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Facing a chilly winter, a lot of energy is needed to fight the cold. A hot drink will warm the body and please the taste buds at the same time. People across the world know this secret and have created various drinks to accompany them through the long winters. 寒冬里,御寒需要耗费大量能量。而一杯热饮不仅可以暖身,更是带来味蕾的愉悦享受。这是个人尽皆知的秘密,全球各地的人们也由此发明了各式各样的、可以陪伴他们度过漫长冬日的热饮。 Here, we pick a few typical and popular winter drinks, telling the stories behind them and offering recipes so you can have a taste yourself. 这里,我们选取了几种有代表性的冬日人气热饮,你不仅可以了解它们的渊源,还可以根据我们提供的配方,一试究竟。 Sungnyung (Korea) 茶泡米汤(韩国) Sungnyung is a Korean tisane made from boiled scorched rice. This traditional tea can be traced back to the Goryeo period (918 to 1392). People pour hot water over the parched layer of rice on the bottom of the pot. Sometimes they burn it deliberately, roasting rice in a dry pan until it browns and smells nutty, and then brewing it with hot water for about 10 minutes. Its taste is reminiscent of toast, and makes for a refreshing non-caffeinated end to a meal. 茶泡米汤是一种用锅巴煮制而成的韩国草本茶,这种韩国传统茶饮的历史可追溯到高丽王朝时期(918-1392)。人们用开水来冲泡锅底的锅巴。人们有时也会刻意地将米放入锅中干炒,直至把米粒炒焦并散发出坚果的香味,接着加入热水冲泡十分钟左右。茶泡米汤有股烘烤香气。饭后喝上一杯不含咖啡因的茶泡米汤提提神吧! Ingredients: 配料: Three cups of cooked rice, warm water 三杯干饭、热水 Directions: 制作方法: Preheat the oven. 预热烤箱。 Sp the rice on the baking sheet. 将米饭均匀洒在烤盘上。 Put the baking sheet in the oven and toast the rice until it starts turning brown. 将盛有米饭的烤盘放入烤箱烘烤,直至米粒开始变焦。 Take the rice and let it steep in a cup of hot water for a few minutes. 将米饭取出,加入一杯热水泡上几分钟就大功告成了。 Mulled wine with cranberries (Europe) 蔓越莓热红酒 (欧洲) Mulled wine is a lovely drink for the winter holiday season, especially around Christmas. 寒假里,尤其是临近圣诞的时候,没有什么比一杯热红酒更美好了。 Warming a sachet of fragrant mulling spices in some cider or wine will take you to beverage heaven. Just the smell of the mixture simmering on the stove will bring an instant holiday atmosphere to the home. Wine was first recorded as a spiced, hot beverage in the first century. Mulled wine with cranberries has a sweet, spicy and comforting taste. The cranberry juice gives it a nice tangy flavor. It’s recognized as the best drink to serve guests as they come in from the cold. 在热苹果酒或热葡萄酒里泡上一小袋混合香辛料定会让你乐不思蜀。仅仅是闻一下炉上煨着的香料加美剧,家中便弥漫着假日的气氛。据记载,公元一世纪时葡萄酒首次被人类记载,称其为一种香料热饮。蔓越莓热红酒品尝起来香甜可口,味道好极了。而蔓越莓汁则令它香气扑鼻。它被公认为冬日待客的最佳饮品。 Ingredients: 配料: Cranberry juice, sugar, cinnamon sticks, star anise, red wine, fresh cranberries 蔓越莓果汁、砂糖、肉桂、茴香、红酒、新鲜蔓越莓 Directions: 制作方法: Combine the cranberry juice, sugar, cinnamon sticks and star anise in a large saucepan. Simmer for 15 minutes. 将蔓越莓果汁、砂糖、肉桂和茴香放入大煮锅中,煨上15分钟。 Stir in the wine and cranberries and simmer again. Serve warm. 倒入葡萄酒和新鲜蔓越莓并搅匀,然后煨上片刻,趁热食用 Hot cocoa with toasted marshmallows (worldwide) 棉花糖热可可(遍布全球) Created by the Mayas around 2,000 years ago, chocolate became popular as a beverage in Europe after being introduced from Mexico and has undergone multiple changes since then. 2000多年前玛雅人发明了巧克力,从墨西哥传入欧洲后,它便成为一种风靡欧洲的饮品,同时也经历了多次变革。 Today, hot chocolate is consumed throughout the world and comes in multiple variations including the very thick “cioccolata densa” served in Italy, and the thinner hot cocoa that is typically consumed in the US. 如今,热可可遍销世界各地,且名目繁多。其中包括浓稠的意大利热可可,而美式热可可就要清淡得多。 Studies show that hot cocoa can reduce the risk of heart disease and has a positive effect on arterial health. Adding malted milk powder and toasted marshmallows creates a soft and cozy vibe. 研究表明饮用热可可能够减少患心脏病的风险,而且有利于动脉健康。加上麦乳精和烤棉花糖,更添一种绵软怡人的味道。 Ingredients: 配料: Hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, malted milk powder 热可可、棉花糖、麦乳精 Directions: 制作方法: Heat up the oven and place the marshmallows on a baking sheet until golden, about 30 seconds. 把烤箱加热,将棉花糖放在托盘上烘烤约30秒,直至变成金黄色 Mix the cocoa with the malted milk powder. 将可可和麦乳精混合拌匀。 Add the toasted marshmallows. 加入烤棉花糖。 Ponche (Mexico) 热水果宾治 (墨西哥) Ponche is a warm tropical-fruit punch, traditionally enjoyed in Mexico during Christmas time. 热水果宾治是一种热带杂果热饮,是备受墨西哥人喜爱的圣诞传统饮品。 The base of Mexican ponche consists of piloncillo, a dark brown unrefined cane sugar, mixed with water and cinnamon sticks. Adding guavas and tejocotes, orange-like fruits with an apple-pear taste, is a must. The tejocote’s soft flesh turns almost creamy while soaking in the ponche. Guavas add the right amount of tang and citrusy perfume. 墨西哥热水果宾治基本原料包括粗糖条、原蔗红糖、水以及肉桂。番石榴和一种看起来像桔子但吃起来像苹果梨的水果——tejocote(编者注:又被称为“墨西哥山楂”)也是必不可少的原料,这种“墨西哥山楂”在宾治里浸泡片刻后,其柔软的果肉变得入口即化。而番石榴更为宾治增添一股浓烈的柑橘果香。 It’s also possible to add other winter fruits, like apples, oranges, raisins or walnuts. 你也可以添加其他一些冬令水果,比如苹果、橙子、葡萄干或者核桃。 Ingredients: Water, cinnamon sticks, tejocotes, guavas, apples, sugar cane, piloncillo, rum or brandy (optional)配料: 水、肉桂、tejocote、番石榴、苹果、蔗糖、粗糖条、朗姆酒或白兰地(可选) Directions: 制作方法: Boil the tejocotes and cinnamon sticks in water until the tejocotes are soft. 将tejocote和番石榴放入水中,煮直到tejocote的果肉变软。 Remove the fruit from the pot, let it cool and then peel the skin off. Slice the tejocotes and remove the seeds. 将水果从锅中取出,晾凉后削皮。将tejocote切成薄片、去籽待用。 Place the tejocotes back into the pot of cinnamon-water and add the remaining ingredients. Simmer the mixture for at least 30 minutes. 将tejocote放入盛有肉桂水的锅中,将其余配料也一并倒入,文火煨30分钟以上。 To serve the ponche, remove the cinnamon sticks and ladle it directly into mugs, making sure to include the chunks of cooked fruit. 出锅上桌:将肉桂倒出,直接将其盛入杯中,并确保每杯都有煮好的水果块。 /201312/268154。

  • After hearing customers complain about the quality of office coffee, brothers David, Adam, and Noah Belanich decided to shut down their Manhattan coffee truck and start a new business.在听到客户抱怨办公室咖啡的质量后,大卫、亚当、Noah Belanich三兄弟决定关闭他们的曼哈顿咖啡车,开始一项新业务。Joyride relaunched in 2011 as a business that provides cafe-quality equipment to offices and delivers freshly roasted coffee every day.在2011年Joyride起步,作为每一天向办公室和咖啡馆提供新鲜烘焙咖啡的质量提升设备。Although brewing their coffee takes a little more work, the quality is clearly better. The brothers claim that their coffee is also cheaper per cup than Keurig.尽管酿造他们的咖啡需要更多一点的工作,品质显然是更好的。弟兄们声称他们的每杯咖啡比Keurig的也更便宜。The company is growing fast, with clients including Foursquare, Twitter, Buzzfeed, and Gilt. They also introduced a ;cold brew kegerator; just in time for summer.公司正在快速增长,客户包括Foursquare、Twitter、Buzzfeed和Gilt。他们也为夏天推出了一个“冷酿造设备”。After Business Insider talked with the Belanich brothers to learn about their business, Joyride shows us what a week in the life of the company is like.在Business Insider与Belanich兄弟交流了解他们的业务后,Joyride向我们展示了该公司一周的生活。 /201307/249636。
  • If the shoe fits#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;but you don’t buy it, you could soon be tarred with the same brush as shoplifters by shoe store owners.如果鞋子合脚,你却不买,鞋店老板可能把你当作冒充顾客进店行窃的扒手对待——这种事情在不久以后可能成为现实。Worried retailers are increasingly frustrated by people they dub “fit-lifters” who use stores to find the best-fitting shoes before buying them online at a lower price.现在有一些人把商店当做试鞋间、选好款式后上网以更便宜的价格购买。忧心忡忡的零售商们对这种事情感到越来越头疼。他们称这种人为“试穿贼”(fit-lifter)。Bricks-and-mortar shops have higher salary and rental costs than internet rivals and store owners say some online buyers are freeriding on their resources. “You’ve come in and stolen that service basically,” said Richard Napier of Idaho Mountain Trading, an outdoor sports store in Idaho Falls, who calls fit-lifting unethical.与电商相比,实体商店的人员和租金成本更高。实体店的老板们称,一些网购顾客正在白蹭他们的资源。爱达荷瀑布市(Idaho Falls)一家户外运动品商店——爱达荷登山用品商店(Idaho Mountain Trading)的理查德#8226;内皮尔(Richard Napier)称,在实体店试穿、然后在网上购买的行为是不道德的。他说:“你来店里、然后偷走了那项务,基本就是这么回事。“It’s not that the salesperson didn’t have somebody else to serve who would have bought something. So not only have you stolen the wages. I have a loss of revenue that he would have collected from another customer.”“销售人员并不是没有别的顾客要招呼——那些真正想买点东西的顾客。因此,你偷走的不仅是商店付给销售人员的工资,还有本来可能从其他顾客那里获得的销售收入。”It is common for online shoppers to research products in stores in other retail sectors such as bookselling – a practice named “showrooming” – and smartphones make it possible to buy online even while still in a store. But the trend is particularly contentious in footwear because staff spend so much time fetching boxes and advising customers on comfort.在图书等其他零售领域,网购者在商店里“研究产品”是很常见的行为。这种行为被称为“参观陈列室”,并且只要有智能手机,“参观者”在实体店里面的时候就可以在线购买某样产品。但这种趋势在鞋类零售业中引起了特别大的争议,因为鞋类商店的员工花了那么多时间为顾客取鞋,提供有关鞋子舒适度的建议。Tensions have been heightened by the price advantage that ecommerce gains from the fact that many online shoppers do not have to pay state and local sales tax, which add between 5 and 10 per cent.许多网购者无需向州和地方缴纳销售税(通常占售价的5%至10%),这赋予电商一项价格优势,加剧了实体店的不满。Following years of lobbying by bricks-and-mortar stores, the US Senate is expected today to pass a bill that would help end tax-free online shopping. But it still faces opposition in the House of Representatives.经过实体商店多年的游说,美国参议院预计将在今日通过一项法案,将有助于终结网上购物免税的局面。但该法案在众议院仍面临阻力。Gary Weiner, owner of Saxon Shoes in Virginia and a board member of the National Shoe Retailers Association in the US, said shoe-sellers were “very concerned” about fit-lifting.弗吉尼亚州Saxon Shoes老板、美国国家鞋类零售商协会(National Shoe Retailers Association)理事加里#8226;韦纳(Gary Weiner)表示,鞋类商店“非常担心”在实体店试穿、然后在网上购买的行为。“We also hear ‘My mother sent me in to get my size fitted so she can buy them online’. Those exact words,” he said. “We’re a polite people. So we give them the time of day.”韦纳说:“我们还听过‘我妈让我来试鞋码,这样她可以在网上买’这种话。一字不差。我们是有教养的人。所以我们仍然招待他们。”Asked if he had considered refusing, he said: “We think about it every single time. Do we say it? No. You can’t say it out loud.”在被问及是否考虑过拒绝提供务,韦纳说:“我们每次都考虑拒绝。但我们说出来了吗?没有。这种话没法说出口。”Zappos, an online shoe-seller owned by Amazon, encourages shoppers to order two or more different sizes, which they can return for free, in an effort to overcome customer reluctance to buy without trying.亚马逊(Amazon)旗下在线鞋类商城Zappos鼓励购买者同时预订两种或两种以上鞋码,并提供免费退货务,以打消顾客没有试穿不敢购买的心理。 /201305/238414。
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