之音表示,传统商店提供了部分人喜欢的一种社会经历。;There is still a lot of emotion in the buying decision, you know, that takes place. Oftentimes, you know, you need that last sense of ‘Boy, this is exactly what I want#39; -- that feeling before you#39;re y to part with money, and you can#39;t always get that on-line. It#39;s a rather cold process.;“在购物决策中还有许多情感因素起作用。通常情况下,你需要‘小伙子,这就是我想要的’这种花钱前的感受,在网上找不到这种感受。网上购物是一种比较冷淡的过程。”Bill Martin says traditional stores can provide goods to buyers more-quickly than online stores. And some retailers are using websites to persuade people to visit their stores.马丁说,传统商店能够比网上商店更快地向客户提供商品。一些零售商开始使用网站说人们去他们的商店。While e-commerce worries some business owners, the only worry for delivery services like FedEx and UPS is keeping up with the number of packages. UPS Manager Dana Kline says her company is very busy at this time of year. UPS is so busy that it has filled 55,000 temporary worker positions during the holiday season.反过来电子商务也担忧一些企业主,这种唯一对FedEx和UPS这类快递务的担心也随着包裹数量一路增长。UPS经理达纳·克莱恩(Dana Kline)表示,她们公司每年这个时间都很忙。UPS是如此之忙,以至于它们在节日期间补充了55000个临时工职位。 /201301/222317青岛公立三甲医院属于专科医院吗 连云港中医院几级

菏泽市立医院整形美容Boeing Co. has filed plans with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission for a secure smartphone designed for defense and security applications.波音公司(Boeing Co. ,BA)日前向美国联邦通讯委员会(Federal Communications Commission, 简称FCC)提交申请,计划推出一款针对防务及安全应用的安全智能手机。The phone, dubbed Boeing Black, is based on Google Inc.#39;s Android operating system and represents a new foray for the aerospace and defense company into adjacent businesses beyond its traditional slate of airborne products.这款名叫Boeing Black、搭载谷歌公司(Google Inc.)安卓(Android)操作系统的手机,再次凸显了宇航及防务企业打破传统航空产品框架,向相邻业务拓展的努力。Without publicly announcing the planned product, Boeing has posted a description of the device on its website, showing that it features a modular design that can attach sensors to its 5.2-inch tall body for functions such as advanced location tracking, solar charging, satellite transceivers and biometric sensors.波音没有公开发布产品声明,而在其网站上贴出了产品描述。根据其描述,该手机遵循模块化设计理念,其5.2寸机身可装载感应器,以实现精密定位追踪、太阳能充电、卫星导航以及生物传感等性能。Boeing filed the documents with the FCC on Feb. 24. A Boeing spokeswoman said in a statement the phone is #39;designed to meet the evolving security needs of defense and security customers.#39;波音公司于2月24日向FCC提交了申请。公司发言人在一份声明中称这款手机“意在迎合防务及安全领域的客户不断变化的安全需求”。The spokeswoman said Boeing spent more than 36 months researching and developing Black and what it calls the #39;PureSecure#39; architecture. The technology was developed out of a series of acquisitions by Boeing of companies such as Argon ST Inc., Digital Receiver Technology Inc., Kestrel Enterprises Inc., RavenWing Inc. and Solutions Made Simple Inc.该发言人称,波音公司历时超过36个月对Boeing Black手机进行研发,并开发出了被其称作;PureSecure;的手机架构。其技术研发自波音公司收购了的一系列子公司,包括Argon ST Inc.、Digital Receiver Technology Inc.、Kestrel Enterprises Inc.、RavenWing Inc以及Solutions Made Simple Inc.。 /201402/277639 Opportunity has made one of its greatest scientific discoveries so far. Clay minerals in a rock called Esperance clearly indicate that neutral water flowed across the rock some time in the first billion years of its existence.The rock was found near Endurance Crater, and took seven attempts to analyse because it was partially covered in Martian dust.The clay minerals are similar to one called montmorillonite. Formed under the influence of neutral water, this is significant because neutral water, which is similar to household tap water, is thought to be much more conducive to the chemistry needed for the origin of life.Announcing the results, Steve Squyres, principal investigator for Opportunity, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. said that, although they have talked in the past about finding water with Opportunity, really it was more like sulphuric acid.As Mars turned into the desert planet we see today, so the water became more acidic. This happened because of evaporation, which left a higher concentration of minerals in the remaining water – rather like reducing a sauce to make it richer.Neutral water dates from an earlier time on the planet, when it rained frequently bestowing a more Earth-like environment.Although a first for Opportunity, this is not the first time that neutral water has been found on Mars. In March, NASA#39;s larger, younger rover Curiosity found evidence for #39;drinkable#39; water in clay minerals in Gale crater. ;It is really striking to me, how similar the stories are for the rocks at Gale and Endeavour crater,; says Squyres, comparing the two findings.Opportunity is now heading for a 55-metre high outcrop called Solander Point. Averaging 50 metres per day, the team hope to get there before August.Winter is approaching on Mars. If Opportunity reaches Solander Point#39;s sloping sides, the solar panels can catch more of the low winter Sun. This could give them enough power to drive during the winter months.In previous Martian winters, on flatter terrain, power levels have dropped so much that engineers have had to park Opportunity and wait for the cold weather to end.Images show that Solander Point displays layered terrain. These layers preserve a record of Mars#39;s changing climate throughout the planet#39;s history, which Opportunity can . Analysing such layers is similar to Curiosity#39;s mission at Mount Sharp in Gale crater.The longevity of Opportunity is astonishing. Designed to last for just 90 Martian days, it is now approaching its 3400th Martian day of operation.It has lasted almost 40 times longer than its design lifetime. It was launched on 7 July 2003 and landed on 25 January 2004.Considering the age of the rover, and the fact that its twin Spirit #39;passed away#39; in 2010 during its fourth Martian winter, it seems prudent to start the celebrations now. Just in case.“机遇号”目前已实现了它的一项最伟大科学发现。一块名为“狮石”(Esperance)的岩石里,其中的粘土矿物表明在这块岩石最初的10亿年中的某个时刻时在,曾有中性水从它上面流过。这块岩石在“持久”陨石坑(Endurance Crater)附近发现的 ,由于有一部分在火星尘埃下面,通过七次尝试才将它分析出来。这个粘土矿物与“高岭石”(montmorillonite)矿物质很相似。这种矿物质在中性水的影响下形成,具有重要意义,因为与家用自来水相似的中性水被认为更加有助于生命起源所需的化学物质的产生。“火星”号的首席研究员斯蒂夫斯.奎尔斯(steve Squyres)在纽约州伊萨卡市的康奈尔大学(Cornell University)宣布研究结果时说,虽然过去他们宣布过“机遇”号发现水的事情,而事实上更像是硫酸。由于火星变成了我们今天所见到的沙漠星球,因此,水的酸性更强。这是由于蒸发才公这种现象,而蒸发把高浓度矿物质留在了剩余的水中,这有点像酱油蒸发。变得更加浓稠。中性水可以追溯到火星早期,那时火星上频繁地下雨,那时的大气环境与地球现在的环境很相近。虽然这是“机遇”号第一次在火星上发现水,但这却不是水第一次在火星上发现。在今年的三月份,美国宇航局的体积更大,设备更新的“好奇”号(Curiosity)火星车在盖尔陨石坑(Gale crater)的软土矿物中发现了可饮用水的据。通过比较两次发现,斯奎尔斯说:“这真的令我很震惊,发生在盖尔陨石坑和持久陨石坑的事情是多么的相似啊。”“机遇”号现在正朝着五十五米高的被叫做索兰德高地的一块露出地表的岩石进发。它平均每天能前进五十米,所以它很有可能在八月前到达目的地。火星上的冬天正在悄然来临。如果“机遇”号能到达索兰德高地(Solander Point)的斜坡,那么在冬天太阳电池板就能从高度角较低的太阳中吸收更多的能量。这就能给它们充足的能量在冬天的几个月里继续前行。在火星上之前度过的几个冬天,“机遇”号都处于平坦地带,而功率电平降到了很低,工程师们不得不让“机遇”号停下来,等待着寒冷天气的结束。图片显示索兰德高地呈现出层状地形。这些“机遇”号能研究的层状结构保存了火星整个历史进程中变化的气候的记录。“机遇”号分析这些层状结构的任务和“好奇”号在盖尔陨石坑中夏普山上的使命是相似的。“机遇”号的寿命是惊人的。最初它被设计在火星上停留的时间仅仅是九十天(火星每天比地球长40分钟),而现在它即将要迎来它在火星上工作的第3400个日子。“机遇”号在2003年7月7日发射升空,并于2004年1月25日着陆火星,已运行了接近四十倍于设计寿命的时间。鉴于它现有的寿命和它的“孪生”火星车——“勇气”号在2010年即“勇气”号在火星上的第四个冬天期间“去世”。现在来进行庆祝似乎是很谨慎的。毕竟要以防万一嘛。青岛高密大腿吸脂医院青岛割双眼皮哪里好价格



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