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福建省妇幼保健治疗效果如何厦门市二院门诊电话热线在厦门姮美整形医院皮肤美容科 英语学习笔记:definitely [#7;def#618;n#601;tli]adv. 肯定地;当然地;明确地mainstream [#7;men#7;strim]n. 主流 adj. 主流的rebellious [r#618;#7;b#6;lj#601;s]adj. 叛逆的;难以控制的participate [pɑ:r#7;t#618;s#618;pe#618;t]vi. 参加;参与I used to walk around in the ridiculous big pants and speak the slang.我以前喜欢穿一些滑稽的大叉裤,讲一些脏话Well when I was a teenager, I definitely followed the mainstream, even if it wasn’t most popular.当我在青少年的时候,我绝对追随的是主流,即使它不是最受欢迎的So when i was a younger teenager, like or , I fall rap, because that’s what everybody like. it’s rap. When I was older I stop liking rap, I start to think how stupid it was. And I fall rock.所以当我更小的时候,大概,岁的样子,我爱上了说唱,因为所有人都喜欢它但当我长大一些之后我就不爱了,我开始会想喜欢说唱真的太蠢了并且我爱上了摇滚Because rock was against the normal rock was you know something different. But I was still following that mainstream idea.因为摇滚是在反对一些正常的东西,它所表达的是一些不一样的但我依旧追随那些主流观念 example I really want to listen to jazz. But in the same time I don’t dedicate my life to jazz, wear what the jazz people do, talk the way jazz people talk. i think i’m a normal guy, i just listen to jazz. it’s something I enjoy.打个比方,我真的想听爵士乐但同时,我不会让我的生活充满爵士乐,不会穿他们爱穿的,也不会讨论他们爱讨论的我觉得我只是个很普通的人,我只是想听爵士乐,并享受它And I’m more mellow. I don’t get upset so easily. I mean, now I dont like to argue. I dont really care is someone disagrees with me and If someone calls me an idiot, Im not so eager to fight.我变得更成熟了,我不会再那么容易心烦意燥我是想说,现在我不再喜欢争论我也不会那么在意别人意见和我相不相同,哪怕有人嘲笑我,我也不会那么想揍他了I used to be an asshole to my mom when I was a teenager. I would just fight and argue. It’s like, my mother tells me to do something, say “TJ clean your room”. obviously I need to clean my room, it’s trash, but I’ll argue, just ‘cause I don’t like being told what to do. 当我年轻的时候,对于我妈来说我是个很讨厌的人我就只会打架和争吵就像我妈让我做一些事情说:TJ把你自己房间打扫了很显然我需要打扫我的房间,里面全是垃圾但我还是会和她争论,因为我就是很讨厌别人命令我去做某事It is the rebellious phase we go through when we are teenagers.大家都有过愤怒的青少年时期啊 更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 63856厦门做全瓷牙多少钱

厦门晒伤后怎么处理大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Magi上期留给大家的问题为:How many sides does a circle have? 圆圈有几边?下面给大家揭晓:Two. The inside and the outside!两边,里面和外面! 词汇:inside里面This lock can only be opened from the inside. 这把锁只能从里面打开Outside 外面The outside of it looks all right.它的外观还可以 词组:on the inside 在〔从〕里面from the outside to the inside 由表及里the inside of… 的内部〔内侧〕下面给出今天的脑筋急转弯:Who works only one day in a year but never gets fired?谁只工作一天但是从未被解雇?下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见! 019370厦门丰胸手术要花多少钱 Again, He that sells upon credit, asks a price what he sells equivalent to the principal and interest of his money the time he is likely to be kept out of it: theree he that buys upon credit, pays interest what he buys. And he that pays y money, might let that money out to use; so that he that possesses any thing he has bought, pays interest the use of it.还有,一个赊帐出售物品的人,对他所售货物要求的价格相当于货物的本钱加上他暂时不能利用的那笔钱的利息,一个赊帐购买的人,要为他所买的货物付利息而一个用现金购买的人,如果不买的话,是可以把那笔钱借给别人使用的所以,一个拥有任何买来的东西的人,都要为使用这东西而付利息Consider then when you are tempted to buy any unnecessary household stuff, or any superfluous thing, whether you will be willing to pay interest, and interest upon interest it as long as you live; and more if it grows worse by using.当你感到一种引诱,想要买任何并不急需的家用品,或任何不必要的东西的时候,你就要好好考虑一下,你是否愿意为它付利息,并且终身为它利上加利;如果这东西是会用坏的,那末还要付得更多Yet, in buying goods, it is best to pay y money, because, he that sells upon credit, expects to lose 5 percent by bad debts; theree he charges, on all he sells upon credit, an advance that shall make up that deficiency.然而,在买东西时,最好还是付现金,因为赊帐售物的人,估计由于吃倒帐会损失百分之五,所以把赊售的所有货物都要加码,以弥补这笔损失Those who pay what they buy upon credit, pay their share of this advance.那些赊帐购物的人,得付他们所应分担的这笔加码的价款He that pays y money, escapes or may escape that charge.而用现金购物的人,则不需或可能不需付这笔钱A penny saved is two pence clear;省下的一便士是不折不扣的两便士;A pin a day is a groat a year.每天节约一丁点儿一年就是一大笔 379厦门自体软骨隆鼻手术的费用

厦门去外眼角哪家医院好听力原文:Picking the boss 迎接空降老板The outside track 外部跑道Why companies are appointing more outsiders as CEOs 为什么很多公司任命更多的外面的CEOTO MAKE or to buy is perhaps the most basic question in business. This week a new report from Strategyamp;, an oddly named consulting division of PWC, an ing firm, argues that a growing number answer “buy” when it comes to appointing bosses.重点词汇:1 PWC Price Waterhouse Coopers 普华永道 听力原文:Strategyamp;, merly Booz amp; Co, has been studying CEO succession in the world’s ,500 biggest public companies the past years. It found that between and boards chose outsiders in % of planned successions, up from just % between and . Looking at the numbers in a different way, in cases where outsiders were parachuted in, 7% of them joined as part of a succession that was planned in the - period (up from 3% in -). Traditionally boards have turned to outsiders in the last resort—when they have to boot out incumbent CEOs or when the pipeline of internal candidates runs dry. The new statistics suggest that firms increasingly go outsiders as part of regular succession planning. 重点词汇:1 succession 交替;更迭 parachute 跳伞3 resort 应急措施;可首先(或最后)采取的手段 the firstlastfinal boot out 赶走;解雇5 incumbent 在职者;现任者 注释:amp;Co,: Mckinsey amp; Company,麦肯锡先生和他的伙伴们,Bain amp; Company,贝恩先生和他的伙伴们,Company在此处表达 ; 伙伴 ; 的意思,而不是公司的意思这种命名方式基本上全都是合伙人制公司,并且是成立时间较早的美国合伙人制企业听力原文:Good reasons exist this. Boards want leaders who can deal with powerful disruptive ces, such as new technologies and radical business models. Industries that have seen a lot of disruption from technological innovation or regulatory change are particularly keen on outsiders. In the - period, outsiders made up 38% of incoming CEOs in telecoms, 3% in utilities, 9% in health care, % in energy and 6% in financial services. How far outside firms will go varies: in financial services almost all outsiders (9%) came from other financial firms; in utilities 7% of outsiders came from other industries. 重点词汇:1 keen 渴望;热切;热衷于 utility 公用事业 听力原文:Boards are more independent than they used to be, thanks largely to regulatory changes introduced after corporate-governance scandals early last decade. They are more likely to consist of genuine outsiders unencumbered by ties to the CEO and equipped with a wide range of contacts and perspectives. That makes it harder bosses to anoint heirs apparent. Spencer Stuart, a headhunter, calculates that last year 8% of all board directors of Samp;P 500 firms were independent and 9% of boards had a truly independent chair. Strategyamp; says that only 7% of last year’s incoming CEOs were also named chairman of the board. 重点词汇:1 genuine 真的;名副其实的 unencumbered 无负担的;没有阻碍的;不受妨碍的3 anoint (如奉圣意般地)选定; 指定 heir 继承人;后嗣5 apparent 显而易见;明白易懂;显然6 headhunter 猎头者7 Samp;P Standard amp; Poor 欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 36 《变形金刚女主角梅根·福克斯(Megan Fox)主演的影片《詹妮弗的肉体(Jennifer's Body)原声大碟中的部分插曲已曝光,获格莱美奖提名的Panic! At The Disco乐队的最新单曲《New Perspective入选 8厦门美白针有效果吗厦门地区有自体细胞修复疤痕的技术吗



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