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一个美女和四个科学阿宅的故事就这样在笑声中悄然开始上演,这是一部以"科学天才" 为背景的情景喜剧,这倒非常罕见《生活大爆炸剧组的专访,有搞笑的谢耳朵,有在美眉面前激动不语的羞涩印度小男孩,还有剧中性感尤物Penny的情归何处?看看你是谁的粉丝呢? Hi,this is Kate Ward m ew[emailew@com]@com[email] broadcasting live m our VIP sweet at Comic-con.I am here with the cast of Big Bang seires,Hello!Hey……“And this is kind of like coming home you guys,right? I mean you are among your people here.”Yeah, I guess so.Yeah.PENNY:We are kind of among our people.And you can share your mikeman.[麦克风] But……emmwe talking with this?yes,yes.So this is the first time I am seeing you guys on a flash,but I see your faces everywhere throughout the convention.Now look you guys on bags and you know people are How does our fresh holder cause I thought it that like two seconds againsBut how was the business you guys being……have a chance to be employed around the interestsIt's been fun.It's been hard us to walk around,you know,but it's been great to see the fans who like us around the doors us sinceIn the four seasons we have some very great news happened to guys little whlie ago,I mean nomination,(yeah……)it's the best comedy series, it's called Jonny Jonny as you go.Any of you are experiencing competition we know deep crown who is glasses on the office,you know,it's Sheldon who can do these things to try to use cirp secure when you do?“You mean my hurt him? I don't know, I can't have anything to tell ……It's about one just like want to do. ”no,no ,it's of my scanners.'yeah,I bet it will be very effective.you guys are yearly long from your laborary happening ,you know ,what you guys,(you haven't got hotten head yet?)reets of September?We'll be ,well ,it's true we'll be back at work bee the actual AMY so maybe we want to see each other every day,we know get really ugly. It's hard to imagine,but I think it's possible .Howard.Right, I'm speaking…… might have some interesting things happen in the mext premier you guys because the scenario【情节,剧情】 was very mind-blowing [使兴奋的,引起幻觉的],we had well PENNY and LENARD the whole season and we had a weird yes with FROGE and PENNY.So did you guys * that twist? did you, cause it was really a shock BangNo,there's no indication,that was going to happen none season.So there was no shocken.So would you think it reed to the first time you've……Simon and I get angry we didn't it ...to offer some reason, just made no logic sense.yeah,because I didn't it.there was going to be some resolution of some kind ,could you guys tease anyting us? We'd love to , we have no idea what does it means.We don't know either,you don't know either.no, no idea with what does it means.This post was generated by put listening repetition system, Check the original dictation th! 36

On the subject of vast distances, we come now to our series--the state of our unions about marriage in this country. Tonight couples who keep it together across the miles in what sometimes are called "commuter marriages" often necessary, when work is in one place and family is in another as we see tonight from N's Rehema Ellis.One two threeThe typical weekend Florida couple Darren and Lucinda Lesser--playing with two-year old son Bryce. But once Tuesday morning rolls around.Hi, Baby, love you.Love youDarren goes back to his contracting job, a thousand miles away in Philadelphia. It's an arrangement becoming more common among married couples, the so-called "commuter marriage".The US Census Bureau estimates 3.6 million married Americans, including military families, live apart. That's a 0 percent increase since 1999. many couples, like the Lessers, it's about economics and child care.She's a wonderful mother and so I just can't think of someone else raising our son.So how do they make it work? Communication is key.(How was your flying?)We do a lot of rituals, if you would call it that, you know, we speak first thing in the morning, we speak last thing in the evening.Still the Lessers are planning ahead. Lucinda has started her own Mary Kay business and is studying her real estate license to help build up their savings so when the time comes Darren to stop traveling, they can afd it.Leading to the next challenge, living together again full-time. Dr. Bill Pinsof is president of the Family Institute at Northwestern University. "The most important thing is to have patience and to realize that you are not just gonna be able to come back and everything's gonna fall back into place.""I give it maybe or 3 weeks. She'll probably be y to send me back out on the road."But they are willing to risk it, because like most couples, the reason they got married in the first place was to be together.Rehema Ellis, N news, New York. 1

  effectiveness效用,dealer商人,watch-dog监察人员,The Effectiveness of AdvertisementSome businessmen were talking about advertising on TV excitedly. As none of them had ever done it bee, every one had his point of view.At this moment, Mr. Grey came by. Grey was a car dealer and he had once made an advertisement."What are you talking about?" Mr. Grey asked."Does advertisement work or not?" one of the businessmen asked."Oh, yes, it works very fast," Mr. Grey said. " I once advertised my watch-dog and offered a reward of .""Did you get the dog back?""No, but that very night three of my cars were stolen."广告的效力一群商人正热烈地讨论在电视上做广告他们中没有人做过,所以每个人都有自己的想法此时,格雷先生进来了格雷是一个汽车经销商,他曾经做过一次广告“你们在讨论什么?”格雷先生问“广告有用不?”其中一位商人问 “噢,有用,而且见效非常快”格雷先生说,“我曾经发布了一条广告,要招聘一个值班员,报酬是0美金”“你招聘到人了吗?”“没,但是那个晚上我的三辆车被偷走了”1. come by这个词组,我们来学习一下它的两种意思:pay a visit 来访,拜访I'll come by after work and see if you need any help. 我下班后会再来拜访,看看你有什么需要帮忙的地方acquire 获得,得到A good assistant is hard to come by. 要得到一个好助手很困难.dealer商人除此之外,它还有“行为者”的意思:a plain dealer质朴的人;“打交道的人”:a dealer with the Devil与魔鬼打交道的人3.watch-dog看门/监察人员还可以作形容词,是“监察人组织的”的意思:a watch-dog committee监察委员会a watch-dog organization监督机构.offer出价offer还有很多含义,比如“奉献”:offer oneself to God把自己奉献给上帝“呈现”:John offered an embarrassed, almost hurt expression.约翰的脸上现出一种窘迫乃至自尊心受到伤害的表情5.reward报酬/奖赏get nothing in reward one’s kindness好心不得报答;The fireman received a reward saving the child’s life.因为救了小孩的命,消防员得到一笔奖金6.steal偷窃/用不正当手段取得steal away sb.’s heart获取某人的欢心;steal away the business抢走生意;They’ve stolen our liberty.他们夺走了我们的自由 63

  大家对名人感兴趣吗?我想大家在提及自己的偶像时一定会滔滔不绝,你们想听听你们的偶像是如何用英语表述自己的吗?那么,还等什么?快快随我一起来倾听他们的声音吧!~ 19。


  Famous Americans-Carrie Nation; The Beach Boys; to pump up versus to balloon versus to beef up; historic versus historical; vigilance Words:temperancealcoholic chapter Prohibition raid hatchet to release surfing hippie hit lyrics hip recessiondepression if you will all-in-one tax adviseror 396961

  At Sophia cousin storeSophia: Here Copellini, my cousin store.Acheng: Sounds like an Italian name with an “i”at the end.Sophia: Admit it. You just think of Mussolini.Acheng: No, Im an art lover, so I think more of Bellini and Botticelli!Sophia: Ah, yes. The Italians do love the sensual ms of the human body.Acheng: Dont we all...hey! Your cousin sells gift items?Sophia: Yeah-all from Italy. See all the saints? Theyre important to Roman Catholics.参考译文:在苏菲亚表的店里苏菲亚:这里是可波里尼,我表的店阿 震:听起来应该是一个「尼」结尾的意大利名字苏菲亚:承认吧,你刚刚联想到墨索里尼阿 震:不,我是个艺术爱好者我比较会联想到贝里尼跟波底迦里!苏菲亚:对意大利人的确喜欢满足感官刺激的人体阿 震:谁不是呀……嘿!你表卖礼品吗?苏菲亚:是啊——全是意大利货看到这些圣徒吗?他们对天主教来说非常重要重点词汇:saint (n.)圣人,圣徒saint of...就是「守护…的圣徒」A: George made you chicken soup when you were sick?乔治在你生病的时候替你煮鸡汤?B: Yes, he such a saint.没错,他真是个大好人sensual (a.)官能的,感官的因为Bellini跟Botticelli这二位意大利画家都以描绘裸体男女著称,强调人体美This massage oil is so sensual.这油真是引人遐想Roman Catholic(罗马)天主教(徒);Catholic Church是「天主教会」The Catholic Church is a major world religious organization.天主教是世界主要的宗教组织 36193

  B. Fox Hollow golf course.Listen to a news report on an environmentally friendly golf course. As you listen, carefully study the words in the two columns and then complete the news summary.Golf courses and the environment have historically been at odds.It hard to reconcile the careful grooming and excessive water needed greens and fairways with conservation and natural habitats.One case in point, Lakewood Fox Hollow Golf Course had its construction temporarily halted so some killdeer eggs can hatch.A pair of red-tail hawks were also born during the construction of Fox Hollow.However, the golf course has recently won an award its relatively low impact and sustained wildlife.The Golf Course superintendents of America say Lakewood 7-hole fox Hollow course blends well with Bear Creek Lake grasslands, and the land still hosts foxes,deer, great horned owls, blue herons, coyotes and other wild life.Only three environmental Steward Awards are given out each year, So Lakewood officials are pretty excited about helping set the standard golf courses with a soft touch. 33359

  Einstein and God 爱因斯坦与上帝Einstein climbs to the top of Mt. Sinai to get close enough to talk to God. Looking up, he asks the Lord..."God, what does a million years mean to you?" The Lord replies, "A minute." "Einstein asks, "And what does a million dollars mean to you?" The Lord replies, "A penny." Einstein asks, "Can I have a penny?" The Lord replies, "In a minute." 爱因斯坦登上西奈山与上帝近距离交谈仰望着上帝,他问道:“神啊,一百万年对于你来说相当于什么呢?”上帝回答:“一分钟”爱因斯坦问:“一百万元对于你来说又相当于什么呢?”上帝回答:“一分钱”爱因斯坦问:“能给我一分钱吗?”上帝说:“请等一分钟” 8857。


  她上榜福布斯公布美国名最有钱的电视名人.她即将离开N的《Today,在荧屏上身经百战的她,会因为离开而潸然泪下吗?还是释然地和主持人开玩笑营造愉悦气氛?Is that right?Acknowledge of this and Katie Couric came to anchor the CBS evening news?是这样吗?承认这个而且凯蒂?库瑞克来CBS晚间新闻吗?I took her job.我取代了她的工作You took her job?And in this 5 years, and you both ,did you both know you were leaving?你取代她的工作?在这5年,你们俩,你俩都知道你要走了吗?No,we did not.I mean,I heard rumors about her leaving.And I made my decision around January.不,我们没有我的意思是,我听到流言说她要离去我在一月会做决定Right,yeah.对,是的It seems to me like you were what the same you could be said any play show, you were the perfect fitter that show.But I thought ,youre the perfect fitter on the View.在我看来你就是那种任何演出都能出色完成的人,而你也有完美的表现但是我想,你在银幕上肯定是完美的You did?是吗?Yeah.是啊Thank you.Well,Id like to,I like, why I would be the perfect fitter on View.谢谢你嗯,我想,我喜欢,为什么我会在银幕下是完美的Well, the View over there is like a Mexican firemen,I mean the View is just breezy and, by the way,I dont want a lot of E-mails from Mexican firemen.嗯,比如墨西哥消防员,我指的是轻松而且,顺便说一下,我不想要从墨西哥消防员那里来太多的电子邮件So,how did I get into that?所以,我如何进入角色?You just ,you bring us a sense of integrity to the procceeding, a sense of intellegence and decoy man(decoy man),....but the hours at today show.你只要,你带给我们一种完整意义上的过程,一股莫名的情报学和假人(假人); 但在今天的节目时间;Theyre really hard and get up .30 that hard after a while so,Im tired.他们非常的努力,通常会在点30分起床,长此以往我肯定坚持不住,我会很累And how long have you met lour been there?你曾去过那里见那个人吗?Too long ,it is really too long.It bad,it bad.Talk about the deal is dried up.You know,I dont mean in that way,I dont mean in that way,I dont mean in that way,I do not mean in that way.Totally,it is totally all wrong ,because Ive never been knew those,no,that great,that been there years.得太久了,真的是太久了很不好很糟糕谈论破裂你知道的,我并不是说那个意思,我不想这样完全,完全都是错的,因为我从来不知道这些,不,那是非常伟大的,那里已经有年的历史了You konw ,what I heard,what I heard is a deal dried up.I heard.你知道,我听说了什么,我听说了谈判破裂我听说了I enjoy man I mean a buisness deal.You konw,every 5 years you make a deal.That exactly what,that how I know the word.我喜欢商务人士你知道,每5年你做成一笔交易这正是我知道的字眼Yeah,right.是的,没错词语解释:1. anchor n. 主持人. firemen n. 消防员 3786


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