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2019年09月16日 10:50:54 | 作者:服务爱问 | 来源:新华社
Thousands of people held candlelight vigils in several major cities across the U.S. Sunday night for the 50 people shot dead in the worst mass killing in U.S. history.在美国各地的几大主要城市,成千上万人星期日晚间举行烛光守夜仪式,哀悼美国历史上最惨重的一次击案0名死难者。Twenty-nine-year-old Omar Saddiqui Mateen -- an American born to Afghan parents -- opened fire in the Pulse nightclub in downtown Orlando, Florida early Sunday morning. Fifty people died. Fifty-three people were wounded, some of them gravely.星期日凌晨,29岁的奥马尔·萨迪奇·马丁在佛罗里达州城市奥兰多的“脉搏”夜总会开行凶,打死50人,53人受伤,其中一些人伤势严重。凶手出生在美国,父母是阿富汗人。The nightclub catered to a primarily gay clientele.这家夜总会的顾客主要是同性恋者。Vigils for the shooting victims were held in Orlando itself, as well as in Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington.除奥兰多外,波士顿、芝加哥、纽约、旧金山和华盛顿也都举行了守夜仪式。In Manhattan, lights on the iconic Empire State Building were turned off in sympathy for the victims. Meanwhile, the spire at One World Trade Center - near the site of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil - was lit in rainbow colors, the symbol of gay pride.在曼哈顿,帝国大厦熄灭灯火,以示对遇害者的哀悼。与此同时,世贸中心一号大楼亮起虹灯饰,这是同性恋者骄傲的象征。President Barack Obama ordered U.S. flags to be flown at half-staff in memory of the victims.奥巴马总统下令美国降半旗,向奥兰多击案的死难者致哀。Obama declared it an act of terrorism and said the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is leading the investigation. He said no effort will be spared to find out what inspired the killer or if he had any links to terrorist groups.奥巴马宣布,这是一起恐怖主义行动,并表示美国联邦调查局正在领导调查工作。他说,美国将全力以赴,弄清是什么鼓动了那个杀手,以及他是否和恐怖组织有联系。The grim president again addressed a stunned nation from the White House, saying it is easy for someone to get his hands on a weapon to shoot people in schools, churches, movie theaters and nightclubs. ;We have to decide if thats the kind of country we want to be. And to actively do nothing is a decision as well.;奥巴马神情严肃地在白宫发表讲话,告诉全国上下因此受到震惊的美国人民说,有人可以轻易得到武器,在学校、教堂、电影院和夜总会杀人。奥巴马说:“我们必须决定这是不是我们所要居住的那种国家,而不作为,也是一种决定。”Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said, ;If investigators conclude this was an act of terror directed or inspired by ISIL (Islamic State), it will only steel our resolve to defeat this depraved enemy, prevent the sp of its hateful ideology, and defend our people.;美国国防部长卡特说:“如果调查显示这是一起受到伊斯兰国的指使或煽动的恐怖行动,就更坚定了我们击败伊斯兰囀?遏制其有害意识形态蔓延以及保护美国人民的决心。”Mateens former wife said her ex-husband was bipolor. ;He was mentally unstable and mentally ill.;凶手的前妻对记者说,他具有双重人格,精神上有问题。来 /201606/449080South Korean opposition parties on Wednesday launched a stinging attack on President Park Geun-hye, lambasting her proposal for relinquishing power and vowing to push ahead with an impeachment motion. 韩国反对党在周三对总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)发起猛烈抨击,斥责她的辞职请求,并发誓要推动弹劾动议。“South Koreans do not want to enter the new year with Park Geun-hye as president ... She has thrown away her last opportunity [to resign with dignity],said Choo Mi-ae, leader of the Democratic party, at a meeting of the three main opposition parties. “Under our constitution, the only remaining option is to proceed with impeachment.韩国民主Democratic)领袖Choo Mi-ae在三大反对党举行的会议上表示:“韩国人不想进入新的一年时朴槿惠还担任总统……她抛弃了她最后的机会(有尊严的辞职)。根据我国宪法,唯一剩下的选择就是进行弹劾。”“I will step down according to the schedule and legal procedures agreed by lawmakers for the stable transfer of power,Ms Park said on Tuesday.朴槿惠在周二表示:“我会按照国会商定的时间表卸任,以尽量减小权力真空。”The remarks prompted Ms Park’s closest allies to demand the impeachment motion be put on ice. Other ruling party lawmakers, broadly in favour of removing the president, said April would be an appropriate time for her to quit.这番言论促使朴槿惠最亲密的盟友们要求推迟弹劾动议。执政党其他议员大致赞成撤去朴槿惠总统职务,他们表示明月是她下台的适当时机。But the opposition has vowed to push ahead with the impeachment bid, saying that constitutionally “there is no other way to shorten her tenure 但反对派已发誓要推动弹劾议案,称按照宪法“没有其他办法缩短她的任期”。If parliament votes in favour of impeachment, presidential power will be transferred to the country’s prime minister while the matter goes to the constitutional court. 如果国会投票赞成弹劾,总统权力将移交韩国总理,期间此事将交由宪法法院处理。The court, whose judges tend to be conservative, then has 180 days to rule on the legality of the motion. If upheld, Ms Park would be forced to step down and would lose her immunity from prosecution.宪法法院将有180天来裁决这项动议的合法性,该院法官通常倾向保守。如果维持动议,朴槿惠将被迫下台,同时将失去检控豁免权。Chung Jin-suk, floor leader for the ruling Saenuri party, said the impeachment motion would confuse proceedings, while an immediate resignation would be inconvenient for voters.韩国执政党新国家Saenuri)领导人Chung Jin-suk表示,弹劾动议将混淆诉讼程序,而立即辞职会对选民造成不便。“If the president announced her immediate resignation on Tuesday, we would have had to hold an election by the end of January,said Mr Chung. “It would be difficult to prepare in time. People would be deprived of the chance to thoroughly vet candidates.Chung Jin-suk表示:“如果总统在周二宣布立即辞职,我们就必须在明年1月底举行选举,很难及时做好准备。这样人们就被剥夺了彻底审查候选人的机会。”来 /201612/481339

China will increase military expenditure by about 7 to 8 percent this year, according to Fu Ying, spokeswoman for the fourth session of the 12th National Peoples Congress. No wonder it has drawn worldwide attention as usual despite it will be a slower growth than that in the past years.第十二届全国人大第四次会议发言人傅莹近日表示,今年中国的军费出将维持7%~8%的增长。这一增长速度虽然与前几年相比有所放缓,但也仍像以往一样引起了国际的极大关注。In recent years, foreign critics have been most concerned about the modernization of Chinas military, which is basically supported and guaranteed by the increase in its defense budget. But what these critics dont understand is that Chinas growing military capacity will not pose a threat to regional peace and security.近些年来,国外的专家们最关心的就是中国军队的现代化建设。而为了提供有力持和保障,中国的国防预算一直呈增长趋势。但是这些专家一直不理解的是,中国军事实力的增强不会对地区的和平和安全构成威胁。First, the increase in Chinas defense budget is justified, especially because its militarys modernization has always been at an appropriate level.首先,中国国防预算的增长是合理的,这主要由于中国军队的现代化进程一直处于适度的水平。China needs its armed forces to protect its peaceful development. This is important for maintaining peace and managing crises. China has to safeguard its sovereignty, security and development interests, and to deal with both traditional and non-traditional security threats. Given these facts, China has every reason to develop its militarys capabilities.中国需要军队来保自身的和平发展,同时军队对于保卫和平和处理危机也十分重要。中国必须要捍卫国家主权、安全和自身发展利益,同时也要应对现有以及突发的安全威胁。考虑到这些实际问题,中国有充分的理由加强自身的军事力量建设。Militaries of all countries need to develop, for that is the global trend, and the Chinese military is no exception. Since Chinas military is in the semi-mechanized/mechanized stage of development, it still lags behind others in terms of capacity. And it will take a long time to become a fully modernized force.如今各国都在加强军事实力建设,这已然成为全球趋势,中国也不例外。况且中国军队正处于半自动化向自动化的过渡期,在规模方面还落后于其它国家,所以中国军队实现完全现代化还需要很长的时间。Second, to determine whether a countrys military poses a threat to other countries, the key factor is not defense expenditure or the size and capability of its armed forces; instead, it is its defense policy and military strategy. A country with an aggressive policy could invade another country despite having a weaker military.其次,看一个国家的军力是否对别国构成威胁,关键不在于军费开,也不在于军队的规模和实力,而要看这个国家的国防政策和军事战略。一个奉行侵略性政策的国家即使军事实力不强也可能会侵犯别国。Another typical misconception about Chinas military is that, since its missiles can strike a certain country, it is capable of destroying that countrys satellites and thus poses a threat to it. But the fact is, many countries have developed long-range strategic missiles, and the ed States has the greatest capability of destroying other countries space assets, and its weapon systems can attack any country. So, is the US the greatest threat to the world?还有一个关于中国军力的传统误区。舆论认为中国拥有的导弹规模可以打击某一国家,而且还掌握了摧毁他国卫星的军事技术,因此对有些国家构成了威胁。然而事实是,当今许多国家都具备战略远程打击能力,同时美国摧毁别国卫星系统的能力最强,其武器实力可以打击任何国家,按此逻辑,美国是不是应该成为全世界的威胁呢?Also, let us not forget that the US has 11 aircraft carriers while China has just one, which is not fully operational. It is, therefore, clear that it is a countrys defense policy that matters most whether it poses a threat to other countries. And Chinas national defense policy has always been defensive in nature and its military strategy is to strike only when it is struck.另外,不要忘了美国拥1艘航母,而中国只艘,而且还未完全投入使用。因此,判断一个国家是否对别国具有威胁关键是要看其国防政策。中国多年来一直奉行防御型的国防政策以及不针对任何国家的军事策略。Third, since China has developed at an unprecedented pace because of a peaceful environment, it is committed to maintaining peace. China plans to double the average income of its people by 2020 compared with 2010 and become a mid-level developed country by 2050. All this can be achieved only in a peaceful environment a conflict or war will disrupt the process. China has a chapter of history of being bullied, invaded and semi-colonized. As a result, it will never pursue expansionism or hegemonism.第三,得益于和平的外部环境,中国实现了飞速的发展,所以中国一直在致力于维护和平。到2020年前,中国计划实现人均收入较2010年翻番以及在2050年前成为中等发达国家。这些目标的实现都需要和平的外部环境,哪怕一次冲突或者战争都会打乱这个进程。中国曾经有一段半殖民地化的屈辱历史,因此中国绝不会寻求扩张和霸权主义。And fourth, with a reasonable increase in its budget, the Chinese military will develop steadily to fulfill its domestic and international obligations and responsibilities. Besides, Chinas military will continue to participate in UN peacekeeping missions, keep conducting escort and anti-piracy missions in the Gulf of Aden and other seas, as required, and work with other countries to maintain world peace.第四点,合理的军费开增长有助于中国军队更好的履行国内及国际的义务和使命,中国军队将继续按照规定参与联合国维和、亚丁湾及其他海域护航等任务,与其他国家一道维护世界的和平。The Chinese military is also committed to reducing risks, managing crises and controlling conflicts, so as to prevent untoward incidents that could disrupt peace and stability. With the growth in Chinas national strength, its military will be better prepared to shoulder more international responsibilities, provide more public security services to the international community and contribute more to world peace and common development.中国军队也将继续加强危机处理,处理冲突以杜绝一切可能破坏和平稳定的突发事件。随着国力的不断增强,中国军队也准备肩负更多的国际使命,为国际社会提供更多公共安全务,为世界和平和共同发展贡献更多力量。来 /201603/430253

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