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Winter can be harsh on your skin, so take extra care to maintain your healthy glow all year round.冬季对你的皮肤来说是非常严酷的,所以,一定要采取额外的防护,保肌肤全年散发出健康的光。Step 1 Take care of hair1.打理头发Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and use conditioner to moisturize. Limit your time with the hair dryer, instead opting to allow it to air dry.使用比较温和的洗发水来洗头发,使用护发素来保湿。限制使用电吹风的时间,让头发自然风干。Rub a few drops of olive oil on your hands and run through your hair -- this will pack your hair full of moisture.向手心中倒入几滴橄榄油,揉搓头发——这样可以很好地为头发保湿。Step 2 Treat your face2.面部护理Treat your face to a luxurious washing with a gentle cleanser, and always follow with a moisturizer. Don#39;t forget to keep your lips protected your lips with beeswax or petroleum jelly.使用温和的洗面奶仔细洗脸,随后涂抹保湿霜。不要忘记唇部涂抹蜜蜡或凡士林。Step 3 Care for hands and feet3.双手和双脚Care for your hands by consistently using moisturizer after each washing. Rub petroleum jelly or a foot balm on your dry feet, cover with socks, let it sit overnight, and you#39;ll wake with super soft heels.每次洗手后涂抹护手霜。干燥的脚部要涂抹凡士林或足膏,然后整晚穿上袜子,这样,早上醒来的时候你的脚后跟就会非常柔软。Step 4 Keep showers short4.缩短淋浴时间Keep those morning hot showers short. Hot water strips the skin of its natural oils. Use lukewarm water if possible.早上的热水浴时间短一点。热水会导致皮肤中的自然油脂流失。如果可能的话使用温水淋浴。Don#39;t forget to exfoliate. Exfoliating removes dead, dry skin from your body and reveals a glowing new layer of skin.不要忘记去角质。去角质可以去除坏死干燥的皮肤细胞,展露出焕发光的新一层肌肤。Step 5 Moisturize everywhere5.全面保湿Use a moisturizer on your body after every shower if you have especially dry skin. Make sure you don#39;t forget to apply your sunscreen.如果你的皮肤非常干燥,每次淋浴后全身保湿。不要忘记涂抹防晒霜。Step 6 Keep hydrated6.补水Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and using a humidifier in your home and/or work environment.每天饮用足够的水,在家中和办公环境中使用加湿器。Step 7 Keep warm7.保暖Dress warm to keep harsh weather and wind from drying out your skin. Protect your hair and skin throughout the winter so you can enjoy it safely while looking forward to summer.衣着要保暖,这样才能防止严冬和寒风让你的皮肤干燥。整个冬季都要保护好你的头发和皮肤,这样就可以在期盼夏季来临的同时享受冬季的风采。The world#39;s coldest place is Ridge A, an area on the Antarctic plateau. It stands over 8 miles high and averages minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit.世界上最寒冷的地方是位于南极大陆高原地区的Ridge A,海拔超过8英里,平均气温为华氏零下94度。 Article/201301/221550

【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Vitamin D is important to keep your bones healthy, particularly as you age and to protect you against diseases. Sunshine is a great source of this nutrient, but if you don’t get a lot of rays or eat the right foods, you may have to add D to your diet.You Will NeedMilk Orange juice Cereal Eggs Fish Vitamin D supplements Soy milk (optional) Rice milk (optional) Egg substitute (optional) Step 1: Drink fortified beverages(多喝富含维生素D的饮料)Guzzle a glass of milk, which is fortified with Vitamin D, each day. Other drinks, like orange juice, are also fortified with the vitamin – giving you about 400 IUs of the nutrient for each 8 ounces.If you’re allergic to dairy, try soy or rice milk.Step 2: Eat cereal(多吃谷物食品)Grab your spoon, bowl, and favorite cereal. Vitamin D is added to breakfast cereal to start your day right.Step 3: Eat eggs(多吃鸡蛋)Scramble or poach an egg. Vitamin D is found naturally in egg yolk.Check out the carton of your favorite egg substitute. Many are fortified with D.Step 4: Eat fish(多吃鱼)Add more fish to your diet. Tuna, salmon, herring, mackerel, and sardines are the top fish picks for Vitamin D.Step 5: Use a Vitamin D supplement(补充定量的维生素D含片)Take a daily vitamin D supplement if you aren’t able to add D-rich foods to your diet, or enjoy at least 10 minutes of sunshine each day.Vitamin D deficiency can impair normal bone metabolism, leading to rickets, osteomalacia, and osteoporosis. Article/201003/99324


  How To Hike... and Enjoy It! on HowcastStep 1: Prepare for your hikeFirst, a hike entails walking. Sometimes strenuously, other times casual. Make sure that walking for longer periods of time works for you. Commence with a tmill until you feel comfortable with a saucy walk in the park, and then finally, graduate onto the track. Do this repeatedly until you feel your strength is adequate to withstand the duration of your desired hike.第一步:为徒步旅行做准备首先,徒步旅行需要行走。有时候很消耗体力,其他时候很随便。要确保你能长时间行走。先从踏车开始,知道你能在公园里随意行走,最后,去小道上行走。要反复练习智能你有足够的体力能达到想要去的目的地。Step 2: Dress appropriatelyNext, forget your exceptional fashion sense and make yourself comfortable for the adventure. Simple jeans and a t-shirt will be sufficient. If the weather is scorching, consider shorts.第二步:穿衣要合适下一步,忘记你的美感,尽量为旅行穿着舒适点。简单的牛仔裤和T恤就足够了。如果天气很热,要考虑短装。Step 3: Wear appropriate footwearThe most important aspect of your attire is the footwear. Tennis shoes, hiking boots, or even specialized sandals (for the audacious type) can be worn but make sure they are not brand new and that your feet are akin to them – or the results may be unfavorable.第三步:穿合适的鞋袜穿衣中最重要的环节是鞋袜。网球鞋,登山鞋,或是特别的凉鞋(对那些大胆冒险者)都可以穿,但是要保鞋不是新的而且脚穿鞋比较舒适,否则结果不堪设想。Step 4: Know your routeNext let's consider our two biggest predators we will encounter – the sun, and the ever alarming mosquitoes. Simply applying spf 30 or higher sunscreen and bug repellent will be sufficient to rid yourself of these pests.第四步:知道你的路线让我们来考虑下2个我们要面对的最危险的事物:太阳和使人害怕的蚊子。让你的防晒系数达到30或是更高,买些驱虫剂足够让你拜托这些麻烦。Step 5: PackingFollowing our spray baths, we must cognize the route. Be informed of the length and incline of your walk. Most areas provide free maps containing this and other imperative information.第五步:收拾背包我们必须认识路线。要知道所走路程的长度和斜坡。很多地方都提供免费的地图,其中包含这类的信息以及其他必要的信息。Step 6: Take your timeWith regards to packing, only bring simple necessities on our undertaking. Water and a few snacks should do just fine for a pint-sized hike. Making a list and checking off items usually benefits. And don’t omit a camera. One of the most enjoyable parts will be the memories that accompany you home.第六步:从容准备考虑到背包,只带些必需品即可。带些水和一些吃的,够一次短途旅行就可以了。列一个表,并检查那些有帮助的物品。不要忘带相机。旅行中最重要的部分就成为你以后美好的记忆。Step 7: Reach your destinationNow the most important step, besides avoiding cliffs and mountain lions of course, take your time. “Use your feet to get away from it all.” Don’t be scared to stop, ponder, and notice the simple things that surround you. Let nature take you to another place.第七步:到达目的地现在是最重要的步骤,除了要避开悬崖和美洲狮外,享受下吧。用你的脚来远离尘世。不要惊慌地停下来,思索并打量周围的环境。让大自然带领你去另一个地方。Step 8And finally, reach your destination. The feeling of accomplishment that you receive will rejuvenate, motivate, and inspire.第八步:最终达到目的地。你获得的成就感会激励并鼓舞你。 Article/201010/116102。

  【视频文本】When we trust someone, we risk getting hurt. Be sure the rewards of a trusting relationship outweigh the risks.You Will NeedUnilateral trust Happiness Face-to-face interactions Social bonding activities Step 1: Extend trust(表示自己对对方的信任)Signal that you are trusting by unilaterally extending your trust to the other person.Handshakes and other forms of social touching promote trust.Step 2: Make the other person happy(让对方开心)Try to make the other person happy. Happiness fosters trust and this fosters more happiness.Step 3: Engage in face-to-face meetings(多见面)Engage in face-to-face interactions whenever possible.Step 4: Participate in social bonding(多参加可以增进感情的活动)Participate in activities that promote social bonding.Some neuroscientists believe that the ability to trust in humans has a biochemical basis. Article/201004/101109

  年仅5岁的艺术天才艾丽塔#8226;安德烈带着另一个充满活力的个展已经回到纽约。明亮、生动,活泼等词语用来描述这位天才澳大利亚女孩的艺术创作。Five-year-old art prodigy Aelita Andre has returned to New York with another vibrant solo show. Bright, vivid, and playful are words used to describe the paintings created by the Australian girl.Andre has been painting nearly all of her life, having crawled onto her first canvas. She created her first significant body of work before turning two-years old.Aly an art prodigy, her bold masterful style has garnered her worldwide attention, solo art exhibitions, and the distinction of being the youngest professional painter in the world.Last year, during her art exhibition at New York’s Agora Gallery, every one of her paintings was sold within seven days.Now, Andre is back for seconds. Bringing to market 22 colorful paintings, priced from 4,600 to 12,900 US dollars,Andre’s second solo exhibit is called ;Aelita Andre: Secret Universe;. The exhibition offers a look into the child’s mind. A mind filled with the fantasy of dinosaurs, unicorns and outer space.The exhibition runs until July 3 at the Agora Gallery in New York. Article/201206/187267


  Step 1 Assess your relationship1.评估你们的关系Assess your time together. Every relationship evolves differently, but it#39;s best to wait at least two months before saying the ;L; word.评估你们在一起的时间。每一段恋情的发展过程各有不同,但是最好至少等两个月再说出“爱”这个字。Step 2 Plan ahead2.提前准备Think ahead to plan something special such as a night out, dinner at home, or ice cream in the park and seize the moment when it feels right -- but don#39;t force it.提前计划好一些特殊的活动,例如晚上外出,在家享用晚餐,或公园里吃冰激凌,恰当地抓住比较好的时机——但是不要强迫。Step 3 Take a risk3.冒险Rely on your inner strength and work up the courage to let the other person know how you feel -- and be prepared to hear that they might not feel the same way.凭借你内心的力量,鼓足勇气让对方知道你的感受——不过要有思想准备,他们或许和你的感觉不同。Step 4 Give the person time4.给对方时间Give the other person time to adjust and think about it, and tell them directly to not answer until they are y.给对方一定时间来适应和考虑,直接告诉他们不需要马上答复,可以等他们准备好了再决定。Tip Be prepared to wait hours or even days for an answer. Don#39;t rush the other person.小贴士:要做好准备,你可能要等几个小时甚至几天的时间才有答复。不要催促对方。Step 5 Beware of digital traps5.不要使用数码产品Beware of using either e-mail or text messages to say ;I love you; for the first time. While they may feel safer, they are too impersonal.第一次说“我爱你”的时候不要使用电子邮件或短信。虽然相对比较安全,但是太过于冷淡。Step 6 Be creative6.有创意Be creative when it comes to saying ;I love you.; Signs, notes, and other nonverbal cues can work wonderfully if you keep them personal and genuine.说出“我爱你”的时候要有创意。如果是隐秘的,真诚的,标语,便条或其他非语言的方式都可以产生很好的效果。 Article/201212/212369

  If you check out the label on the back of your favorite window cleaner, you might be surprised to find some foreign and dangerous chemicals in the list of ingredients. These chemicals can be harmful to you, your family and the environment.Follow these easy steps to find out how to make a safe, eco-friendly window cleaner out of lemons.查看一下你最喜欢的窗户清洁剂标签,你可能会惊讶地发现成份中有一些危险的化学品。这些化学品对你,你的家人以及环境都是有害的。遵循以下简单的步骤,学习怎样使用柠檬制作安全环保的窗户清洁剂。Step 1: You will need1.你需要spray bottle,kitchen knife,2 lemons,white distilled vinegar,water喷壶,水果刀,2个柠檬,蒸馏白醋,水Step 2: Squeeze Your Lemons2.挤出柠檬汁Take your kitchen knife and slice the lemons in half. Over the measuring cup, squeeze out 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Make sure to keep the seeds and pulp out of the juice. Pour the lemon juice into the spray bottle. The lemons provide a natural cleaning power and great scent.用水果刀把柠檬对半切开,向量杯中挤出两汤匙柠檬汁。确保把籽和果肉过滤出来。把柠檬汁倒入喷壶中。柠檬有着天然的清洁功效,而且气味芳香。Step 3: Full Of Vinegar3.醋Pour the vinegar almost all the way to the top of the spray bottle. Top off the vinegar and lemon mixture with water and shake the bottle. The vinegar will cut through your toughest grease and fingerprints on windows and get rid of soap scum and water residue on shower doors.向喷壶中加入醋,几乎加到喷壶顶端,然后向醋和柠檬的混合液中加满水,摇动喷壶。醋可以清除窗户上最顽固的油脂和手指印,还可以清除浴室门上的肥皂泡和水渍残留。Thanks for watching How To Clean Windows With Lemon.感谢收看“怎样使用柠檬清洁窗户”视频节目。 Article/201211/209593。

  Steve Redman from Holland Park in London shows VideoJug users how to fertilise roses with manure. This should be carried out in late Winter or early Spring, so fertilise your roses successfully with our help.伦敦荷兰大学的Steve Redman向VideoJug用户展示怎样为玫瑰施有机肥。这项工作应该在冬末或初春季节进行,所以,在我们的帮助下成功地为你的玫瑰施肥吧!Step 1: You will need1.你需要Manure,A shovel,A wheelbarrow,Gloves肥料,铁锹,独轮手推车,手套Step 2: Add the manure2.撒肥料Use the shovel to sprinkle manure loosely around your roses, so there is a layer approximately 10 centimetres deep.用铁锹把肥料松散地撒在玫瑰周围,形成厚约10厘米的肥料层。Step 3: Protect the branches3.保护枝杈Move the manure away from the crown of the plant, as if the branches are kept in contact with the manure, they will start to rot as the manure decomposes. It#39;s important to wear gloves when handling manure as it may cause health problems.把撒在植株顶上的肥料抖掉,因为如果枝杈接触到肥料,在肥料降解的过程中枝杈会腐烂。处理肥料的过程中一定要戴手套,否则可能会造成健康问题。Thanks for watching How To Fertilise Roses.感谢收看“怎样为玫瑰施肥”视频节目。 Article/201211/208445

  Everyone suffers from stress, but stress can take a toll on our bodies and our minds. Take a minute to relax – stop and smell the roses.每个人都承受着压力,但是压力会对我们的身心造成影响。花费一点时间来放松——停下来享受一下玫瑰的芬芳。Step 1 Medidate1.冥想Meditate. Find a quiet, relaxing place, sit with your back straight, close your eyes, and breathe deeply from your abdomen.Relax your muscles and relax your mind, focusing only on your breathing.冥想。找一个安静轻松的地方坐下来,挺直脊背,闭上双眼,进行腹式呼吸。放松肌肉和思想,所有精神都集中在呼吸上。Chant a mantra, such as ;Om,; in rhythm with your breathing.伴随着呼吸发出一些有节奏的声音。Step 2 Get a massage2.Get a relaxation massage. In contrast to a therapeutic massage, which is designed for pain or discomfort, a relaxation massage is intended strictly to relieve stress.进行松弛。与为了缓解疼痛和不适的治疗相反,松弛是为了缓解压力。Step 3 Practice yoga3.练瑜伽Practice yoga. Enroll in a class or learn on your own. More than mere exercise, yoga intends to balance body, mind, and spirit through exercise, breathing, and meditation.练瑜珈。报名参加瑜伽课程或自学。瑜伽不仅仅是一项锻炼,还可以通过运动,呼吸和冥想来平衡身体,思想和精神。Step 4 Consider acupuncture4.考虑针灸Consider acupuncture. Acupuncture has long been used to treat stress and tension headaches and has been known to be calming and relaxing as well.考虑针灸。针灸长期以来一直用于治疗压力和紧张造成的头痛,也可以使人平静和放松下来。Acupuncture needles are hair-thin and not likely to cause any pain.用于针灸的针只有头发丝那么细,不可能造成任何疼痛。Step 5 Consider hypnosis5.催眠Consider hypnotherapy. A hypnotherapist will induce a relaxed, meditative state and can introduce healing behaviors to alleviate stress in everyday life.考虑催眠。催眠师将会让你进入放松的冥想状态,还会为你介绍日常生活中用于缓解压力的康复行为。Step 6 Try self-hypnosis6.尝试自我催眠Try self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis helps you to relax your body and mind, causes stress hormones to dissipate, and distracts your mind from unpleasant thoughts. Many tools for self-hypnosis are available on the web.尝试自我催眠。自我催眠可以帮助你放松身体和思想,让压力荷尔蒙消失,让你从不愉快的思想中解脱出来。网络上有许多自我催眠的工具供你选择。Studies have shown that hypnosis can suppress the brain#39;s perception of pain.研究表明,催眠可以抑制大脑对痛苦的感知。 /201302/225400

  This film is designed to give insight into the causes of financial crisis. So, follow along and learn what activities precipitate financial decline.本期视频是想要大家对经济危机的内在原因有一个全新的理解。我们来看看是什么促成了经济衰退。A financial crisis generally follows a period of instability. I#39;m not talking about unstable in a bad way. I#39;m talking about main years, or booms.经济危机总是随着一段时期的不稳定而来。这里的不稳定不是说社会秩序混乱,而是主要年份中的社会现状,确切来说,就是迅速的(经济)繁荣。For example, if you check your history books, looking at the 1930#39;s depression. Well, that followed a post war boom. So, the 1920#39;swas a boom time, but that caused financial excess, and therefore, the 1930#39;s, depression.如果翻阅历史,就能看出20世纪30年代的大萧条是伴随着前一个十年的一战后经济繁荣期而产生的。20年代的经济繁荣造成经济上无节制的状态,因此到了30年代就开始衰退。The bubble was caused by us, by people buying property, taking on debt. So, it#39;s quite clear that preceding these crises that we have seen over the last 100 years or so have been periods of mania, and greed, and instability. And that#39;s how to understand the causes of financial crisis. .经济泡沫是由我们自身引起的:我肆意透财产,终至债务亏空。所以很显然,在过去的一百多年里我们所看到的经济危机时期,其实都是狂热,贪婪,和不安定的时期。这是财政危机的真正原因。words to learn: 生词1.precipitatenamp;vt 化学上的沉淀,引申为促成、使……产生2.instability n不安定不稳定状态 原型为stable 安定的,固定的,稳定的(既可以指地理物理属性,也可以指感情状态和社会情况)3.boomn繁荣,兴盛,baby boom 婴儿潮 (新生婴儿数量暴增,占人口比重显著上升的阶段,婴儿潮的必然结果是老龄化社会)4.manian狂热,热衷 指失去理智的状态,如购物狂人看到商场,或者虔诚的宗教徒见到禅宗或者主教。形容词是maniac狂热的5.take on debt半固定搭配,take on 呈现,使……处于某种情形。 Article/201207/191622

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