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思明区妇幼保健院激光除皱手术多少钱厦门欧菲医院去痘多少钱福建厦门人民医院丰胸多少钱 Adorable Pig Calms Stressed Travelers At San Francisco Airport旧金山机场一头猪成功俘获乘客心On December 5, San Francisco Airport (SFO) officials introduced LiLou, the newest member of the Wag Brigade, a group of friendly therapy dogs that roam the airport terminals to provide comfort to harriedtravelers. However, LiLou is not a canine, but a small breed of pig called Juliana. The two-year-old is the first pig to be certified with the SPCA, Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) Program, in the ed States.12月5日,旧金山机场新添一头名为Lilou小动物。Lilou和几只一起受雇“Wag Bridge”地勤动物团,主要来做乘客安抚工作。不过,Lilou可不是,而是一种朱莉安娜猪。2岁的她可是美国“动物辅助治疗”计划中,第一头被动物保护协会授权的小猪。While just the sight of the adorable porker, who sports scarlet nail polish on her perfectly manicured nails, is enough to coax a smile from even the most anxious traveler, LiLou is more than just a pretty face. The talented animal can greet fans with her snout or wave, thank them with a shake of her tail, and even entertain them with live music on her toy piano. SFO officials say the pig even takes a bow after each performance!只是看一眼这头可爱的小猪,看到她涂着指甲油精心修剪的指甲,就足够得紧张的乘客们一个微笑。Lilou可不仅仅是外表可爱。她还会晃鼻子表示问候,摇尾巴表示感谢,甚至还会用她的玩具钢琴弹奏音乐给人们听。机场工作人员说她在每次表演技术后还要鞠躬谢幕!As if that is not enough, LiLou can also push a ball with her snout and stand on her back hooves and twirl like a ballerina. She is also housebroken, an important skill for someone who has to roam airport terminals, two hours at a time.此外,她还能用鼻子推球,仅用后蹄着地,像芭蕾舞蹈员一样旋转。她还非常有礼貌。当然,这也是一头每次要在候机室工作两个小时的小猪,所需要的必备技能。San Francisco SPCA spokeswoman Krista Maloney, says the idea of LiLou becoming a therapy animal came from her owner, Tatyana Danilove. But of course, having a friendly demeanor and love for humans is not enough to qualify. Maloney says Lilou underwent the same training as the dogs and only after she passed with flying colors, was she included in this all-important Wag Brigade family that boasts 300 canine members.旧金山爱护动物协会发言人Krista Maloney表示,让Lilou过来安抚乘客的想法来自她的主人Tatyana Danilove。但作为一名合格的动物地勤团成员,仅是举止礼貌、亲近人类是不够的。Maloney说,Lilou和她的同事一样经过严格训练,合格之后才能加入拥有300只的Wag Brigade团队。Given that LiLou#39;s schedule with her handlers is still not set, there is no sure way of knowing when she will be at SFO. Airport spokesman Doug Yakel says they expect the pig at least once a month and adds, ;We may end up making her visits a surprise.; 现在Lilou和她管理员的档期还没确定,所以她何时在旧金山机场现身还不确定。机场发言人Doug Yakel 表示,我们希望她至少一月能来一次,还补充说,“一定会为她的大驾光临来一场惊喜!”译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201612/483876厦门市第三医院冰点脱毛

厦门瘦身美容Here are 7 health problems from eating too many almonds!以下是吃太多杏仁会导致的7种健康问题!Kidney stones肾结石Certain diets and foods can make people more prone to kidney stones, especially diets high in oxalates. This is where eating too many almonds becomes a problem! Oxalates are a chemical found in certain foods that are not able to be digested by humans. Almonds contain lots of oxalates and should be eaten only in moderation.某些饮食和食物更容易使人患肾结石,尤其是草酸含量高的饮食,这就是杏仁食用过量会出问题的原因所在!草酸是特定食物中所含的化学物质,不能被人体消化吸收。杏仁含有大量草酸,应该适量食用。Although almonds are hailed as an amazing snack choice, they should be eaten only in their recommended amount—which is a handful, or, about 23 almonds a day. Start counting, folks!虽然杏仁是零食中的上等佳品,但应按推荐食用量食用——也就是一天一把,或者大约23颗。朋友,查好数再吃吧!2.Unwanted Pounds体重增加The recommended serving size of almonds can actually help you lose weight, because they’re high in fiber and healthy fats. But when you’re eating too many almonds, the opposite can actually happen. The bottom line is that if you’re not burning the calories that you’re eating from almonds, you will end up gaining weight.按照推荐量食用杏仁真的有助于减肥,因为杏仁中富含纤维和健康脂肪,但吃太多会反作用。关键就是如果你没有把吃杏仁获得的热量消耗掉的话,最终体重就会增加。3.Tummy Troubles腹部不适When you’re eating too many almonds, that amount of fiber can cause some serious tummy troubles. A quarter cup of almonds contains 11% of your daily fiber intake! Too much fiber can lead to bloating, flatulence, even diarrhea and constipation!杏仁如果吃太多,其中所含的纤维会造成严重腹部问题,四分之一杯的杏仁就含有11%你一日所需的纤维摄入量。纤维过多会导致腹胀、胀气,甚至腹泻、便秘!4.Potential for Allergic Reactions有过敏的潜在可能Oftentimes overdosing on a food or consuming it in excess over a period of time, your body can begin to develop reactions to this food. The same is true for eating too many almonds. You should aim to consume a variety of foods. Rotate your diet and never eat too much of the same food—especially almonds!通常一种食物食用过量或者一段时间内吃太多,身体就会开始对这种食物产生反应。吃太多杏仁也是如此,你应该吃多种食物。要经常改变饮食,同一种食物绝对不要吃太多——尤其是杏仁!5.Manganese Overload锰过量While we need manganese and should consume the recommended amount of this mineral every day, eating too many almonds can cause us to exceed the amount of manganese we consume.虽然我们需要锰,每天应该按推荐量摄入这种矿物质,但是吃太多杏仁会导致我们摄入过多锰。If you’re eating the recommended serving amount of almonds every day (which is about an ounce—or a handful—at 23 almonds), you’re getting about 0.6 milligrams of manganese. You’re only supposed to get a few milligrams of manganese every day and you should never exceed 11 milligrams of manganese daily.如果每天吃推荐量的杏仁(约1盎司,或者1把,23颗杏仁),你就能获取约0.6毫克的锰。每天只能摄入几毫克的锰,一天绝对不要超过11毫克。6.Too Much Vitamin E维生素E过量A quarter cup of almonds contains 40% of your daily intake of vitamin E! Vitamin E is a pretty awesome antioxidant and has some amazing health benefits, including helping maintain healthy cholesterol levels, neutralizing free radicals, healing skin, even helping hormones! Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E.四分之一杯的杏仁含40%每日所需维生素E,维生素E是很好的抗氧化剂,对健康有很大好处,如有助于维持正常胆固醇水平、中和自由基、愈合皮肤,甚至能促进激素分泌!杏仁是维生素E的优质来源。The government recommends only 15 milligrams daily intake of vitamin E if you’re over the age of 14! Since almonds contain nearly half of that amount per serving, that doesn’t leave much room for you to eat extra vitamin E in the form of healthy food every day.政府建议14岁以上每天只能摄取15毫克的维生素E,既然每份杏仁中维生素E含量几乎达到推荐量的一半,你就不应该再从每天所吃的健康食物中再多摄入维生素E了。The side effects of overdosing on vitamin E include nausea, loose stools, headaches, fatigue, even blurry vision!维生素E过量会产生一些副作用,包括恶心、拉肚子、头痛、疲劳,甚至还会导致视力模糊!7.Increases Toxicity Levels in the Body增加体内毒素水平Some almonds do contain a chemical called hydrocyanic acid, abbreviated as HCN. This acid is natural, but can have toxic side effects if consumed in excess. This chemical is most often present in bitter almonds.有些杏仁含有一种化学物质氢氰酸,它的名称缩写是HCN。这种酸是自然产生的,但如果摄入过量会产生毒副作用。这种化学物质主要存在于苦杏仁中。Are Almonds Safe?吃杏仁安全吗?Of course almonds are a safe, natural, healthy snack. They provide a wide range of health benefits and have been instrumental in weight loss for many people. They provide antioxidants in the form of vitamin E, lots of fiber, and essential trace minerals like manganese, which is essential for many bodily functions.杏仁当然是一种安全、天然、健康的零食。它们对健康有多种好处,对很多人减肥都有帮助。杏仁能提供维生素E这种抗氧化剂、大量纤维,还有像锰这样基本的微量元素,是很多身体功能的必要物质。Almonds are a great food choice if eaten in their recommended serving amounts. Remember that 23 is the magic number. Consuming too many more than that can be bad for your health.杏仁是不错的食物选择,只要食用量维持在推荐范围内即可。记住23这个神奇的数字,如果过量就会对健康有害。 /201612/481138厦门口腔医院在哪里 厦门市第二医院整形中心

厦门大学附属中山医院减肥手术多少钱When it comes to Christmas dinner, there are almost as many varieties as there are cultures.谈及圣诞晚餐,有多少种文化就有多少种大餐。From German Christmas goose to ;fur coat; fish, here are just some of the ways people celebrate Christmas around the world.从德国圣诞烧鹅到“皮草鱼”,下面是世界各地的人们庆祝圣诞节的一些方式。Germany德国Weihnachtsgans, or German Christmas goose, is the traditional fowl that anchors family feasts around the country, though roast duck is becoming increasingly popular too.德国圣诞烧鹅是全国各地家宴固定的传统菜,不过现在烤鸭也变得越来越受欢迎了。Netherlands荷兰;Gourmetten is a typical Dutch Christmas dinner tradition, where a group of people sit at a table and cook their own little dishes in small pans (atop a large hot plate),; says Maartje Frederiks, CEO of the meal delivery group HelloFresh Benelux.HelloFresh Benelux送餐公司的首席执行官玛瑞提.费德里克斯表示,“Gourmetten是典型的荷兰传统圣诞晚餐,人们围坐在桌前,在一个大大的热烤盘上为自己烹制一小盘食物。”It is reminiscent of the Swiss and French raclette, though instead of grilling cheese on a communal grill, Dutch people grill a variety of meat, fish and vegetables.这让人想到瑞士和法国的烤奶酪,但荷兰人在共用烤架上不是烤奶酪,而是烤各种肉、鱼和蔬菜。;Additionally, the Dutchies like to bake small omelets or pancakes, and dress the experience with a variety of different sauces and b with garlic butter,; says Frederiks.费德里克斯说,“荷兰人还喜欢烤小煎蛋卷或小煎饼,还会佐以各种不同的调味酱和大蒜黄油面包。”Italy意大利The Feast of the Seven Fishes, which occurs on Christmas Eve, is a gut-busting ritual kept in many parts of Italy and the Italian-American community.在平安夜,意大利许多地区和意大利裔美国人社区的传统是享用美味的“七鱼宴”。It#39;s important that there are seven different #39;fishes#39; prepared in seven different ways. Dishes are fried, cured, served in tomato sauce, etc.重点是要用七种不同的方式制作七种不同的“鱼”,菜品包括油炸的、腌制的以及做成番茄沙司等。Philippines菲律宾Its tropical climate makes it perfect for gathering the family outdoors to help with lechon, or whole roasted pig.菲律宾的热带气候非常适宜全家聚在户外一起烤乳猪或烤全猪。;Preparing lechon is a bit of an event in itself - from stuffing the hog with onions, lemongrass, and garlic to preparing the fire,; says expat Filipino and executive chef Carlo Lamagna of Portland#39;s Clyde Common.波特兰Clyde Common餐厅的行政主厨卡罗.拉马尼亚是侨居海外的菲律宾人,他说,“从给猪填洋葱、柠檬草和大蒜到准备炭火,制作烤乳猪这件事本身就是一个节日仪式。”Costa Rica哥斯达黎加;One of the most authentic Christmas traditions in Costa Rica is to prepare tamales ... every family has a secret tamale recipe,; says Allan Duarte, banquet manager at Costa Rica Marriott San Jose.哥斯达黎加圣约瑟万豪酒店经理艾伦.杜阿尔特表示,“哥斯达黎加最正宗的圣诞美食是玉米粉蒸肉……每个家庭都有玉米粉蒸肉的秘制配方。”Tamales are usually wrapped in banana leaves, and stuffed with a meat (pork, chicken or beef), garlic, onion, potatoes, raisins and other ingredients.粉蒸肉通常是用香蕉叶包裹,馅料有肉(猪肉、鸡肉或牛肉)、大蒜、洋葱、土豆、葡萄干和其他食材。Russia俄罗斯Surely the most exotic-sounding dish on this list, Russia#39;s ;herring in a fur coat; is a vibrant, layered salad that#39;s consumed in many Russian households for the holiday season.这绝对是榜单上听起来最奇特的菜品。俄罗斯的“皮草鲱鱼”是一道色鲜亮、有层次感的沙拉,许多俄罗斯家庭在圣诞节期间都会享用这道菜。;It is a staple at all of my family holiday feasts,; says Daniel Malak, a Russian-American working in San Francisco. ;If you#39;re a pescatarian, open your eyes wide and take in the glory of this pie which is layered with beets, mayo, potatoes, diced hard boiled eggs and, of course, herring.;丹尼尔.马拉克是在旧金山工作的俄裔美国人,他说:“我家所有节日宴席的主食都是皮草鲱鱼派。如果你是一名鱼素者,一定要品尝这道有名的菜,它是由甜菜、土豆、切丁的煮鸡蛋以及鲱鱼分层制成,加入了蛋黄酱。”Puerto Rico波多黎各;As a native of Puerto Rico, one of my favorite meals to prepare is arroz con gandules (rice with peas and pigeon),; says Fernando Desa, executive chef of Goya Foods. ;Holidays would certainly not be the same without this classic dish.;戈雅食品公司的行政主厨费尔南多.德萨说,“作为一个土生土长的波多黎各人,我最喜欢做的食物之一是arroz con gandules(米饭配豌豆和鸽子肉)。没有这道经典菜品,节日肯定会变味的。”The dish, which is seasoned with garlic, oregano, tomato sauce, olive oil and other ingredients, is enjoyed year-round but is required eating at Christmas.这道菜加入的调料有大蒜、牛至、番茄酱、橄榄油以及其他食材,这道菜一年到头都可以吃,但在圣诞节这是必吃的食物。New Orleans新奥尔良New Orleans is famous for ;letting the good times roll; well into the holiday season with its Reveillon dinners, a French family tradition that goes back to the early 19th century.新奥尔良以其“尽享美好时光”的节日通宵盛宴而闻名,节日通宵盛宴这一法国家庭传统可以追溯到19世纪初期。Originally eaten after midnight mass before Christmas Eve, there are a variety of dishes in any given feast, but the usual suspects are seafood gumbo, soup and game pies.最初人们做完平安夜前的午夜弥撒后开始用餐,所有通宵盛宴的菜品都非常丰盛,但一般可能出现的是海鲜浓汤,汤和野味派。Poland波兰Dumplings, or pierogi - stuffed with either mashed potatoes, cottage cheese or sauerkraut -- are the traditional holiday treat of choice in Poland.饺子是波兰的传统节日美食,馅料包含土豆泥、农家干酪或者泡菜。They are served with different toppings, such as melted butter, fried onion or skwarki: fried, crunchy golden pork fatback nuggets.饺子上浇了多种不同的配料,如熔化的黄油、炒洋葱或skwarki:一种炸得金黄香脆的肥猪肉块。Dominica多米尼加The Caribbean island Dominica -- not to be confused with the Dominican Republic -- prefers to nosh on a hearty bowl of tripe soup for the holidays.加勒比岛国多米尼克(不要与多米尼加共和国搞混)的居民更喜欢在节日期间享用一碗丰盛的牛肚汤。Christmas tripe soup reflects the island nation#39;s ;whole animal; eating culture -- the practice of eating even those parts of an animal that might normally be discarded.圣诞牛肚汤体现了这个岛屿国家“整吃动物”的饮食文化——他们会食用动物通常被丢弃的部分。 /201612/485537 ;If you had to choose, would you prefer a woman with a hot body or a beautiful face?;“如果你不得不作出选择,你会选择身材好还是颜值高的女人?”It#39;s a classic question that every woman wants to ask their boyfriend. Of course, he would prefer both. However, only a small number of women are blessed with Victoria#39;s Secret model genes.这是一个老生常谈的问题,每个女人都想这样问她们的男友。当然,他肯定喜欢两者兼具!但是,只有很少一部分女性能够具有维秘模特的基因。I once an article that said, nowadays, some women wouldn#39;t let their boyfriends see their real face. They wear concealer even when they go to bed and get up earlier so that they have enough time to put on some makeup before he wakes up.我曾经读过的一篇文章称,现今一些女性不会让他们的男友看到自己的素颜。甚至晚上睡觉时她们也会抹上遮瑕膏,早上很早起床以便于在男友起床之前有时间补妆。Looking perfect means a lot to them. They are easily affected by the current standards set on beauty.使自己看起来完美对她们来说很重要。她们很容易受到来自目前美丽的标准的影响。They go to extremes in search of a unified and recognized image of beauty, and once they find it, they work hard to get and maintain it.她们在寻找统一和公认的美丽面孔上走上了极端,而一旦她们找到了,就会努力得到并维持住这份美丽。Part of the reason they behave this way is people impose stereotyped ideas about beauty on them. The other part of the reason is they are not confident enough about themselves and easily surrender to the whims and fancies of men.她们之所以会这样做,部分原因是因为人们会将美丽的刻板印象强加在她们身上。而另一部分原因则是女性对自己不够自信,很容易就屈于男人的冲动和幻想。So, instead of asking men to answer this question, women should bear in mind that the scope of beauty is getting broader and broader. Only when they really appreciate their own beauty, will they become more confident.因此,女人们不应该叫男人回答这个问题,而是要在心里面谨记,美丽的范围正变得越来越广。只有当女人真正懂得欣赏自己的美丽之后,她们才会变得更加自信。;I feel free, once I realized I was never going to fit the narrow mold that society wanted me to fit in,; s a e from Ashley Graham, the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of Vogue.时尚杂志《VOGUE》第一个大码超模阿什利·格雷厄姆有一句名言:“当我意识到不会委屈自己缩进这个社会想让我适应的狭窄模具时,我就感觉到了自由”。We don#39;t want to see similar beautiful faces on the street, looking like products from the same assembly line.我们并不想在街上看到虽然很美、却像同一个流水线生产出来的产品一样的脸庞。Don#39;t label yourself a certain kind of woman. Be the woman that gets to decide who you are and how you should look. Being different is beautiful; being confident is beautiful; being real is beautiful.不要给自己贴上是某种女人的标签。你应该成为那种自己决定自己是谁、自己决定自己是什么样子的女人。与众不同就是美、充满自信就是美、真实不虚就是美! /201703/501204宁德哪里祛痘厦门黑色胎记能去吗



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